Van Gogh Exhibit New York City – What To See

If you’re an art enthusiast then you know the name- Van Gogh very well, but if you’re like me and just google him after having one of the best experiences at the New York City Van Gogh exhibition, he’s the guy that painted the black tower with the blue and yellow background; the starry night, yes it is the one you’re thinking of.

Van Gogh Exhibit


Van Gogh is considered one of the greatest painters in history, his unique brushwork and use of bold striking colors is one of the biggest inspirations of modern-day expressionism.

In his lifetime he created over 2000 paintings, including landscapes, self-portraits, and still life.

Although being so well known in today’s world, he wasn’t alive to ever experience his glory, his art only became well known after his death in 1890 and mostly during the 20th century.

Van Gogh Exhibit 2


Van Gogh’s story is a sad one, despite his great talent he was very depressed, he often had psychotic episodes and once used a blade to cut his ears.

He ended up killing himself at the age of 37 and as news about his suicide spread, his art and talent did as well. Today his art pieces sell for millions of dollars and are seen at some of the biggest exhibitions in the world.

Now you can experience the great artistry of Van Gogh at any of the touring immersive exhibitions.

They have been two digital Van Gogh exhibitions; the first one is called the “Immersive Van Gogh,” and the other is called “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.” Both shows are quite similar and feature 3D illustrations of the art and mastery of Von in massive rooms over emotive music. These unique exhibitions showcase Van Gogh’s work on large digital projectors to create a live experience.

Van Gogh Exhibit 1


The first exhibition; “Immersive Van Gogh” was created by Massimiliano Siccardi and you might remember Lily Cooper visiting one of their shows in Paris in the popular Netflix show “Emily in Paris”.

The Creative Director, David Korins put together a custom layout to fit the exhibit in several locales including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Denver, Dallas, and Detroit.

The second exhibition ‘’Van Gogh; the immersive experience” offers a similar showing of 3D representation of Van Gogh’s art in large spaces. This exhibition took a different creative approach by including narrations of Van Gogh’s aphorisms over the showcases.

Both experiences feel like you’re inside the painting; the motion, bright colors, and lighting all come together to create a very soothing effect as you explore the exhibition.

The shows are no longer available in New York at the moment, but they might make another round to the city so let me tell you all about them.


  • Van Gogh: The Immersive experience

300 Vesey St 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10282, United States +1 213-277-2945

  • The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

Pier 36 NYC, 299 South Street. New York, NY 10002, Manhattan’s Lower East Side

+1 844-307-4644


Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience





The Immersive Van Gogh exhibit




Van Gogh art

Van Gogh art


Van Gogh is a dutch painter recognized for several art pieces that have aided in shaping the art society into what it is today. His unique brushwork and color palettes have been studied in various schools of art and his pieces are exhibited in famous museums across the world including the Musee d’Orsay in Paris and the Museum of modern art right here in New York.

Some of his famous pieces include the night starry night, sunflowers, and irises. Although being as well known as he is today, Van Gogh never witnesses any of his glory.

In a magazine interview, the creative team of the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition explained that with the virtual museum they wish to humanize Van Gogh and spread awareness of the several mental illnesses he suffered.

The exhibition is an opportunity to witness the unique artistry and pure genius of Van Gogh from every angle.

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit


The immersive Van Gogh exhibit had its New York run earlier in the year and closed on the 2nd of February 2022. The creative director of the show, David Korin worked with a massive Of creative and technicians to transform the 75,000 waterfront space into a virtual gallery.

The exhibition featured three enormous rooms with projections of Von’s paintings on the walls, ceiling, and floors. Walking into any of the showrooms quite literally feels like stepping into a masterpiece.

The show also includes lovely musical scores, and there are various metallic mirror sculptures like monoliths, orbs, and arch places in strategic positions around the exhibition to give the room further dimension. You can sit and watch the exhibition or walk around and explore the entire gallery.

I would however drop a vertigo and migraine warning as the exhibition is quite bright and the pieces are pretty graphic. They were supplementary exhibitions that displayed Van Gogh-inspired costumes and a series of “Chromesthesia Booths” that represented a visual mimicry of Van’s Gogh condition to perceived colors as sounds.

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit 1


The exhibition also included a wholesome gift shop offering a variety of items and merchandise including Van Gogh umbrellas, cups, t-shirts, notebooks, and lots more, there was a snack and drinks bar for quick refreshments as well.

The exhibition was located at Pier 36 NYC, a 75,000 square foot waterfront space on

Manhattan’s Lower East Side. If you are still interested in experiencing the exhibition, you can click here to find out more about other locales.

Van Gogh; The Immersive Experience

Van Gogh


The other Van Gogh exhibition in New York was located at the Skylight on Vesey 300 Vesey Street and closed on April 10th, 2022. The experience lasted about 10 months in the city and was a lovely digital representation of the work of Van Gogh. The show was put together by Exhibition Hub and Fever.

It was a 60 – 75 minute tour of the 3D projections of more than 15 different pieces from Van Gogh’s collection including the famous starry night and sunflower. The exhibition included 20,000ft rooms with a visual display of paintings over soothing music and periodic narrations of von’s literature. They were also smaller rooms furnished the exact way Van Gogh’s original room was.

More than just being about entertainment, they also included a gallery with a 10-paragraph essay on “Van Gogh and the Sunflowers” and an 8-paragraph essay on “Bedroom at Arles” This exhibition provided a means for individuals to learn and experience a deeper connection with the artist.

Van Gogh 1


The exhibition also featured decked chairs and carpeted floors for guests to lounge and enjoy the art and a virtual reality room for visitors to walk the life of Van Gogh.

There was a gift shop to pick up souvenirs and merchandise and a lovely sunflower backdrop to take some awesome pictures for social media. This exhibition was visited by a handful of celebrities including Samuel L Jackson. It was an opportunity to experience great art in a unique digital environment.


Can I still see the shows in New York?

Both exhibitions are no longer available in New York City. The immersive experience closed on the 2nd of February 2022 and the second exhibition in April 2022. You can still catch the shows in other states if you are traveling and follow them up on social media for updates on new locations

Where can I see the show now?

Both exhibitions are available in several other states in America, if you’re going on a trip and hoping to catch them in another city you can visit their websites and find out all about other locations.

When would the shows be back in New York?

Honestly, I have no idea, but you can keep up with their Instagram for new posts and updates on whether they will be visiting the state again

Are kids allowed at the exhibitions?

Absolutely, the show is a wholesome experience for everyone in the family to enjoy and experience great art.

How much did the tickets cost?

Tickets cost roughly between $34 – $64 for both shows depending on the type of ticket you want.

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