Best Pizza Williamsburg, Brooklyn – 21 Places You Can Go

Am I the only one who craves pizza at least once a week? If you live in Williamsburg or are just visiting and would like to have some of the best pizzas, we have you covered.

Consider the best pizza Williamsburg places we suggest below.

Remember, Williamsburg is at the top regarding diversity in New York. Whether it’s food, culture, or people, diversity is evident.

You will be amazed that you get some of the best and different styles of pizza here.

Best Pizza In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

1. Best pizza

Whenever you crave the woodfired pizza, you should visit this spot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It’s a simple yet small and sophisticated spot serving precisely what you need for the pizza craving.

It features the century-old wood pizza oven that will make it easy to cook some of the most fantastic pizza slices.

It blends different cultures and Sicilian culture, heritage, and New York culture to make the different pizzas.

When you’re looking for the high-quality pizza slices of Brooklyn, then this is where you want to stay.

But, sometimes, you want to sit around lovely people and have a slice of pizza. So make sure you visit the best pizza.

Thanks to chef Pinello, the owner of this restaurant and continues to wow us with his antiques. Have you checked his show on the Vice yet?

Phone: 718) 599-2210


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2. Williamsburg pizza

This restaurant has many spots around New York, with my favorite one being in Williamsburg just because its closer home.

The one thing you will like about this place is that they deliver some of the best and yet delicious pizza easily thus memorable.

Then, one fantastic thing is that their pizza is always fresh since they like to use fresh ingredients.

So here you have your neighborhood pizza that features some of the best pizzas in New York.

If you like to take the funky style of pizzas, you will like this kind of pizza. It features a thick cheese pizza that you can use when you need to enjoy the pizza.

It will amaze you that it’s one of the best pizzas you will encounter.

Phone: (718) 855-8729

Address: 265 Union Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

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3. Roberta’s Dominos

Roberta’s is a household name in Brooklyn.

Here you will like their pizza, but one thing you should know is that you will have to wait for the pizza a little longer.

I haven’t heard of anyone who went to Roberta’s and didn’t like the pizza or have fun.

This is not only about Manhattan but also even the people of Brooklyn and particularly Manhattan. This one is situated at dominos park, south Williamsburg.

There’s something about the atmosphere around this restaurant as it provides the best ambiance to relax.

When visiting Roberta’s, try their inventively topped pizzas. You will like the crispy crust and the delicious toppings with the stretchy cheese.

261 Moore St (at Bogart St) Brooklyn, NY 11206

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4. Joe’s pizza

If you live in New York, you probably already know Joe’s name. But, when you are looking for an over-the-counter service in a cozy setting, then Joe’s is the place to visit.

Joe’s pizza has the dream to serve the Italian and New York flavors blend. I would gladly say that they have only made the pizza better.

It’s available in different spots, including west Williamsburg. When visiting McCarren Park, walk a few blocks to this store and enjoy the delicious pizzas they serve.

Here, you can find the pizzas that are not about too many complexities as some of the pizzas come together when using just two ingredients for toppings. Although the pizzas are simple, they are nothing short of excellent quality.

I like to visit this shop when I long for the cheese pizza and if you want to try the most authentic New York-style pizza, then go to this shop.

If you like the white pie options too, you will enjoy them here, so take a look at the menu.

Phone: (718) 388-2216

Address: 216 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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5. Emmy Squared

This restaurant is set off the Brooklyn-Queens expressway. This one features the Detroit-style pizza, but you will be eating it at Williamsburg.

At the same time, its Detroit-inspired this restaurant started in New York.

Today though, the restaurant is in eight other locations around the country. So if you would like to blend the New York style of pizza with your grandma’s style of Detroit pizza, then this is it.

We can all attest that when you eat it, you will be enjoying the creativity of the toppings.

Notice that this pizza brings along the crust that almost looks like the focaccia, thus making it unique.

This restaurant is not only about pizza rather, but you will have the best burgers here too.

Phone: (718) 360-4535

Address: 364 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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6. Rosa’s Pizza

Here you have a family-operated over-the-counter pizza place that has NYC talking. They focus on bringing the flavors of Sicilian and NY style of pizza.

It makes a sumptuous, delicious slice that you can use at any time.

It is one of the newest additions to the best pizzas in Williamsburg. Although new here, they offer some of the best pizzas making it already quite popular.

So when you are also looking for the Sfincione pies, get them at Rosa’s.

Anyone who likes the pies from this restaurant knows of the Sicilian upside-down pie because they make the best choice.

They will let the cheese on the bottom and then the toppings on the top.

My all-time best is Sfincione pie, that’s square-shaped with a lot of tomatoes, toasted breadcrumbs, sautéed onion, and a sprinkle of pecorino. So go out to try the recipe to find the one you enjoy the most.

Phone: (718) 963-2378

Address: 374 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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7. Carmine’s

If you like to have the 5-star style of pizza, then this is what you’ll like. Whenever you’re craving the Italian style of meals, you should visit this gem. For anyone who is a New York foodie, this will be your best place to go.

I used to love their NY-style cheese pizza, and gladly today, you can find several different pizzas to try. If you would like the woodfired pizza, you will find the best portions.

When you like the traditional style of pizza, then, of course, carmines are the place. But it’s not only about pizzas; you will even find some of the best pasta dishes.

If pizza is all you want, take their cheesesteak pizza as it will never disappoint you. Try their plain slice or deep-dish pizza if you want some more.

But I also like their bruschetta. I mean, you could never go wrong with Italian dishes. So stay open and enjoy at carmines.

Phone: (718) 782-9659

Address: 358 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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8. Sal’s Pizza

Here is another dedicated space to enjoy the pizzas. It doesn’t matter if all you are looking for is the quick slice or a primary even pizza set, then it serves you best. This one will offer the best service to the community around Williamsburg.

They are known to deliver the best pizza as they only use fresh ingredients as toppings. The greatest thing then is that the pizza restaurant is at the center of Williamsburg central.

Sal’s is one of the pizza joints with a name, and it has been around for more than a decade.

They offer you some of the best pizzas, but you will also have them sell the pizza by the slice. The great thing is that the pizzas are already displayed to choose the one you like.

I have always enjoyed their Sicilian pizza, and I feel like you will like it too.

Phone: 718.599.7032

Address: 544 Lorimer, St. Williamsburg, NY 11211

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9. Motorino

Whenever I crave the Neapolitan style of pizza, I’ve always preferred to go to Motorino, for they offer the real deal. I like that you will also find the wine and beer for this meal in no time.

When I recently visited this pizzeria, I must say it was unique, and I loved to eat their arugula salad. However, my friend ate the Brussel sprout, and I must say it was amazing to eat that choice of pizza.

You know, this is also the best space to go to if you like to eat their woodfired pizza. I like the brick oven-style pizza for its rich flavors.

They offer you a wide range of options to try, you know.

Phone: (718) 599-8899

Address: 139 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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10. Forcella

Do you want to give your palate a new try, check out this pizza restaurant as it offers some of the best pizzas you can eat?

However, while this is the best pizzeria, it’s not all about pizzas. You will also have other meals here.

When you visit Forcella, try their Montanara pizza as that will get you wowing them. Of course, you can also get other choices, but if you want the pasta dishes, you can find them here.

This site is a cocktail bar, and it also offers a New York-style pizzeria to get you enjoying the different pizzas. I like their deep rich flavors that make me enjoy the different pizzas.

Have you tried their New York fried pizza? You should choose this pizza style as it makes one of their best pizzas.

Phone: 718-388-8820

Address: 485 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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11. L’industrie

I like pizzas made with love, and this is all about making the best pizza. This is the best place to go if you are looking for the old-world styles of pizza. If not for anything, you will like the inventive pizza toppings.

If you like the flavors of the Williamsburg foods, then you will like this style of pizzas.

The restaurant does not have a very big space, but one thing you can be sure about is that you will like the pizza you get here.

When looking for a delicious pizza, look no further than this restaurant.

Phone: (718) 599-0002

Address: 254 S 2nd St (Havemeyer), Brooklyn, NY

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12. Tony’s pizzeria

Whenever you are looking for a slice of New York pizza, this will serve you better. But, of course, it will consistently deliver the best sandwiches too.

This one is a casual pizza restaurant that they have in east Williamsburg. You will like it the most just beca3eu they serve some of the best yet unique styles of pizza in their ample space.

Also, you will like the Greek American and Italian menus they serve here.

It’s the perfect take-out that will serve the community around Williamsburg. But the great thing then is that they offer you different meals which means you don’t have to eat only pizzas.

If you like simplicity, try their grandma’s style of pizza, where they have both marinara and pesto sauce.

Phone: (718) 384-8669

Address: 355 Graham Ave #3708, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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13. Two boots Williamsburg

Anyone who has been to this spot knows it’s fun. They like that it’s the perfect space where you go on to grab a slice and relax as you enjoy it. But, of all things, their perfect decoration will make you want to stay here.

When you are craving the Italian Cajun style of meal, you will like this joint as they focus on such meals. The great thing you will like is that the atmosphere here is family-friendly.

One thing you will like is that they make some of the most delicious pizzas you won’t have another person making. Of all the pizzas, you will like their cornmeal crust style of pizzas.

Phone: (718) 387-2668

558 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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14. MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company

This is located in west Williamsburg. Here you have a Neapolitan pizza company that brings you the flavors of Italy.

Again, this atmosphere brings people together in a warm environment to enjoy the pizza.

The greatest thing is that you will also have the local craft beer they make to serve with this pizza. So if you want the woodfired pizza, then this is what you will enjoy too.

In addition, if you like the Neapolitan pizza but with a twist of the New York style of pizza, then this is it.

If you would like to enjoy the beers at half-price, then target their happy hour between 3-7 as you enjoy the different styles of pizza they have. So, you see, they will serve you pizza but also drinks.

Expect even the best calzone from this restaurant. I enjoyed the truffle and prosciutto pie making it the best meal choice.

Phone: (718) 782-2020

Address: 174 N 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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15. Aligator lounge

When you are at a place of the drinks, but you get to enjoy the other free things, what’s better than that?

You will like this place because they deliver even the budget drinks for everyone to enjoy. The only thing you will have to do is buy and craft beer. Next, you can choose your perfect pizza to enjoy with the craft beer.

The good thing is that it’s a free pizza, but not only free, but it’s also a great pizza you get to enjoy. I like their brick oven pizza with my perfect drink every time I visit the place.

Phone: (718) 599-4440

Address: 600 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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16. Vinnie’s pizzeria

When talking about the pizza places, you can’t just forget about this space. If you are from Williamsburg, you know this is our favorite pizza joint. For over 50 years, this restaurant has greatly served the people of Brooklyn.

They have always dwelt on serving the family recipe where you get that the dough is made just at the comfort of the home.

But, you will like that their creativity and innovation keep on changing.

You will always have a daily special that they write on the board to prepare for that day.

For example, if you would like a round and delicious pie, you should make them comfortable.

I recently took their Quesadilla, and I can promise you it’s what you want to wow you. But this is just one of their many perfect pizza slices that you can buy at any time.

Phone: (718) 782-7078

Address: 148 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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17. Dough vale

You will find this in central Williamsburg and dough vale. You will like the fact that it’s the perfect Italian-style eatery.

It will deliver the perfect flavors in this perfect dining room. So if you would like a romantic atmosphere, you will have it on this site.

It will amaze you that you have the delightful flavors of the crust to bring Italy style of meals home.

It will amaze you that they even have the woodfired pizza, but that’s not the only food as they have some meals you could try if you like to be unique.

The good thing is that you can bring wine and beer to this restaurant to enjoy.

Of course, you will like the tarfuro pizza, but you should go out and try their different ones to find out the one you will like.

Phone: (347) 889-7400

Address: 330 S 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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18. Leo

When you are looking for another place that will even serve you the sourdough pizza, then this is it. I like that it’s an easy-going place where you can find your favorite pizza.

The great thing is that you will also find natural wine here, and you will enjoy the pizza along with the wine.

They also sell pasta, among other meal choices. They have other spaces where you can find the different pizza styles, which makes one of the best. Go out to check some of the very best options you can use.

They specialize in Neapolitan woodfired pizza, and if you like the charred pizza, this will amaze you.

Other than that, I also like their pork and beef meatballs. You should try their meals today.

Phone: (718) 384-6531

Address: 123 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211


19. Patrizia’s of Williamsburg

If you are looking for the best Italian dishes, then this is what you need to use. This is one of the best restaurants facing the Williamsburg bridge.

It’s an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria that has been in the hands of Naples native brothers.

They bring you the Italian flavors, and you will receive the award-winning flavors of Italy. Most people like them more because they have the best house-made pasta.

You will like their Margherita pizza as a fantastic appetizer.

Phone: (718) 218-9272

Address: 35 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249


20. Screamer’s pizzeria

This one is strategically set at Greenpoint for the Williamsburg neighborhood. This one I have to mention as it’s a vegan pizzeria joint.

It will give you the hip vibe, and it always appeals to the hipster crowd.

Don’t be doubtful if you like meat as they have some of the best pizzas you can use even when you are a meat fun.

However, if you are on a health spree, this will serve you best because they use all plant-based ingredients to make the best pizza in no time.

When it comes to this shop, I prefer their clean slide pizza and their New York slice with the sesame paste, and they come to serve you best since they offer you the best flavors.

Phone: (347) 844-9412

Address: 620 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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21. Giuseppina’s

Since New York is all about the best pizzas, you will find that you can get some of the best pizzas worldwide with ease.

I like that they serve the mouthwatering pies, and its best if you try their cheese pizza since its one f the most excellent choices to have.

Take a ride into this restaurant when you want to try the different specialty pizzas.

When we tell you that you will like the pizzas, we mean it mainly because their pizza is made with love.

Phone: (718) 499-5052

Address: 691 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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