14 Best Vegan Restaurants In Brooklyn (Places For Vegan Food)

Back in the day, you would only find the best vegan restaurants in select places in NYC.

But today, with the booming plant-based diet, there are many restaurants you can go to in the city.

In addition, these plant-based diets have stretched their wings into other boroughs like Manhattan, Brooklyn, and all the others.

The good news is that you will find all vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn.

If you are a vegan and new in the area, though, you want to use this list to guide you to the safe places where you can take your favorite meals.

Even the natives will still find some of the best restaurants they haven’t even tried to eat at yet.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Brooklyn

1. Toad style

If you’re one of those who are conscious about health, you should go to this restaurant.

This one has a 14-seat space; that’s why when going there, I only make reservations.

So, you should start by trying their jackfruit sandwich. They also make the best coleslaw.

  • Address: 93 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221
  • Phone: (347) 789-1589
  • Website

2. Ital kitchen

Ital stands out for getting the food from their food coop. This also means that they are using safely grown foods and thus more organic and richer.

The only difference is that this restaurant earns its influence from French cuisine. Also, it’s more of a Rastafarian style of restaurant.

Everything in the restaurant is vegan, although sometimes they do make fish. The truth is that this is the best place to go when you’re just starting on your vegan journey.

Whether you’re going to try their stews, juices, jack fruit meals, or carrot cakes, you will love the meal.

It may take time to prep the food, and that’s because the one who makes the food is the owner, who is also a chef.

He likes to make everything himself, and that’s how much love he has for the food in his restaurant.

You will love the mix-matching chairs, and the hanging plants make it a fantastic restaurant.

  • Address: 1032 Union St Brooklyn, NY 11225
  • Telephone: (347) 405-9727
  • Website

3. Modern love

Modern love


When talking of a vegan restaurant, I will most likely start with this one as it delivers some of the best meals.

Isa Chandra has also authored a cookbook to make it easy for you to make some of the very best unique recipes at home.

When you go to Modern Love, your sole aim is to order and enjoy comfort foods. You will like the modern retro deco, which is a blend of ornate and homey décor.

People like the restaurant for their perfect meals that feature-rich sauce, food fried to perfection, fried proteins, and enough food.

Even though it’s a five-star restaurant, people visiting say that they give you ample food. You won’t be thinking about the very little food that some five-star restaurants give.

If you don’t know what to choose between pasta, protein, salad, and bread, you don’t have to worry as you can choose chickpeas. But do you like Tofu?

Try the Brooklyn fried tofu for the best unique meal ideas. You will also like the tangy cabbage slaw and buffalo tempeh wings.

This will even work for you if you want to go on a romantic date night because of its location. You will find it on the corner of the south street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  • Address: 317 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Phone: (929) 298-0626
  • Website

4. Champs’s diner

They use the slogan that anything you can make as a regular restaurant can change and make it a perfect vegan meal.

So if you thought the vegan lifestyle is limited, think again because you can have almost any kind of meal made to vegan style.

They also offer the 50s style booth of service, making it ideal if you are looking to travel through time and space.

What would you like to try, the fluffy pancakes, shakes, burgers, or chic waffles? You name it, and you will have it on your table.

I just like their Philly cheesesteaks that they serve on a hero bun.

  • Address: 197 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, United States
  • Phone: +1 718-599-2743
  • The website

5. Little choc apothecary


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They make New York’s most delicate crepes and so many other meals. But its setting has had so many longtime customers hooked to the restaurant.

So whenever you are looking for the most organic food, you should go to this restaurant.

This makes a homey little café that will serve you if you live around Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They offer you sweet and savory vegan crepes.

I have always loved going there when I need to take the high tea and fresh pastries. However, recently I found that they make some of the best foods and smoothies too.

They will offer you different kinds of food to enjoy. You will always find this restaurant in South Williamsburg.

  • Address: 141 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Phone:  718-963-0420
  • The website

6. Stay fresh deli n grill

This is a more regular like canteen where you will have a wide variety of foodstuffs, but you will love their sandwiches together with the different styles of Mediterranean eats.

Well, if you’re looking for, say, just a quick lunch, then this is the place to order from. Not only do they deliver tasty meals but it’s also nutritious.

In most cases, they will offer you some of the foods you would always refer to as casual meals. Remember, they use only fresh organic ingredients to make the fresh deli ingredient.

This is also not just a space to go on and sit in. You can also go out on the sunny patio if you like. It is the place you will know exactly what you need as a vegan for the day. If you feel the need to bite something, go to stay fresh deli and grill.

They do serve the sandwich on a roll for a dollar. If you want more addition of the toppings, you can add them to make it a hero sandwich.

And it’s not only about the sandwich; here you will find all the different foods of your choice.

  • Address: 889 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11206, US
  • Phone: 718-513-3247
  • The website

7. Clementine


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This is another space to go to when you are looking for fresh ingredients. Here they only make 100% vegan ingredients.

They aim to make sure the foods they are cooking are made in a vegan-friendly environment.

This restaurant will suit all and sundry, which is why you will find even the celebrities coming here. You will like it because they are going to make a cozy breakfast.

I mean, the borough is vegan friendly, but they never have the perfect vegan breakfast. So you can be sure to have this restaurant taking care of breakfast needs.

They are going to be giving you the perfect plate and sit down for your real breakfast. This is a patisserie café that will make the perfect cakewalk.

You will then find the large cinnamon bun if you also want, then you can eat the jalapeno mozzarella scone. You will also have the savory biscuit for you to make.

The best question to ask is what you are looking to eat. That is going to serve you perfectly.

This is the vegan café of imagination, remember. It’s plant-based and community-rooted. No wonder it stays busy years on end.

  • 395 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
  • 718 483 8788
  • The website

8. The VSPOT


If you are a vegan living in Brooklyn, you probably already know of this venue since it’s the oldest plant based eatery specializing in Latin comfort food.

Their focus is to deliver some of the tastiest vegan meals in Park Slope.

When you’re taking your evening walk with friends or family at the Prospect Park or The Botanical Gardens, you should definitely stop by this restaurant.

They never disappoint when it comes to the portions, colors, and uniqueness within each meal.

You will love it because they offer a cozy setting that is also inviting after a tiresome day.

To compliment the ambience, you also receive big flavors that will have your mouth watering.

With 17 years of experience, the Carabaño brothers along with their business partner, Steve, even offer gluten-free options and are kosher-friendly to some extent. (IKCkosher.com)

Have you tried their nachos? Well, you should because they’ll have you returning again and again.

I like to top mine with fresh guacamole, their house-made salsa roja, and Colombian red beans.

Or just try they famous empanadas! You will further enjoy the Philly mushroom, the Colombian seasoned potato or the Yellow rice and beans empanada. They are open seven days a week and are on all the delivery apps.

You can also try their empanadas or chips with salsa in Manhattan at “St. Marks Comedy Club” located in the heart of the East Village.

  • Address: 156 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • Phone: +1 718-928-8778
  • The website

9. Bunna café

Bunna cafe 1


African meals in the house. For ages, I’ve always enjoyed Ethiopian meals but just generally all their food.

With this café, you will get the feel of the Ethiopian style of meals that are also plant-based. I went there for dinner, and of course, I loved it.

They served the people in a low-lit room, and then there was also music to make your meal even tastier.

Notice, though, that these days you will have most of the Ethiopian food samplers being vegans. So, when you’re looking for an all-true vegan combo in Bushwick, then you should try Bunna café. Anyone who goes here likes the restaurant.

The flavors of all the meals you have here are out of this world, healthy and delicious. This is not any café as it offers sufficient space and just enough meals to fill you up and thus get you to enjoy them.

This is the one place you come to share your Ethiopian meals the Ethiopian way. But, believe it or not, here you will fill up too contrary to other places where sharing meals also means you never get enough.

So, if you’re looking for a place to dine together as you hold significant conversations. This is the place to do so.

The reason people go to this restaurant is to get comfortable first and then get a filling treat of a meal.

So, you should know it’s going to be a warm cozy and casual environment for your meals. They will always also host live music to make you enjoy the meal even better.

You will mostly enjoy the meals here for as little as $30 for two people.

  • Address: 1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States
  • Phone: +1 347-295-2227
  • The website

10. LuAnne’s Wild Ginger

LuAnne's Wild Ginger

Here you are sure to have a vegan pan Asian restaurant serving you the best meals. It’s not only in a specific area somewhat different parts of NY.

I like to go to the Fort Greene one. It delivers the perfect ambient environment. Regardless it doesn’t matter the space they are in; you will notice that it’s perfect for all the different people coming to space.

What are you eating here: there’s a wide range of meals, but you should try their scallion pancakes, nori rolls, or even the ramen when looking for the perfect meals to try.

Check out their macrobiotic bowl too. You will notice that it delivers the extra fried and perfectly cooked meals on the menu that are also nicely clean, you know.

It doesn’t matter the portion you are choosing to use this one will always give you the perfect size of meals you are looking to enjoy.

They have made a name for themselves as some of the best yet healthiest cooks of the meals.

  • Address: 235 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, New York, New York 11205, United States
  • Phone: 718-638-8868
  • The website

11. Lucky vegetarian

Lucky vegetarian


This is one other place that is almost fully vegan. You will not forget it because it brings to you some of the best Chinese meals too.

You will find it at sunset park, which is below one of the best Buddhist temples. You may find a few meat dishes, but mostly you will only have the non-meat ones.

They make the meals memorable but only remember to specify that you are looking for vegan meals.

This is so similar to the one you find in China town of Manhattan. So, you will be sure to have soy or mushroom-based meals.

It will surprise you how fast you can have a meal ready because it just takes a short while.

It works to match the Buddhist style of vegetarian cuisine. If you want to go the Chinese way, you should use this meals style for ideas.

This is more of a vegetarian station, so you can find a few meaty stuff, but if you want all-vegan, you are also sure only to get it here.

  • Address: Address: 5101 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220, United States
  • Phone: +1 718-871-0399
  • The website

12. Cardiff dogs


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Anyone who lives in Williamsburg will be spoilt for choice with the different restaurants you can go to.

Well, cliff dogs are one of the major restaurants when you’re looking for a quick meal.

Here then, you have the hot dog joint, so you’re going to enjoy the different meals. Where are those bar hoppers? Will you find the best set of meals to enjoy?

This restaurant has been operational for more than 20years now. It’s an east village best spot for real vegans.

When you’re after the different styles of hot dogs, visit cliff dogs. The stand gives you a taste of what you expect in the city.

This is going to be gritty but tasty, and the restaurant itself is nothing short of welcoming. It’s simply the best place for a vegan to enjoy their hot dogs.

So get ready because the dog you will eat here is better than any other vegan dog you have eaten elsewhere.

To most people, telling the difference between the beef hot dog and the vegan dog is just something else. You will probably think you are taking the regular dog, you know.

If you want to beef it up more, add the pineapples, the jalapeno, and avocado. But for the taste of what cliff is about to try there two dog meal and a drink.

  • Address: 555 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States
  • The website

13. Screamer’s pizzeria

Screamers pizzeria

Everyone loves pizza, and that includes even us vegans. When you’re looking for a vegan-friendly pizza for you, then you should visit screamers.

We may refer to it as a tiny pizzeria that also offers you a wide range of meals to use with different recipes.

They will even make your favorite calzone to make sure you have the perfect snack or just a meal to enjoy.

This one will serve you all the different kinds of pies you need for your perfect vegan meal.

Of course, if you like the slicing pizza, you can have it here, but you can also have a whole pie if that’s also what you are looking for.

You will find it in two Brooklyn locations, and that’s Greenpoint and crown heights, and they both serve the perfect pizzas.

  • Address: 620 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
  • Phone: +1 347-844-9412
  • The website

14. Heartbreakers


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When you are looking for meals that are made in-house, then you have them here. You will mostly enjoy their dipping sauces but also the retro aesthetics. You will enjoy all of their meals, or at least that’s what I like so much.

I like to go there some days when I’m taking a walk at the Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick. Some people go for takeout, and then they go to the park for a picnic.

You will love their sandwich, too, so you should check to make sure you try their animal fries. It’s going to be something you don’t always eat.

  • Address: 820 Hart St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States
  • Phone: +1 718-326-4500
  • Website

If you are looking for other Restaurants, please check the guides below.

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