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Rule of Thirds is an 85-seat and an all-day Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn occupying the former space of Norman in A/D/O.

As one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn, Rule of Thirds is quickly becoming a local’s favorite place for shareable dishes, especially its izakaya food.

Rule of Thirds Menu

Their menu is exciting and comprehensive, with options that accommodate everyone. Most dishes are shareable, and the flavors used are quality and fresh.

Their A+ Japanese chefs have perfected their cooking skills, and guests keep returning to try new menu items.

food on the table from Rule of Thirds

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The menu is divided into different sections. The sections include brunch, Tea + Coffee, large party brunch, drinks, and dinner.


The brunch options are ever a hit, and the two most popular ones are the Japanese souffle pancakes and breakfast set. The other great options include the yuzu, smashed potato, tamagoyaki, karaage, hottokeki, chicken katsu, tamago, teishoku, and sides.

hottoeki is back brunch at thirds

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The brunch options are yummy, and the staff can help you decide if you are unsure about which to order. Moreover, they have brunch cocktails to pair with your brunch option. The perfect combination created will blow you away.

Tea + Coffee

Rule of Thirds knows that a good brunch is often complimented by tea or coffee. The flavors used are unique, and each sip will leave you smiling. The tea and coffee taste quality, and you will get what you’ve paid for, exceeding your expectations.

For tea, you can try their matcha latte, konacha, sobacha, or hojicha.

japanese breakfast lunch

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Some coffee options like café au lait and drip coffee are only available for dinner. However, you can enjoy espresso, Americano, latte, flat white, cortado, or macchiato any time of the day.

Large Party Brunch

For a party of 8+ people, Rule of Thirds has the perfect combinations to order. Their family-style brunch menu costs around $55 per person.

There is a complimentary punch pitcher for starters, which includes tamago, ricotta toast, yuzu salad, and the Japanese breakfast set.

You get a poached egg, almond miso soup, pickles, rice, and assorted seasonal vegetables for the table. Moreover, add-ons for the brunch menu include mashed potatoes, hottokeki, chicken katsu sando, and karaage.


Rule of Thirds is dedicated to keeping you refreshed. They offer wine, cocktails and beer. Moreover, they are all-in on sake and don’t be surprised that they have a portable sake warmer and a sake service station.

The sake has a natural wine lover’s taste and flavor.

amazing sake selections

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The presentation of the drinks will spice your mood, especially when you pair them with delicious meals. The selection of cocktails is broad, and you can’t try them all in one sitting. Each time you visit the restaurant, you will have something new to try. Luckily, it won’t disappoint.


The restaurant initially started as a dinner spot, and you can already guess that their dinner options are mouthwatering. The dinner options are divided into four.

The binchotan includes yaki onigiri, maitake, pork jowl, chicken meatball, and duck hearts.

blade steak tonkatsu for your evening meal

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For the smaller options, you can have the karaage, oshizushi, sashimi, tuna & nori, yuzu salad, smoked trout, chicken, or the clams sakamushi.

If you prefer the larger options, they include the Buddhist duck, which gets served in 3 courses, himachi collar, blade steak tonkatsu, wagyu nikujaga, or the butterbean kasujiru.

aged buddhist duck banquet at Rule Of Thirds

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The last section is the sides, and you can enjoy potato salad, smashed cucumbers, broccoli rabe, or almond soup.

Keeping away from the menu is difficult, and it’s no surprise that the restaurant often flocks with people and making reservations is the recommended way to go about it.

Rule of Thirds Amenities and Services

The Japanese restaurant is open to all and is dog-friendly. You can dine-in or order takeout, and they offer fast delivery, ensuring you get your order while hot.

Moreover, reservations are available, especially if you plan to enjoy group meals and convenience as it can easily crowd.

Even though Rule of Thirds is an all-day restaurant, it is best suitable for dinner, and its staff will welcome and greet you once you enter. They then take your order and work on it. If you have issues regarding their menu, they will gladly explain it and even make recommendations.

share the kanpai spirit with you all

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Street parking and bike parking are available. Also, the restaurant has free wi-fi and is wheelchair accessible.

They offer waiter service and on and off-premises catering services, and their casual attire will amaze you. Credit card and debit card payments are allowed, so you don’t need to carry cash.

Rule of Thirds Ambiance

Rule of Thirds has a modern vibe. Its architecture, especially its indoors, is beautiful. The place is spacious enough, and its outdoor seating offers a beautiful view. The restaurant is trendy and hipster, and the décor is on-point.

theres nothing better than feeling the warm spring breeze while enjoying a meal with friends

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Besides, the ceilings are high, and it has lots of blonde wood. Its bar is u-shaped and gives a classic seating ideal for chatting with friends while drinking a glass of wine or cocktail.

Rule of Thirds Wedding

Rule of Thirds offers a great industrial-style events venue ideal for ceremonies like weddings. The restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate large guests for the wedding ceremony and the reception.

married at Thirds

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You will be delighted by the high-quality space, drinks, food, and services for the wedding. It offers a reception and wedding ceremony area.

The site fee for the wedding reception and ceremony starts at $9,000 during off-peak and can rise to $15,000 during peak season. However, you won’t regret hosting your wedding at Rule of Thirds.

Rule of Thirds Outdoor

The restaurant has an outdoor space tucked into an adjacent alley. Reservations for the courtyard and pavilion are made on resy.

outdoor seats at Rule Of Thirds

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The outdoor seating is covered with tents, and the floor is covered with pebbles, ensuring you don’t get distracted by someone’s footsteps. The pavilion is a perfect hideout for a group of six to ten, and the atmosphere and beauty around it create a memorable experience.

Rule of Thirds Reservations

Rule of Thirds is often crowded, and reservations come in handy. The restaurant offers reservations for individuals and groups. Reservations for small groups and individuals can be made either on resy or their website. You can also reserve private dining rooms.

theres nothing better than feeling the warm spring breeze while enjoying a meal with friends

Source: @thirdsbk

However, if you need to reserve for a large group of 8 to 450 people, they recommend emailing their events department directly.

Location & Map


Hotel: Rule of Thirds

Address: 171 Banker St Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: 347-334-6684

Official Website




  • Mon-Thu: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Fri: 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Sat: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Sun: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM


– Which payment methods do Rule of Thirds accept?

The restaurant accepts credit and debit cards.

– Is there takeout or delivery offered?

Yes, Rule of Thirds offers takeout and deliveries for any order made.

– Can I reserve my spot in advance?

Yes, the restaurant accepts reservations, especially for parties of more than 8 people, as it quickly gets crowded and you can end up waiting for hours.

– Does the restaurant have outdoor seating?

Yes, Rule of Thirds has upscale and relaxing outdoor.

– What drinks are offered at Rule of Thirds?

Rule of Thirds offers tasty wine and an extensive selection of cocktails and has a sake service station.

– Does the restaurant open every day?

Yes, Rule of Thirds is open daily. But not every hour is a working hour. However, any day between 5 PM to 10 PM, you will find it open.

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