20 Highest Ranking Restaurants In Prospect Heights

Brooklyn is one of the most exciting places in New York, thanks to its popular neighbourhood Prospect Heights.

Prospect Heights is known for its intriguing ethnic diversity, rich cultural community, and mind-blowing attraction centers.

I am completely ecstatic about the large population of the black community and don’t get me started on the amazing Egyptian Arts found in the Brooklyn Museum or the 52-acre Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Beautiful young waitress with face protective mask working in exclusive restaurant

If you’re in love with music and sports, then the live music and basketball sports event at the Barclays Centre will get you in the mood.

Making friends is inevitable at the wooden wine bars and chic cafés on Vanderbilt and Washington Avenue.

For the foodies like me, I have compiled a special list to take you into the world of Prospect Heights restaurants and the beauty of mixed cultural food to help you enjoy your stay in Brooklyn and plan your eating routines.

Leading Restaurants In Prospect Heights Brooklyn 

  1. Oxalis
  2. Ozakaya
  3. Faun
  4. Ras Plant Based
  5. Agi’s Counter
  6. Nurish
  7. Leland Eating and Drinking House
  8. Lalou
  9. Sushi Lin
  10. Lowerline
  11. Olmsted
  12. The Nuaa Table
  13. Cataldo’s Restaurant and Pizzeria
  14. Ciao Gloria
  15. Barboncino Pizza
  16. KIT
  17. La Napa
  18. Brooklyn Suya
  19. D’Antan
  20. Sofreh

1. Oxalis

791 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 347 – 627 – 8298




Oxalis is found close to the Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park. I most especially love their two dining options. Which are; a seasonal carte blanched menu for indoor dining and an a la carte menu for outdoor dining.

This means you can stay inside the cozy restaurant to enjoy your food or better still, soak in the cool breeze outside with a well-garnished dish.

I also find it soothing that they accommodate most allergies and dietary restrictions. All you got to do is let them know your health condition and they’ll prepare a sumptuous meal with ingredients that are compatible with you.

I have got to tell you about their delightful Garden Room. It’s spacious and can accommodate your friends, families, and even business partners. Their airy garden room is available for both cocktail receptions and casual gatherings.

If you’re totally in love with Sunday Brunch, just like me, then Oxalis is definitely for you. So, yes they are also open on Sundays.

For most readers that would like to stop by just to check it out, the good news is Walk-ins are always welcome.

So you don’t have to book reservations to go in there, you could literally just feed your eyes with their beautiful garnishing or your nose with their breathtaking aroma.

But I bet before the end of the day you’ll make reservations to eat, cos the aroma steaming from the kitchen will leave you famished.

2. Ozakaya

635 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 929 – 456 – 5956




For my Japanese peeps out there, you’ve got to check out Ozakaya. It’s one of the top Japanese restaurants in Brooklyn.

I am totally in love with the way they mix bacon, eggs, onions, scallion, served with soup, salad, pickles and vegetable tempura. It gives their dishes a distinct flavor.

You’re going to enjoy their chicken with Japanese curry and the taste of their cold tofu is miraculous.

The amazing part of this restaurant is its affordability. So, if you want to have a good time with friends on a budget, this restaurant is for you.

I get that most people are introverts, you’ll like to stay in the comfort of your home. It’s okay, you can still enjoy the dishes from Ozakaya by placing an order quickly on their website.

Though they have a no-contact delivery system but is all good, as far as you get your food delivered on time.

Reservations are available too. You can host a small gathering or family reunion. All you have to do is book a reservation way ahead of time, pick a date, time, and party size, you’re good to go.

A cool fun fact you should know. Ozakaya was inspired by two Japanese words; Osaka and Izakaya. Osaka means large hill, while Izakaya means stay-drink-place.

So you see, Ozakaya is a large hill to stay and drink, and have fun with friends and family.

3. Faun

606 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 718 – 576 – 6120




Let’s go to Italy in Brooklyn (hehehe). Faun is a global inspiration that has Italian roots. It came to life in 2016, it was named after a mystical roman creature, which is a half-guide and half-trickster.

It’s your regular neighbourhood restaurant with a little more spice. You’ll love the classy lushly planted garden seats, cool breeze from the open space, and a long bar.

The restaurant is not sophisticated, the flavours are simple yet unexpected, and they have a really small menu but the taste is the difference. A lovely and romantic, serene candlelight atmosphere is what they are known for.

I love them cos their dishes are very affordable, from the Foccacia – $7, Brownie – $13, and my goodness Strip Steak – $48. You can have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with different dishes delighting your taste buds.

Their delicious fresh toast and scrambled eggs will get you asking for more.

For my awesome readers, who love to linger over wine, they’ve got you covered. You can get skin–contact, rosé, or even sparkling wine by the bottle.

I bet they have your favourite wine flavours. They also take reservations and deliveries are available.

4. Ras Plant Based

739 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 718 – 622 – 6220


Ras Plant Based


Ethiopian Cuisine will send you straight to the rich spices in Africa. Ras Plant-Based is a colorful brick-walled space covered in murals with a pleasant eco-friendly menu.

They believe you’re what you eat and they’re 100% committed to providing customers with dishes that extend far beyond flavours and spices.

They also do their best to purchase high-quality organic and local ingredients without compromising affordability.

It’s just incredible to me that this cuisine is the first of its kind in New York. Now, let’s talk about their food, apart from the fact that they care so much about our ecosystem, their food is pleasant to the eyes as well as tasty to the tongue.

Guys, you’ve got to try their mushroom tibs or mama’s tofu, you can also choose your starch from either injera or rice. I haven’t even told you about their delicious cocktails.

Their ginger guava lemonade is totally out of this world, words can’t explain it. You have to check out their website yourself.

Reservations are also available for parties of over 12 guests. You can book for either partial or full space.

Also, if you’ll like some catering services or event planning for maybe a corporate function, birthday party, or rehearsal dinner, it’s available.

You can also celebrate your events at Ras Plant-Based, their space can take up to 80 guests.

5. Agi’s Counter

818 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Phone: 718 – 822 – 7833


Agis Counter


When I think pastry, I think of Europe, which simply translates in my mind to Agi’s Counter.  This shop has it all, from your breakfast, lunch, dinner or just confectionaries to treat your taste buds.

Their cuisine is completely market-driven, which means you as a customer influences their production. Though they are heavily Jewish and Eastern European Influenced.

Oh, don’t get me started on Leberkase ( pork pate, roasted apricot jam, fried eggs on a soft potato bun), brown butter and toasted caraway. To be honest, I’m salivating while writing this article.

Guess what guys? Their menu is easy on the pocket, so you can eat all you want on a budget due to their affordability for everyone. Also, reservations are available for specific days like; Saturday and Sunday for brunch service and Thursdays alone for dinner reservations.

Walk-ins are welcome, they also offer dine-ins, including deliveries. Doughnuts are made specially and fresh every Sunday. Also, if you’ll like a private event, they are open to chatting.

6. Nûrish

637 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 718 – 484 – 1122




I have always wanted to get to this part of my list, cos I don’t want to leave my vegetarian friends hanging. Nûrish is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly cafe. They offer nutritious, often organic, and affordable cuisine for customers.

Let’s get to the food talk, right? With a lot of dishes prepared daily, you can find organic green juices, smoothies, delicious avocado toast ( you’re gonna love it ), oatmeal, and poached eggs.

If you enjoy chicken, just as I do, then you’ve got to try their farm-raised-roasted chicken wraps ( sounds tasty, right? ). Don’t forget the salmon and shrimp for seafood lovers.

I know most people would wonder what roasted chicken is doing in a vegetarian restaurant, right? That’s okay because they have a vegan-friendly menu, you don’t need to be all vegan to eat there.

Those trying to transition from meat-eater to vegetarians, then this restaurant has great delicacies for you.

Just as the name implies, Nûrish strives to create tasty, healthy, and nutritious food.

7. Leland Eating And Drinking House

755 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 646 – 470 – 7008


Leland Eating And Drinking House


If you’re looking for a good neighbourhood spot for local food, natural wine, and well-garnished dishes, I’ve got a special one for you.

This restaurant has something for everyone. What I love most is their in-house curing, they pickle veggies, and dry-aged meats and bake their bread right in their kitchen.

It’s all hand-made, they just buy fresh ingredients and cook from scratch. This helps them to prepare high-quality dishes that give off a made-from-home taste.

It’s called eating and drinking for a reason, alright. That’s cos they enjoy throwing parties, reservations are open up to seven days in advance.

Another thing you should know is their friendly staff and excellent service give you an amazing experience.

8. Lalou

581 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 718 – 857 – 9463




I love wine, don’t you? This particular restaurant is quite interesting. They are unlike others I have on my list because their main focus is on wine.

The beauty of this restaurant is its variety of wine, there’s a wine with a specific taste for everyone.

They also have quite a long wine list of over 150 bottles, making them one of the best 20 wine bars in the USA. They also have over 5 press releases with great reviews.

Hey!! This doesn’t mean they don’t serve food, cos they do but on specific days and times. As lunch is served from Friday-Sunday, while dinner is served 7 nights a week.

So, if you’re looking for where to eat in Prospect Heights right now, head out to Lalou.  Reservations are available and walk-ins are also welcome.

9. Sushi Lin

335 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: 347 – 627 – 6027


Sushi Lin


Sushi Lin is completely incredible and it’s one of the best sushi places in Brooklyn. Not just their delicious delicacies but their great service.

Their quality food will blow your expectations away. You have got to taste their salmon sushi with roasted tomatoes, adding Japanese beer to wash it down.

Though they don’t offer delivery, takeaways are available. They also offer both cold and hot dishes, soup, salad, special chef menu handrolls, and of course sushi.

10. Lowerline

795 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 347 – 533 – 7110




It’s a classic New Orleans-inspired neighbourhood restaurant found in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The restaurant is quite small but they have great service, a warm atmosphere, and tasty food.

Their hot roast beef PO-boy dripping with gravy washed down with ice-cold beer will leave you asking for second rounds.

You’ll enjoy their seafood and okra gumbo, petite lettuce and herb salad, ( oh boy, oh boy, I would love to order this right now ). Take-outs and deliveries are available too.

11.  Olmsted

659 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 718 – 552 – 2610




I’m not permitted to have favourites because I love all these restaurants on my list, but Olmsted just caught my heart differently. They are situated in a very good location, which is at the heart of Prospect Heights.

I would love to call them completely organic because most of the ingredients, they use to come right from their garden in the backyard.

This makes the restaurant both seasonal and ingredient menu-driven, mostly because they sell what they produce.

Omg, their old school chocolate mousse is a must for everyone, even their crayfish boil crackers are quite delicious. They also offer snacks, desserts, dinner, lunch, beverages, and wine.

You can book reservations to host events either in their private dining room for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, or full buyouts which give you access to Olmsted’s dining room, which can host up to 40 guests for private dinners or 80 guests for cocktail parties, in addition, their garden is also used as a perfect backdrop for events year-round and it can take up to 40 guests.

12. The Nuaa Table

638 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 718 – 623 – 6395


The Nuaa Table


You probably can’t go to Thailand but with Nuaa Table, you can enjoy their food. I love the restaurant because of its traditional Thai dishes or putting a modern twist on continental cuisine.

I love their cute two dining options menu, which is a dine-in and take-out menu. I am shocked that though they are different menus, it’s still insanely affordable for anyone on a tight budget.

My vegan friends out there, have something for you on their menu too, from crispy purple eggplant to vegan spicy basil noodles.

13. Cataldo’s Restaurant And Pizzeria

554 Vanderbilt Ave #1, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 718 – 857 – 6700


Cataldos Restaurant And Pizzeria


I’m just in love with chicken pizza,  I mean who isn’t, right? Well, if you’re within Brooklyn and you also enjoy hand-tossed, wood-fired lava-stone oven pizza or a spoonful of yummy mac cheese, then let’s get talking.

Cataldo’s restaurant and pizzeria are a family-owned restaurant in Brooklyn that serves mouth-watering old-school Italian food.

They keep putting a smile on the faces of customers by going the extra mile just to get a variety of delicious Italian wines and beer to go with your meal.

Besides that, they love to host events, I call it their middle name, no matter the size, big and small occasions. They love the fact that their food brings people together. Deliveries are also available.

14. Ciao Gloria

550 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 716 – 666 – 2426


Ciao Gloria


Coffee helps you start your day so does Ciao Gloria. My gosh, you’ve got to see the thickness of their coffee, breakfast is complete at Ciao.

Their overnight oats, granola + yoghurt, avocado toast and so much more. I love them so much because of their cost affordability.

Another thing, I love and would like to order right now is their egg sandwich. Ciao is a place where you can finish your money a day without even knowing.

I have a sweet tooth and they have their pastries waiting for me. From Oatmeal creme pie to carrot cake, they have all I love. What keeps blowing my mind away is how affordable they are. I don’t care how broke you are, you can still afford them.

I must confess, that I love the structure of their outdoor seating with a ceiling. It’s made of wood but completely open on one side, making it airy and cool to stay in.

Thanks to their creativity in adding a ceiling to shelter you from cold, wind, and snow.

15. Barboncino Pizza

781 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 718 – 483 – 8834


Barboncino Pizza


I can barely make a choice with Barboncino Pizza, they have different flavours of pizza and sometimes I think they make these recipes by themselves.

It feels like I should buy all the Pizza they sell, just to taste them individually. They look so crunchy, slightly burnt layers, filled with toppings, just the way I love my Pizza.

Even, Barboncino was featured as one of the best of best pizza restaurants in the country and the best in Brooklyn. They have over 10 press releases with great reviews. Deliveries and take-outs are also available.

16. KIT

657 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 719 – 636 – 2900




It’s a small cosy restaurant with well-garnished food, so beautifully and colourfully arranged. Though it’s more of a wine bar, you can find coffee, queers, beers, food, and jelly cakes.

The shop is stocked with wine, with a lot of flavour variety to choose from. Another exciting I like about this bar is the structure. I noticed that the chair arrangement isn’t your typical restaurant setting.

I like the difference though, just long sofas and a table in front.

17. La Napa

656 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: 347 – 435 – 0920


La Napa


There’s something special about them that I love. It’s just the careful arrangement of the food by the chef.

They indeed know the art of making food look appetizing, they decorate it beautifully, placing each ingredient in a specific manner or order.  No wonder their food looks so tasty without tasting it.

I also love the restaurant setting, the lights hanging from the ceiling, various tall chairs and tables, also smaller chairs and tables at a corner close to the window, giving you an amazing outside view.

18. D’Antan

858 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 347 – 365 – 9674




This is an Italian restaurant with more focus on wine, serving more than 100 natural wines by the glass.

I mean when you walk into D’Antan, you’ll be greeted with wine bottles everywhere, though it is a wine bar that doesn’t stop them from preparing other amazing dishes.

Before we get to the food, we have to talk about how beautiful the bar is. If you’re an introvert you’re going to make friends here.

I’m saying this because of their seating arrangements, they’re so close together with beautiful round light balls hanging from the ceiling.

Apart from wine, they have a dinner and dessert menu. Also if you want to enjoy the cool breeze while eating, then their outdoor setting is perfect for you.

19. Brooklyn Suya

717 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 718 – 513 – 0122


Brooklyn Suya


Suya is known as a Nigerian delicacy, to be honest, it’s just your regular roasted or barbecued meat, but what makes it unique is just the Suya Spices.

One thing I  love about suya is the hot chili. I love it when it’s peppery, that’s my joy. The spice can be used in any dish it makes bland food taste different.

Brooklyn Suya restaurant makes me so happy by putting their signatures suya spice up for sale. If you don’t want to eat meat but enjoy the aroma and the flavour of the suya. Deliveries are also available.

*Another Important Information *

Suya contains peanuts, so before you go buy it, make sure you don’t have any form of dietary restrictions or food allergies.

20. Sofreh

75 St Marks Ave, Brooklyn, NYC 11217

Phone: https://www.sofrehnyc.com/



This is a Persian restaurant that is completely ingredient-driven.

The restaurant is very beautiful I must say, I love its white walls, tall chairs at the counter, smaller chairs close to the wall and a private sofa.

Sofreh looks like a very luxurious and classy restaurant. Judging by their beautiful structure, one would think that food is really expensive but it’s affordable.

I also love the dress code of their waiters. Reservations and private events are available. Their menu is divided into starters, greens, and grains, Persian rice section, main meal, dessert, sharbat, drinks, and cocktails.

They also have over 7 press releases with great reviews.


Guys we have come to the end of this long list of mine. I hope you enjoyed reading it even more than I did writing it. I’ve been doing the talking, now I want to hear from you, let me know in the comments, your thoughts on my list.

Which restaurant is your favourite? And which restaurant would you visit?

I also need you to help me spread the word by sharing this article with your friends and family too.

Don’t forget to use this list as a guide to help you decide quickly and effectively where to eat in Prospect Heights Brooklyn, that suits your personality and needs.

Have an amazing day, till we meet again.

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