Things To Do Near Brooklyn Bridge (Updated 2023)

When you’re going to Brooklyn bridge, one of the essential things you will have to do is walk across the bridge.

But while most people think it’s all about walking across the bridge, there are also some more things to do there.

I won’t dispute that you have to do the very first thing, but then you can also do the following things.

About the Brooklyn bridge

If you have been to NY, you know that you just can’t resist wanting to be on the steel bridge that traverses the famous East River.

The bridge then connects you to the two significant boroughs of NYC – Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

We would say that it majestically looms over the East River, making it the perfect attraction site for people born in New York.

When you walk through the bridge or walk across the river, you can’t help but say how creative this is. Thanks to John Augustus for having the dream to make this bridge.

In 1883 then they completed the industrial construction of the strongest bridge of all time.

This one has granite towers and steel cables that are nicely stable to allow everyone to pass through. Notice that it stands out because of its structure.

It has gothic towers that have double arches. You will notice that they have the crisscrossing steel cables with the bridge’s gentle curvature, making it easier to walk and then cycle to be there.

Of course, the media has marketed the bridge well because every tourist wants to visit this place.

Before we tell you what you can do, it’s important to mention that there are the best neighborhoods on both sides of the bridge.

So, then they will connect to Brooklyn Heights, and industrial dumbo, it’s also on the neighborhood to Chinatown, Tribeca, and lower Manhattan.

The history

If we are going to talk about the Brooklyn bridge here, we have to talk about the history of John Roebling.

Who is an immigrant from Germany and an industrial engineer came up with the idea to make the bridge?

He championed the use of steel cables in construction. He even founded the wire cables factory. Now though, he died before he could see the commencing of the bridge. So, Washington took over as the chief engineer.

The bends on the formation of the bridge would sideline him, but thankfully, his wife Emily took over afterward. And in 1883, the bridge was made to completion, and in May, the country opened the bridge.

Regardless over the years, there’s so much repair work that has happened on this bridge. And to date, we have it looking as new as though it’s just been made today.

What should I know before I make the trip?

I would like to say that just like many other bridges, you will expect the crossing to be both scary and not so exciting.

In addition, since it’s a tourist attraction site, it can be overly crowded, making it not so fun.

The problem is that as it’s too crowded, it can even make it hard to walk. So, then this means that even the pictures you want to take may be hard to take.

So, while you may ask if it’s worth the try, it is worth it.

I have gone to this bridge several times, and I can tell you when you know what time to go there; you will always love the fun here.

Again, with excessive crowds comes security issues. Of course, sometimes there will be pickpockets.

Where to capture the perfect view.

Everyone aims to capture the perfect view of the bridge. But, of course, there is a different perspective when you walk across the bridge or cycle on the bridge.

I would advise that you go to Brooklyn bridge park’s pier 1. You should be standing at the Brooklyn side, though, to make sure you enjoy the view. So, then you will only need to gaze out or in the bridge.

Another option you have is to check the bridge from Brooklyn Promenade Heights.

Are you in Manhattan? Then you will need to be in pier15 to see the entire bridge. Make sure you are at the seaport district to see the different parts of the bridge.

How to reach the bridge

You probably live nowhere close to this bridge, so you want to know how you can reach here.

We have broken it down below already, though. You can go through Manhattan, or you can go through the Brooklyn side.

Regardless of both sides, it’s much easier if you used the subway to reach Broadway.

Where to enter the bridge

You will notice that it has pedestrian stars for you to go across the bridge. To find it go through Washington street, prospect street, northeast of the Cadman Plaza.

If you, however, went in through Adams Street, then you will go in quickly.

If you are coming from Manhattan Street, you should cross the center street, close to the Brooklyn bridge.

Things to do near Brooklyn Bridge

Kayak on the east river

Are you good at kayaking? Well, this is one of the best games you can engage in when you’re at the bridge. It’s much more fun when you know how to do it.

Most of the people who love this sport will kayak on both Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. This would then give you the experience of a lifetime in New York.

Some people just like to go for the sport as they try to find out the parts of NYC they can see. You should then see the Manhattan skyscrapers. If you keep going, you will see how close you can come to the statue of liberty. As you’re in the river, then you want to watch out for the water birds.

If you are with kids and like the game, you should have them engaged.

Just go to Brooklyn bridge pier 2 if you want to kayak.

Take a walk on the Brooklyn bridge.

Here, most people like to ask whether you need to pay to walk across the bridge? Well, it will take you no money to cross the bridge.

It doesn’t matter whether you are driving or walking you will need no money to pay here.

One thing that is so major about the Brooklyn bridge than even seeing it is walking. So, we will break it down for you to understand it in detail.

Walking from Brooklyn side

If you are going to walk across the bridge from the Brooklyn side, then it’s possible that you arrived at the destination using a subway.

Notice that you can use google maps to get you to the right place where you will start the walk.

Remember, the Brooklyn pedestrian walk and bicycle lane start from Hillary and Adams Street.

Reaching this pedestrian walkway can be easy, but the intersection is surprisingly bustling, and you will always have construction going on at every time.

Will you use the subway?

When you’re going to Broadway through the Brooklyn side, you will have to use the subway. The secret is, therefore, to know the subway to use.

N, R goes to court street station.

A, C of will connect you to Jay Street.

2/3 or 4/5 will mostly get you to the borough hall station.

The easiest way to go about it is to check the Brooklyn bridge map for ideas on how to reach the pedestrian walk.

You can also start from the Manhattan side.

If you have to start from the Manhattan side, the google map will come in handy. Then, again, a map will guide you well on how to get to the pedestrian walk.

You can also arrive by subway.

Notice that there are different lines to take. For example, you can take lanes 4, 5, 6 and have the subway stop at the city hall/Brooklyn bridge. Other times you can choose the J or Z to chambers stop.

Now, look across the station to see the bridge entrance already.

Now to cycle or walk across.

Remember, if you were coming for a tour with buses, you can’t get them on the bridge, and instead, you will have to walk across.

So, when you’re going for the trek, you should have enough time for the process. Usually, it takes an hour, maybe less, to take the trip, including the landmark stops. So, of course, if you know when to visit this site, you will realize how peaceful the trek can be.

To cycle

Here you will have some tour company bikes that you can hire for the cycling process.

Now the essence is to remember you are riding on Brooklyn bridge but then don’t forget to check the neighborhood’s perfect views.

Also, don’t forget to stop at some spots just to take amazing, memorable photos. I just made my trip where I traveled from the southern tip of Manhattan to Brooklyn height.

Whenever you are in New York, you should also visit the bridge for sightseeing. After all, it’s ranked as a 4.5-star destination.


Before you go into the park, get the New York pass to allow you to go to most of the destinations for free. If you want to ride the bike on the bridge, you won’t have to pay a dime for the trip.

The things you will see in the process of the tour guide

Now you should know the stops to stop at and capture; otherwise, you will go across the whole bridge and see nothing.

So, you will see the Manhattan municipal building: this one you can spot very close, and it’s using this building that you discover Manhattan input in the city. It has been in existence since 1914. It’s a 40-story building that is one of the most significant buildings in the world.

Frank Gehry: this is a skyscraper that you can view from the bridge. This is gleaming 76 story building is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. It’s one of the tallest buildings in western Hampshire.

Old New York times building: this one is also one of the spots you will notice, especially since it holds some significant classrooms of pace university.

Potter building: you will notice this unique building as well.

Woolworth building: you should notice the white wedding cake style building. You will notice it in the movies.

Point B

You have the freedom tower: now this is the tallest building in western Hampshire. It’s 1776ft tall, and it’s the same as the year 1776 when America got its independence.

The cables: this is a significant part of the building. It has about 8-gauge wires.

Point c

You will see the 40-wall street and the famous trump building.

You will also see the Manhattan bridge.

Point D

You should see Manhattan tower

You will also see the south street seaport.

At stop E

You should see the vehicle roadway. Here the highway is about 41m above the river, and it also has six lanes.

Notice the east river below you as well. I mean, at this point, you can see the river.

At this point, you are on your way to Brooklyn.

Stop F

You should notice the Brooklyn Heights promenade.

You also have the Brooklyn bridge park.

Other things to do when going to Brooklyn bridge

Take photos

When you’re taking a trip to someplace, you should also remember to create memories. You can easily do it when you take photos.

So just take photos of the mentioned steps. But don’t be engrossed in the photos; soak in the goodness of the area.

Take photos but enjoy your trip as well.

Go to Brooklyn bridge park.

Another one of the significant space you can go to is Brooklyn bridge park. Notice that, like the bridge itself, this is one of Brooklyn-bridge Park’s significant and most loved areas.

Luckily the park is one of the best-maintained areas with the best boardwalk already constructed.

Notice that it has a playground or recreational ground and, in that space, you can do almost anything. So whether you want to run or just bring your gym exercises here, you can.

I find it fun to bike here but make sure you watch out for pedestrians to don’t knock them out.

Sometimes I just say you should go and check out the NYC skyline. It gives you such a perfect vibe to check it out.

The Brooklyn bridge park is just that a park, and of course, you can do almost anything, hang out for a picnic, just rest, or even engage in the different games.

Take a cultural trip.

If you want to go through the cultural history, you can do so when you visit the historic tobacco warehouse. Also, if you like, you can go to St.

Ann’s warehouse where you will find many people performing arts. This is great if you like to perform the different parts. It’s such a diverse stage with different production.

Do you like classical music? Then, stop by the bagel music to taste the perfect music under the Brooklyn bridge.

Just relax at the waterside park.

Sometimes all you will need is to relax at the waterside park after the walk. When you relax, you will cool it all down and then soak in the area’s nature and beauty with the river.

Again, this is part of the Brooklyn bridge park, where you can also decide to do your yoga events.

Go eat

There’s not much fun where there’s no food. Well, here you are going to enjoy the meals too.


I suggest you go and eat in the world’s famous pizzeria and add it to the list of the things you did on your way to the bridge.

Grimaldi’s still made their pizzas using the coal-fired oven more than thirty years after they opened it.

This is by far one of the best pizza places we have in the country.  They serve the pizza as a pie or slices if you like.

Unfortunately, it’s often packed with people in line waiting, and if you can’t wait, then cross over to Juliana’s pizza.

Not everyone is for pizza; some others want salads, and we have a place you can go to.


When you are looking for other healthy alternatives, you should go to Sweetgreen. It’s by far one of the healthiest places to go for a meal under the Brooklyn bridge.

This chain restaurant is well known for its perfect organic greens that you and I can try whenever we want to.

It may surprise you, but this area has dedicated clientele who will always visit the area. Of course, they will serve you up some of your favorite yet unique salads.

But if you want the warm bowl of quinoa, you can have it too. Some people even go for wild rice.

Again, if you want to take some of the best photos, you can do so here. Don’t spend so much time on the photos, though; just take a few shots and be on the move.

Brooklyn ice-cream factory

Do you have a sweet tooth? If this is your factory lucky because this factory is at the center of another dining place, you will be like you are going for a desert meal outside.

People like this area because they balance the sweet yet creamy ice-creams here.

I like all these different ice-creams. I’m yet to find one that I would say isn’t great. So many people, though, enjoy the strawberry ice cream.

This factory is at 1 water street, and it’s about 8 minutes walk from Brooklyn bridge.

River café

I know we have a few people who would like to go to an authentic restaurant after the trip, and that’s okay.

We have you covered. So, take a ride to the river café as it’s one of the best-known restaurants across the globe.

This one they have at a garden enclosed space, which means you will enjoy your meal as you also have time just to be yourselves or have fun.

The setting and decoration of the house will make you want to stay much longer and even eat.

Of course, when you’re in the river café, then you have the perfect view of Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn bridge too.

It’s no wonder we have so many people being proposed to here too.

Expect special menu meals, and of course, they are perfectly prepped. If you like, then you can go and sit at the most sought-after window seat.

So, you will get not only the perfect view but also the perfect food to eat here.

Shake shack

This one is close to the Fulton Ferry landing, which is the perfect spot for passersby to pick quick bites.

So here you are going for meals like a classic American cheeseburger. Consider adding the fries and the shake too.

You can also explore the neighborhood.

What to do in Brooklyn side

Check out the spaces like the neighborhoods to see after the trip.

Take a walk along the streets of Brooklyn heights. For those who just like to take walks, this is going to be very effective for you.

Brooklyn heights neighborhood is cozy and beautiful, so you couldn’t be happier you walked on the streets.

You can even go further to find the quieter regions of Joralemon streets if you want to do some thinking as you walk.

On another end, you can also go to the Dumbo neighborhood. This is the perfect neighborhood. I like to check out the history. You find it between Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

You can also take time to explore cobble hill, Boerum Hill, and other neighborhoods.

Go to Brooklyn heights promenade.

Of all the places I do love to go to promenade once I’m back from the walk. But this is for a few people because it will be just another walk in a different setting.

If you don’t want to take a walk, you can just stand there and see the world from another angle. But, again, it’s important to mention that this space is much quieter than the more touristed Brooklyn bridge. So, you will have time to enjoy the space as you go for a walk.

For me, this is my space when I’m experiencing different emotions. Whether I’m sad, angry, confused, happy, I just like to go here and soak it all in or just sit still and think. It’s also the place I go to make adequate plans.

Now it doesn’t matter whether you’re going during the morning or in the evening it’s still a fun place you can go to.

Just wait for the evening and then watch the Manhattan skyline from this spot.

Things you should do after the walk

On lower Manhattan

Remember, this is in itself is the most frequented space of NY. So, if you are still feeling yourself, you can check out the following.

9/11 memorial and museum: when you are visiting NY, just go and pause as you appreciate everything you have today.

African burial ground national monument: this brings the history and memory of the African slaves found 30 feet under the Broadway.

Federal Hall:  the foundation of America. The very first president was sworn in here, so it’s a place of significance.

Statue of Liberty: This is the iconic statue, and if you can see it up close, you are way better.

China town: take a walk into China town to shop for all of your favorites. Here you will even have the best place to go and eat.

Governor’s Island: there are times when you can comfortably go to governor’s Island.

What should I not do when visiting this bridge?

Of course, just as there are things you have to do when you are visiting this bridge. However, there are things you should be wary of doing.

Don’t walk on the bike lane.

You don’t want accidents, so keep off the bike lane; else, you will be knocked down. Unfortunately, these lanes aren’t marked, which means they will be on the right when you’re coming from Manhattan and on the left when you are from Brooklyn.

Please don’t litter

People tend to throw things on the bridge but take care of their environment. Don’t litter it; remember, no one needs to liter; they need your footprints instead.

Don’t deface the bridge.

The reason why the bridge is still as strong as it was is because of maintenance. But, now, it can be hard to control a large population telling them what to do.

So, make it your duty to be responsible when on the bridge. Don’t put stickers on the bridge; just walk and move.

When taking photos, be mindful.

You don’t want to stop people from taking walks to you should keep the road. As you are taking photos, just keep off the way at least to avoid crowding. Do so where there are not many people.

And finally, enjoy your trip. The world has so many problems; the last thing it needs again is to have complaining people.

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