6 Best Sushi Restaurants In Greenpoint For Every Budget

Greenpoint is a small neighborhood located in the north of Brooklyn.

This quiet neighborhood has been known as a Polish paradise for having the largest Polish community.

Despite Polish influences, Greenpoint has become a hub for international cuisines – from Spanish to Mexican and Italian.

I’m a frequent traveler and an avid foodie. I always make sure I try every kind of taste from different cuisines, and of them is my all-time favorite – a plate of sushi.

One thing I noticed about Greenpoint is that it only has a few options for sushi. In fact, I only found the six best sushi bars in this chill neighborhood.

Despite the small number, these six sushi bars did not disappoint and have satisfied my cravings for sushi.

Whether you’re looking for great ambiance, affordable food, or simply just the best sushi, these restaurants deliver.

Not only do they serve sushi, but other Japanese food as well such as ramen, teriyaki, and tempura.

If you want to fulfill your sushi cravings, check out my suggestions below:

  1. Amami Bar & Restaurant
  2. KanaHashi
  3. Kyoto Sushi
  4. Wasabi Sushi
  5. Sapporo Ichiban
  6. Sakura 6

1. Amami Bar & Restaurant

  • 57 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (917) 909-1568
  • Visit Website

Amami Bar Restaurant


Amami Bar & Restaurant is one of the most authentic Greenpoint sushi bars in the neighborhood.

It’s also a cocktail bar with a well-curated design of wooden furniture, warm lighting, and typical Japanese wall decor.

You can expect big things from this sushi bar as it is owned by Nick Wang, an Executive Sushi Chef, and restaurateur, who also owns another famous sushi restaurant in Williamsburg called Ako Sushi.

Aside from sushi, they also serve ramen, yakitori, and izakaya. Vegans and vegetarians are also most welcome with their vegan versions including tofu, gyoza, and shiitake mushroom skewers.

The sushi entrée comes in several varieties of assorted sushi plates of 9, 16, 20, 29, and so on.

Their available plates are sushi, sashimi, chirashi tokumori, spicy roll combo, and classic roll combo.

I also recommend their Japanese signature cocktails such as Japanese Old Fashioned #2, Your Majesty, and Sumōkī Neko.

As an izakaya, expect to have an extensive list of drinks that are perfect for the night.

2. KanaHashi

  • 981 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (718) 906-9871
  • Visit Website



Its beautiful interior, incredible food, and impeccable service attract customers every single time.

It’s a great sushi place with a wide selection of options to fulfill your Japanese cravings.

The first thing you should order is their famous signature rolls and special rolls.

Each roll is well-thought-of and has a variety of classic and unique tastes.

Try a few of them such as the golden phoenix roll, hamachi duo roll, and geisha roll.

If you’re going for lunch, you can have a lunch sushi bar and have a sushi lunch, sashimi lunch, or both.

For vegetarians and vegans, do not worry as they have a long list of available vegetable rolls such as avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, and asparagus rolls. Moreover, they also serve vegetable udon, soba, and fried rice.

3. Kyoto Sushi

  • 115 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone: (718) 522-5888
  • Visit Website

Kyoto Sushi


Located in Smith St., Kyoto Sushi feels like a typical traditional Japanese sushi bar with its vintage design and neon signboard.

What I love about this restaurant is its wide array of options to choose from between lunch special and dinner special.

Their menu is categorized into different types including rolls, sushi, sashimi, lunchbox, entree, and noodles.

Choose from several sushi and sashimi entrees starting at $15 or just a la carte for as low as $3.

Grab a bite of different types of fish for sushi such as tuna, salmon, yellowtail, mackerel, and eel, to name a few.

If you like vegetables, opt for a plate of vegetable sushi for $15.

Before starting with entrees, it’s best to have the staple miso soup or try something different like the hot and sour miso soup. To go with the sushi order, try their hot appetizers for starters.

These include edamame, gyoza, vegetable dumplings, aged tofu, and vegetable tempura.

After coming here, you’d definitely love their fresh sushi, affordable prices, and excellent service.

It’s one of the best places for lunch or dinner Japanese bento boxes. Plus, the food presentation is always flawless.

4. Wasabi Sushi

  • 638 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (718) 609-0231
  • Visit Website

Wasabi Sushi


Wasabi Sushi is one of Greenpoint’s mainstays for sushi. This sushi restaurant has its own creative and modern take on creating Japanese food.

You can choose to eat in their nice small indoor dining area or their outdoor seating.

The best seats in the house are inside by the sushi bar, where you can watch up close and personal how they cook and prepare the food.

Their bento sushi lunches are nicely plated and have a variety of delectable ingredients.

What does their bento lunch include? For instance, you can have Sushi A Lunch Bento which includes four pieces of sushi and one California roll.

For more servings, opt for Sushi and Sashimi Lunch Bento which has the inclusions of Sushi A Lunch Bento and an additional six pieces of sashimi.

Do you love pizza and sushi? Why not have both with their pizza sushi filled with mouthwatering blends of ingredients including sliced tuna or salmon, wasabi special sauce, scallion, tobiko, and white truffle oil.

All these awesome dishes are also available for take-out and delivery, so you can try them in the comfort of your home.

5. Sapporo Ichiban

  • 622 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (718) 389-9712
  • Visit Website

Sapporo Ichiban


Free sake? Count me in! Sapporo Ichiban is a Japanese restaurant offering free sake for every meal you order.

For reasonable prices, you can have generous food portions, fresh fish, and free drinks.

Their menu consists of soup, sushi bar appetizer, ramen, roll, special entree, teriyaki, tempura, and bento of which every dish is flawlessly executed. The cheapest sushi bar lunch is the sushi lunch which costs only $13.35.

For the price, you’ll have one California roll, four sushi pieces, salad, and a bowl of soup.

In their sushi bar appetizers, there are plenty of options to choose from, making it even more difficult to order.

For only $9.95, you can have the beef tataki served with fish roe, scallion, and ponzu sauce.

The priciest appetizer is their blacked tuna sashimi for $17.50, which consists of seven pieces of tuna cooked with cajun spice and scallion mayo.

It’s also a must to try their selection of sushi entrees. You can order the sushi regular, sushi deluxe, special sushi for two, tuna sushi dinner, and love boat for two, among others.

Coming back to this restaurant is always a good idea as there are more choices of food to try again the next time around.

6. Sakura 6

  • 837 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (718) 349-7888
  • Visit Website

Sakura 6


Looks can be deceiving. Although the place needs a bit of a makeover, the food is still phenomenal.

After all, we come here just to taste some of the best sushi in Greenpoint for affordable prices and value.

Their menu consists of everything you love about Japanese cuisine.

Start the meal with a standard miso soup or seafood soup, followed by salad like Kani, spicy tuna, or sakura IV salad.

Before having an entree, choose from their selection of appetizers such as tuna tataki, beef tataki, baked scallops, or five pieces of sushi.

Their sushi entree specials are worth the try. Sakura Special Love Boat and Sakura Lover Boat are among their best entrees. If you need sushi for a party, they offer party platters starting at $39.95.

Coming here has always been a nice treat since the owners themselves are friendly, as well as the waiter and waitresses.

Plus, they attend to your needs quickly, which is a big factor why people come back.

What’s Your Top Pick?

As always, Greenpoint is one of the best neighborhoods for good food. It has many great sushi bars and Japanese restaurants to explore.

Most sushi bars are budget-friendly, so you can enjoy a tasty meal without worrying about your pockets.

Instead, you’ll just have to think about what to order next, since most of them offer a long list of food options.

I believe it’s worth every penny as they offer a variety of food, unique tastes, and great service. Delivery, take-out, or dine-in – all these are available for your convenience.

Do you have a favorite sushi bar that’s not on the list? Leave a comment down below and we’ll try it out.

If you have already eaten from one of the top choices above, let us know what you think and share your sushi ventures.

Stay updated on this list as I may add some more hidden Greenpoint sushi bars waiting to be discovered.

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