Best Ramen Restaurants In Brooklyn – 16 Places You Can Go

If you are trying to find out the best ramen restaurants in Brooklyn, just keep reading.

The thought of ramen noodles gets me going to the restaurants for it every time. I like the savory noodles that you slurp in a rich and flavorful broth.

While you can make them at home, sometimes you want to go to some of the best ramen places in Brooklyn.

Anyone obsessed with these noodles already knows the best places to go for the same.

However, it will amaze you that the Ramen places serve these noodles as part of a whole meal. It will have meats, veggies, and noodles.

Best ramen places in Brooklyn NY

1. Chuko

One of the best ramen places you can go is at Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. They serve a variety of ramen dishes.

It matches the Asian accented appetizers, making it ideal for serving as part of the main meal. Chuko is a Japanese term that means vintage.

Chuko has made a name for itself for making ramen connoisseurs. Most people say their ramen noodles are simple with the best ingredients and traditional yet not boring. They have their sites in two places Prospects Height and Williamsburg.

If you try their ramen, you will want to eat more and more. They are chewy springy with delicious broths, and in most cases, it has a delicious topping.

If you like vegetarianism as I do, you should try the one they make for vegetarians. I like it though I’m a meat-eater.

The one we have is the one they make with butternut squash and scallions too. If you like, though, you can order their miso ramen.

  • Phone: (347) 425-9570
  • Address: 565 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
  • Check website

2. Ichiranusa

Ichiranusa 1


When looking for the best tonkatsu ramen, look no further. Tonkatsu is a Japanese style of ramen that is amazingly in Brooklyn.

Icharanusa has two dining rooms where you can eat alone or just the regular dining hall where you can eat with everyone.

One thing you can be sure of, is that the restaurant has the solid best ramen noodles of this kind.

They offer various noodles options, and some of them are thick, others thinner. As a result, the level of doneness varies.

Remember, they always have the silky and light broth, too, making it one of the best tastings in town.

I also like the one they set in the pork bone soup just because it adds the meaty flavors to the noodles.

  • Phone: (718) 381-0491
  • Address: 374 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206
  • Check website

3. Suzume BK

Suzume BK 1

Another place you could go to when in Brooklyn for the ramen noodles is Suzume.

Here you will have the Mexican, Japanese, and Hawaiian flavors blend in to make some of the best meals.

They’re famous for the compact Japanese menu that features sushi and ramen that they serve with their craft beers and sake.

They make the ramen noodle and set it in the pork bones sauce or broth. To absorb the flavors, they will mainly use the slow cooker, thus cooking it over a long time and enriching the flavors.

Also, you should try salmon ramen if you want their signature dish. You will like the fishy dig of the meal and the rich flavors.

  • Phone: (718) 486-0200
  • Address: 545 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Check website

4. Umai ramen

When looking for the traditional ramen style with modern fusion, look no further than Umai. It’s an easy-going restaurant that blends Japanese flavors in ramen, rice curries, and other meal options.

When coming to this restaurant, you may think it’s such a small space, but it will always serve you right.

They will also make the classic dishes to enjoy alongside other meals.

  • Phone: (917) 930-9369
  • Address: 6320 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204
  • Check website

5. Kogane ramen

Kogane ramen


Although it has a pretty small space, it’s one of the best places you could go to for ramen noodles.

You will like the noodles that they set in the pork bone soup.

Chef Ken-San, the owner, constantly strives to make the best Japanese cuisine. However, his love for ramen led him to open this ramen restaurant.

Before starting this restaurant, he focused on finding what the American people loved. He did the research with the different flavors.

He has always had positive feedback when it comes to ramen noodles.

With his extensive training in ramen noodles, he has managed to make this restaurant.

  • Phone: (929) 205-6451
  • Address: 76 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Check website

6. Za – Ya ramen

Za Ya ramen 1


This is one of the best restaurants we have in Bushwick, and whether you want to dine in or go for take-out, then it’s possible.

This restaurant is famous for offering beef bone gyukotsu broth. In addition, it usually features tender beef, short ribs, or even the cow tongue.

In most cases, they serge the beef broth, but you may find that they also serve the chicken broth for the same.

In addition to making the perfect flavors, they use the sun noodle company noodles. So when you’re looking for miso ramen, get yourself a bowl at za-ya ramen. If you also like craft beers, you will find this place the best to go to.

I have tried their gyukatsu, and I can assure you that it’s very good, considering it’s made using beef broth.

You will like the beef bone marrow broth that the chef-owner Bayaart founded.

  • Phone: (347) 987-4103
  • Address: 545 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
  • Check website

7. Ramen Setagaya

This is one of the best restaurants to go to for that sumptuous and flavorful bowl of ramen noodles.

The founders’ dream is to make sure you’re satisfied with the different ingredients they add to the bowl of noodles.

It has taken years to develop the best noodle recipe.

You will have the hipster Brooklyn people vibe in this restaurant. I like the tonkatsu in this restaurant as it’s simple and traditional.

It features a blend of the Italian and Japanese flavors of the noodles style.

You will like the fact that the cheese will always melt in the broth, making it utterly delicious. It further has a salty, funky, and yet gooey texture.

8. Yuji Ramen – Okonomi

Yuji Ramen – Okonomi 1


Come this way when looking for a small and simple place that serves ramen. But, of course, they also serve the bento donburi but with the sake of its different capacities.

When we talk of small, then we say it has only 12 seats, and they will be serving the ramen in the evening only.

Here you need to walk in and check whether they have space because they don’t take reservations. I should, however, warn you that you will need to wait for a little to have your food ready.

Just know that the ramen is made of seafood. It’s not very coon to have them in seafood, but it’s utterly delicious.

  • Phone: (929) 295-0480
  • Address: 150 Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Check website

9. Ramen Danbo

When you’re looking for a way to warm up your soul, you should always choose this option.

You will like the fact that they offer customizable ramen noodles. The noodles have wood accents too.

This restaurant is in different places, but I have visited the one in Brooklyn for their Fukuoka-style Kyushu Hakata tonkatsu ramen.

Even as it’s cooking, the rich aroma is unmistakable, and you will not want to try other places without first eating this one. It has rich umami flavors, and it’s always free from impurities as well.

When talking of Japanese flavors to the world, I think of this Danbo restaurant.

  • Phone: (718) 783-0150
  • Address: 52 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Check website

10. South slope ramen

This restaurant specializes in noodle soup, and the great thing is that you will even have vegetarian options.

If you live around 5th avenue, you already know this restaurant as it offers one of the best noodles.

Remember there aren’t counters in the shop where you can eat either.

It further has the best-cooked chashu.

  • Phone: (718) 788-8055
  • Address: 651 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Check website

11. Menya Jiro ramen noodles

Menya Jiro ramen noodles 1


Here you have a mix of traditional and innovative styles of ramen noodles.

This is because it mixes the pork and the chicken broth.

It will amaze you that it’s nice to cozy and still delicious to use. You will have an array of small plates of ramen noodles.

Also, they set them in dim lighting to have it be a perfect setting at all times.

  • Phone: (718) 855-0988
  • Address: 306 Gold St C2, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Check website

12. Koko ramen

Word has it that it’s also one of the best gems for ramen noodles. So when you’re looking for a warm service that is further interactive, head over to Koko.

Though it’s a small place, the food is utterly delicious. You will enjoy your time here.

Do you like tonkatsu? People like the ones that also present the chunks of pork belly in this broth.

Expost the meal to have the best-cooked eggs, and you will like the broth as it’s perfect.

If you want to try their signature dish, you should try their duck ramen noodles as most people have already praised it for being so great.

  • Phone: (347) 425-8511
  • Address: 375 Marlborough Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226
  • Check website

13. Wanpaku ramen

Wanpaku ramen 1


When you crave some of the best Japanese meals, then you should take a walk to this restaurant. Besides, they will also serve you some of the best cocktails you can use at any time.

At the moment, they give you a chance to order online, but you can be sure to enjoy their rich flavors.

  • Phone: (718) 383-3139
  • Address: 621 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Check website

14. Karazishi Botan

Karazishi Botan 1


Here you have a New York-style ramen diner that will deliver the perfect Japanese flavors to your table.

Most people come to this restaurant like the fun plates that you can use. Also, you can serve your noodles with sake and beer. You can almost sit in the different spaces, including the backyard.

It provides an ambiance that allows you to have a conversation as you enjoy the meals. In addition, it features the kind and attentive style of ramen.

You will like the one that has the chicken and oyster soup base. However, most people enjoy the one that even has the potato mash and the bacon to make it even better tasting.

Chef Ippudo is famous for making some of the best ramens.

  • Phone: (347) 763-1155
  • Address: 255 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
  • Check website

15. Samurai papa

Samurai papa 1


When looking for the best-relaxed standing room that serves the best ramen in Brooklyn, visit samurai papa.

This restaurant has Bedstuy and Bushwick Brooklyn spaces, making it the perfect neighborhood restaurant.

I liked their tomato ramen and the vegan version, especially considering that I’m a meat-eater, and I still loved it.

Whether you’re going to eat the dumplings or the ramen, you will love this meal.

  • Phone: (718) 398-8181
  • Address: 594 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216
  • Check website

16. Ten Ichi

Ten Ichi


This is another one of the best Japanese restaurants that will offer you the best-flavored ramen.

It features a family-owned restaurant that brings rich flavors to your plate. Of course, you will like the sushi too, but the ramen is something you won’t forget ever.

They also serve the hot tempura and noodles.

  • Phone: (929) 295-0060
  • Address: 116 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Check Website

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