10 Best Steakhouses For Amazing Steak In Williamsburg, NYC

Williamsburg has recently become one of the most terrific and amazing places to visit for tourists from all over the world. Aside from the magnificent museums, Williamsburg is also home to some excellent steakhouses.

It is usual for people to look for a place to grab a meal even during the busy days in their lives. While enjoying your visit to Williamsburg, you may want to stop by a steak house and eat.

However, because there are many steak houses in Williamsburg Brooklyn, you might be a little confused about which ones to consider.

Worry less about that because I have compiled a brief list of the best Steakhouses to visit in Williamsburg that you can explore. They include:

  1. DeStefano’s Steakhouse
  2. Peter Luger Steak House
  3. Tabaré Williamsburg
  4. Chimu bistro
  5. Amber Steak House
  6. Le Crocodile
  7. Salt + Charcoal steak house
  8. Anselm.
  9. Mable’s Smokehouse & Banquet Hall
  10. Cafe Argentino

1. DeStefano’s Steakhouse

593 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: (718) 384-2836.

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DeStefanos Steakhouse


Whether for a celebration, a night out, or hanging out with your friends or partner, DeStefano’s steak house is a place you want to choose to enjoy thrilling unforgettable moments.

DeStefano’s Steakhouse launched in 2007 and is always open from Tuesday through Sunday.

The place’s atmosphere is lively and refreshing. They have both private booths for parties and tables that are available to the public.

The gorgeous Steakhouse serves steaks, non-steak dishes, and other options. The steaks are generous in size, tasty, and greatly flavored making you want to visit again. They are meatier, juicier soft, and delicious.

It also offers other options like burgers, steak sandwiches, chicken or tilapia sandwiches, and other lite bites. Fortunately, their menu also includes many vegetarian options. It also offers an extraordinary wine collection at very reasonable prices.

However, I would recommend that you make a reservation at this place ahead of time because it tends to get filled up quickly. Another good thing about DeStefano’s is that they accept credit cards.

More information about Destefano’s Steakhouse

2. The Peter Luger steakhouse

178 on broadway Brooklyn. NY 11211,

Contact: (718) 387-7400,

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The PeterLuger steakhouse


Peter Luger steak house is a must-visit if you’ve been craving steak for a while. It is one of the best Restaurants In Brooklyn, having opened in 1887.

The steakhouse serves delicious steaks as well as other dishes such as bacon, steak, salad, cheesecake, and hamburgers. The prices are relatively higher but do not worry as the steak portions are generously big.

The steak house is a cash-only spot so kindly make a withdrawal before visiting this amazing place for dining. I advise that you make reservations before visiting because it is a busy spot. The steak house also includes a bar space.

More about Peter Luger Steakhouse

3. Tabare Williamsburg steakhouse

221 S 1st St Brooklyn. NY 11211,

Contact: (347) 335-0187,

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Tabare Williamsburg steakhouse


Tabaré is a traditional Uruguayan restaurant, and because beef is the mainstay of Uruguayan cuisine, the steak house serves steak as its main course, hence the name Tabare Williamsburg Steak House.

I can say that Tabare Williamsburg steak house is perfect for date-outs as it has a great ambiance, beautiful decorations, cozy and classy with friendly and very welcoming staff.

Other meats, such as lamb and chicken, are available, as well as spaghetti, bread, sausages, soups, and stews. This steak house offers services such as outdoor and indoor seating, reservations, delivery, and takeout.

I especially loved their steak as it is soft, juicy, flavored, and tasty. If you are a vegetarian do not worry because their menu got you as there are lots of vegetarian diets in there.

Other than the food, Tabare steakhouse also offers a variety of amazing drinks including wines, beer, cocktails, and whiskey shots for happy hour moments all of which are fairly priced.

I recommend that you make your reservations prior if you want to spend more quality time there because the place is cozy and tends to get really crowded as it is busy on weekdays and during weekends.

Before planning a visit to Tabare Williamsburg, ensure you withdraw your cash, also double-check that you do not leave your wallet or purse at home as the spot is a cash-only base.

Alternatively, if you have an American Express then you are good to go as they are also accepted at the Tabare steak house.

4. Chimu bistro

482 Union Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Contact:  [718] 383-0045.

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Chimu bistro


If you are a meat lover and foodie then the Chimu bistro which is a Peruvian cuisine restaurant is a must-visit steak house. The steak house offers services such as dining in, take-out, and reservations for two or more.

It is one of Williamsburg’s best steakhouses, serving excellent steaks while also catering to vegetarians, with numerous vegetarian alternatives on the menu.

I must admit that the masterminds in the kitchen know exactly how to prepare and season them for you. Once you step your foot into the steak house, the beautiful aroma of delicious cuisines welcomes you at the door.

Their steak is so tasty, tender, flavorful, and fresh that you could start salivating as you watch the person seated next to you eat their own share as you wait for your order.

They must have booked their reservations upfront because their sitting spot looked presentable. The birthday girl danced to the background amazing music play.

Besides steak, this spot offers a variety of other amazing dishes. Not only are their meals sweet but they are also huge in portions and very affordable making it a good spot for small special occasions or hanging out with your family or group of friends.

If you are the kind of person who likes drinking after a delicious steak then Chimu is the right place for you as it also offers great drinks such as cold wine and beer.

5. The Amber steakhouse

119 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Contact: (718) 389-3757.

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The Amber steakhouse


Amber is another great Steak House that you can visit with friends and family. It is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn which is approximately a five-minute walk from McCarren Park. They offer top-notch quality food.

Their steak is delicious and very affordable. Besides their steak, the place offers other food options such as fries, burgers, salad, and seafood.

However, I would recommend that you exercise a little patience when you visit this place because your orders might delay owing to the fact that it is a very busy place.

As you wait for the steak or the food you ordered, there are plenty of wine and beer selections you can enjoy.

6. Le Crocodile

80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

Tel: (718) 460-8004

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Le Crocodile


If you are looking for a special private dining setting steakhouse in Williamsburg then the Le Crocodile steakhouse is the way to go. Le Crocodile is located in Williamsburg’s Wythe Hotel.

With its magnificent décor and a French theme setting, it has an excellent intimacy feel suited for date nights. It also features elegantly set tables and chairs where you may unwind and catch up with the persons you came with.

The steak house offers delicious and generous amounts of steak meals and other amazing non-steak food on the menu including vegan diet options for vegetarians.

If you have food sensitivity issues don’t worry because Le Crocodile has special diets available, including gluten-free options. This fantastic steakhouse provides a wide range of options, including takeout and reservations for two or more individuals.

Other foods on the menu include oysters, sandwiches, chicken, fries, eggs, and different flavored salads. Apart from a variety of food options, the Le crocodile also has a fully stocked bar.

It offers top-notch beverages and alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, champagne, and cocktails.

7. Salt + Charcoal steak house

171 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

Contacts:  [718] 782-2087.

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Salt Charcoal steak house



Another amazing steak house to consider visiting is Salt and Charcoal steak house. It’s a one-of-a-kind Japanese grill in the center of Williamsburg. It is open from 5:30 pm to 12 am every day.

Their steak is cooked to perfection, soft, flavorful, and juicy, just how most people enjoy it. If you want to experience the whole thrill and vibe, I recommend making reservations ahead of time. Their menu is diverse, other foods are available on the menu including seafood, salads, and fries.

If you are looking for a place for a small private event in Williamsburg, salt and charcoal may make your dreams come true as they also offer private events services.

This place also features a bar. Delicious yet strong spirits, wines, beers, whisky, and specially crafted Japanese mixology cocktails are available at the bar.

Their prices may be relatively higher but their food, drinks, and services are worth every cent.

Do not worry if you wish to taste their food and cannot make it there because they have delivery services. All you need to do is visit their site, place your order and they will have it delivered to your door.

8. The St. Anselm steaks.

355 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Tel:  {718} 384-5054.

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The St. Anselm steaks.


If you want to enjoy a great steak on a budget then visit St Anselm. It is spacious, cozy, and well-arranged with cool tables and chairs for two or more. It offers amazing steak including butcher steak as well as a strip steak.

Apart from steak, they serve a variety of delicious and well-prepared dishes. Fish, fries, salad, and more dishes are available.

They also have a big and overwhelming wine list, as well as beer, spirit, and whiskey. I advise that you make your reservations before showing up if you want to spend hours here because it gets parked at times.

Make it a point to go there yourself or send someone to buy takeout for you if you cannot make it there because the place does not do deliveries.

9. The Mable’s smoke house and banquet hall

44 Berry St Brooklyn. NY 11249,

Tel:  718 218-6655,

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The Mables smoke house and banquet hall


Mable’s smokehouse is another great place where you can find steaks in Williamsburg. It has both outdoor and indoor dining areas, with the latter being beautifully designed. Their chairs are quite relaxing and enjoyable.

Their steak is uniquely cooked with certain flavorful and smokey ingredients. The restaurant serves a wide selection of side dishes, including numerous vegan options.

Their food quantities are very generous and affordable. Chicken, shrimp, fries, sausages, bread, and cheese are among the menu items. They offer a variety of services including reservations and deliveries.

10. Cafe Argentino

499 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Tel:  (718) 782-9477.

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Cafe Argentino


Argentino Cafe Restaurant is also a superb steakhouse with both outdoor and indoor seating that I highly suggest. It is open from 4 pm to 2 pm on weekdays and weekends. Their steak is well-prepared, flavorful, and generous in size.

On their comprehensive menu, they provide a wide range of fish, steak, pork, and chicken dishes. The cuisine is made to perfection and is fairly priced. It serves excellent beer and wine.

It’s also a great place to celebrate special occasions with small and large groups, such as romantic dinners and get-togethers with friends. You can also use credit cards to pay your expenses there.


As described above, you can conclude that besides all the great things that Williamsburg can offer, Steakhouses are among them. So if you are a meat lover, do not hesitate to visit them when you land in Williamsburg.

Since they are many, you can decide to visit them one by one until to determine your favorite one or one that meets your needs and budget.

Is there a steakhouse you are looking for that is not included in my list? There are a couple of them that I might have left one. Do you have any recommendations whatsoever? If you do, do not hesitate to tell me in the comment section.

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