Best Bars In Williamsburg, Brooklyn – 23 Cool Cocktail Bars Near By

There is no better place than Williamsburg, Brooklyn when it comes to bars. The culture in this neighborhood is lovely and enjoyable, so several artists and influencers have stormed this place, primarily because it’s a cool place.

Williamsburg is the hub for good music, parties, celebrations, and arts. In addition, the rich culture of this neighborhood makes it a top destination for many people because of the bars and restaurants.

Whether you are looking for dance clubs, modern wines, first-date bars, dive bars, or beer gardens, this place will is the place to be, especially since the bars are almost on every block.

So, if you are new to this neighborhood, here are some of my favorite spots to have a nice drink.

Bars in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

1. Horses and divorces 

Horses and divorces


 285 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

If all you want is good classic rock music and delicious beer, it is the bar. The cocktails are also just as good with excellent prices. The room inside is somewhat dark and has vinyl booths for extended privacy.

It is the place to be when you don’t want to go to relatively crowded bars. The other advantage is you don’t have to worry about too much noise.

This bar also features a pool table and a jukebox, which means you can listen to excellent classical music.

It looks like an early 70s bar but with the perfect features that might entice you.

2. Pete’s candy store 

Petes candy store



709 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

+1 718-302-3770

You shouldn’t underestimate this bar just because it is pocket-sized. There are a lot of good things that are in this bar you will love.

There are loads of activities that you will enjoy when you visit this bar. In the evenings, poetry, arts, and readings take center stage.

There is outdoor dining enough to host several people and the perfect spot for people who like stargazing.

More about Pete’s Candy Store

3. Skinny Dennis 

Skinny Dennis


152 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States


If you want a honky-tonk experience, you should add this bar on your next visit. You don’t have to travel to Nashville to enjoy country music, yet you can enjoy it in Williamsburg.

It is named after Skinny Dennis Sanchez, a famous country musician. Country music and different woods used to build this bar make it an enjoyable place.

The wide drinks menu, live music, and coffee beverages will make you love this bar.

The coffee-and-whiskey drink, Willie’s frozen coffee, is one you don’t want to miss when at this bar.

4. Lucky dog 

Lucky dog


303 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(347) 294-4971

This bar is beloved because dogs are allowed on board and one of the few dog-friendly bars in Brooklyn.

The backyard contains different series and rows where you will find dogs put. The wide beer selections, especially with twenty on-taps beer, make it a go-to option when craving crafted beer.

It is not as spacious, but the jukebox and shuffleboard table will ensure you get thoroughly entertained.

5. The Four Horsemen 

The four horsemen


 295 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Visit Website 


As one of the Michelin Star Restaurants In NYC, James Murphy is the brains behind this boozy bar, and it’s just as good as his music. The bar is wooden, with bright lights shining on the concrete and cedar ceiling.

The atmosphere is cozy, and they run a food menu that is relatively short but good, usually French-inspired. The bar is spacious enough as you get a dining room and bar.

They have over 250 wine varieties. It is what sets them apart from other bars. Their wine varieties are next level.

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6. Fresh kills bar 

Fresh kills bar


161 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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Are you looking for a date spot around Brooklyn? Fresh kills bar is the place you need to go to for such occasions. There are several two-top tables and private booths perfect for your date nights with friends and family.

Their cocktails are among the best in the city, each with a distinctive and excellent taste. The cocktails are often served with hand-cut ice, and the best part is the bartenders who know what they are doing when making these drinks.

This plain and unsophisticated place gets overcrowded but not in a sweaty manner with people wanting to try to get the best out of their perfect drinks.

Classic drinks are dominant in this bar but with slight twists.

7. Union pool 

Union pool


 484 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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This spot might be inconspicuous, but it is one of the best you can visit, especially if all you want is to dance and have a good time.

It is not a pool, even though the name suggests that. However, this spot used to be a swimming pool supply store which is where it got its name just before it was converted to a bar.

The bar is super spacious, making it the best place to shake your feet. So whether you want to dine on the outdoor patio, you want to dance, or all you want is a low-key date, this spot will not disappoint.

The best is to come early to avoid waiting in long queues. They serve a wide variety of frozen drinks on Greek coffee cups.

8. Hotel Delmano

Hotel Delmano


82 Berry St, Brooklyn

Visit website 


This spot has a long marble bar, making it the place to be when all you want is well-crafted drinks and indulging conversations because of the peaceful atmosphere.

Try out the “Perro y gatto” or the “full disclosure” cocktail drinks when in this spot. The setting is dark but cozy, which you need for a date night.

The space is not big enough, but you can never miss a seat. You should know that you need to remain seated in this bar because one of the rules is “no standing.”

9. The commodore 

The commodore


366 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

visit website 


The signature drinks in this spot are the frozen drinks, often well prepared. The lively atmosphere and strong drinks are what draw fans to this bar.

The food is nothing short of goodness, especially when it comes to their fried chicken and flaky biscuits that you shouldn’t miss ordering when at this spot.

Their menu is quite beefed up with several other dishes you can enjoy. It can get a bit messy when at this place because many people come to this spot, particularly for fried chicken.

This bar is constantly packed with young people, so it isn’t the place you go to when you need to have quiet conversations.

10. Black flamingo

Black flamingo


168 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn

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This spot operates in two different ways. During the day, this place is a restaurant serving mainly delicious Mexican vegan dishes, while at night, it turns out to be one of the best bars you can go to.

Upstairs is where you get served vegan tacos and other dishes. On the other hand, the downstairs is spacious enough, which means you can dance to your liking.

The best is to come before midnight because the neighbors and residents love this spot, especially during weekends.

If you are looking for more vegan spots, check our guide on the places for vegan food in Brooklyn.

11. Masquerade 



351 Broadway, Brooklyn

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It is another bar with an extensive list of drinks on the menu. So, if you love Iranian beverages and dishes, this is your spot.

The menu is relatively short, so you might not find everything you are craving, but it’s worth a shot. It adds a new drink and food dimension to the neighborhood.

If Persian food is what you are about, then you will enjoy this spot. However, I prefer this bar more as a restaurant than a bar because there are several perfect cocktail drinks within the city, unlike Persian food.

12. Westlight 



111 N 12th St, Brooklyn

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Do you dream of viewing the Manhattan skyline? This spot offers you the best and perfect view of the Manhattan skyline considering the bar is on the rooftop. Voted as one of the Top-Rated Rooftop Bars In Williamsburg, Westlight bar sits at the top of William vale hotel and is the best place to enjoy a cocktail glass.

This spot serves high-end drinks and food, so you will find people streaming in dressed in suits. If you think about a birthday celebration, this spot is the best.

The snacks go well with the wide range of cocktails served in the bar. The best is to make reservations early enough to skip the long queues.

13. Ba’sik 



323 Graham Ave, Brooklyn

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Sometimes, you want to have a good time in a bar but in a quiet environment. Ba’sik bar is one of the best alternatives for this situation. It is the only bar in the neighborhood where you won’t see people blackout or go to the washrooms in pairs. However, it is relatively busy, and sometimes you might miss a seat.

The design in the bar is unsophisticated and slightly undersized. Nevertheless, you can still sit in the backyard, especially during hot days of summer.

You will also find an excellent bar food selection that you can pair with their hand-crafted drinks.

14. Rocka rolla bar 

Rocka rolla bar


486 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

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Like the other bars in Williamsburg, it is the best when you want to have a good time with friends. It is situated a few steps from the Lorimer train stop and has some delicious beers.

The space in the bar is super large perfect for those who would love to dance their heart out, particularly in the backyard. The beer is served in large beer goblets that you can enjoy in a booth.

Young people stream is the target market for this spot. Old-school music and rock tones resounding through the jukebox turn this place lively.

Don’t have an idea of what to drink while in this spot? Try a frozen coffee cocktail served in greek glasses, and thank me later.

15. Pokito 



155 S 4th St, Brooklyn

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Artists own this bar, so it is bright and cheesy but with the perfect design details. It is one of Williamsburg’s most unglorified and overlooked bars but has some of the best-tasting drinks.

The bar has a vibrant pink color that extends to the washrooms. It is also spacious and cozy.

Tropical-infused cocktails and Asian-inspired (prepared with coconut and kiwi flavors) drinks are the signature drinks here.

If all you want is to enjoy a variety of well-prepared cocktail drinks, this spot is where to place your bet.

16. St. Mazie and supper club 

St. Mazie and supper club


345 Grand St, Brooklyn

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If live music is what keeps you alive in the bar, then St Mazie will not disappoint you. This spot is a bar and a supper club and perfectly delivers on both descriptions.

The oysters, risotto, short ribs, and flamenco ( usually occasional) are some of the signature dishes served in the bar. However, the real magic of this bar happens downstairs. The jazz live music played in the bar, and the high-quality food served makes you want to spend more time here.

The music takes you back in time. The outside patio has similarities with church monasteries, and even the walls are covered with woods from a nun’s house.

17. Philomena’s bar

Philomenas bar


790 Grand St, Brooklyn

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Are you thinking of a date night bar? Well, how about Philomena’s bar. It’s cozy, impressive, and stylish, perfect for a date night.

Besides their signature delicious cocktail drinks, their food is equally good. However, if you came for the drinks, you are at the right place because no bar in Williamsburg serves deliciously crafted cocktails like this one.

This bar is named after the owners’ aunt, who is said to have been a good party host. All the drinks served in the bar pay homage to what she made.

Are you wondering what cocktail to order while in this bar? The Aileen with habanero ice in tequila Blanco or the Felix cocktail with cucumber, lime, and tajin. You won’t regret the flavors.

18. Blinky’s bar 

Blinkys bar


609 Grand St, Brooklyn

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If you are looking for hand-crafted beers, unique cocktails, and relaxed vibes, then this spot will serve you best.

The backyard is what makes this bar stand out. The patio has scheduled DJs, music, comedy episodes, and a perfectly done drinks menu. The signature drink on the cocktail drinks menu is the Blinky blue cosmo which is just as good as the other drinks.

Come here with your friends and enjoy the drinks and the different shows. Remember to book reservations early because it gets packed early in the evenings, especially during weeknights.

19. Radegast hall and Biergarten 

Radegast hall and Biergarten


113 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Visit website


Selected as one of the Best Beer Gardens in Brooklyn, this spot offers the best and most authentic beers in Williamsburg, which is why it is popular. This Austro-Hungarian bar has a massive space and is a go-to option for many young people.

Beer is the way to go when at this bar because of the wide variety on their menu. There are over 50 brands of beer by the bottle and 22 drafts on the taps. This bar was made by combining two warehouses, so it’s a massive space.

The live music buzzing in the bar keeps it live and fully packed. It is one of the few bars in the neighborhood where you can get beer cocktails. You should try the ginger spiked shandy-gaff beer.

20. Night of joy 

Night of joy


667 Lorimer St, Brooklyn

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The Victorian decor and antiques inside this bar will take you back to the 19th century. It is what you need for your first date, mainly because it is dark on the inside with old couches and intimate.

The cocktail drinks are relatively balanced, and they don’t pack a punch since it features house-infused spirits, rum, and herbs. However, the good news is that the drinks and beer are well priced and affordable to many people.

Even though the ground floor is packed with different French wines and beer, the upstairs tends to draw many people. The roof patio is spacious, and it is where you get frozen margaritas and hang out when the weather is warm.

It is the place to go for small gatherings or just for simple drinks and a good time. As the bar’s name suggests, you will have a “night of joy.”

21. Maison premiere

Maison premiere


298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Visit website 

It is the only spot in the neighborhood where you will get fancy cocktail drinks worth every penny you spend. Besides being the best with their drink selection, they also have some of the best-tasting oysters.

They have an expansive absinthe menu with vast indoor and outdoor dining spaces. Several varieties of anise-flavored spirits are often prepared by slow-dropping ice water on a sugar cube. Scintillating.

Recently, they have updated their menu and added cooked food. It is one of the few spots that will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction.

The ethereal garden is a must-seat when in this iconic bar. The view in the park is beautiful, and you shouldn’t miss dining there. That said, inside the bar to nothing short of art perfection.

22. Baby’s All Right 

Babys All Right


146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Visit website


Do you want a change in your everyday drinking habits and experiences? This spot got you covered because you get to enjoy live music while sipping your cocktail drink. They also have a restaurant in case your belly demands some food.

The feel-good factor in this spot is next level, and with a broad menu list of food and drinks, there’s nothing that should stop you from having a good time.

The lounge area is spacious and lovely. You need to head there, order their bottomless brunch and thank me later.

23. Spuyten Duyvil 

Spuyten Duyvil


359 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Visit website 


This bar is next to St Anselm, and many people go to this place while waiting for the tables in the restaurant to free up so they can get seats.

The variety of beers sold in this spot is wide and impressive. Spuyten Duyvil is the spot for anyone who loves beer, and the best part is that they also have wine and snacks on the menu.

The backyard patio is spacious, perfect for anyone who wants to drink outside the bar in the summer.

This spot gets crowded at times, especially over the weekends, and the best will be to enjoy your beer in the outdoor area where you are surrounded by nature.

Final thoughts 

This list could still go on and on because there are many excellent bars in New York City, especially Williamsburg.

Finding your perfect spot and what goes with your vibe is all that matters. If not, move to another bar that gives you a feel-good factor and a great time.

If you love bars, pretty sure you would love to know where to dance at night. Check out our guide on the best clubs in Brooklyn.

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