Smorgasburg; Everything You Need To Know About Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg is an open-air food market that brings thousands of people together each weekend in Manhattan, Jersey City, Brooklyn, Miami, and Los Angeles.

With five locations, the market is the largest in America and has become the favorite among the locals.



Smorgasburg, a sister to the Brooklyn Flea, was launched on May 21, 2011, in Brooklyn, before it spread its wings to its other locations in New York City. The market gathers several local vendors who offer a wide variety of foods.

Since its launch, the market has launched several other small businesses attracting millions of people from the neighborhoods.

Smorgasburg Vendors

Smorgasburg market


Smorgasburg market attracts many vendors from across different parts of America, especially the regions hosting this market. You may need the vendor’s intervention to understand what is on the table because there are too many food varieties.

There are different vendors based on the location of the market. However, some of the iconic market vendors listed include Angry Archies, Dylana’s Sweet Treats, CBao, The Good Batch, Jakarta Munch, Monk’s Meats (v), and 2 Girls Cookshop.

The vendors’ list is subject to change based on different circumstances. In unfavorable weather conditions, you should not expect to find all the vendors in place; some may fail to show up.

If you’re a chef from the host neighborhood and you wish to be one of the market’s vendors, you should apply online. If you’re considered, the panel will summon you for a tasting day, where you’ll need to present your dishes to them to taste.

If they find it sweet, alongside other qualities, they will take you in to be one of the vendors, after which they’ll inform you of all the details of being a vendor with them; the insurance services, loading and unloading, and also your location.

Smorgasburg Events

Do you want to bring the taste of the most popular food in America into your event? The best way to do that is Smorgasburg! The team has a perfect way of curating your event’s chewing plan, designing and producing the best dishes in the country.

popular food


The vendors will develop the most creative, unique, and tasty food plus beverages to meet your guest’s gastronomy. They’ll customize a unique feasting experience that best suits your event; festivals, weddings, and private functions.

Smorgasburg’s creative cuisine will make the event impressive and memorable, leaving it in your guests’ tongues for the longest time.

Their decades of experience in organizing and producing events for millions suggest how professional they are in what they do.

To assure you that Smorgasburg is the most experienced and you don’t need to worry about your event, the team was behind the big party that Google threw for employees in Pier 45, Manhattan, to celebrate the end of Summer.

The employees attended in their thousands, and Smorgasburg organized some of their best vendors and bars who pulled out amazing recipes and issued free food and drinks.

Again, when the world’s famous chef Gordon Ramsay was launching his new Gordon Ramsay TV show, Smorgasburg recreated a recipe from the show using their chefs, and the outcome was amazing.

There are thousands of other big events that have been organized and produced by Smorgasburg that have turned out to be memorably amazing.

Smorgasburg Food

Smorgasburg Food


Smorgasburg is home to almost all the cuisine types in the world. With the tens of vendors gracing the market, each specializes in its cuisine.

To give you a few examples of food you’ll find in this open-air market; I’ll analyze two or three vendors out of the many and the type of cuisine they offer.

Carlitos, one of the vendors at the Smorgasburg, offers all kinds of tacos, Aguas Frescas, sides, crispy churros, and Plato. Cabo, another vendor in the market, features all Asian buns.

On the other hand, Monk’s Meats has a wide offering of steakhouse sandwiches and salads, smokehouse sides, and loaded fries.

With over 70 vendors in this market, you’ll get all the types of cuisine on earth! Therefore, expect to find Seafood, farm products, and meat, just to mention a few.

Smorgasburg Drinks

Smorgasburg Drinks


Like food, smorgasbord has several types of drinks to offer, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. From tea to fresh fruit juices, coffee to whiskeys, and all other drinks you know, you’ve heard of, and those you’ve never heard or seen.

You’ll often have trouble deciding which drink to take, thanks to the friendly vendors who are always willing to guide you.

Smorgasburg Locations

Smorgasburg has several locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Jersey City, Miami, and Los Angeles. If you’re from these areas, get up and enjoy the multiple culinary arts from all over the world at affordable prices, with a lot of fun.

Some areas, such as Brooklyn, have more than one location for the market, so you don’t have to strain yourself on a long journey to catch your favorite dishes.

Smorgasburg WTC

Fulton + Church, at The Oculus.

Smorgasburg Williamsburg, Brooklyn

At Marsha P. Johnson State Park.

Smogasburg Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Breeze Hill, entrance at Lincoln

Smorgasburg Jersey City

Harborside Pl, Alongside Smorgasbar beer garden at Hudson St.

Smorgasburg Los Angeles,

Family Friendly Beer Garden


  • Jersey City all Saturdays from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Prospect Park – Sundays from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Smorgasburg WTC- Fridays 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Los Angeles- every Sunday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


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Is Smorgasburg entry free?

Yes. Smorgasburg offers free entry into their market, and also, there is no age restriction.

Do they allow pets into the market?

No. Smorgasburg doesn’t allow pets into the market. Be cautioned in advance.

Does Smorgasburg offer take-out?

Yes. Smorg To Go is a take-out-only version of the open-air food market launched in Williamsburg on July 20, 2020. It allows you to pick your food and enjoy it outside the market.

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