Top Rated Pizza In Park Slope You Should Try

Park Slope is home to the best brownstones and beautiful tree-lined streets. It has recently become a popular neighborhood with many people opening businesses in this spot.

Besides being a touristic destination, it is also the home to many high-end restaurants with various classic and trendy dishes.

NYC is the home to pizza, and you can never miss it within the five boroughs of this city.

delicious pizza

Whether you prefer classic-style pizza or trendy pizza, Park Slope will definitely deliver all your pizza requirements.

Knowing your best pizza restaurant in Brooklyn, particularly Park Slope, is ideal if it is one of your favorite meals. So here’s my list of the best pizzas in Park Slope.

1. Patsy’s pizzeria Brooklyn 

  • 450 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Phone;  718-622-2268
  • Visit website


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This classic Italian restaurant mainly serves thin-crust pizzas, and they usually nail it. Patsy’s pizzeria was opened in 1933 and had multiple locations across NYC.

This pizza restaurant stands tall in NYC regardless of its age, and it’s for a good reason.

It has a perfect review rating, with many people enjoying their vast selection of pizza, often well-executed. If you specifically need brick oven pizza, then head to this pizzeria.

This location has ample outdoor and indoor dining. Besides pizza, they also have delicious dishes such as spaghetti and meatballs that you should try.

Neapolitan-American-style pizzas are also available in this pizzeria.

2. Two boots Park Slope

  • 284 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Phone; 718-499-0008
  • Visit website


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This restaurant is a neighborhood favorite. Often, you will see several strollers parked outside the restaurant, not only with the locals but also with people from different parts of Brooklyn.

This restaurant has multiple locations across the city and was first established in the early 70s in East Village.

The owners successfully combined Italian-style pizzas with the New Orleans version to create some of the best pizzas in the neighborhood with a slight twist on their classic flavors.

They have a large selection of pizzas that is flavorful and perfectly prepared.

Live music, a full bar, and a kids step-up have made this location a go-to option for many locals.

In addition, their signature ‘V is for Vegan pizza’ is worth a try.

3. Peppino’s brick oven pizza and restaurant 

Peppinos brick oven pizza and restaurant


This pizza restaurant was established in 2004 and became a favorite spot for many people in the neighborhood. This family-owned business later expanded in 2008 and has other locations in the city.

You can get excellent pizza prepared using a brick oven from this spot, which adds the all-important charred flavor to the pizza.

This place does get busy throughout the week. This, as many locals believe, is a sign of a good pizza restaurant. They have other dishes on their menu that you can try.

All their pizzas are prepared in a brick oven which adds a unique charred flavor to their pizzas. Like they say, ‘eat where the locals go.’

4. Lenny’s pizza

  •  1969 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214
  • Phone; 718-946-1292
  • Visit website

A slice of pizza in the early 50s would go for about 20 cents back in the days. Of course, the prices have changed with time, but the piece remains as good as the old version.

Lenny’s pizza is a good alternative if you want a slice of pizza that has the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors.

If you are a fan of movies, you probably might have seen this restaurant in the film’ Saturday Night Fever.’

Their menu is broad as you will find pasta, gluten-free pizzas, and Philly cheesesteak are some dishes on the menu.

There is nothing fancy at this spot. It is relatively tiny, but the flavors of the pizzas they serve will not disappoint.

5. Da nonna rosa 

Da nonna rosa


The vibe and atmosphere in this restaurant are friendly and welcoming. They have a broad selection of pizza slices, each unique flavor, and taste.

They mainly focus on Italian cuisine so that you can find other Italian-style dishes on their menu. Pasta primavera, mac and cheese, beet salad, and eggplant rollatini are some of the few delicious dishes on its menu.

The space is massive in the restaurant, which means it is perfect for a small group or gathering.

The secret is to come to this place later in the evening because the kids can get loud, especially over the weekends.

6. La villa pizzeria 

  • 261 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Phone; 718-499-9888
  • Visit website

La villa pizzeria


Are you looking for a date night spot in Park Slope? Here is one, La villa pizzeria. This spot appears to be casual and yet again fancy creating the perfect balance for a lovely dinner.

Although this spot is well known for its well-crafted pizzas, it also is a full-time restaurant with various dishes on its menu.

The space in the restaurant is wide enough, which means you can bring your family.

Craving Italian delicacies? How about you stop at this restaurant and order your favorite pizza variety.

The good news is you can pair your pizza with a glass of wine from the restaurant.

7. Antonio’s pizzeria 

  • 32 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone; 718-237-1700
  • Visit website

Antonios pizzeria


If you are craving classic American-style pizzas, this restaurant is for you. This modest and straightforward restaurant is a go-to option for this pizza style as they are greasy and easily foldable.

There is nothing fancy in this spot except for their unbeatable pizzas. So, if you decide on underestimating this spot because of the decor and old stuff, you will be missing a lot.

You shouldn’t come here expecting a good vibe and atmosphere. The best option for you here is to grab your slices and go somewhere else.

They have other dishes on their menu that might interest your taste buds.

8. Pizza town 

  •  85 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Phone; 718-789-4040
  • Visit website

Pizza town


The beautiful decor and abundant seating make Pizza town one of the greats compared to standard New York joints. The pizza slices are also worth your time.

The chefs prepare the pizza either in square or triangular shapes, giving their pies a unique appearance.

They have a broad selection of pizza toppings that influence their slices’ flavor. This neighborhood pizzeria is a favorite for the locals who come for different varieties of pizza.

The prices of the pizza and other recipes sold here make it even better because they are affordable.

In addition, they sell different Italian entrees that you should probably add to your list of food ordered.

Do you know what to order when at this spot? If you don’t have any idea, go for the stuffed pizza with cheese and Italian sausage. It is irresistible.

9. Giuseppina’s brick oven 

  • 691 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Phone; 718-499-5052
  • Visit website

Giuseppinas brick oven


This pizza restaurant is known for its thin and super crisp crust. They have a lot of similarities with Lucali restaurant, and as a matter of fact, the owners of these two restaurants are brothers.

There are a few toppings in this spot, and most of them are savory. Fresh basil is added to the pies in large numbers, resulting in a spicy flavor. They have other foods on their menu you should probably try.

Here’s a tip: you have to be patient at this spot because the pizza slices are tremendous but take longer.

It is a cash-only spot, and you may have to carry extra cash because the prices are slightly exaggerated.

10. L’Arte Della pizza Brooklyn 

  • 172 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Phone; 718-622-7200
  • Visit website

LArte Della pizza Brooklyn


If you are craving authentic Italian dishes, you should stop whatever you are doing and head to this restaurant as soon as possible.

They have a wide selection of authentic-Italian style pizzas that you will love. What makes them unique is that all the ingredients used in making the pizzas are imported straight from Italy.

It is why you will always have high-quality pizzas from this restaurant.

There is a reason why this restaurant has loads of positive reviews on its website.

However, if you have never been here, you are missing the goodness of the pizza made in this restaurant.

11. Roma pizza 

  • 85 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Phone; 718-783-7334
  • Visit website

Roma pizza


It is another classic spot in Park Slope that has been in business for about three decades and continue to serve perfect slices in the neighborhood.

This no-frills joint is one of the favorite spots for the locals who come here mainly for their pizza.

However, Roma Pizza is primarily known for its delicious slices and serves family-style Italian delicacies.

Pizza Roma has your back if you are hungry and in town. They serve New York-style pizzas that many locals tend to love.

They only accept cash, so you need to withdraw your money before stepping into this restaurant.

12. Artichoke Basille’s pizza 

  • 59 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Phone; 347-763-1975
  • Visit website


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The first location of this pizza restaurant was opened in 2008 on Staten Island. Since then, they have expanded their restaurants to several other areas.

They have a broad selection of pizza varieties, but the signature artichoke pizza is one you don’t want to miss giving a shot. Also, you should try the seafood pizza full of crabs.

This restaurant is next to the Barclays Center, making it a perfect spot for a quick lunch before watching the game.

The restaurant is small without indoor dining, and the best is to order takeout.

13. American cheez

  • 444 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Phone; 347-725-4665

American cheez


Unlike many pizza restaurants, this one is primarily known as a watering hole. However, American cheez also has delicious pizzas and beers. In addition, they offer free personal pizzas, which makes them unique.

The decor inside this restaurant keeps evolving because the fans of this spot keep adding items to the walls.

The atmosphere in the bar is lively, and you can either love or hate it. The prices of the pizzas are reasonable and simple but delicious.

This casual and unpretentious bar is worth a visit when in the neighborhood.

14. Pizza plus 

  • 359 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Phone; 718-768-5327
  • Visit website


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For about 25 years now, this pizzeria has served Park Slope with the best pizza slices.

It is a popular and favorite spot in the neighborhood where the locals hang out to enjoy different varieties of vegan pizzas.

The quality of pizza in this chain is top-notch, with an array of toppings that influence the taste of the pizza.

It is one of the oldest chains in the neighborhood, but their consistency when it comes to pizza is worth a try anytime you are within 7th Avenue.

15. Pino’s La Forchetta pizza 

  • 181 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Phone; 718-965-4020
  • Visit website

Pinos La Forchetta pizza


Many pizza restaurants claim to prepare authentic Italian-style pizzas, but not all use proper ingredients.

The ingredients used for pizza preparation in this restaurant are imported. That’s why you will get high-end pizzas at this spot.

There is nothing fancy in this pizza parlor, and the only thing that keeps the locals coming to this spot is the pizzas prepared.

So judge not based on its appearance. You might just be surprised.

They have a wide selection of Italian slices, and the best of all is you can also get vegan varieties.

16. Numero 28 pizzeria 

  • 137 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Phone; 718-398-9198
  • Visit website


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This branch in Brooklyn is smaller than the other locations in different parts of the country.

The decor inside the dining room is cream with Italian writings on the walls.

The menu includes several dishes besides pizza, such as baked ziti with sausage and ricotta, chicken parm, and pasta dishes.

Their signature Neapolitan pizza is next level, and they come either in rectangular or circular shapes.

Again, they use unique ingredients and standard methods when making the Neapolitan pizza because they are DOC certified.

17. Baciccia Pizza e Cucina

  •  426A 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Phone; 718-788-1000
  • Visit website

Baciccia pizza e Cucina

The dining experience in this restaurant is impressive and beautiful, but so are their well-crafted pizzas.

They have indoor seating and a spacious back patio perfect for colder days. The ample space means you can bring your family or a small group to the restaurant and hang out while enjoying the dishes on their expansive menu.

They mainly make Roman-style pizzas, and they do it to perfection. The service and atmosphere within the restaurant are excellent.

It is one spot where everything is perfect, whether it’s food, service, or the authenticity of the meals.

The quality of the pizza and other foods is one of the reasons why this spot has high ratings and reviews.

18. The best Joe’s Pizza of Park Slope 

  • 349 5th Ave #2826, Brooklyn, NY 11215,
  • Phone; 718-832-2525
  • Visit website

The best Joes Pizza of Park Slope


This spot in Park Slope has been around for so many years, and the only difference is the name which was initially ‘Famous Joe’s of the village.’

The space inside this restaurant is small, but they have outdoor dining, which is also tiny. This place is open till late at night, and you can find various food on their menu.

The limited seating in this spot means the best is to order takeout instead of dining.

They mainly prepare New York-style pizza. The prices of the pizzas make this restaurant a go-to option when working under a budget.

19. Public Display of Affection 

  • 669 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Phone; 718-734-8840
  • Visit website

Public Display of Affection


It might be a new spot, but this pizza restaurant serves some of the best Neapolitan pizza in the neighborhood.

They have cute indoor and outdoor seating, which are well spaced, so you might have to order takeout if the weather isn’t conducive or the restaurant is busy and crowded.

Their pizza selection is vast with so many pizza varieties, and it is known for its ‘Detroit style pizza.’


Being the home to several pizza varieties, Brooklyn leaves you with a choice to decide which slices match your taste buds.

So, whether you prefer classic or trendy pizza style, it’s all on you to choose which restaurant to enjoy your slices.

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