St Anselm Brooklyn Reviews: Menu, Reservations, Outdoor, And Hours

Located on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, st. Anselm restaurant is a spin-off of Fette Sau, a barbeque restaurant, and the next door, Spuyten Duyvil bar, owned by Joe Carroll.

The spot came into the picture in 2010 as an unsophisticated food bar that featured mainly fried hot dog sandwich-Newark Double.

Shortly after, the spot was shut down and resurfaced later in the same year as a mammoth grill that became a go-to restaurant in the neighborhood.

Anselm Brooklyn


This open-fired restaurant devotes itself to cooking the simplest meals with the sweetest natural ingredients. Yvon de Tassigny, the chef behind the best restaurant’s offerings, brands himself the maestro of beef and lamb and has accumulated many years curating the best steak meals.



One of the signature offerings in St. Anselm is bacon vinaigrette served in crisphead lettuce, iceberg salad, and blue cheese.

a wedge salad


If you’re a meat enthusiast, you can always satisfy your craving from this point; take their axe handle rib eye, a big rib sufficient for two, with a French bone that comes out to make a handle, where you hold while enjoying your plate.

Inside Anselm Restaurant

The inside of St. Anselm features a narrow space with nearly 8 tables and several seats facing the restaurant’s open kitchen. The walls and the ceiling are made of bricks and wood, respectively.

The old wall hangings arouse a mixed reaction, the old age yet modern and delicious meals.

The open kitchen shows off the steak being prepared, and you don’t have to think hard about what the chefs do to bring out such a flavorful steak that keeps you coming back; all is done at your seeing.

Anselm Menu

Anselm Menu





St. Anselm’s food comprises lunch and dinner, chased down with various drinks. The lunch specials they offer include steak and eggs that features hanger steak with grilled garlic fingerling potatoes and two fried eggs, Anselm burger that involves lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, seeded potato bun, and BLT that’s made of thick-cut Berkshire bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli, and focaccia.

Anselm burger


If you come here for a dinner date, you’ll find a meal of starters, smalls, mains, and sides. In their first category, Anselm serves salads such as iceberg blue, gem and frisee salad, burrata, and grilled halloumi.

You’d expect the grill’s artichoke hearts, mixed peppers, flatbread, Berkshire bacon, wine-braised octopus, and yellowtail collar on the second plate.

Their signature dishes now come on the next plate; different portions of meat, lamb, pork, fish, and poultry.

To decorate your plates, Anselm serves vegetables such as Rainbow Carrots & Broccoli Rabe and different sides, including spinach gratin, pan-fried mashed potatoes, fennel, fingerling potatoes, long beans, and scallions.


Anselm drinks


Anselm serves various drinks, wine, beer, and after-dinner drinks. They feature a long list of wines such as white and red sparkling wine, chardonnay, Savagnin, Vermentino, la crescent, and picpoul blanc, to mention a few.

If you’re not an oenophile, the restaurant offers several after-dinner drinks like coffee and tea, port and sherry, and digestifs. Walk in and enjoy the best meal and your favourite drink from this neighborhood spot.

Anselm Reservation

You don’t want to come with your craving of the unbeatable hanger steak paired with fingerling potatoes or probably green spinach gratin with a magnum of red wine only to find a fully packed restaurant with no single seat.

The restaurant takes reservations through Resy. They have limited space for walk-ins at night. You can call them in case of any questions concerning your reservation or make sure you’re on the waitlist.

Also, note that you risk losing your reservation if you walk in 15 minutes late. Ensure you know your seating type: Anselm dining room, which is the restaurant’s indoor table, the chef’s counter-indoor bar stool, or at their backyard patio. They serve the same menu in all the locations.

You can make a reservation as early as a month before. If you have trouble completing your reservation, you need to inquire about anything regarding your spot; you can reach them directly via phone; at +1718-384-5054.

Anselm Backyard Patio

Anselm Backyard Patio


The restaurant features a spacious patio at its back, green plants around the shade, and simple metal seas and tables.

If you wish to join the restaurant for a late lunch, this is probably the best spot to dine from. Its cool breeze complements the dining experience and the best services they offer.

The light bulbs above the tables make the space more decorative at night.


  • Sunday – Thursday 5pm – 11pm
  • Friday – Saturday 5pm – 12am
  • Saturday – Sunday 12pm – 5pm(lunch hours)

Note: St. Anselm closes during Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, and Christmas; thus, if you want a place to hang out for these holidays, this is not it.


Phone: +1718-384-5054.

Official website



Location Map

355 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn,

between 4th & Havemeyer Street,

Brooklyn, NY 11211


Is your restaurant pet friendly?

Anselm only allows service animals into their restaurant. Those pets reared to provide emotional support or comfort do not qualify the ADA rules of service animals; thus, they are not allowed.

Do I need a reservation to dine at St. Anselm restaurant?

Yes, Anselm takes reservations through Resy or directly through their number; +1718-384-5054.

What party size does Anselm accommodate?

Anselm can accommodate a party of up to 8 people. They can also sell out their whole premises for bigger events. For inquiry, reach out to them in advance through phone number:+1718-384-5054.

Does the restaurant have takeout and delivery services?

No. St Anselm is a dine-in-only restaurant. They don’t offer delivery services.

Does it sell gift cards?

The restaurant sells both ecards and physical gift cards. If you’re interested in purchasing their physical cards, call them at +1718-384-5054, or you can send them an email.

Does the restaurant have outdoor seating?

Yes. Anselm has a backyard patio with comfortable seats. If you like dining outdoors, you can go ahead and reserve your seat and specify your need for their backyard patio.

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