11 Things To Know Before Living In Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York. Though this place has been given the image of being the hipster center, home to different quirky and silly places, Brooklyn is so much more than that.

Kings County is one of the historically richest places in the United States. And with different immigrants from all over the world, it is also one of the most diverse boroughs of New York.

To this, Brooklyn has continued to attract different people from different parts of the world.

So, if you are wondering what it is like to live in Brooklyn, let us get started!

What is living in Brooklyn like?

Brooklyn is a fascinating part of New York to live in that has become very popular in recent years.

It is a vast borough with different geographical settings, socioeconomic conditions, ethnicity, and age. And because of this, when you ask people living in various parts of Brooklyn what it is like to live in Brooklyn, you will get many different answers. Some might say one of the safest places in New York.

Living in Brooklyn


Others might say so crowded and full of hustle.  You might also hear others saying how it is a quiet, green, peaceful place to live at. Depending on whom you are asking and the areas of Brooklyn they reside in, the answers will always continue to differ.

But the one thing about Brooklyn is that it has something for everyone. With the 52 districts within Brooklyn, you will find yourself fitting in.  To see a few of these districts:

Brooklyn Heights is an ideal place if you love to appreciate a magnificent view right beside your window and if you love dining outside. But it is on the expensive side of Brooklyn, so you have to be well off to live in this neighborhood.

Then there is Downtown Brooklyn, less expensive than Brooklyn Heights but still on the expensive side. But if you enjoy the hustle of city life and can keep up with it, then Downtown Brooklyn might be for you.

And In case you find Downtown Brooklyn a bit too crowded, you might want to consider Park Slope. Park Slope is a family-friendly neighborhood, and it is one of the best places to live if you want to get away from the hustle of city life.

Williamsburg is another choice if you enjoy being among young people and the hip culture. You can enjoy the nightlife, the bars, and the artistic nature of the neighborhood.

Living in Brooklyn 1


Ditmas Park is also another part of Brooklyn, full of cultural diversity. Found in Flatbush, Ditmas Park is a neighborhood with green lawns and trees. It is also one of the safest places in Brooklyn.

We cannot not mention DUMBO while talking about Brooklyn. With the view of Manhattan and the East River Water Front right before your eyes, full of art galleries, trendy markets, and tech startups, DUMBO by itself is a smaller version of Brooklyn.

We can say a lot about each part of Brooklyn, but in general, what do we have to know about Brooklyn before moving there? Let us see!

Things to know before moving to Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a wide city with different things to offer. Here are some things you need to know before moving to Brooklyn

  • You don’t have to be a hipster to move to Brooklyn.

There is this perception among many people that Brooklyn is only for hipsters. This is very far from the truth.  Brooklyn is home to diverse people coming from different backgrounds and leading different lifestyles.

There are indeed neighborhoods in Brooklyn that are full of hipsters and hipster cultures, such as Williamsburg, Bushwick, and DUMBO, but there are also so many other neighborhoods that are just not. These neighborhoods are Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, and Borough Park.



 So, without being intimidated by the ongoing world, you can do your research, and you will find a neighborhood to your liking. Brooklyn always has something for everyone.

  • High living cost

According to a StreetEasy report in 2019, Brooklyn is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. So, finding a place to live within a budget, be it an apartment or a house, can be tiresome.

It is not only the housing that is expensive here in Brooklyn. Compared to other states, transport expenses, groceries, and other expenses are considerably higher.

Brooklyn 1


But there is a significant difference in living costs among the neighborhoods within Brooklyn.  So going through each neighborhood and doing deep research about what each area has to offer compared to the others is necessary.

  • Public Transportations

 Having a car in Brooklyn is not a necessity. You will have difficulty moving around with the high traffic and finding a parking spot. The only places seen with many personal-owned cars are parents in residential areas with SUVs picking up kids to and from school.

But if you need a car for a specific purpose, several companies rent cars.

Brooklyn Transportations


You can move around Brooklyn quickly without a car using the train, bicycles, and other transportation systems.

The primary mode of transport here in Brooklyn is the subway system. There are 170 subway stations in the city.  The subway is the fastest way to get around Brooklyn; with only $2.75 per ride, you can go anywhere around Brooklyn.

Buses are the other most used way of transportation in Brooklyn. There are 55 bus routes in the city, operating at different times of the day. Using the bus can have an advantage over the subway, as they can be more straight to where you want to go.

The other option for transport in Brooklyn is cabs. Cabs are usually used when moving outside the borough of Brooklyn or coming in.

  • Parks and recreational places

Unlike different areas in New York, Brooklyn is full of places where you can go to clear your mind and catch a break. There are many parks, beaches, and other gateways.

Prospect Park is an excellent place to go if you reside in Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Windsor Terraces, and other neighborhoods around these areas. You can take a walk, or just take in the green scene, visit the zoo or even get some workout done.

Prospect Park 1

Brooklyn Bridge Park is the other getaway place in Brooklyn. This place has different playgrounds, gardens, and even a beach.  If you live near Brooklyn Heights or DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge can be your go-to place.

The other recreational place in Brooklyn is Coney Island. Coney Island is the go-to place, especially in Summers. You can take a walk on the boardwalk or spend a day at the beach. Coney Island is also the home of the famous Luna Park.

 There are other beaches in the Brooklyn area where you can have a relaxing day for yourself. You can either go to Brighton Beach or Manhattan Beach.

  • Different climate Seasons in Brooklyn

Brooklyn experiences different weather, from one of the coldest to one of the hottest days. The Hottest month in Brooklyn is August, with an average temperature of 29 ℃ or 89 ℉. And the coldest month of winter is January, and it can get as low as – 3℃ or 25 ℉.

Brooklyn distinctively experiences the fours season as well.

The weather during springs in Brooklyn can be different. There are super cold and chilly days. And some other days are warm, especially when summer approaches.

Summers are humid and hot in Brooklyn. The precipitation level is very high, especially around July, and the heat might spike up to 37℃ or 100℉ in August.

Brooklyn Summer


Fall is a great time to be in Brooklyn, the temperature drops to an ideal level. The color of the leaf’s changes to a beautiful orange-brown which gives the city a lovely vibe.

Winters run the longest in Brooklyn, from October to March. The weather variation in winters is very high, there are some days when it is full-on blizzarding, and then there are days when it is just peaceful with no snow or rain.

  • Incredible Food Scene

 The food scene in Brooklyn is vast. Brooklyn has a diverse community with immigrants from various parts of the world. This has resulted in the richness of authentic cuisine in the area. Endless ethnic cuisine places depend on where each of these communities has settled.

Ranging from different Asian foods in Chinatown to Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, from Spanish dishes to Jamaican soul foods, there is nothing you can’t find in Brooklyn.

Group of friends raising their glasses for a toast at a dinner party at restaurant 恢复的

But there are some foods you must try at least once in your lifetime if you are living in Brooklyn:

Tips for living in Brooklyn, New York

Where ever in Brooklyn you have decided to live, here are some everyday things that you should know:

  • Budgeting is essential while living in Brooklyn.

Though Budgeting is essential wherever you live, Brooklyn being one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, you might need it here more than ever.

Brooklyn has different price ranges depending on the area you live in. Restaurants, groceries, other shops, and department stores have higher prices. So, sticking to your budget is very necessary.

  • Learn how to move around the city

Moving in and around the city is one of the first things you should learn when you start living in Brooklyn.

The primary way of transport here is the subway system which has 170 stations in the city, so you need to familiarize yourself with which stations you need to go to when you need to go somewhere.

The other major transport method here in Brooklyn is the public buses. There are 55 bus routes, and knowing when the buses around your living area start services and what time their last turn is necessary.

There are different maps and mobile applications you can use to get familiar with the area as well.

  • Explore and find your go-to places for food and drinks

Each area in Brooklyn is full of restaurants and eateries. There will also be several restaurants and bars you can find in your residential area. Explore these places and have different unique experiences with different cuisines from all over the world.

The nightlife is also the other must-experience thing in Brooklyn. The performances, shows, and stages come alive at night in Brooklyn, and you don’t want to miss out.

  • Discover places that will help you take a break from the hustle of everyday life and clear your mind

The hustle of life can be draining and exhausting, so taking time to yourself to clear your mind and refresh is necessary.

And Brooklyn is one of the ideal places for such activities. The borough is full of parks, greeneries, and beaches for a getaway for a while without actually going far. So make use of those facilities in your area.

  • Identify the safe neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

 Though there are endless things to enjoy and see in Brooklyn, being safe comes before everything. We are not saying that Brooklyn is not secure; just as in any city, there are places safer than the others.

Especially if you are planning to move to Brooklyn, search and learn about the area before anything else. Some safer neighborhoods in Brooklyn are Park Slope, Mapleton, and Kensington. Places like Downtown Brooklyn and Hunters Point are considered to be less safe.

Being cautious doesn’t hurt. So before going anywhere, be sure to do your research.

Living in Brooklyn can be an experience. Once you move to this populous borough, the tight-knit community life, the parks, and the hustle are all things that will get your heart pumping. But it takes time to become a Brooklynite, so don’t worry if you don’t get to learn everything about Brooklyn at once. So, take your time and explore!

We hope this article helped give you an insight into how life can be in Brooklyn. Let us know in the comments if you have enjoyed reading this article. And make sure to give it a like and share it on your social.

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