17 Fun Things To Do (And See) In NYC When It Rains

Explore The Grand Central Station

New York is a magical city with plenty to see and do no matter the time of year. Despite its reputation for having little but dreary, overcast days and steady rains, New York has no more such weather than Vancouver or Denver. If you are worried about rainy days in New York City spoiling your … Read more

The Five Boroughs New York City Area Codes And Map

Area Codes in New York State

New York uses a telephone numbering plan provided by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). The system was originally established by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company or also known as AT&T Corporation today, one of the most well-known telecommunications companies in the United States. The United States utilizes approximately 335 area codes. If you are … Read more

Bronx Neighborhoods Guide: Map, Best And Safe Neighborhoods

Mill Pond Park

Coming to the Bronx anytime soon? Or are you thinking about living in the Bronx but not fully decided yet? To help you make that decision, this article tells you what you need to know before coming to the borough. It may not be as popular as Manhattan or Brooklyn, but the Bronx has made a … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Furniture in NYC

House of Good Deeds

Downsizing your home, upgrading furniture, or moving to a new city or country? Maybe you just want to move from one borough to another one among the five boroughs in NYC. If you need to do these mentioned agendas, then you most probably have to dispose of your furniture. The question is – how do you … Read more

Live in New Jersey, Work in New York Taxes (Updated 2023)

Commuter Tax

New York is where many go to make it big and chase their dreams. Be it in the corporate world, the tech world, or in the world of art and performance, millions flock to New York City for work. There are many reasons why you might be considering working in New York City and living … Read more

Big Rats In New York (How Big, How Many And How To Get Rid Of Rats)

Hire a Pest Control Professional

For many reasons, New York City is called the City of Dreams. It has been a dream for many people to come to the city to pursue their studies, work for prestigious companies, or experience the adventure this city has to offer. However, coming to New York City comes with many drawbacks. With a population … Read more

Try The 8 Best Food Delivery Apps In NYC


New York City is home to approximately 8.3 million people. It is dubbed the busiest city in the United States and the world. So, it comes as no surprise if people don’t have the luxury of time to cook or even eat out on a regular basis.   The solution? – Order through food delivery … Read more

The Updated New York State Tint Law In 2023

Lora Window Tint

Tinted windows have always been a popular look for vehicle owners. Not only does it create a trendy look, but provides passenger safety, a bit of privacy, and interior protection as well. Most importantly, it does the job to protect you from harmful UV rays and keep the car from going too hot. Without a … Read more

11 Reliable Websites For Buying And Selling Used Furniture In NYC


New York is one of the busiest cities in the world, and there is a continuous movement of people in and out of the city. It is a strategic place with thriving industries for movie and filmmaking, entertainment, fashion and modelling agencies, legal sector, financial, and architectural industries. This continuous movement of people means that … Read more