10 Best Pizza Spots in Queens, NYC

Looking for the best pizza in Queens? You are in the right place.

Living in the shadow of its widely-known neighbor Manhattan, Queens is the largest borough of New York City by size and the most enchanting dwelling for over 2 million residents and travelers around the world.

In recent times, Queens has emerged as a brewmaster in NYC and earned unparalleled popularity in its cutting-edge brewing industry.


However, the most impressive characteristic of Queens is its ethnic diversity that made New York a global melting pot with over 100 nationalities, speaking around 160 different languages.

Following this ethnic diversity fact, Queens represents prime chow culture that popped up as a food carnival around every corner with wood fire pizza, fish tacos, Chinese food, Asian culinary art, and wine bars.

Let’s dig deep into Queen’s eating scene but this time just think about the pizza delights and find out where you can have the world-class best pizza in Queens while strolling around.

Best Pizza restaurants in Queens:

  • MilkFLower
  • Gaby’s Pizza
  • New Park Pizza
  • Nick’s Pizza
  • Basil Brick Oven Pizza
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Lucia Pizza
  • Pizza Garden
  • Gloria Pizza
  • Dani’s House of Pizza

1. MilkFlower



MilkFlower is one of my favorite grandiloquent pizza spots in Queens.

Stretching on 31 Ave of charming Astoria, one of the neighborhoods of Queens, this restaurant is famous for its thin-sliced Hawaiian Pizza with tinges of Jalapenos and pineapple, Neapolitan-Style pizza, Stunn Dunn, and spicy Sopressata.

The atmosphere of Milkfowler is quite attractive and service is also a standout feature.

Milkflower offers dine-in, takeaways, and delivery service as well through the app and web both but I would recommend you to visit the restaurant and taste the cheesy pizza delight, that serves hot and crisp.

2. Gaby’s Pizza

  • 204-23 Hillside Avenue Franhill Plaza Retail & Professional, Hollis, NY 11423
  • +1 718-740-9716
  • https://gabyspizza.com/

Gabys Pizza


All time’s favorite pizza by everyone, Gabby’s Pizza is a family-owned and operated pizzeria since 1964.

At Gabby’s, Pizza is completely handcrafted from conventional Italian recipes with the finest ingredients.

Located on Hillside Avenue and Francis Lewis Boulevard in Fran Hill Mall, Gabby’s Pizza is unfailingly ranked among the top ten pizzerias in NYC.

Gabby’s started initially as a small and imperceptible pizza shop with few tables and a small cubicle until neighborhood people began visiting parlors with family and friends.

Gabby’s uses only organic ingredients like fine cheese, pizza sauce made with tomatoes imported from Italy, and the dough kneed in olive oil.

The menu of Gabby’s includes outnumbers ranges of pizza with different flavors and toppings but the Rachel Ray is their specialty, lightly cooked with chicken cutlets, tomatoes, garlic, basil, and some secret ingredients.

3. New Park Pizzeria

New Park Pizzeria


New Park Pizza started 20 years ago when I was in my teens but still a right boardwalk to enjoy my favorite Neapolitan Slices.

The Pizza crust is crispy and leathery with perfect thinness and the sauce is amazing.

The restaurant renders a relaxed ambiance and customer service is great to dine in, takeaways and deliveries as well.

You would be amazed to see the old school register here which they still used for payments and more surprisingly, they deal in cash only since the beginning.

You can’t differentiate between the better taste of plain pizza or garlic pizza as both offer the best taste in New York.

4. Nicks’ Pizza

Nicks Pizza


Nick’s Pizzeria is located in the epicenter of Forest Hills and running successfully as an aged family business by owners since 1993.

They proffer thin crust pizza, flaky calzone, fabulous Cesar salad, delicious desserts, wine, beer, and a lot more that I could hardly mention here to appreciate their culinary art.

The specialty of Nick’s is called, The Secret Pizza in red and white pies made from fresh mozzarella, soft dough, and fresh ingredients are an all-time favorite of mine and locals too.

Other exceptional pizza choices of Nick’s include Margherita pizza, ricotta calzone, and mouth-watering cannoli.

Nick’s welcomes their customer with kind staff and quick service in comfortable environs.

Nick’s Pizza loves its locals and their selections of pizzas and always accommodates customers in big celebrations, and large groups with delivery service as well.

Nick G,s Father, who was the Founder of this bistro, started this business as a small pizza shop, and Nick grew up in this pizza shop along with the enterprise.

Nick used to talk about his father and said that he loved chatting with people and served them a perfect blend of crispy crust and melting cheese to bring a smile to their faces and fill their appetite with happiness.

Today, Nick also welcomes the local community and other customers with the same enthusiasm and passion and looking forward to seeing you at his restaurant.

5. Basil Brick Oven Pizza

Basil Brick Oven Pizza


This pizzeria proudly presents a wide array of Artisan Neapolitan Wood-fired pizza along with a scrumptious range of pasta plates, appetizers, salads, wines, drinks, and main course options that are served all with veggies and seared potatoes.

They offer many varieties of delicious pizzas on their menu around 40 different selections and spinning choices of tasty cheesy pizza.

The highlight of Basil Brick Oven Pizza is its unique wooden brick oven which is heated to a regular temperature between 426 to 482 degrees centigrade to make sure your favorite pizza will be cooked in less than two minutes with perfection.

Basil Brick Oven Pizza offers online orders, dine-in, takeaways, and a catering facility too with excellent customer service and heavenly delectable tasty food.

If you are looking for delicious pizza with a comprehensive food variety, go straight to Basil Brick and enjoy your life’s best food before a pass.

6. Papa John’s Pizza

Papa Johns Pizza


Established in 1984, with the slogan of better ingredients, and better pizza, Papa John’s is one of the famous and best pizza restaurants in Queens.

They are recognized for their stuffed crust, epic pepperoni, crispy wings, salads, and spicy rolls.

Papa John’s offers superior quality pizza with the best of their services and expertise in pizza making to cherish their long-lasting customer base in Queens.

They believe in one secret of success the more you put into making better pizza; the more you get out of it.

Papa John’s has invented numerous specialties and recipes under one core rule of quality that brought huge success for them in this industry.

As of now, they have more than 50,000 branches around the world in 45 countries and it is commendable.

Whether it’s about their exceptional sauce, toppings, crust, or even box, Papa John’s serves pizza as a memorable meal for everyone.

7. Lucia Pizza

Lucia Pizza


Lucia Pizza is another incredible place in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens where you will find pizza into delicious pies.

The creators of bistros have invented a masterpiece of art in the tempest of pizza by calculating the perfect amount of sugar, salt, oil, flour, sauce, and cheese.

Like New York-styled pizza, thin slices of Lucia Pizza are unbeatable in taste crust, and flavors.

They have many specialties and selections of classic pizza with high-quality ingredients, toppings, and mouth-watering flavour.

The fresh and delicious dough of pizza is also a pinnacle of Lucia that I can’t resist mentioning.

Moreover, Lucia is also an expert in making scrumptious calzones, heroes, and pasta varieties.

You would have various choices to opt for your favourite pizza with take-out, dine-in, and delivery facilities at your convenience. You can commute by subway to reach Lucia Pizza.

It is advised to take the 7 number trains to Flushing Main Street that goes straight to Lucia.

Although the restaurant is very tiny and always packed with folks, the staff is very friendly and quick and provides excellent services and the best pizza in town.

8. Pizza Garden

Pizza Garden


Founded in 1960, Pizza Garden has been my favourite pizza zone in the Flushing neighbourhood in Queens

Pizza Garden has an astonishingly spacious dining space which is quite serene and peaceful for indoor dining.

The restaurant remains busy all the time, hence always serving fresh, hot, and crispy pizza to each of its customers.

One thin crisp slice of pizza is available for two dollars only and comes with a hint of oregano that smashes when folded and lots of mozzarella cheese that begin to slide off the crust about midway right after the first bite.

Pizza Garden not only takes care of meat lovers but vegetarian customers as well and offer great choices of completely vegan and healthy.

However, my first preference at Pizza Garden is always Lasagne Pizza which comes with savory beef meat, fresh ricotta, tomato sauce, and abundant mozzarella.

Hot and cold Hero Sandwiches, Pasta with meatballs, salads, Entrees, and Zucchini sticks are also the landmark of Pizza Garden from the vast array of its special menu, so do visit this outstanding pizza restaurant in Queens if you are a pizza lover.

9. Gloria Pizza

Gloria Pizza


Gloria Pizza was first established in the Flushing neighbourhood of Queens in 1960, and run successfully for over decades.

However, after so many online and offline requests from the customers, the restaurant recommence itself in the Forest Hills neighbourhood in April 2012.

Nowadays, Gloria Pizza is located next to Movie Theatre, The Midway, between 71st Avenue and 72 road Forest Hills.

Gloria Pizza is considered one of the best pizza restaurants in Queens due to its large customer base from the old and new branches.

The menu of the restaurant includes a long range of scrumptious pizzas along with side meals such as pasta, calzones, soups, entrees, hero’s sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

Each of the pizza recipes is dated back for epochs and crafted with fresh ingredients imported from Italy and obtained indigenously.

Gloria Pizza is available seven days a week and provides a comfortable dining environment, takeaways, and free delivery of their delicious food. Isn’t great?

 10. Dani’s House of Pizza

Danis House of Pizza


Dani’s House of Pizza is founded in 1959 by Ramiz Dani and has been a landmark pizza restaurant in Kew Garden in Queens even after 61years of its inception.

The restaurant yields an extraordinary amalgam of delicious food, economical price, welcoming service, and a cozy atmosphere to dine.

The excellent pizza slice from the assortment of their huge menu is worth your time and pocket once you get to know Dani’s.

Located on Leffert Boulevard, Dani’s house of pizza is deemed the best restaurant pizza in Queens from the day first by its local community and customers due to their unique sweet sauce with cheesy crispy distinction.

Dani’s experienced many ups and downs in their business in different decades but fortunately, the perfect pie and Queens origins never disappoint the soul of this pizzeria.

After the death of Ramiz, his son Sabri is taking care of this restaurant with the same zeal to carry the heritage and tradition of Dani’s.

The particular sweet sauce has become their brand which differentiates Dani from others in town. Dani’s House of Pizza presents all kinds of Italian Pizza with different improvisations and toppings.

The side menu consists of Heros, baked casseroles, appetizers, seafood, ravioli, pasta, and Dani’s Italian entrees.

The Conclusion

Here I would like to summarise our today’s expedition of the best pizza in Queens. All of these best pizza restaurants in Queens are must-visits and worth your time and budget.

Their ambiance, taste, services, and an affluent menu would never let you apologetic and I am confident you will have an unforgettable dining experience there.

You can easily access these delectable pizza bistros through their addresses, contact numbers, and website. For deep insight, visit their Instagram page and look at what they offer differently.

I am sure you enjoyed this pizza journey with some of the best pizzerias in Queens. Please let me know with your comments below and share your feedback.

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