Experience A Hot Tub Boat NYC Tour + 6 Top-Rated NYC Boat Tours

Looking for a one-of-a-kind tour in NYC? If you like boats, hot tubs, and sightseeing all in one place, you might want to check out a tour of hot tub boat NYC. Yes, it is possible to have these all at the same time!

Touring in the Big Apple has never been this innovative.

Who would have thought you can go sightseeing while enjoying the comfort of a hot tub spa on a boat?

Soak in the Manhattan skyline in the most extraordinary way, and at the same time, enjoy some drinks and food with friends and family.

Wondering how to experience this unique tour? In this article, I share the hidden gems I stumbled upon in NYC tours.

You will find out everything there is to know about hot tub boat NYC tours – from prices to inclusions and frequently asked questions.

What to Expect in a Hot Tub Boat NYC Tour

Imagine this scenario with your friends or loved ones – your favorite music playing while chilling in a hot tub, eating good food, and adoring stunning sunset views.

This is what you can expect when you book a hot tub boat in NYC. You’ll ride on a boat with a built-in hot tub on the deck.

Hot tub boat NYC tours allow you to have a private relaxation and sightseeing experience.

Most boat NYC tours last between one to two hours or more as you cruise along the scenic Hudson River.

Enjoy the famous views of the city skyline which includes popular landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the Battery.

Generally, these tours allow you to bring your own food and drinks to fill you up.

If you need to use the restroom, you do not have to worry about getting off the boat since there is one already in it.

Whether it rains or shines, the boat usually still continues sailing since you are already wet in the tub of water anyway.

Where to Book a Hot Tub Boat NYC Tour

Sea the City Jet Ski Tours


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Just Across Manhattan, you will find Sea the City offering hot tub boat tours from Liberty Landing Marina in New Jersey to Liberty Island in New York.

They consider themselves the pioneers and the only business in New York offering hot tub boat tours.

If you need a special tour to celebrate birthdays, engagements, or anniversaries, Sea the City is one of the best businesses for these private parties.

Package Options

Choose from among their weekday and weekend packages. Weekday packages are more inexpensive than weekend packages. You can opt for a semi-private or full private hot tub boat tour.

Prices start at $449 for the weekday semi-private package for two people in a single private tub.

The boat can be rented for up to 10 people, with a charge of $109 per additional person.

Sea the City Jet Ski Tours 2

Should you opt for a full private boat tour on the weekday, it costs $2,199 for a maximum of 20 people for a two-tub boat.

If you decide to book on the weekend, the cost for a semi-private hot tub boat tour is $999 for two people.

There is an extra charge of $119 for each additional person for up to 10 people maximum only.

For a weekend private boat tour, it costs $2,499 for 20 people and two tubs in a boat.

What Is Included in the Tour?

All four packages take you to New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty for 90 minutes via their 40’ Coast Guard certified vessel driven by a United States Coast Guard (USCG) Master Captain.

Sea the City Jet Ski Tours 1

The boat has the essentials needed, including a restroom, changing room, storage, canopies, cooler, ice, and cups.

If you need towels, they are available for rent for $4 per towel.

How to Book

Ready to book? Click the Book Your Tour Now from their website and select the type of package.

Then, choose your desired date and time from the calendar. Light green boxes are for weekday prices, whereas the darker green boxes are for weekend prices.

Sea the City Jet Ski Tours 3

After choosing the date and time, indicate the number of people going on the tour who should be 13 years old and above.

Customers under 13 years old can only come when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

For safety reasons, pregnant customers are not allowed to ride the boat.

Lastly, input your contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address.

In the next pages, you are asked to agree to the terms and conditions and indicate if you need to rent a towel.

The last page is the checkout page where you are to book and pay for the tour through various options including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, or Discover.

Additional Hot Tub Boat Tour Information

Bookings with Sea the City are made in advance. However, you can also do a same-day booking for up to five hours before the departure time.

Before the tour starts, you are asked to agree and sign a waiver regarding its terms and conditions.

Only customers who are 21 years old and above can drink alcohol on the boat.

Mobile phones and cameras are allowed on the boat, just make sure to take extra care as you do not want them to fall off into the water.

Sea the City Jet Ski Tours 4

It is important to be on time if you have signed up for a semi-private tour, as the boat leaves according to the departure time for the other passengers already on board.

If you booked a full private tour, the boat can wait for you to arrive but they will still finish the tour according to your original booking end time.

Should you wish to change your booking date, make a rebooking at least two days before.

Keep in mind that bookings are non-refundable if you miss your booking schedule.

GetMyBoat, Inc.


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Instead of booking a hot tub boat tour in NYC, you can always look for boat rentals.

Among the best websites to rent a boat is from GetMyBoat, Inc., launched in 2013 in San Francisco, California.

It is a website and an app available in 184 countries with 150,000 boat listings worldwide.

One of the listings with an available hot tub on a boat is from a user named Avi in the post Throw A HOT TUB PARTY on the HUDSON ! 

In this listing, he has already garnered 86 bookings and received a 5/5-star review from four people. Here’s what you need to know about the listing:

Package Options of the Listing

The price starts at $495 per hour which requires a minimum of two hours per booking.

For every booking you make, you get an additional one hour as their Manhattan summer midweek sunset deal.

GetMyBoat 3

You also have to pay several fees, including the captain fee of $75 per hour, the captain mate fee of $25 per hour, the deckhand fee of $25 per hour, and the fuel fee of $145 per hour.

Aside from the basic fees, you are asked to give a 10% gratitude payment.

Check with the owner if you need to also pay for a boarding or facility fee as indicated in their listing.

Moreover, the prices may be higher if you book on major holidays.

What Is Included in the Listing?

The package is for a maximum of 12 customers only.

You can choose from their selection of captains, including Captain Drew Hillman, Captain Joyce Rice, Captain George Williams, and Captain Glenn Simpson.

GetMyBoat 2

The boat includes only one tub and several amenities such as a BBQ, bar, toilet, and life jackets for safety.

How to Book for the Listing

To complete the booking, a refundable $1,000 deposit must be made.

The rest of the bill is paid after the rental schedule which may include damage charges if needed.

Ask the owner about the booking by sending an inquiry through GetMyBoat’s inquiry form.

You need to indicate the duration, preferred date and time, group size, specific requests, and contact details.

GetMyBoat 1

After sending an inquiry, the owner will get back to you with a customized pricing offer according to your request.

If you agree with the offer and the terms and conditions, you can pay for the booking via credit card.

Additional Hot Tub Boat Listing Information

GetMyBoat 4

If you wish to cancel the booking, you can get a full refund when you cancel five days before the booking date.

Ask the owner for more information regarding the age limit and other restrictions since there is no information mentioned regarding this.

Alternative Fun Boat Tours to Try

If you really enjoy boat tours but could not find one with a hot tub, you can consider other fun regular boat tours available in NYC. Listed below are several boat tours to check out to have an enjoyable trip in NYC.

New York Media Boat

new york media boat

New York Media Boat offers several adventure tours to see the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Little Island, and Chelsea Piers.

You can book the Adventure Sightseeing Tour for $99 per person, Private Boat Tour for $499, Statue of Liberty & Brooklyn Bridge Speedboat Ride for $50 per person, and Private Yacht Cruise for a negotiable price.

All tours are for an hour and a half, except the Statue of Liberty & Brooklyn Bridge Speedboat Ride which is for 30 minutes only.

Liberty Landing City Ferry

Liberty Landing City Ferry

Liberty Landing City Ferry is one of the best ways to travel across the Hudson River for as low as $7 for a one-way trip.

It is not a tour but it offers a cheaper alternative for a short cruise in the city.

The route starts from Liberty Landing Marina in New Jersey to Brookfield Place Terminal.

Hudson River Cruises

Hudson River Cruises

Hudson River Cruises offers two types of cruise packages: Hudson River Sightseeing Cruise and Sunset Sightseeing Cruise.

With the Hudson River Sightseeing Cruise, you have the opportunity to see several famous landmarks such as the Hudson River lighthouses, the Wyndcliff Mansion, Wilderstein, and Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, to name a few.

If you prefer seeing the beautiful sunset, book their Sunset Sightseeing Cruise package for only $38 for adults.

Sail Away NY

Sail Away NY

If you want to rent a yacht with a US Coast Guard licensed captain, Sail Away NY provides a variety of yachts for rent per hour.

The most affordable yacht is Julia, a 40-ft yacht for six passengers and $325 an hour.

For 12 passengers, book the 50-ft Purse Princess for $425 to $900 an hour.

NYC Cycle Boats


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NYC Cycle Boats

NYC Cycle Boats is not your typical machine-operated boat since you have to pedal to move.

The Cycle Boat Ride is an hour and 30 minutes where you sit at the center bar and pedal to keep the boat going.

However, you can also simply relax in the boat’s lounge seats and enjoy the Manhattan views.  

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

Whether you need a boat for parties or special events, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater can customize it for you.

They also provide an educational sail where you learn about environmental programs on ecology and history.

Tickets start at $75 for adults for two hours or three hours for Kingston and Brooklyn only.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book a hot tub boat NYC tour?

Hot tub boat NYC tours are available all year round. Since the hot tub water temperature can be adjusted, you can enjoy it in both winter and summer seasons.

Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, the tour is best enjoyed at any time of the day.

Catch the golden sunrise in the morning or wait for the city lights to come to life in the evening while you soak in a steamy hot tub.

If you like catching the golden hours, then it is best to come early in the morning for a breathtaking sunrise and late in the afternoon for a beautiful sunset.

What kind of boat has a hot tub?

Hot tubs on a boat are usually specially made and designed according to the buyer’s preferences.

However, there are already several yachts equipped with a hot tub nowadays.

These are commonly made of wood and topped off with a fiberglass coating.

Are hot tub boat tours safe?

Generally, hot tub tours are safe since you sail across a safe area in the river.

Most of the time, cruising during a storm is not allowed.

Moreover, the boats are operated by licensed captains and there are life jackets available for passenger safety.

Is drinking alcohol allowed on the boat?

Drinking alcohol on board depends on the tour company you booked.

Most hot tub boat tours allow you to bring your own booze for your enjoyment.

It is allowed as long as underage passengers and the captain do not drink alcohol.

What is the temperature of the hot tub?

Hot tubs can be adjusted to your liking. The temperature is usually about 100°F or 37°C and can go hotter if you desire.

So even if you book a tour in freezing temperatures, you are soaked in the warmth of the steamy hot tub.

What do I need to bring with me?

First of all, you need to have a bathing suit or any appropriate swimming attire.

You also need to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun, so do not forget to bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

If the boat does not have speakers for music, it is best to bring your own for some good vibes.

Keep your phone protected by packing a waterproof phone case as well.

Lastly, bring your favorite snacks and drinks to keep you satisfied throughout the cruise.

Can I get seasick on board?

If you easily get dizzy with motion, then the chances of getting seasick are high.

A boat runs about 3mph or as fast as 5mph.

To help you cope with seasickness, it is recommended to take medication before the boat moves.

Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a unique way to have a relaxing time while enjoying the scenic views of New York City, I can definitely say booking a hot tub tour in NYC is worth a try.

New York is already filled with hundreds of ordinary yacht tours and sunset cruises, so why don’t you do the unusual and book a hot tub boat tour instead?

The serene spot is perfect for finding serenity in the midst of a bustling city.

It is without a doubt one of the most Instagrammable locations since it is not a common activity to do on a vacation.

Not only is it for tourists looking for a special tour, but for New Yorkers as well who need to throw an unforgettable party.

To get a better deal, I suggest booking a private boat for a big group of friends or family.

What do you think of hot tub boat NYC?

If you found this tour intriguing, share your thoughts below in the comments section. If you have already tried a hot tub boat, let us know if it is worth it.

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