Costco Brooklyn Review; Hours, Wholesale and More

Costco is an American-operated warehouse club that deals with providing bulk quantities of merchandise at discounted prices to its members. Membership can easily be purchased at any of their warehouses or online.

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Costco offers a variety of products and services ranging from groceries to pharmaceutical and even travel services.

Starting up in Seattle in 1983, Costco has since expanded across the country with 572 stores in the US today, and over 600 stores in more than 10 countries around the world.



They were recorded as the world’s largest retailers of organic foods and wine as of 2016 and are the fifth largest retailers in the world.

With Costco, you can shop a variety of wholesale items at lower prices. They have a massive inventory and offer a wholesome number of services.

If you’re in Brooklyn you can find a warehouse on 3rd Avenue, the warehouse features a supermarket, pharmacy, optical department, hearing aid store, and a food court.

Membership is needed to access services and shop at the warehouse but you can tag along with a friend who has a membership plan or borrow their card to visit and check out the place before getting a membership for yourself




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Service Hours

Mondays – Fridays – 9:00 am – 8:30 pm

Saturdays. – 9:00 am – 7:00 pm Sundays. – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm





What you can find at Costco


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You can stop by Costco Brooklyn for a pack of toothbrushes or a new washing machine, but whatever you need, Costco has the best deals. Costco offers a range of products, and I’m here to walk you through a few things you can find at the Brooklyn warehouse.

If you’re a member, you may already have an idea of what the store offers but if you just moved to Brooklyn or you’re thinking of getting a membership, here’s what you can find at the warehouse.

Costco food


Like any regular supermarket, you can find a range of fresh foods, canned foods, meats, chicken, oil, soda, pantry, and dry goods, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, and other groceries items.

The important thing to know about Costco is that they are wholesale stores, so products are packaged and sold in larger amounts than you might find at a typical supermarket.

It’s a great option for large households and business owners to shop products wholesale at a lower cost. Along with groceries, you can also find

  • Clothes
  • Home appliances like dishwashers and microwaves
  • Computer accessories, laptops, Ipads, routers, and a range of computer devices
  • Beauty products like makeup, skincare, and nail care items
  • Furniture including fireplaces and office furniture
  • Kitchen hardware such as utensils, storage, bakeware, and cookware
  • Home improvement items like rugs and generators
  • Sports and fitness equipment including bikes and inversion tables

You can also find ATMs, fresh produce, a fresh deli, and lots of other specialty departments. To learn more about Costco’s endless inventory, visit their website here

Costco Membership

Membership cards are required to access products and services at the warehouse. Costco currently has over 111 million members worldwide and their numbers keep increasing as more people discover the amazing opportunities that members enjoy.

You can purchase different memberships depending on your budget and what you wish to access. Membership cards are universal and can be used at all Costco locations worldwide.

Costco offers two types of membership: the personal and business membership, each having an everyday value and executive tier rounding it up to four different membership plans in total.

Costco Membership


The personal membership starts at a $60 annual fee for the gold star everyday value card and $120 annual fee for a gold star executive card.

With an everyday value membership, you can get two membership cards valid at all Costco locations and complete access to all Costco products and services.

With an executive membership , you enjoy a number of extra benefits such as an annual 2% reward on certain purchases, additional discounts and a yearly subscription to Costco Connection.

With a business membership you can purchase items for resale and include additional people to your membership. These services cannot be accessed with a personal membership. Business everyday value membership cost a $60 annual fee and the business executive cost a $120 annual fee.

Costco Membership 1


Business executive members enjoy added benefits and discounts and annual rewards like executive gold star memberships.

Memberships are refundable at any time if Costco does not meet your expectations. Members also enjoy automobile services, discounts at their gas stations, their large seasonal sales and all Costco has to offer.

To get a membership and join the Costco family you can visit the membership desk at the warehouse or you can sign up online here

Costco Services

Costco is more than your average mall or supermarket, they offer a wide range of services accessible by all members.

Costco works with trusted service providers for members to access insurance, home services, car services, and business services.

You can speak directly to service provider representatives at the warehouse or simply visit their website to access them online.

Costco Services


Costco offers life insurance that is flexible and reliable, you can adjust death benefits as your needs change and cancel the insurance at any time with no additional cost.

They also offer pet insurance, home insurance, and business health insurance. Their home services include bottled water delivery, mortgage purchases, identity protection, and lots more.

As a member, you can also assess auto insurance, discount purchases on used cars, car parts, auto services, and budget truck rentals.

Business services include payment processing, business vision insurance, and business checks, forms, and accessories.

With a membership, Costco offers services at much lower costs with seasonal discounts to give you even better deals.

You can check here for more information on their services or visit the Brooklyn warehouse at 3rd Avenue.

Costco Pharmacy

At Costco pharmacy, you can purchase medications and services like immunization and consultations at a much lower cost. As a member you are eligible for massive store discounts on prescriptions, authorized generics, and even personalized compounded medicines, prepared by professionals for you and your family.

Costco Pharmacy


You can shop a range of products including digital therapeutics for migraines and popular prescription drugs such as tramadol and Victoza.

Costco is all about saving, so if you have any prescription medication that you take frequently and usually need a refill as soon as the bottle is empty you can join the Costco member prescription program for larger discounts at Costco pharmacy and other participating pharmacies.

As a member, you can be part of the Costco member prescription program(CMPP) with no additional fee. The program is not an insurance but allows members and eligible dependents such as your children to enjoy some of the best rates for prescriptions and save between 2% – 40% on your purchases.

Members of the program are given a CMPP card that can be used at Costco and other participating pharmacies, if you already have a prescription at a non-participating pharmacy you can simply have it transferred to Costco and other related pharmacies to enjoy these benefits.

Pharmacist consultations are available at the warehouses and if you’re not a native English speaker or have any form of speech deformity, language translation services are provided.

Costco Travel

Costco travel aims at providing amazing vacation value and special travel offers that are exclusive to members. Costco members can purchase outstanding vacation packages including accommodation, car rentals, and airfare on certain deals, to luxury destinations.

You can purchase flexible travel products including vacation packages for the whole family, hotel and flight packages, or just hotel services and customizable packages to suit your taste.

Like their warehouses, Costco works with trusted brands to provide the best value to all their customers. Members enjoy massive merits on travel products including huge discounts and a 2% reward for executive members after travel.

Costco Travel


With Costco, shop vacation packages for destinations like Seattle, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, New York, Las Vegas, and the Bahamas. They also feature cruises such as the western Caribbean cruise, France and Greece cruise, and the Ketchikan cuisine.

You can purchase travel packages at much lower rates with Costco directly from their website or you can speak with customer service at the warehouse. Click here to read more about Costco travel.

Costco Opticals and Hearing Aids

Costco Opticals


At Costco Brooklyn, you can speak with trained doctors of optometry and purchase prescription glasses with a variety of frames and styles.

The warehouse optical department also offers prescription contact lenses, shades, and lots more. You can get deals on prescription glasses and shop for quality products to keep your vision at its best.

Costco Hearing Aids


They are trained personnel at the warehouse to help you shop for hearing aids, or help you find the right one for your prescription. They can also assist in the administration and answer all questions you have concerning the quality of products

Costco Deals

If you’re a member at  Costco you can save even more with their awesome sales and season deals.

You can find products that are on sale by visiting their website and searching for products that are currently going for lower prices. Visit here to find out more about the sales.

Costco Deals



Are memberships refundable?

Yes, memberships are refundable, you can even get a refund on membership within 24 hours of registration.

Can I use my Costco card in other states?

Yes, Costco cards are universal and can be used at other warehouses worldwide, so don’t forget to pack your card when you’re traveling.

What are the benefits of an executive membership?

As an executive member, you enjoy a 2% reward on special purchases at the end of a year with special merits on travel packages and other services. You also enjoy added discounts and merits.

What type of payment cards are acceptable at Costco?

Costco warehouses only accept VISA cards, so your Mastercard may not be accepted at the warehouse, please take note of this before you visit.

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