Sushi Katsuei Reviews; Menu, Price, Environment And More

Chef Aung Ko Won started making Sushi 23 years ago in Japan and in 2014 brought the experience of authentic traditional Japanese Edo-make style sushi to Brooklyn.

In 2017 they expanded to another location in West Village, New York, and have been serving some of the best sushi you would taste in the entire New York City.

Sushi Katsuei


What sets them apart from other sushi places is the delicate yet vibrant flavors they bring to the table. All their meals are prepared with authentic Japanese ingredients imported right from the source.

If you want a taste of Japan right here in Brooklyn, I suggest you stop by Park Slope for an amazing experience.

The restaurants have modern classy environments with woody contemporary décor and excellent lighting. The locations also have outdoor dining spaces. They are most popularly known for their omakase menu with pieces selected by the chef and placed together to create a delightful mosaic of flavors.

You can find items like marinated bluefin tuna, which happens to be the chef’s favorite, Squid, and Otoro on the menu. As compared to other mainstream sushi places, Sushi Katsuei offers the experience of rich delicate Japanese cuisine at some of the best rates you’ll find in New York City.


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Park Slope, Brooklyn

210 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

(718) 788-5338


West Village, Manhattan

357 6th Ave, New York, NY 10014








Unlike other popular sushi parlors, you might find in New York, with bright colors and extravagant

Asian décor, Sushi Katsuei keeps it simple and classy. Sushi Katsuei features woody contemporary décor in a warm environment. For the safety of all personnel, body temperature is checked before entry.

At Park Slope, the dining space includes golden brown tables, oat seats, and beautiful flowers. There are tables for two and tables for four. There is also a wholesome sushi bar that exclusively serves Omakase.

Sushi Katsuei is simple yet sophisticated. It’s a great idea for dates, or just a fun sushi night with friends. It is no wonder that eating in Sushi Katsuei is among the must-do things in Park Slope.



The restaurants also feature an upscale, modern outdoor dining space, for enjoying meals in the summer or spring. The indoor dining space doesn’t have so much seating, so you might have to make a reservation a week before your visit to secure your seats.

The restaurant is very child-friendly, but it is still a classy place so if you’re bringing the littles over you can’t have them shouting or running around.

The Westfield location is a more upscale, sophisticated environment. They have a much larger sushi bar complete with a chef’s workstation and wooden cabinets, a lovely dining room, and an exclusive private backspace for groups of 6 to 10 people. The restaurant’s interior décor includes golden brown woodwork, lovely lighting, and flowers.

Environment 1


Dining at Sushi Katsuei is enjoying authentic Japanese sushi on a wooden seat in a simple yet effortlessly classy room. The private space is for a unique group omakase dining experience and is a great option for private celebrations, corporate dinners, or small anniversary celebrations. The private backspace is available only at the Westfield location.

Sushi Katsuei Outdoor Dining

Sushi Katsuei is a great spot to enjoy delicious Japanese meals outdoors. Both restaurants have a simple and comfortable outdoor dining area, with limited seating. You can enjoy your meals in the fresh air and with a lovely view of Brooklyn.

At the Westville location, the outdoor space features a canopy with tables for two and four in a carpeted area. At 7th Avenue, the outdoor area includes a few seats by the side of the restaurants.

You can enjoy all the menu items in the outdoor space, it’s a great spot to enjoy some lunch in the hot afternoon or some dinner during a cool night.


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Sushi Bar

The sushi bar at Sushi Katsuei exclusively serves omakase which consists of a wholesome selection of fresh seafood delicacies picked out and pieced together by the chef.

It also serves wine and exotic drinks. At Park slope, the bar features high oat seats like in a regular bar, with a class display showcasing a variety of fresh ingredients and a workstation where the sushi is freshly prepared for customers.

The seats are comfortable and It’s a fun option for a date or a sushi night with a friend.

Sushi Bar


At Westfield, the Bar is much larger with high golden brown seats, wooden cabinets, and a chef workstation just like the Park slope. The sushi bar at Westfield is a more modern and sophisticated space and is a better option for large groups.

Sushi Bar 1


At both restaurants, the sushi bar is available for the omakase experience only.  The omakase menu includes items like the Open style omakase with 15 courses, the Sushi omakase with 9 pieces of sushi and a hand roll, and the Sashimi deluxe which includes 13 pieces with 6 types of fish.

Reservations are needed for the sushi bar and the Westfield location is a great choice for a sushi night out with two or three friends.

Here is a link to the Omakase Menu.


Menu 1


At Sushi Katsuei you would find flavors that are fresh, delicate yet held back. They specialize in the Edomae type of sushi, it is a very simpler than modern-day traditional Nigiri sushi and is prepared with red vinegar.

The chef creates a balance between flavors so that the ingredients and sauce do not overshadow each other. You can fully enjoy the essence of the fish and it is topped with ingredients that blend perfectly with its taste and texture.

Aside from their famous sushi and seafood delicacies, the menu also serves appetizers, salads, soups, and tempura.

Sushi Katsuei 2


The menu features a variety of fresh fish and other ingredients imported straight from Japan. You can enjoy Salmon, Scallion, sea urchin, squid, octopus, oysters, and Ika.

The menu serves sushi and sashimi with a tasty blend of the rich, heavy flavors of authentic Japanese fish topped with delicate sauces.

At sushi Katsuei there is an excellent balance of flavors, meals are not too spicy or too sweet, sauce and complements do not overshadow the taste of the fish and all ingredients are healthy and fresh.

Everyone goes for the sushi but I highly recommend trying one of the kitchen specials like the shrimp, or chicken Teriyaki.

Here’s a link to the full Menu so you can check out all the items they offer.


Although a bit pricey, Sushi Katsuei is relatively fair as compared to other sushi spots in Brooklyn and the quality of the meals you are given.

You can even enjoy an entire sushi board for just $45. Nothing good comes cheap but at Sushi katsuei, you would fully get your money’s worth. They present a 5-star sushi dining experience at affordable rates for any 5-star experience.



If you’re eating imported fish, you can expect it to be served for $5, but if you’re in search of quality authentic Edomae sushi, then dust up that credit card and make a reservation.

I suggest budgeting between  $50 to $100 but you might spend a little more or less depending on what you order. Here’s a quick round-up of the price list


Including items like Edamame, Maguro

Avocado and Miso cod

$4.00 – $ 10.00

Like the seaweed tofu and clams

$3.00 – $4.00

Like the green salad or Hijiki Salad

$5.00 – $7.00
Sashimi and Sushi

(Single pieces)

$3.00 – $6.00
Vegetable rolls $4.00
Special roll $5.50 – $9.50
Kitchen specials

Including items like free-range chicken

Teriyaki , shrimps and Tempura Udon

$12 – $22
Omakase menu $65 – $130
Chef choices Sashimi

Like the Futomaki and Sashimi and Sushi combination

$15 – $38

Prices may be higher or lower depending on updates to the menu, the items you order, and the quantity as well. You can check their website for updates on the menu and pricing.

Service and Presentation

A picture of their marinated bluefin tuna or Spanish Mackerel would have everyone on your Instagram drooling. The sushi is assembled and served beautifully.

As you would see on their website, customer service is the number one priority at Sushi Katsuei, staff and chefs are very friendly and you can ask any question you may have concerning meals and ingredients.

Sushi and Sashimi take between 5 – 10 minutes to be served, other meals from the kitchen’s special menu may take a bit longer but you wouldn’t be on your seats longer than 30 minutes.

Service and Presentation


Sushi Katsuei dress code

The general dress code at both locations is casual dressing but they are no strict restrictions on Attire. Jeans and casual t-shirts are allowed but if you’re going to a fancy place to eat you might want to dress up a little.

Sushi Katsuei dress code



Reservations are needed to secure seats at both locations. Reservations for the indoor and outdoor dining space and the sushi bar can be made on their website.

I recommend making a reservation at least a week before to secure your seats. Reservations and booking for the private omakase backspace at the Westfield location can also be made online.

You can make reservations here

West Village

Park Slope

Reservations 1


Online Order

You can order sushi and all other menu items online from their Westfield location through caviar. Meals are ordered from local restaurants and delivered within 45 minutes, you can even order their famous omakase and enjoy a 5-star dining experience from the comfort of your home.

Order now

Online Order



Do I need a reservation to eat at Sushi Katsuei?

Yes, reservations are needed to secure seats at the restaurants. You would also need reservations for the sushi bar and the outdoor dining space. All reservations can be conveniently made on their website.

Does Sushi Katsuei serve the best sushi in Brooklyn?

Well, I would say yes but don’t take my word for it, check out their awesome reviews on Yelp.

Do Sushi Katsuei import their fish from Japan?

Yes, 90% of the ingredients used at Sushi Katsuei are imported from Japan. Most of their fresh fish is imported from the Tsukiji market in Japan and Tokyo. Sea urchins are also imported from Hokkaido and Anago from Tokyo bay.

Sushi Katsuei 1


Is Sushi Katsuei child-friendly?

Yes sushi katsuei is kid-friendly, but it is a modern, classy restaurant so the kids can’t make a lot of noise or run around

Does Sushi katsuei serve only sushi?

No, they serve a variety of other dishes, and they are also lots of vegetarian options at Sushi Katsuei.

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