River Café Brooklyn Overview, Wedding, Prices, Reviews

River Café offers great dishes, but it also has the most amazing skyline views. If you sit in the ample space of this eatery joint, you will enjoy the most scenic views that Brooklyn has ever had.

River Cafe


Selected as one of the most romantic restaurants in Brooklyn, the restaurant won the Michelin Star of 1998, and it has retained this title to date. This star meant that Rive Café Brooklyn had produced the best chefs globally.

Most notable chefs have earned their stripes from this famous eating place at the heart of Brooklyn.

The owner, Michael O’Keeffe and who is Irish-American, proves to be a perfectionist and has made this restaurant into some of the leading restaurants in New York.

River Café Brooklyn Menu

Food categories

River Café offers a variety of dishes for everybody visiting their premises. You will enjoy American, Japanese, and even Chinese cuisines. The chefs here have gained international recognition, and you will not miss any dish that you crave.

For special menus, though, you will need to call in earlier and place an order with a reservation request.



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Some favorite food delicacies served here include oysters, Caramel sweet onion, pacific caviar, and speck ham as appetizers.

Dinner at River Café Brooklyn

Dinner at River Cafe Brooklyn

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Dinner includes Hot foie gras, chilled shellfish, Foie gras terrine, Bay scallops, pear salad, Roasted rabbit, Tortelloni, Yellowtail hamachi, and octopus, among many more dishes. The lamb meat with some sausages will also make a great dinner delicacy.

Breakfast/Brunch at the River Café Brooklyn

Brunch at the River Cafe Brooklyn

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River Café has all that you got in your mind for a romantic, professional, or friendly breakfast deal.

They serve various breakfast dishes, including sausages, tea, and more. They also serve the sweetest coffee, espresso, caramel, cardamom biscotti, and lemon sherbet.

The chefs commit all their skills and available resources to bring aroma and flavor that compares to no other in Brooklyn in the dishes they serve.

River Café Brooklyn Reservations

River Cafe Brooklyn Reservations

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To avoid the stress that comes with not finding a place at the restaurant, you might take advantage of the reservation criteria at the restaurant.

The Clover Club Cocktail


You need to visit the restaurant’s website and make a reservation for the number of people seated at the hotel. This plan may also apply to people looking to hold some meetings at the restaurant while enjoying the amazing food served here.

You will even find it possible to make your booking reservation a year before the visit using your credit card. This reservation will help you plan and avoid any rush that may occur at the time. If you need to book for five people and above, you will do so via a phone call to the restaurant.

A Coastal Paradise


From Wednesday to Sunday, from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm, you may make your table reservations.

While here, you will enjoy a fine dining and cocktail experience, spectacular breathtaking views, music, and a chance to see the New York skyline and the fantastic Brooklyn Bridge.

River Café Brooklyn Wedding

River Cafe Brooklyn Wedding

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Are you having a wedding in Brooklyn and need a fantastic place for your reservation? River Café Brooklyn will make the perfect spot.

From the insides of this restaurant and the outer space, you will have the most stunning views in your photographs. It will make the most memorable times of your wedding event.


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You will need to make your reservation request.

River Café Brooklyn Prices

River Cafe Brooklyn Prices

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The prices for the services at this stunning restaurant prove pocket friendly for remarkable events of your life. The table below summarizes some of the River Cafe Brooklyn Restaurant prices.

Prices at River Café Restaurants
Table reservations $180 per person
Estimated Cost of Foods and Drinks at River Café Brooklyn $ 170-225 per person

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code at the River Café Brooklyn?

Restaurants have come up with amazing dress code for their spaces. If you need to look spectacular at River Café Brooklyn, consider wearing a smart casual at the restaurant to blend in. you may or may not wear a jacket or tie. It will all depend on the occasion you need to make.

Who owns River Café Brooklyn?

This spectacular and renowned restaurant is owned by Michael O’Keeffe (Buzzy).

How old is the River Café Brooklyn?

River Café Brooklyn got opened in 1977. It has become the most romantic and culinary destination in New York that you must never miss.

Location and Contact Details

River Café Brooklyn

1 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: +1 718-522-5200

Visit website

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Final Thoughts

If you need to create a memorable time in Brooklyn, River Café tops the list of spectacular joints in New York City.

You have the chance to dine, relax, and enjoy the most beautiful scenes in New York at River Café Brooklyn. Please share this article with your friends and let them know where to dine next.

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