Awesome Skate Shops In Brooklyn

People tend to bring up the fact that there can never be another California in terms of skateboarding. It serves as the origin of the sport, after all.

However, Brooklyn is also a perfect environment for those who seek to hone their skateboarding skills as well as those looking to try their hand at this extreme sport.

There are quite a few quality skate parks available for skateboarders to have their fun – just check them out here courtesy of

Did you know that there are “skateboard groups” established in Brooklyn for inclusivity purposes in the skateboarding world? That counts as another stellar reason why Brooklyn is a neighborhood supportive of skateboarders.

The first step in getting into the sport is getting acquainted with skateboarding gear. I am here to help you navigate the sea of Brooklyn skateboard shops in a bid to help you make a good and informed decision about where to buy them. Here’s a quick rundown of what I have in store for you:

  1. KCDC
  2. Labor Skateboard Shop
  3. Aegir Boardworks
  4. Tenant
  5. Park Delicatessen
  6. Supreme Brooklyn
  7. Belief NYC



Address: 80 N 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY

Telephone: (718)-387-9006



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KCDC (@kcdcskateshop) 分享的帖子

If you are a person passionate about community, this is the best pick for you. KCDC Skate Shop was established in 2001 with the thought of the Brooklyn community in mind.

This skate shop lives up to its community-inspired values by conducting workshops and events to make skateboarding a more inclusive sport as well as ensuring the well-being of Brooklyn-based skateboarders from all walks of life.

KCDC is also your ideal store if you particularly enjoy building your skateboards from scratch. Their website has a friendly guide as to how to go about it, not forgetting to mention that the store also sells individual skateboard parts for that purpose. If that isn’t your thing, the store also sells complete skateboards.

Other products that KCDC sells include skateboarding apparel for die-hard skateboard fans from the likes of Vans, Nike, and Quasi as well as the service of producing custom design skateboards. In addition to their services, they also offer skating lessons to children and adults of all ages.

Their requirements are that all COVID-19 health protocols should be followed, that everyone can come with their own skateboarding gear or hire them for a $10 fee per training session, and all payments are made via PayPal.

KCDC also offers private lessons at an extra cost to those who would prefer that option to group sessions.

KCDC Skate Shop can take all my money, at this point.

2. Labor Skateboard Shop – Brooklyn


Address: 282 Scholes Street, Brooklyn, NY

Telephone: (917)-909-0566



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Labor Skateshop (@laborskateshop) 分享的帖子

Founded in 2012, Labor Skateboard Shop boasts of receiving recognition for one of its branches from notable press agencies like Vice and CBS NY, something I find appealing. There are two branches: one in Manhattan and another in, you guessed it, Brooklyn.

At this moment, Labor Skateboard Shop stores are up and running, but only for curbside pick-ups and limited in-store shopping. My word of advice to you would be to check out what they have to offer on their website (given above) and place an order.

This shop sells everything from individual skateboard parts to complete skateboards and its own apparel, as well as skateboard accessories and footwear. Additionally, you could get your buddy or loved one a Labor Skateboard Shop gift card that starts from $75 to $500.

A positive attribute of Labor Skate Shop would be its active social media presence, especially on Instagram. They are keen to share information about what just came in and what is out of stock.

Notably, they have a commendable raffle system that enables lucky buyers a fair and square opportunity to purchase a commodity that is in limited supply.

Labor Skate Shop’s founder James Rewolinski, in his interview with, shares that his goal with his stores is to support the skateboarding community of New York through his shop.

And true to his word, his store usually hosts the All-City Showdown in New York City just to have local skateboarders compete against each other and grow together. I do love a passionate skateboard store owner.

3. Aegir Boardworks


Address: 99 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Telephone: (347)-987-3825



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Aegir Boardworks (@aegirboardworks) 分享的帖子

Aegir might just be the complete package, guys.

Alongside selling a range of products such as complete skateboards, individual skateboard parts, and accessories, the store offers training lessons on skateboarding. This is a perfect option for a skateboarding beginner as the store offers skateboarding classes carried out either after school or over the weekend.

Did I mention that the prices are reasonably fair? Another great thing about their training program is their keenness in observing all COVID-19 health protocols. One also has the option of bringing their skateboarding gear or letting the store rent you theirs for the training sesh.

Skateboarding just got more fun with the Aegir Spring and Summer Skate Camps. They are eligible for skaters aged 5 years and above.

The store also sells surfing gear, something that is not surprising as skateboarding is a cousin to surfing. Did you know that Californian surfers invented skateboarding as an alternative sport when the waves were low?

From that, the term ‘sidewalk surfing’ was coined before the sport became officially known as skateboarding. The store also offers skateboard repair services for those whose skateboards need a little TLC after a harsh moment on the ramps and on the streets.

Aegir Boardworks is the plug for everything (and I mean anything) that may arise during your skateboarding journey since they have everything under one roof. I highly recommend this store.

4. Tenant


Address: 1096 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Telephone: (646)-784-2530


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Tenant® (@tenantny) 分享的帖子

At first glance, Tenant appears to be the go-to store for skateboarding apparel, not shying away from popular brands such as Thrasher Magazine as well as an assortment of local companies which produce the same.

The benefit of this approach is that you get a well-rounded selection of brands. This store also sells cool complete skateboards with eye-catching designs. Way to go for this store founded three years ago!

It is good to note that they have an active social media presence. Keep up with the store on Instagram to see what is freshly in stock and when the flash sales will be because no one ever minds saving some extra bucks (cha-ching!).

We all should be about supporting local businesses, and supporting Tenant would be building the less known Brooklyn skateboarding apparel brands that the store supports with a ton of energy. Let’s get on board, shall we? (Pun intended!)

5. Park Delicatessen


Address: 722 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Telephone: (718)-789-8889



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Park Deli (@parkdelibk) 分享的帖子

Park Delicatessen, also referred to as Park Deli, in short, is a beautiful skateboard, flower, and dry foods store that is family-owned. A fun fact about this store would be that its previous owner was a German store that sold delicatessen, hence the inspiration behind the store’s name.

If you didn’t know, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, delicatessen is a German word that means “ready-to-eat foods”.

The Park Deli store is stunning – it is giving cottagecore meets soft girl and VSCO girl. If you are a fan of aesthetics, this little store will win its way to your heart.

Owned by a couple with academic and professional backgrounds in fine arts, graffiti, and graphic design, the skateboard designs are out of this world. The designs can be described as something clean and quiet but impossible to just ignore.

What impresses me other than their aesthetics and designs would be the Creative Services that they offer to other brands, mostly focusing on photography and styling. It was so smart of them to capitalize on something they are clearly so good at!

Get your complete skateboards from Park Deli today and celebrate the intersection of fine art and skateboarding.

6. Supreme – Brooklyn


Address: 152 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Telephone: (718)-599-2700



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Supreme (@supremenewyork) 分享的帖子

No, Supreme isn’t just an apparel brand. This brand (and its 11 chain of stores globally), founded in 1994, also happens to sell skateboards alongside its clothes which are mostly styled in streetwear. Something to note would be about the pricing of their products.

They tend to be a little bit on the pricey side due to the number of collaborations they do with other top-notch brands alongside other factors that you can read about here. If that isn’t much of an issue, then you have found your sacred haven for the trendiest drip available.

If you are an architecture junkie, this store might blow your brains off as it has an elevated skate bowl, courtesy of a top-notch New York architect. Now, isn’t that cool?

Who knows, maybe you may get the chance to show off your skateboarding skills there. But wait, is that possible? What better way than to go and find out for yourself! (Fingers crossed that they let you test their skating bowl!)

Whether you are a person who cares to keep up with trends or not, having a Supreme skateboard can give you some serious street cred. You’re welcome, by the way.

7. Belief NYC – Brooklyn


Address: 76 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Telephone: (718)-210-4355


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Belief® (@beliefnyc) 分享的帖子

Belief NYC has three stores in New York, but I am referring to the one in Brooklyn. Firstly, this store is aesthetically pleasing due to the minimalist theme they were going for. The plants make it seem like a serene place to be and the whole aesthetic screams immaculate.

Belief NYC is home to men’s clothing, the kind that cuts across minimalism, streetwear, and athleisure. Other than that, the store sells complete skateboards for the Brooklyn folk who are interested in this extreme sport.

Their boards are diverse in design and taste, making your selection process quite interesting. Choose Belief NYC for your skateboarding solutions today (and impeccable decor inspo as well!).


Did you enjoy reading about the best skate shops in Brooklyn? I hope you did! This is a reliable guide for anyone that can assist both locals and tourists visiting Brooklyn.

Every store listed has been thoroughly researched to give you a good customer experience once you decide to visit any of them. Another added advantage is that you don’t have to lift a finger when looking for skate shops in Brooklyn.

If you happen to frequent any of the mentioned stores above, kindly drop a comment sharing your experience and whether you found the recommendations to be fitting or not.

Other than that, if reading this article gave you the slightest joy, do share this post with friends and anyone else who could benefit from this.

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