19 Best Restaurants You Can Find In Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Bounded by Park Slope, the Sunset Park in Brooklyn, New York, has served as one of the neighborhoods for many Indians, Hispanics, and Asians where they’ve made their whole culture.

Because of this reason, restaurants abound in the area, especially the ones that are suitable for anyone’s budget.

Located on the top of a hill, it serves as a place where you can watch the sunset while enjoying a delicious meal.

From a simple takeout to places where you can sit to dine, you will, without a doubt, leave with your stomach full.

Cheerful friends sitting in restaurant for dinner

It has undoubtedly become a destination, leaving its mark on every person who decides to visit these places.

Here are the best Sunset Park Restaurants in Brooklyn that will sweep you off your feet!

1. Zona Sur Bar Bistro

Zona Sur Bar Bistro


Although it serves only American cuisine, it is a great place to start if you’re not a fan of trying out other cultural food.

Here you have mostly vegetarian options such as avocado salad, fried artichokes, and even cocktails in the evening hours.

You can visit anytime from 12-10 PM, Monday to Thursday. They work until 11 PM on Friday.

You can also book private events or use their catering service for any occasion. You can find the catering menu on their website.

2. Parlay

4024 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232,

+1 347-987-4059



If you’re looking for a place where you can comfortably enjoy eating food and still get your work done, then this coffee shop is ideal!

You can find an extensive menu where you can order things such as fried chicken, sandwiches, pancakes, and even eggs.

I recommend ordering Malaysian chicken curry. It is rich in texture and quite thick, unlike regular soups. And the best part is that it also comes with a flaky roti canai that will activate your spicy taste buds.

3. Bamboo Garden

  • 6409 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220
  • +1 718-238-1122

Bamboo Garden is the only place you need to visit if you’re a fan of har gow and siu mai. Another incredible thing you need to try is the roast pork.

The place is rather distinguished by its looks. At the entrance, you will notice pork and ducks on display.

This place is ideal if you’re looking for a place to enjoy early breakfast and late dinners.

And, if you want to throw a party or a wedding, this place enables that too!

You can come alone or with a large group of people. You will enjoy your food there.

4. Tacos El Bronco

Tacos El Bronco

Tacos El Bronco is a quick place if you need a menu that offers excellent Chile Rellenos, tostadas, and even steak.

What sets Tacos El Bronco apart from the rest is that you can order food from the Taco El Bronco truck.

This might be a better option as the food is a little fresher.

And, if that isn’t for you, you can go for the chair option and enjoy sitting while eating.

You can find the Tacos El Bronco restaurant nearly 10 minutes away from the truck.

The restaurant also serves snacks such as Regular Sopes and Flautas with rice and beans.

5. Sunset Park Diner and Doughnuts

Sunset Park Diner and Doughnuts

Although Sunset Park Diner and Doughnuts offers a smaller menu compared to other places to eat, it’s still worth trying their food.

You can choose to eat their egg sandwiches or try out their griddle specialties such as the golden-brown pancakes or french toast.

The best part is that you can order a whole toast for $1.70 and a Kaiser Roll for $1.80.

You can visit the place whenever you want, whether it’s 10 AM or 2 in the morning. It offers a 24-hour service for its amazing doughnuts and sandwiches.

6. Ba Xuyen

  • 4222 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232
  • +1 718-633-6601

If you’re a fan of banh mi, Ba Xuyen offers the most extensive range of banh mi kinds. When you enter the spot, you will notice a large wall with pictures of all of the banh mi.

I recommend ordering classic #1. It comes with a plethora of pickled vegetables, various kinds of pork, and crispy bread.

If that’s not according to your preferences, you can always check out the sardine variety.

It tastes excellent with the durian shake. And, you can get all that for less than $20.

7. Kai Feng Fui Dumpling House

  • 4801 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220
  • +1 718-437-3542

Kai Feng Fui Dumpling House

If you want to eat for less than $2, Kai Feng Fu Dumpling House offers you an incredible place where you can get your stomach full for such a low price.

They most often serve dumplings made with leek and pork and steamed dumplings.

The regular dumplings come with a crisp and thick filling and leathery skin.

On the other hand, the steamed dumplings are a bit larger and not that interesting when it comes to flavor.

Other items on the menu include soups, salty pancakes, and some buns filled with pork and other meat.

This place has limited space for tables, so make sure to come in early and take your seat.

8. Yafa Cafe

Yafa Cafe

Wanting to enjoy food while sharing a chat with your friends calls for going to Yafa Cafe.

This cafe is a safe place where you can chit-chat with the waiters and your friends or spend your day working on your laptop.

It provides free wifi, which you can comfortably use. The place is comfortable to spend your whole day there.

It has a large area of books, walls covered in brick, and wicker furniture surrounded by plants.

It is a great spot for eating local shakshuka or a simple sandwich accompanied by freshly brewed coffee.

This Yemeni Cafe is something you have to check out if you happen to be at Sunset Park.

9. Tacos Matamoros

  • 4508 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220,
  • (718) 871-7627

Tacos Matamoros

Although Tacos El Bronco is an excellent place to get tacos and such, another place you should walk by is Tacos Matamoros.

It has an extensive menu that ranges from sopes, cemitas, and whole-fried fish.

It offers two taco sizes, one small and one large, for tacos. If you order the large ones, you will see that it is filled with chorizo meat.

But that isn’t all. Say you’re with a group of friends that want to take a seat and drink all night.

Tacos Matamoros, I dare you to try the frozen margaritas that come with a queso fundido.

10. Kofte Piyaz

  • 881 5th Ave Store A, Brooklyn, NY 11232,
  • +1 347-227-7036
  • Visit Website

Kofte Piyaz


It is a well-known fact that the Turkish people have one of the best coffee services in the world. And Kofte Piyaz only confirms this. You get a friendly service as well as great food.

You can choose from lamb sausages to grilled lamb shish kebap. You will also find a great range of salads, of which the most popular one is Coban Salatasi.

This Turkish version of the salad is made from tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, parsley, onion, feta cheese, olive oil, and lemon juice.

And, by the end of your meal, I say you treat yourself with excellent baklava, the most original Turkish dish in the world.

11. Thanh Da

  • 6008 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220
  • +1 718-492-3253

Thanh Da

Another excellent place for banh mi is Thanh Da. This is located on the southern edge of Sunset Park. This is a takeout organization. There are several tables you can sit at.

Trust me, and if you decide to try banh mi, you won’t regret it. You only have to spend $10 on this incredible baguette. And, even the other cuisines aren’t that much expensive.

You can get your stomach full for the whole day, and you will only spend no more than $20.

However, the star of the place is bun bo hue. This is a soup that is somewhat spicy by nature.

Although it will leave your tongue a bit tangy, you won’t regret spending your money on this. It comes with thick noodles, lime, basil, and pork.

And, it tastes even better when it’s hot – so make sure to take a seat and give your whole attention to it.

12. The Roast

  • 5124 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220
  • +1 718-633-8288
  • Visit Website 

The Roast

You might have figured out what this place is all about just by its name. You can get all kinds of roast meat. For example, my favorite things to order are the roast chicken wings and the suckling pig.

However, do not be afraid to try out the honey roast duck. The best part about it is that you can order two types of meat for about $6 in total – which is a fantastic price if you want to try these exquisite meals.

You can even make your meal by ordering rice, noodles, and some meat. Although it is a relatively small space, it’s worth visiting.

13. The King of Fish

The King of Fish


El Rey Del Pesado also knows the King of Fish. This restaurant offers a wide range of seafood and a plethora of various cocktails you can order any day.

One of the best items on the menu I would recommend you try out is the octopus-topped tostadas, agua chile, and empanadas stuffed with a baby shark.

And, if for some reason you don’t like the tostadas, I say you try the garlic sauce shrimp or the habanero-lime shrimp. There are, of course, many other options for the shrimp you can choose from.

If you want to try out something completely new, I would order the pilin.

The pilin is a dish made from mashed and fried painting, then topped with shrimp, crab, or a baby shark.

Then, it is mixed with cabbage with several sauces sprinkled on top.

14. Yun Nan Flavour Garden

  • 5121 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220
  • +1 718-633-3090

Yun Nan Flavour Garden

The Yun Nan Flavour Garden is where you can find Yunnan food only.

It serves a dish called crossing bridge noodles. Once you try it, this will become your favorite.

These noodles come with scattered ingredients. You get raw veggies, rice noodles, and raw lamb strips which you dip in the chicken broth. The menu is quite extensive and serves everyone’s taste.

You can eat noodles that don’t come with broth, dumplings with meat, and even rice cakes.

This is the perfect place to go in the evening with your friends.

15. Hot Space 麻辣空间(布鲁克林)

  • 774 51st St, Brooklyn, NY 11220,
  • +1 718-980-8801

Hot Space

Hot Space is a place where you can comfortably come with your friend group to have a little fun.

When you come to Hot Space, you can order barramundi or even sea bass.

You can also choose your preferred sauce, such as the spicy tofu pudding sauce, which I recommend.

You can also choose your preferred vegetables which your waiter will bring in a heated pan.

The best part about this place is that you can also watch TV while you’re eating, as there is an enormous screen specifically for that purpose.

16. Ricos Tacos

  •  505 51st St, Brooklyn, NY 11220
  • +1 718-633-4816
  • Visit Website

Ricos Tacos

Finding authentic Mexican food has never been easier! The menu is full of affordable price dishes that range from $2 to $14 most. You can try the Camarones Empanizados or the Mojarra Frita, a fried fish.

You can also try the Mexican sandwiches that come with quesillo chiles, a piece of fresh cheese with vinegar, or roasted chipotle.

It is open 24 hours, which means that you can go as late as you want to without the fear of the place closing.

You don’t need to make any reservations and you can also choose between sitting there and ordering delivery and takeout.

17. Fei Long Market Food Court

Fei Long Market Food Court

This is yet another food market that you can find near Sunset Park. It has a unique appearance as it has an entrance covered in plastic strips.

Although not all of the stalls are working right now, the ones working provide a seating space where you can taste your food.

If this restaurant market looks interesting to you, I would recommend trying out the Shanghai soup dumplings.

You can find them at the Guang Fu counter stall. It has many other kinds of dumplings as well as handmade noodles.

Other dishes originate from northern Chine, such as the fermented bean paste.

18. East Harbor Seafood Palace

  • 714 65th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220
  • +1 718-765-0098

East Harbor Seafood Palace

If you’re looking for a place where you can eat food native to the original Chinatowns, the East Harbor Seafood Palace offers the same, if not better, experience.

It serves banquet foods such as steamed pork ribs, rice rolls, and chicken.

If you find yourself going there, try the pork-filled dumplings. Although it might seem crowded during the weekends, it is definitely worth the wait.

The staff will give you a number for your seating, and then it will call you by the number.

The best time to visit the East Harbor Seafood is late afternoon or evening.

19. Don Pepe Tortas Y Jugos

  • 3908 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232
  • (718) 435-3326

Don Pepe Tortas Y Jugos 1

This place, as the name says, sells tortas and jugos. The moment you step into the place, you will see all of the walls covered with extensive descriptions of the sandwiches it offers and juices.

The menu ranges from tacos and chicken nuggets to burritos and such.

The place is set up so that you have to go to the back of the site, order your food, and then walk up to the front so that you can pay at the register.

If you follow these rules, you will probably win a nutritious juice with large pineapple toppings and a particular steaming portal made from all kinds of meat.

It is an excellent place you can go if you want to eat out throughout the week.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re not a gourmet yourself, you must try these places in Sunset Park. There is a reason why they’re considered one of the best places to eat in this neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Depending on your taste and mood, you can visit the local Mexican diners and many Asian restaurants. You will experience a whole new range of food and culture, making you yearn for more.

And, if you happen to know more about these restaurants, make sure to leave a comment down below and share your experience with the food you’ve tasted.

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