16 Top-Ranked Dog Trainers In Brooklyn, NYC

If you recently adopted a dog and need your dog to be trained, you need to find the right person for the job to ensure that the dogs are in the right hands.

Training your dog is a crucial procedure as it helps keep them safe and behave well when around people.

The trainer of your dog must be a professional. You need to make sure the person you are hiring is a professional dog whisperer, behavior consultant, and pet expert.

Dog Trainers

So, if your dog is struggling with anxiety, aggression, or separation, you need to hire a professional dog trainer as soon as possible. 

This article will help you determine which dog trainers are the best in Brooklyn.

Best Dog Training Services Brooklyn

1. Calm Energy Dog Training

149 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone; 646-942-1979

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Calm energy dog training


Anthony Newman and Cesar Millan are the experts who take charge of the operations at this dog training center. These two are overly experienced in the canine behavior and keeping the dogs safe.

The experts are highly trained professionals and use non-treat-centric methods to train your dog to be peaceful, calm, and trusting when around people. The classes are provided either in groups or in private classes. The lesson taken influences the prices you will pay for the training and what your pet needs.

Pet socialization, leash-walking, obedience, and boundaries are the basic classes you will find here. You only need to select your pet’s lessons based on its requirements. Classes vary and begin from basic to advance.

It will cost you about $250 for private training, $150 for video consultations, and $350 for weekly training sessions depending on the package you selected. Visit their website for more information.

2. Brooklyn’s Finest Dog Training

Jackie Robinson Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11207

Phone; 917-576-3867

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Brooklyns finest dog training


This dog training in Brooklyn was established in 2012 and is owned by Mark Bennett, a dog professional.

Mark is well trained, and some of the services he offers include introductory agility, obedience, leash training, and socialization. Regardless of your pet’s size or breed, he is capable of transforming your dog into the best of habits.

This skilled dog professional trainer is known for his success with difficulties that other dog trainers find challenging to overcome.

Aggression and separation are characteristics that he has dealt with perfectly. Brooklyn’s finest dog training is the place to visit if you value your money’s worth.

Visit the website of this dog trainer in Brooklyn and make appointments and all inquiries about whatever information and help you need.

3. La Bella Pooch Dog Training and Grooming

8001 17th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Phone; 917-697-6331

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La Bella pooch dog training and grooming


Flexibility is one vital factor to be considered when hiring private dog trainers. La Bella pooch is the best with flexibility because your dog is guaranteed extra time and the best results.

Their key area of concern is the relationship between parents and pets. In addition, they teach your dog how to overcome expectations through their thorough training and personalization services which is why many veterinarians recommend this facility.

Their customer service is top-notch, making it a go-to option for many pet parents. Furthermore, It is one of the oldest dog training facilities in the city. Its customer service is one of the many reasons many people recommend this facility for dog training services.

If you intend on bringing your dog to this facility, you should remember to have all current vaccination records for a smooth service. In addition, each dog got here has a customized training plan to ensure that it receives all the attention needed.

Some of the services offered here include group training, obedience, behavior modification, and puppy training. The prices vary based on the service provided.

If you want a dog training facility with a customized plan, you need to give them a call and let them take care of your pets.

4. Wag of the dog NYC

212 S 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone; 718-486-7930

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Wag of the dog NYC


Do you want a dog training facility to address your dog’s needs like aggression, anxiety, and behavior? Then, this is the best place for such kind of dog training services.

The owner Inna Krasnovsky has worked with several animals throughout her, fostered many rescued pets, and helped adopt many pets. In addition, she is a renowned veterinarian in the city all due to hard work and success when dealing with animals.

She is an expert in dog behaviors and attends regular seminars and meetings to improve her skills. Using humane techniques to train the dogs improves their communication skills. This feature makes this facility one of the best in the city.

The basic training cost in this facility is reasonable and costs $350. However, a semi-private class will cost you more and go for $400.

This dog training center is for you if you need manners and reactive dog training for your pet. Compassionate and practical dog trainings are this facility’s key concerns and areas of interest. You need to make that call immediately if your pet has issues that need to be resolved soon.

5. The dog institute of Williamsburg 

125 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone;  347-276-0882

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The dog institute of Williamsburg


Do you know what makes this training company a favorite for many people? They aid in the communication of the pets and parents using positive support and reinforcement techniques.

Elizabeth Redlin has successfully made this dog training establishment a go-to alternative. The facility is spacious enough and perfect for your pet to blend in and play with the other dogs. Besides, the reasonable prices for the different services provided make this company even better when working under a budget.

Excessive barking and chewing are the primary issues they focus on treating and changing.

Also, they offer other services such as group classes, behaviors, socialization, and private lessons. You need to visit their website and make an appointment to learn about all the services offered and the prices.

6. Brooklyn dog training center 

10 Whitwell Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone; 646-828-3551

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Brooklyn dog training center


If not the best in the city and Brooklyn, it is one of the best. The team who train the pets here are experienced and work to provide the best possible outcome for your dog in their 1500 sq ft facility.

This company has a variety of training programs that are essential for developing your dog and producing the best results. The company receives customers and clients from different parts of the city and states because of its excellent work.

The training and prices vary where they begin, from basic to advanced. Puppy classes, tricks, obedience, flyball, and freestyles are just some services offered in this dog facility.

If you have been to several dog companies without success, you need to take a leap of faith with this company. The results may impress you, especially when you see your dog behaving in your preferred manner.

7. Hustle pups, NYC

60 Anthony St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone; 929-284-1918

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Hustle pups NYC


This pet care company is also one you should consider taking your dog for training services. They offer several services that might impress and interest you, depending on what problem or issue you need to fix for your dog.

Like many other dog training companies, the services begin from simple to complex, which dictates the amount of money you will pay for the service.

Training programs include separation, anxiety, aggression, and board and train services. Private training sessions are also available in this dog training company. The classes are specifically used to eliminate particular issues affecting your dog.

The board and train program is the most intensive service, which means you will pay more for this service. Your dog stays with the experts for about three weeks and trains the dog on different services.

How about you give them a shot and let them bring out the best in your dog.

8. Dogboy NYC

362 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone; 718-306-2190

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Dogboy NYC


This company has been in business for almost 17 years and serves the Brooklyn neighborhood and other parts of NYC. The high-quality services and the dog training classes have made them a popular go-to alternative for many people.

The company is a member of the International Association of Animal Behaviors and Counselors, so they have vast experience in animal behaviors.

What makes this company an alternative you should consider is the personalized classes they offer mainly for your dog’s needs. The group classes also come in handy if your pet has issues with communication, anxiety, or separation. The best part is using humane training techniques to improve the communication between pets and parents.

If you are worried about the prices, you should know it varies with the service offered. For instance, in-house training sessions and puppy training sessions will cost $185 depending on the hours or the number of days taken during the training.

If you are looking for immediate results as a pet parent, call this dog center. They will always have solutions to your dog’s needs.

9. Doggie Academy 

168 7th St, Brooklyn, NY, US, 11215

Phone; 646-828-3551

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Doggie Academy


Sarah Westcott, the owner of this business, has been serving the residents of Brooklyn since 2007 with dog needs and problems. She mainly focuses on reward-based training for the best possible outcome.

She is a full-service dog trainer, which means your dog will get all the attention needed when you bring it to this center. The lessons and training in this dog academy center are customized to match the critical feature that your pet needs to learn.

Advanced obedience, tricks, behavioral issues, and pet selection are some of the few services you get in this dog academy. In addition, the experts use humane and fun training methods to get the pets to the best behaviors and excellent communication with their parents.

Online classes are also available in this academy. It makes it easier for the experts to reach you and your pet should you be committed somewhere else or stay miles away from the dog training academy center.

Training your pet is on you if you want the best behaviors, tricks, and obedience as a pet parent. The only problem might be finding a suitable training facility, and Doggie Academy will not disappoint you.

10. The dog behaviorist NYC

86 Fleet Pl #18F, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone; 309-620-4579

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The dog behaviorist NYC


If you want a dog facility with the best behaviorist in Brooklyn, look no further than the Dog Behaviorist NYC. Dominik is excellent at his work and uses a common-sense approach to train the pets for better understanding with their parents.

Puppy training is one of his major strengths besides dog behaviors. Canine problems are another area that he works on by teaching the pet parents how to care for and handle their dogs in the best possible way.

He works with all breeds and sizes of dogs. So if you have a dog or puppy with an attitude, you should visit Dominik for excellent and guaranteed results.

The prices of the packages and services offered in this facility are relatively high compared to the other dog facilities in the city, but it’s worth every penny. For instance, puppy packages will cost you $800, and it includes several services such as separation, anxiety, leash walking, and feeding.

Serious issues like severe anxiety and aggression will cost $900. Before taking your dog and pets to this facility, ensure that they are updated with their vaccinations.

11. Pawmos pet care 

121 5th Ave suite 117, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone; 917-557-9402

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Pawmos pet care

Do you want to learn how to communicate with your pet without shouting and dishing out treats? Then, you need to visit Gabriel Riesco in the Pawmos facility for insight and knowledge on how to communicate with your dog easily.

Gabriel uses humane and practical methods o get the best of your dog by adjusting their behavioral issues. The training in this dog facility depends on the package you select and what needs your pet has.

The training options in this dog facility include socialization, separation, anxiety, excessive barking, and territorial behaviors, among others. In addition, all the pets must be fully vaccinated before they are brought to the facility.

There is usually a big difference between training city dogs and training country dogs based on adaptation. Suburbs or country dogs tend to adapt more quickly than city dogs, but Gabriel will walk with your pet through all the obstacles at this facility using his ‘kindness approach’ and thorough training.

12. Urban k-9

 314 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone; 347-416-2535

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Urban k 9


Urban K-9 is a training facility you should consider anytime in Brooklyn. They offer a wide range of services, and you can choose to go with private or group classes for your dog.

They help improve the relationship between parents and pets by using motivational training techniques. The owner, Dani Santzanella, started training dogs in 2004 and has vast experience in dog behaviors.

She has helped many pets and parents throughout her 15-year career, and she has risen through the ranks in NYC. For example, she successfully transformed her husky, which had issues with anxiety and aggression. So, this facility is one of your best alternatives should your pet has such matters.

Urban k-9 specializes in puppy training (usually done online), behavior modification, housebreaking, anxiety, and obedience training. The classes are offered during the day or through board and train.

The package you select will significantly influence the prices you pay for the services offered. Advanced training will cost more because of the intense work that the pet will undergo. Vaccination is an essential factor you need to consider before bringing your pet here. They need to have up-to-date vaccinations.

Visit this facility for extra information on the services offered and straightforward advice on how to care for your dog.

13. Zen dog training LLC

450 6th St, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Phone; 347-696-6387

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Zen dog training LLC


Dog training companies use different approaches to get the best of the pets. For example, this training facility uses a force-free system to train dogs for the best outcome.

The evidence-based training approach they use is essential in making sure you have a perfect relationship between parents and pets. The scientifically supported techniques are lasting and humane and have made this facility rise through the ranks as one of the best in Brooklyn.

This dog facility was established in 2009, and the owner Alexis Toriello has vast experience, especially when dealing with dog behaviors. The training classes in this facility are either done via online classes, in-person training, or private classes.

Stealing food, separation, anxiety, excessive barking, and leash walking are some of your services in this dog training facility.

14. Dog training school, NY

Dog Training School NY, Brooklyn, NY 11228, United States

Phone; (718) 704-6821

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Dog training school

Many dogs in America are euthanized because of behavioral issues. They focus on training the dogs to try and save the number of dogs being killed and ensure the pet’s behaviors change. They have the policy that is training your dog isn’t an option and rather mandatory.

Kimberly deals with different dog breeds and sizes, and she uses positive training methods to promote better relationships between pets and parents. So, if all you want is a personalized training facility, you should give them a call.

Some training services in this facility include excessive barking, destructive behavior, chewing, nipping, and anxiety. The prices are affordable but vary depending on the package and service your dog needs explicitly.

15. Brooklyn pup dog training 

239 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Phone; 347-435-5768

Visit website

Brooklyn pup dog training


One important quality that makes this dog facility different from the others is they use science-based humane dog training methods. It is to deal with the behavioral problems of many dogs.

Sari care is the founder and owner of this dog facility, and she is a certified dog trainer. Sometimes she volunteers and works at a rehabilitation center to train and work with rescued pets. They have various classes that all depend on the service you need for your dog.

The price of private training classes is different from group training, but the good news is you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket.

So, what is their training philosophy? First, they want to boost the bond between humans and pets by making the training classes enjoyable, affordable and result-oriented.

Visit their website for more information on the packages offered and the prices of the stipulated services.

16. Exclusive K9

Hubbard Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11210

Phone; 917-995-5476

Visit website

Exclusive K9


Marion Bardouille is the brain behind this company, and he has successfully dealt with clients in different capacities, both in group and private settings. Besides being a pro dog trainer, he is also a behavioral consultant and has over two decades of experience.

There is a wide variety of training options offered in this company. Behavior modification, potty training, aggression, house training, and obedience are some of the training options you will get here. Also, a board and train option comes in a package.

After-training support is also available if you want your dog to practice the new skills trained. The prices vary based on the package selected. Your dog is guaranteed to have the perfect behavior modification with all these training options.

Final thoughts 

What are you waiting for? First, you only need to browse through this article and select your favorite trainer for your dog. Then, depending on your dog’s needs, be it behavior issues or potty training, you can’t miss out when choosing one of these experts to help you solve your dog’s problems.

So, if you live in Brooklyn and are worried about where to find the dog training services in this borough, your work is simplified as you only need to choose from these 16 best trainers.

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