Red Hook Lobster Pound; Menu, Reviews, Hours + Lobster Roll Near Me

A decent seafood restaurant is always a good find, especially if you are miles away from the coast. And in Brooklyn, there’s a shack that’s not only good but seems to have carved a niche for itself in New York’s crowded seafood industry.

The Red Hook Lobster Pound!

The Red Hook Lobster Pound 1


Most New Yorkers are familiar with big chain restaurants like Seamores, Le Bernadin, Ocean Prime, and Astoria.

Yet, unlike these cafés, Red Hook Lobster Pound is in a novel position. They are a chain restaurant, but their service has a hometown feel.

They have locations in Vanderbilt, Red Hook, and several lobster trucks operating in New York City and Washington DC.

Nonetheless, their flagship location in Red Hook consistently stands out for its impressive lobster menus, great atmosphere, and impeccable service.

So, What is Red Hook Lobster Pound?

Red Hook Lobster Pound is a Maine-style lobster shack in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

The Pound comprises a restaurant and a store that sells live lobsters sourced from the best lobsterman in Maine. Livestock arrives three times a week to ensure quality and freshness. It is what makes it a lobster pound! And the best in the area!

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining options. Diners can choose to enjoy a breezy al fresco dining in the corridor-style set-up out-front or retreat indoors for a more intimate summertime experience.

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Please note that outdoor dining tables are subject to availability. Also, during the chilly months, sections of the patio are heated to shield diners from the elements while enjoying the city’s most exciting lobster menu.

The atmosphere at this Red Hook restaurant is described as casual with a fun, fresh, and friendly vibe.

Most notable is the witty decoration of this place, starting with the large lobster wallpaper on the exterior walls.

Inside is a picnic-style seating area featuring rustic wooden tables and benches. Nautical-theme bits and pieces adorn the interior walls and ceiling.

The Red Hook Lobster Pound 2


Breaking the theme in this lobster-roll shack is the funky, unisex restroom which borrows a light-house theme.


One of Red Hook Lobster Pound’s missions is to bring the variety and flavor of Maine to your table.

The restaurant has a unique flavor, it’s not exactly like what you’ll find on the coast, but it has some similarities to an authentic Maine seafood restaurant. They serve almost all seafood entrees, and their specialty is the lobster roll.

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They offer a selection of lobster rolls, but the two that live up to the billing in this Pound are the Maine-style lobster roll (cool with mayo) and the Connecticut-style lobster roll (warm with butter and lemon).

A unique component of the classic lobster roll is the homemade French-style mayonnaise. Unlike store-bought mayonnaise, this homemade dressing is light and a little tart.

homemade French style mayonnaise


But lobster rolls aren’t the only option on the Red Hook Lobster Pound menu. There are other seafood dishes like lobster BLT, shrimp rolls, lobster mac and cheese (over-the-top), fried oysters (simple and cooked to perfection), and NE clam chowder (excellent starter with great texture and flavor).

Also on the menu is a platter of whole-boiled lobster with corn, potatoes, and coleslaw. The lobster is very meaty and is cooked to perfection. But you will have to work for the meat, making it all the more delicious.

whole boiled lobster


The Red Hook Pound also offers a variety of salads, including a giant lobster Cobb salad that could feed up to three people.

giant lobster Cobb salad


The potato Caesar and Green salads also serve as excellent sides.

If you’d instead stick to non-seafood choices, the Pound has massive beef burgers, hot dogs, fries, chicken sandwiches, and sausages.

Dessert options include their famous key lime pie, which is delicious, but a little pricey given the size. Another option is the funnel cake which you’ll love as well. The cake is served à la mode with blueberry compote.

PS: On the menu, Red Hook Lobster Pound has a $25 lobster dinner every Wednesday with 1.5 pound lobster with two sides; I think it’s a good deal for groups of friends or family.

happy hour time


Like the food, the drinks at Red Hook Lobster Pound don’t disappoint. The restaurant stocks a full bar which includes a thoughtful, seasonal beer selection, wine, frozen drinks, and refreshing cocktails (coconut rum cocktail is a hit!).


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Watch out for the bloody marys; they’re not your usual but in a good way.

Non-alcoholic drink options are also available.

Hours and Location

159 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: 347-457-6010


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Opening hours

  • Sunday to Thursday: 12.00 pm-9.00 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 12.00 pm-10.00 pm
  • Happy hours:  4.00 pm-6.00 pm

How to get to red hook lobster pound

Unlike most Brooklyn destinations, the Red Hook Lobster Pound isn’t the easiest place to find in Red Hook. It’s a bit isolated from the rest of the borough, meaning it’s quite a walk from the nearest subway.

However, the Pound is only a few blocks from the Red Hook ferry dock. So if you can catch the New York water taxi, you’re in luck. All you have to do is take the NYC South Brooklyn ferry to Atlantic Basin, disembark, and then walk to Pioneer Street and then up Van Brunt Street to the restaurant.

A bus commute is ideal if you are coming from the other side of town. The Pound is accessible via the B61, which will drop you nearly at its door.


Does Red Hook Lobster Pound have a gluten-free menu?


The Red Hook Lobster Pound doesn’t have a dedicated gluten-free menu. But they can serve most of the breaded items “bikini-style.”

For buns and other items that can’t go ‘” bikini-style,” the Pound can substitute them with lettuce wraps.

The restaurant recommends that diners with celiac disease or other food allergies notify the server before ordering.

Is there a dress code?


Can I Bring outside food?


Due to health concerns, Red Hook Lobster pound does not allow any food from outside.

Does Red Hook Lobster Pound offer delivery/takeout?


You can stop by the restaurant and order something on the go. If you’d like food delivery, simply order online from the Pound’s website or call the restaurant directly to place your order.

Keep in mind that deliveries are done via 3rd party sites like Ubereats, Seamless, Grubhub, and Doordash.

Can I host an event at Red Hook Lobster Pound?

Yes, the Red Hook Lobster Pounds accepts event bookings for up to 50pax. You can book the semi-private room or the lobster shack; both have fixed menus. Check the website for more details.

Is the Red Hook Lobster Pound Dog Friendly?


Is there a parking area at The Red Hook Lobster Pound?

Yes, there is plenty of street parking across from the restaurant.

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