10 Fantastic Restaurants Near Barclays Center You Should Try Now!

Named after a multinational British financial community, the Barclays Center is home to many concerts, sporting, and entertainment events.

It is a multi-function indoor arena located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

The field has a seating capacity of 17,732 for basketball, 15,795 for hockey, and approximately 19,000 seats for concerts.

It also has 101 luxury suites and is surrounded by several bars, restaurants, lounges, and clubs.

Barclays Center Arena in Brooklyn

With so many good eating options and decent spots to hang out before or after a game or event in the center, it may be quite challenging to settle for a good restaurant to enjoy delicious foods and the beautiful scenery of the area.

This suggestive and informative guide I have created will grant you only the options of the best.

Whether you want to stick to a budget, go loose on cash, or get enthralled by the center’s scenery, this handy outline of the best restaurants near Barclays center will ensure you stay within comfort, perfect ambiance, and interesting meal options.

Check out the list now!

1. Parm

  • Barclays Center, 620 Atlantic Ave Suite Level A, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • +1 917-618-6340
  • Visit Website



The Parm restaurant is a small restaurant located at Barclays Centre that offers you a classic Italian experience at an affordable price. It has a cute dinner-like setting with fantastic lighting and decoration.

The menu is pretty basic and makes it easy to pick what to eat. However, every bite is worth each dollar.

The highlight of the menu is the Chicken parm. It does live up to its fame.

The seatings are provided on a first-come-first-serve basis so be sure to get there on time.

There is however room for outside dining so you can catch views of the busy and beautiful street.

Every staff takes pride in what they do and it outplays in the service delivery.

The staff is very helpful, interactive, and professional. Be sure to also have your proof of vaccination on you as you might be checked when dining in.

Drinks are on the pricier end so just be prepared for that.

Whenever you’re around Barclays center and are looking for a place to enjoy a tasty meal with a nice ambiance and presentation even if you have to take it on a go, then this cute restaurant should be on your list.

Parm is open from Mondays to Sundays (11:30 am – 10:00 pm).

2. Patsy’s Pizzeria

  • 450 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • +1 718-622-2268
  • Visit Website

Patsys Pizzeria


Patsy’s Pizzeria has great outdoor seating — at the back and front and a beautiful indoor setting.

The back outdoor area is heated while the front outdoor area is enclosed and relaxing. The indoor setting is heated, luminous, and quite cozy.

The meals are excellently prepared and very delicious to taste. The pizza is thin and perfectly crunchy and you can always tell that it is fresh out of the oven.

The staff is very friendly, attentive, and very available. There are not many lines so the staff makes sure to get your orders and attend to you as soon as possible.

The hall and bathrooms are also very neat. There’s no stale odor as the places are regularly cleaned.

Patsy’s Pizzeria is open from Mondays to Sundays (12:00 pm-10:00 pm).

3. Broccolino

  • 446 Dean St Ste A, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • +1 929-276-3995
  • Visit Website

Broccolino 1


This uniquely decorated restaurant offers very good Italian food in Brooklyn.

Located a few minutes’ walk from Barclays center, this phenomenal restaurant with spectacular food and ambiance is a perfect spot to enjoy good meals before and after a game.

The food is delicious and always fresh, the portions are decent, the interior is pleasant, the atmosphere is classic, and the service is enjoyable and very professional. The checks are brought in an Italian comic book — very original.

The restaurant has a dual opening at the entrance so you can either go to the bar section or the meal section.

The wide yet thoughtful food options make it an excellent spot to satisfy your bud’s cravings. Plus you get to enjoy genuine Italian food.

Broccolino is open from Mondays to Sundays (12:00 pm-10:00 pm).

4. Miriam

  • 79 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • +1 718-622-2250
  • Visit Website

Miriam 2


Miriam one of the best Restaurants Near Park Slope is a cozy spot for chilling out and enjoying tasty meals.

They have both indoor and outdoor seating areas with good heating. The place is quite popular so it’s best to get here earlier.

The exquisite sea-food options, vast variety of Israeli cuisines, colorful vegetarian-friendly options, interesting menu, cocktails, good portions, great presentation, and remarkable food quality make it a fantastic place to eat.

The foods are richly flavored and very fresh.

The staff is attentive and friendly, and calm even during crowded times.

There is also check-in on vaccination records and IDs for indoor seating. The indoor tables are well arranged and have dividers in between them.

It can be super busy over weekends, especially on Sundays so you may have to wait in a long line outside.

Miriam is open from Mondays to Fridays (10:00 am – 10:00 pm), and Saturdays to Sundays (9:00 am – 10:00 pm).

5. Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue

  • 229 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • +1 718-622-2224
  • Visit Website

Morgans Brooklyn Barbecue


The amazing happy hour deal makes me a simp for this restaurant. You get Draft beers for only $5 and all appetizers for half the price. Amazing!

The Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue is a not-so-fancy and pretty simple spot for barbecue and eating, and a great atmosphere for drinks.

The meats are smokes low and slow over white oak.

The restaurant is really clean and tidy. They also have an extensive bourbon list that matches the barbecue.

This place is a good venue to meet up before a game or event at Barclays.

Enjoy a cold beer and barbecue food in nice outdoor seating. You can make reservations to host your small party.

The staff is so friendly and incredibly helpful. They are usually crowded during the weekends but it is worth the wait — try coming earlier.

This is a great place for a quick tasty bite of authentic barbecue and incredible drinks.

Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue is open from Mondays to Wednesdays (5:00 pm – 11:00 pm), and Thursdays to Sundays (12:00 pm – 11:00 pm)

6. Wasan Brooklyn

  • 440 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • +1 718-864-3549
  • Visit Website

Wasan Brooklyn


Whether it’s lunch or dinner or both, the food and service you get at this Bergen street gem are incredible for the price you pay.

The taste, the value, and the portions are fantastic and plentiful. They also have excellent vegan options.

You should try the crunchy Japanese fried chicken or the rich sushi rice.

You also get a complimentary barley tea which is the perfect palate cleanser. The cups the tea is served are great to warm your hands while waiting to cool off.

This small, cute, and cozy restaurant is a hidden spot for authentic Japanese food.

The beautifully plated bento box has a delicious taste and gives you a soothing mix of home cooking and restaurant style.

The meals are always fresh and the staff is welcoming and warm.

Wasan Brooklyn is open from Mondays to Thursdays (11:30 am – 9:15 pm)

7. Charm Bar and Restaurant

  • 448 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • +1 347-799-2345
  • Visit Website

Charm Bar and Restaurant


This small but cute restaurant located in downtown Brooklyn offers good drinks and delicious foods in an amazing atmosphere.

The restaurant is very lovely, has a great playlist, and is very neat. The bathrooms are very clean.

This small spot has great music and an interesting menu. The music would have you thinking you are in karaoke with the way everyone will be grooving.

There is usually quite a wait to get your orders but once it comes through, every bite will be worth it.

The services are amazing and the staff is the sweetest and most attentive.

The parking isn’t quite friendly and walk-ins can be different during warmer weather.

The ambiance, the vibe, and the playlist make it a charming location for a date night.

The drinking selection is also very creative and you are sure to find something you would enjoy.

Charm Bar and Restaurant is open from Mondays to Fridays (12:00 pm – 11:00 pm), and Saturdays to Sundays (11:00 am – 11:00 pm).

8. BK9

  • 62 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • +1 718-789-2176
  • Visit Website



The BK9 located in Park Slope and 5 minutes walking distance from the Barclays center is a perfect spot to enjoy chill contemporary Caribbean food and vibes.

There are a lot of nice shops in the area in case you want to have a nice stroll too.

This restaurant with so much energy buzzing within its wall promises you experiences you wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

There is live jazz music during the weekends and a friendly crowd ready with the lyrics to every tune. It’s best to make reservations.

The menu which also has traditional west Indian foods is dazzling with many good yet inexpensive options.

There is no more provision for the bottomless brunch option, but you can get glasses of your favorite flavors for $15 which is still very much affordable. The mixed drinks are also very tasty.

This spot should be on your list if you want to add fun to your brunch on a weekday afternoon or chill on a weekend evening.

BK9 is open from Mondays to Thursdays (4:00 pm – 11:00 pm), Fridays (2:00 pm – 12:00 am), Saturdays (11:00 am – 12:00 am), and Sundays (11:00 am – 11:00 pm).

9. Alchemy

  • 56 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • +1 718-636-4385
  • Visit Website



The Alchemy restaurant has a homely atmosphere, friendly hostesses, and amazing food.

The spot sells out as a cozy intimate spot with dark red brick walls to add to its warm appearance.

The menu is simple but very well made for each time of the day. The brunch menu is often egg dishes, burgers, and many other tasty meals. The veggie burger is homemade and tastes nice.

This ‘American comfort food hub’ has very friendly and nice staff. They are always crowded during warmer months. There is almost always a short wait as they are understaffed.

The portions are perfectly sized if you’re not so hungry and the prices are very affordable.

The drink and cocktail options are so good, that you’ll catch yourself ordering over and over again.

Alchemy is a great spot for drinks and food while waiting for a game at Barclays.

Alchemy is open from Mondays to Fridays (11:30 am – 12:00 am), and Saturdays to Sundays (10:30 am – 12:00 am).

10. Rucola

  • 190 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • +1 718-576-3209
  • Visit Website

Rucola 1


At this Brooklyn Italian restaurant, every meal is made with fresh ingredients and served very beautifully.

The professional and homely service makes it even more perfect. The staff is so friendly, easy to converse with, and very attentive.

This restaurant tucked into the neighborhood’s townhouses offers authentic Italian food options in a rustic atmosphere.

The environment is very calm and tidy, and is a good place to sit, talk and have fun while enjoying great meals.

The place can get quite busy and you may have to wait longer but the meals are definitely worth the wait.

The interesting food options and morning coffees are all great.

The meal portions come in good sizes and can even be shared. There are also several choices for vegetarians — each meal is scrumptious and so filling.

Thinking of having an excellent breakfast, a late dinner, or just a good meal at any time of the day?

You should try Rucola. They don’t disappoint in delivering nice meals whenever.

Rucola is open from Mondays to Fridays (8:00 am – 11:00 pm), and Saturdays to Sundays (8:00 am – 11:00 pm).


The Barclay center is a beautiful area with a good number of restaurants, shops, and fancy spots to chill out.

These selected few are however your best bet for whatever your preference of eating out would be based on your style, budget, and of course proximity to the event center.

Some restaurants may require you to make reservations beforehand to get the best feel of the spot. Others will give you a perfect experience with or without a reservation.

Whatever your choice would be when in the area — a spontaneous eat-out or a planned dinner, these restaurants should be top on your list of stops.

Where will we catch you eating when next in the area? The little charming Charm Bar or the grooving and giggling BK9.

Do leave your comments, thoughts, and experiences in the comment section below and share this article with someone who might consider this handy list helpful.

Yummy! This sushi tastes so good!

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