Check Out These Wonderful Greek Restaurants In NYC (Mainly Brooklyn)

There are days when while just walking in Brooklyn,  you would find yourself craving big lamb chops and some good greek salad, and for no reason, you can’t stop thinking about it.

Trust me, you are not alone! We all have gone through that and looked for such restaurants.

Greek cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines in the Mediterranean. The variety of food options the Greek cuisines offer from seafood to meat-based meals and top purely vegetarian platters are what makes it super special and memorable.

This cuisine is also one of the most popular and celebrated cuisines in the United States as well. Hence why Greek restaurants can be found easily around any area in the states.

Below we will try to explore the topmost mentioned Greek restaurants found in New York, Specifically in the Brooklyn area, and ease our cravings.

Let’s go!

1. Simply Greek

  • 242 5th Ave, Brooklyn,
  • NY 11215, United States
  • visit website
  • Phone:718.748.8200

Simply Greek


Simply greek has different unimaginably rich and diverse foods and drinks that tell hundreds and thousands of years of stories of the Greek people’s cuisines and eating.

Many recommend this place for their appetizer plates and also their fish dishes which comes completely deboned per your request.

Simply greek perse reviews are said to have very attentive waiters and a great service, which is a delight for every customer.  

The restaurant also has a modern essence while not losing the traditional touch when it comes to decor and vibes when you walk in.

2. Dafni Greek Taverna

  • 325 W 42nd St, New York, NY
  • 10036, United States
  • visit website
  • Phone: 212-315-1010

Dafni Greek Taverna


Dafni Greek is a  restaurant that serves authentic Greek cuisine. All of their serving are prepared using the freshest and purest ingredients says their head chef.

Their menu starts with a large selection of hot and cold meze, and an array of classic salads, as well as a few innovations that are specifically curated for the restaurant.

The very famous and, homemade baklava, galaktoboureko, and rice pudding menus are also said to be prepared fresh daily in their kitchen, which is one of their appeals as well.

Dafni Greek is one of the top-rated Greek restaurants on various restaurant ratting sites this last year as well as this year.

Hence one of the must-visit places if you happen to crave a Greek Cusine while in Brooklyn.

 3. Elia Restaurant

  • 8611 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY
  • 11209, United States
  • visit website
  • Phone: 718-748-9891

Elia Restaurant


Elia Restaurant is one of the oldest Greek restaurants in New York, which opened in December of 1998.

The word Elia means olive in Greek, and as its name implies this place takes pride in their finest Greek extra virgin olive oil which is used in all of their food preparations.

Their menu varies from vegetarian options to different full-course meals, and pastries as well. This place is referred to as the Greek Goodness by anyone who has visited the restaurant, their customers can’t talk enough about the dishes in this place and how it feels like home.

For the long 24 years this restaurant has been running it has only gotten better and has fruited many more customers and that speaks for itself says the manager of the restaurant.

4. Estiatorio Milos

Estiatorio Milos


Estiatorio Milos is built with an airy, elegant setting reminiscent of the Greek islands, and many fall in love with this place just for the view.

The Estiatorio restaurant is known especially for its seafood dishes and is usually mentioned as one of the best places to have seafood in Brooklyn, NY.

“You can pick a fish and we will prepare it the way you want it” is what caught everyone’s attention and no one was disappointed.

Strong wine and cocktail options are also available for drinks with the meal.

The full meal course meal portions are usually bigger so it is recommended to be in groups or at least have company. They also have private dining areas as well.

In general a great place for a greek based seafood plater and a great service, hence a must-visit place, in Brooklyn, NY!

5. Medusa The Greek

  • 133 5th Ave, Brooklyn,
  • NY 11217, United States
  • visit website
  • Phone: (02)-9267-0799

Medusa Greek Taverna


When you first walk into this beautifully decorated restaurant the vibes and ambiance are what catch your eyes.

But that is only the first of many more things to be mesmerized by at Medusa Greek Travena.

Besides the various traditional Greek platers, they have different dishes especially when it comes to seafood options as well but their octopus dishes are one of their best selling and the recommended ones by their waiters. 

Once the weather gets warmer Medusa opens the windows and brings tables out to the streets!

It’s the perfect spot for a night out or a fun brunch.

6. Kellari Taverna

  • 19 W 44th St, New York,
  • NY 10036, United States
  • visit website
  • Phone: 212-2221-0144

Kellari Taverna


Kellari features traditional Greek taverna specialties, such as grilled whole fish, prime chops, meats, and savory appetizers.

But their best-selling smoked sea bass, grilled octopus, and calamari strips are why many people frequent this place.

The desert collection they offer specifically the baklava and white chocolate mousse is said to be immaculate, as well as their drinks menu includes prosecco, long island cocktails, and champagne which is pretty satisfying.

Kellari is also one of the recommended places to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and such. The location makes it ideal to easily drop by and experience little Greek there as well. So why not drop by and check it?

7. Something Greek

  • 7616 3rd Ave, Brooklyn,
  • NY 11209, United States
  • visit website
  • Phone: 718-836-6555

Something Greek 1


Something Greek is one of the most well-known Greek restaurants in the Brooklyn area. When they are asked what makes them different from any other Greek restaurants in the area they take pride in their answer.

They say we cook rustic food the way our mom did back in Greece. Getting good ingredients and making it takes good is their motto.

One of their most famous dishes is the shrimp dish with pitta, and they are known to have the biggest shrimp wrapped in there, their chicken and greek salad is their customer’s favorite as well.

Something Greek also has an outdoor seating where you can enjoy the fresh air while enjoying your food.

8. Kyma – Hudson Yards

  • 445 W 35th St, New York,
  • NY 10001, United States
  • visit website
  • Phone: 212-268-5555

Kyma – Hudson Yards


Kyma Hudson Yards tried to portray the essence of traditional Greek by using the threads of the traditional Greek taverna woven with the island of Mykonos.

This restaurant takes pride in the traditional Greek as they embrace the rich character of its traditional dishes.

Kyma specializes in seafood, so that’s mostly what most people get while visiting the restaurant. There are oysters, crabs, and a lot more.

This restaurant also has a bar area where you can find any type of liquor and it is a hot spot in the place as well.

The place can be a little crowded during lunch and evening hours but reservations are possible, so make sure to get a table before going out!

 9. Limani NYC

  • 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York,
  • NY 10111, United States
  • visit website
  • Phone: 212-858-9200

Limani NYC


Limani restaurant is one of the most infamous restaurants specifically, for its various and amazing fish dishes.

This place is also recommended as one of the best places in Brooklyn and New York in general for its wine collection.

One thing that stands out about this place is that people can’t say enough about the atmosphere. Limani restaurant when you first get it the decor and the ambiance are strikingly beautiful.

There are private dining places within and generally a great place, especially for special occasions.

At Limani NYC there are no table reservations, here it’s all first come first serve, and we love to see it! 

10. Molyvos



Molyvos is one of the long-running Greek Restaurants in the Brooklyn and New York area. They have a great food presentation as well as a service prompt.

It is one of the highly recommended places for anyone looking for an upscale Greek restaurant experience in New York.

The Molyvos has one of the best wine selections. The consistency in their food taste and services has helped them run this place for so long, to a point of being a must-visit Greek restaurant in the area. 

11. Pi Greek Bakerie

Pi Greek Bakerie


Pi Greek Barkerie is a restaurant alongside a bakery with decadent desserts and savory treats at this place.

It is a great place for breakfast or brunch with open seating as an option as well.

Many people fell in love with Pi Greek Bakerie not only for its amazing food and pastries but also for its great service. It is the thing mentioned whenever Pi Greek Bakerie is mentioned.

“I wish I could give it six stars” was what one of their customers said when asked to rate the place followed by another customer saying “ tastes like my mom’s food back in Greece”.

12. PYLOS Restaurant

  • 128 E 7th St, New York,
  • NY 10009, United States
  • visit website
  • Phone: 212-473-0220

PYLOS Restaurant


A rustic greek home cooking is what they call themselves.  PYLOS’s attention is to the traditional cuisine of all regions of Greece and presenting it in an elegant, contemporary setting, the restaurant.

PYLOS  has a great menu fitted for any type of taste and the waiters also do a great job explaining each and every dish, so you will not be alone trying to decide what to have.

PYLOS only provides only wine as a drink, so being informed before visiting is recommended.

PYLOS is said to be the gem of the east village so if you happen to be around make sure to pay a visit and be part of this experience.

They also provide outdoor dining that is heated and covered.

13. YiaYia Taverna

  • 1035 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn,
  • NY 11237, United States
  • visit website
  • Phone: 718-821-5900

YiaYia Taverna


​​YiaYia Taverna is a small, comfortable, intimate, and authentic Greek restaurant found in Brooklyn.

The staff there is very friendly and welcoming, including the chief who comes out to greet customers every now and then.

Some of the top-selling dishes are their meat-based dishes specifically the chicken gyro platter and the lamb gyro platter.

They also sell drinks, their happy hour’s sangria is the most loved by customers.

YiaYia also has a back door patio, and a little outside space, which will make a great space for a simple date night or a brunch.

It is the top recommended place in Brooklyn specifically the Bushwick area for a Greek restaurant so make sure to pay a visit.


In this simple article, we have tried to explore various Greek Restaurants specifically in the Brooklyn area of New York.

Greek cuisine is one of the most growing cuisines, especially in the United States, and what we have covered and the number of restaurants in the Brooklyn area is a clear example.

There are many more Greek Restaurants in the Brooklyn area besides the ones mentioned here. Make sure to check them out when you can, let us know which ones were to your liking in the comments, and let the world know how much of a great Greek restaurant Brooklyn, New York has to offer.

So, how are we now, do we feel a little better now that we have soothed our cravings? Let us know in the comments if you have found this article to be help full.

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