The Most Visited Churches In Brooklyn, NY

Looking for baptist churches in Brooklyn? You are in the right place.

Although Baptists live in almost every county of the world, most of them are in the United States.

According to data, Baptists are the second-largest religious group in the country with over 50 million residents.

Consequently, you can find a large number of Baptist churches in Brooklyn and each of them is contributing to the spread of God’s word in their specific way.

Some of us prefer to worship God in solitude, while others enjoy the beauty of unifying with others so they can feel a sense of belonging and support while serving God.

When you carry your concern alone, it is twice as hard as when you share it with people who are on the same path as you.

Every human can choose how often should go to the church and how much should engage in serving the community.

Doors of the church are always open to give us comfort, and peace, and to teach us how to find a higher purpose in our life.

Each of us is rewarded by God with certain abilities we have to use to ease the life of people around us and make the world a better place. This is achieved through various ministries, activities, and programs organized by the church.

List of the most visited Baptist churches in Brooklyn

Each of the churches listed below is unique and provides a specific experience to its members.

This is why you should pay attention and research their missions and core values so you can join the one which will answer your questions.

The best way to choose your church is to go to the service, feel the atmosphere, and listen carefully to the Pastor.

Allow your being to decide to which church you belong and contribute to your people as much as you can.

  1. Emmanuel Baptist Church
  2. Mount Lebanon Baptist Church
  3. Berean Baptist Church
  4. Brown Memorial Baptist Church
  5. Beraca Baptist Church
  6. Saint Philips Christian Church
  7. Cornerstone Baptist Church
  8. Lenox Road Baptist Church
  9. Mount Ollie Baptist Church
  10. Saint Paul Community Baptist Church
  11. First Baptist Church of Crown Heights
  12. The Concord Baptist Church of Christ
  13. Resurrection Church

1. Emmanuel Baptist Church

279 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Emmanuel Baptist Church


In the Clinton Hill neighborhood, you can see the impressive building of Emmanuel Baptist Church. It was built in 1887. as a synthesis of the cathedral type and the Baptist preaching church.

Members of this Church say that their purpose is to “Transform lives through the love of Jesus Christ to make a better me, better we, and a better world. ”

It is achieved through the process of:

1) Gathering to celebrate Jesus Christ

2) Growing through groups

3) Giving money and time to the church and community

4) Going and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with people around you

2. Mount Lebanon Baptist Church

228 Decatur St, Brooklyn, NY 11233

Mount Lebanon Baptist Church


Mount Lebanon Baptist Church emphasizes the importance of serving God through the serving community.

Members should promote the Gospel in living, preaching, and worship. The point of worship is to lead you to make a change in the community.

The church is not the place where you go only on Sunday, for that reason members are preparing disciples to serve the church and community throughout the whole week.

Knowing how important are connections between the people, they are trying to draw people closer to one another as in that way they are closer to God.

On their website, you can see the whole calendar of the events and services.

If you are not available to attend personally, you can join a virtual church service every Sunday at 11 a.m.

3. Berean Baptist Church

1635 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11213

Berean Baptist Church


Berean Baptist Church was incorporated in 1850. when the Abolitionists movement prompted racial groups to make spiritual and social changes through the Christian faith.

Even today, their goal is to do more in serving church, community, nation, and world.

Their doors are open for everyone who wants to study God’s word.

They have more than 30 different ministries adapted to various groups of people, so everyone can choose the one according to their preferences.

The mission of this church is to make disciples of all and to build the kingdom of God here on earth as it is heaven.

4. Brown Memorial Baptist Church

484 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Brown Memorial Baptist Church


Brown Memorial Baptist Church is located in the Clinton Hill area. It was founded in 1916. by seven former members of above mentioned Berean Baptist Church.

The church was named after the former pastor of Berean Baptist Church – Leonard Joseph Brown.

During all these years, members tried to bring people closer to God through their serving and make their lives easier.

Brown Memorial empowered various ministries to meet the needs of people. They provide scholarships, food pantries, benevolence, and also express the Gospel through both traditional and contemporary mediums.

Their YouTube channel is regularly updated with new virtual services.

5. Beraca Baptist Church 

9602 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Beraca Baptist Church


The vision of Beraca Baptist Church is to exalt the Lord, educate people and empower them to enrich their community with the presence of Christ.

This church places a high value on ministries and serving others. For that reason, there are many ministries so every member of the family can actively participate.

Each person brings his own gifts, abilities, and strengths to contribute equally to the community. When you utilize your gift and blend it with the gifts of others you will be closer to Lord.

On the website of Beraca Baptist Church, you can find many organizations, projects, and missions you are willing to help and be active in.

6. Saint Philips Christian Church

765 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Saint Philips Christian Church


It is located in the Stuyvesant Heights area of Brooklyn.

Their members create one big family that spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a clear, concise, and consistent way. Its mission is to spread the message of peace, hope, and love across the world.

Their core values include:

Grow – Establishing its roots and strengthening its foundation as a bible-based church.

Love – Demonstrating Christ’s love to all people

Serve – Addressing the concerns of the community through evangelical outreach

Work – Working together to spread God’s mission

Worship – Gathering to celebrate Christ through prayer.

7. Cornerstone Baptist Church

574 Madison St, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Cornerstone Baptist Church


It was founded in 1917. during WWII and today serves over 1500 members.

Their vision is to grow in understanding of God through biblical teaching, preaching, worship, and service.

God’s word is the only true and trustworthy guide for all areas of life. So it should be a source of derive principles for living.

They believe that they should reach God’s people who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ and help them to understand the higher truth.

They seek to increase their wisdom and knowledge of God so they can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

8. Lenox Road Baptist Church

1356 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11226

Lenox Road Baptist Church


When Lenox Road Baptist Church was established, it was just a simple group of prayers. The church was formally organized in 1872.

If you are just a visitor of the church, members of Lenox Road Baptist Church will make sure that you feel a life-transforming experience of being a child of God.

All their ministries are centered around empowering and educating people.

Their vision is to develop people to spiritual maturity through worship, bible study, seminars, or one of many ministries.

They are making disciples of Christ and sending them into the world as agents of change.

Members of LRBC are a big church family which lives in harmony by loving, learning, and laughing.

9. Mount Ollie Baptist Church

1698 St Marks Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233

Mount Ollie Baptist Church


Mount Ollie Baptist Church is located in the historic Brownsville district of Brooklyn.

Members defined themself as congregations of friendly and genuine believers in Christ. It is not just a place of worship but also a place of refuge for the community.

They are committed to transforming lives and communities through the WORD.

Acronym W.O.R.D. contains their core values:

1) Worship – They embrace worship to the creator

2) Outreach –  They engage in outreach to the community

3) Relationships – They establish relationships among congregants

4) Discipleship – They excel in discipleship to model our Christ.

10. Saint Paul Community Baptist Church

859 Hendrix St, Brooklyn, NY 11207

Saint Paul Community Baptist Church


It was established in 1927. when 15 worshippers formed a fellowship in the Brownsville area. Saint Paul Community Baptist Church as we know it today is located in the East New York area of Brooklyn.

The goal of this church is to ensure the continuity of the transitional process into their ministry, by incorporating love, laughter, and learning through a biblically-based journey.

For almost one hundred years, their ministries successfully preach and teach in order to edify the lives of their congregants.

On their website, you can find the schedule of upcoming events and available programs.

11. First Baptist Church of Crown Heights

450 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11225

First Baptist Church of Crown Heights


As it can be concluded from the name, this is the first Baptist church in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn.

It was founded in 1953. to proclaim a Gospel message relevant to men’s needs in a changing society.

They preach a risen Christ who works toward the liberation of men from all forms of oppression.

This church is a friendly, Bible-based, and Christ-centered church that seeks to convert the world to Christ by loving God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.

12. The Concord Baptist Church of Christ

833 Gardner C. Taylor Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11216

The Concord Baptist Church of Christ


Their church as a God’s house are open for more than 170 years.

You can come here to inspire, edify, equip and leave ready to witness God’s love and care for the world.

Among them, you can expect to be loved and valued as a unique expression of God’s grace in the world. You will feel support to find your vocation as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

When gathered, through worship, study, fellowship, and serving, they rehearse the truth of God’s love as recorded in the holy scriptures.

Due to the current global situation, on their website, you can find virtual services and more than 380 recorded sermons.

13. Resurrection Church

740 40th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Resurrection Church


Resurrection Church is a multi-ethnic church based in Sunset Park with a second campus on Staten Island.

It was founded in 1984. and until today creates a welcoming space where people of all ages and backgrounds experience a relationship with God.

They helped thousands of people to discover their calling and purpose from God through ministries.

They have three primary missions:

1) To renew the hope of people by pointing their hearts to the story of Jesus Christ.

2) To restore families since they are essential to building communities and nations.

3) To serve communities by helping people outside the church to understand better the love, acceptance, and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about visiting the church or maybe changing your current one, I hope this article will be helpful.

Even though going to any church can’t be a mistake, if you have the opportunity to choose then join the one you feel you can learn the most.

The moment you start a journey of faith, and give loyalty and service to Christ you will feel closer to Him.

Choose wisely and make this world a better place!

What do you think about our list? Is your church mentioned?

If not, write us in the comment about your church, we would like to hear more about your experience!

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