17 Fun Things To Do (And See) In NYC When It Rains

Explore The Grand Central Station

New York is a magical city with plenty to see and do no matter the time of year. Despite its reputation for having little but dreary, overcast days and steady rains, New York has no more such weather than Vancouver or Denver. If you are worried about rainy days in New York City spoiling your … Read more

Top 30 Things to Do Alone in NYC – A Solo Traveler’s Guide

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Planning to do a trip alone anytime soon? Come to New York City, one of the best cities for solo travelers for the abundance of adventurous activities it offers. This City that Never Sleeps has amazing things to do alone – from visiting tall skyscrapers to restaurant hopping and people-watching in parks. Whatever your interests may … Read more

Best Statue of Liberty Viewpoints – 10 Best Spots to View

Statue of Liberty from On a Helicopter Tour

“What’s the Statue of Liberty?” are words I’ve never heard someone say, especially in the United States. But as famous as this national monument and New York City landmark is, not many people have had the pleasure of visiting Lady Liberty.   It’s not surprising. Whether you live in the Big Apple or you’ve visited a … Read more

13 Best Exciting Beaches Near Brooklyn, NYC For A Cool Summer

Pebble Beach

As summer approaches, many people are putting final touches and arrangements on their travel plans. And one of the places that receive a lot of tourists and visitors in the summer is Brooklyn. When you visit this beautiful place, you will understand why many people flock to Brooklyn, one of boroughs of New York. Brooklyn … Read more

Brooklyn Bridge Vs Manhattan Bridge Vs Williamsburg Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge 1

The Basics: History, Construction, and Size The Brooklyn Bridge When the Brooklyn Bridge was built, it was the longest suspension bridge at the time. The main span is almost 1600 feet long and its surface hovers approximately 130 feet above water. To the tip of its towers, the Brooklyn Bridge is 272 feet tall. This bridge … Read more

Is Long Island Part Of NYC – Facts About Long Island

Montauk Point Lighthouse

Long Island is one of the biggest islands of New York and the United States, located on the southeastern-most end of New York. The Long Island Sound, Atlantic Ocean, New York Bay, and the East River are the surrounding bodies of water on the island. If you are in the Big Apple, dropping by at … Read more

A Simple But Complete Guide To Walking Over The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge 1

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York City‘s most historic landmarks. Ever since its grand opening in 1883, it has served as an easy avenue for New Yorkers to travel between two great boroughs of the city: Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Bridge stretches 1,834 meters across the east river and is 127 feet high above the … Read more

Van Gogh Exhibit New York City – What To See

Van Gogh Exhibit

If you’re an art enthusiast then you know the name- Van Gogh very well, but if you’re like me and just google him after having one of the best experiences at the New York City Van Gogh exhibition, he’s the guy that painted the black tower with the blue and yellow background; the starry night, … Read more

Top 11 Most Famous Streets And Roads In New York City

Washington Street

With so many Must-See Attractions, New York City remains one of the world’s biggest attractions, if not the biggest. What’s amazing about this iconic city is how diverse it is. It isn’t uncommon to hear it described as a place with many varying personalities. This is because each street in New York is so drastically … Read more

Which Observation Deck Should You Visit in New York City?

A room with mirrored balloons

Getting a view of New York City from high up is sure to be on any tourist’s to-do list when visiting. But you can see NYC skyline from so many places now – bridges, such as Brooklyn Bridge, apartment buildings, tramways, such as Roosevelt Island Tramway, museums, and even the Statue of Liberty. However, you cannot beat the view … Read more