Westville Dumbo Reviews; Menu, Photos, Outdoor Seating

Like the owner, Jay Strauss says in an interview with Dumbo Beta, the mission at Westville is to make people happy through fresh meals served in generous portions at the best rates.

Well if I could have a word with Jay, I would say Mission accomplished because dining at Westville Dumbo would leave your taste buds happy and your tummy full.

Westville Dumbo


Westville Dumbo is a casual, fun location to grab a delicious healthy meal at any time of the day. Their menu features many vegetarian options and vegetable-based plates.

Westville is not only one of the Most Outstanding Restaurants in Dumbo, but also one of the best spots to have Brunch In Dumbo.


Westville Dumbo is a simple, classy restaurant, the environment is generally lively and cheerful. I enjoy dining over the sound of the slow music combined with the hearty chatter of other customers.

The overall aesthetic of the restaurant is modern and well put together. The interior dining space features white tables and black seats surrounding a lounge, beautiful hanging lamps, a bar, and monochrome art.

Westville Dumbo Atmosphere


Westville Dumbo definitely isn’t the fanciest spot in Brooklyn, but it is a cozy space to enjoy some delicious food with family and friends.

The interior dining space isn’t very large, the pros being it’s a great spot to meet new people, and the cons; it might not work very well for a large group outing.

If you enjoy dining by yourself, there’s also a private space with single seats for you to spend some time with you and a steak sandwich.

Westville Dumbo Atmosphere 1 1


It’s great for dates, or just catching up with old friends. If you’ve been invited to the restaurant and are thinking about what to wear, I say think comfortable and decent, no need to pull out that high slit dinner dress or double-breasted suit, which by the way you look stunning in, have you been working out?

Try a casual t-shirt or blouse with some jeans and maybe throw on a leather jacket to tie it all together and if your date picked this restaurant, they’re definitely a keeper.

Outdoor Seating

Westville Dumbo Outdoor Seating


Westville Dumbo features an outdoor courtyard that is an awesome spot to enjoy some delicious food in the summer or spring. I’m a big fan of outdoor dining, the fresh air and soft sounds of the birds chirping always put me in a good mood.

The space includes wooden table benches, flowers, and hanging lights. It generally gives “picnic at the park’’ vibes.

You can enjoy meals during the day and in the evenings. It is family-friendly and you can come over with your kids, grandma, college buddies, and anyone you want to have a great time with.

Market plate

Westville is well known for its famous market plates, it’s a unique offer where you can select 3-4 items from their market vegetable menu to create your plate. What’s great about this item is the diversity of the market vegetable list.

If you’re thinking of filling up on your greens then you should check out this awesome offer.

Market plate


Their market vegetables include items like zucchini, Broccoli, pesto, butter squash, sweet potatoes, and lots more.

The vegetables are cooked delicately so they retain all their nutrients and flavors, they are also prepared and served with great compliments to add that extra kick.

If you’re interested in a bigger meal, you can also enjoy the market bowl which includes rice, vegetables of choice, and a delicious Sauce.


No, Westville doesn’t just serve vegetarian meals, the market plates might be all everyone talks about, but the steak sandwich would make your taste buds ecstatic.

Westville offers a diverse menu with a wholesome balance of vegetarian and meat meals. The flavors are bold and exciting, they offer interesting twists on classic recipes. They have weekly specials that are switched up quite often with lovely choices you wouldn’t want to miss.

They offer a brunch, lunch, and dinner menu, each serving fine cuisine that would have you planning your next trip as soon as you get the check. They also offer a lovely drinks menu offering specialty cocktails, wine, and cold and hot drinks.

Westville Dumbo Menu


Brunch is only available on Saturdays and Sundays, and you can find items like breakfast burritos,  waffles and fruits, Avocado toasts, salads, burgers, hotdogs, and of course market vegetables on the menu.

The lunch menu is a bit broader offering the market bowl and other plates, appetizers, and a variety of weekly specials. For dinner, you can enjoy meals like Teriyaki steak rice bowl, and pan-seared salmon from the special menu.

Here is a link to the Full Menu.


The prices at Westville are fair and affordable, you can enjoy a whole meal for as low as $14. If you’re thinking of dining at Westville, no need to worry about your financial officer calling you after a visit and the food is worth every penny you spend.

It’s eating healthy for the best rates you’ll find in New York. A budget of $50 – $85 would be more than enough to cover your visit.

Here’s a link to the menu so you can check the individual cost of each item.

Westville Dumbo Prices



An easy way to impress guests at your event is through the food and with Westville handling catering you will have nothing to worry about.

You can conveniently place orders online for events like birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, work meetings, and whatever social function where delicious food is needed.

You can visit their website to place orders and a notice of at least 48 hours is required. Delivery is available only for orders above $300 and catering services are Mondays to Fridays.

You can click Here to learn more about their menu and terms and conditions for catering.

Westville Dumbo Catering



To secure your seats for dinner or lunch you can easily book a table online. Reservations are super simple to make, all you need to do is visit their website and click on the reservation tab and fill in all required information.

Reservations are made through Opentable and payment is not required before a visit.

Westville Dumbo Reservations



If you’re looking for the perfect present for a family member or friend, I suggest a $50 gift card at Westville. You can easily purchase gift cards online with a $500 limit.

They are also customizable and you can add a special message for your loved ones and schedule a date for delivery online. It’s a great way to say thank you to a friend or easily sends a long-distance gift. Check out gift cards Here.

Westville Dumbo Giftcards


Order Online

You can enjoy all the delicious cuisine at Westville from the comfort of your couch. Meals can be ordered online and picked up at the restaurant or delivered to your home. Orders can be placed on Seamless, Grubhub , DoorDash and Caviar.

Westville Dumbo Order Online



81 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 618-5699

Other Locations

You can find Westville locations all over New York City, all the restaurants are warm and bubbly and the food is great no matter the locations.

Other locations include Westville west, Westville Hell’s kitchen, Westville wall street, Westville Hudson, Westville Chelsea, and Westville west. You can find more details about the locations Here.

Service hours

  • Lunch – 11:30 am – 3 pm
  • Dinner – 5 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Brunch – 10 am – 4 pm






What to order at Westville?

Depending on what type of flavors you’re into, there’s a lot to enjoy at Westville, their menu offers a variety of dishes that are tasty and filling. You can start up with a turkey chili or french fries for dinner appetizers, make your market plates with four vegetables of your choice, or order one of the weekly specials.

Weekly specials are changed routinely so you might not find the item on the menu when you visit again. You can also try the grilled cheese sandwich or cast iron turkey burger.

Can I get Alcohol at Westville?

Yes you can, they offer a wholesome cocktail menu and also have daily specials for drinks,, just don’t fill up on those margaritas before dinner. Alcohol is only served to adults 21 and older.

Is Westville child friendly?

Yes, the little ones are very welcome at Westville, you can bring your kids over to enjoy some delicious food in an awesome environment.

Can I order market plates online?

Yes, you can, you can order all menu items online directly on their website.

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