The 16 Best Piercing Shops In Brooklyn, NYC

Looking for Best Piercing Shops in Brooklyn? Look no further.

From ear piercing to nose piercing shops, Brookly is not shortage of piercing shops. But it is not easy to find out the top-rated ones.

Here are some of the best-selected piercing shops in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Piercing Shops

1. The End Is Near

The End Is Near


The End Is Near is a Brooklyn staple and a must-go for all your piercing services.

It is a warm, welcoming studio that offers custom professional piercing services. They also carry a beautifully curated collection of jewelry specializing in body jewelry basics gold and a fine gem.

They have fantastic staff committed to helping the clientele choose and maintain their Piercing and a comfortable atmosphere.

If you want to get a great experience coupled with expertise in crafts and also the venue that provides the best vibe, the End Is Near is definitely a worthy recommendation.

Address: 429 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact +1 (347) 335-0846


2. Crown Ink Studio

Crown Ink Studio


If you need an excellent piercing while in Brooklyn, you can visit Crown Ink Studio, they have professional staff who will help you with your piercing needs and even make suggestions.

You can particularly look out for Anna; she has amazing recommendations when it comes to piercings.

But the team, in general, has very talented individuals with unique illustrative styles.

Their prices are affordable, and they also provide legit products (saline solution) for cleaning, the staff are knowledgeable, and you will learn how to care for your Piercing.

Address; 559 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11216-2786 United States

Phone: (347) 750-5751


3. Inka NYC

Photo of Inka Nyc - Brooklyn, NY, United States

Inc NYC is a tattoo and body piercing parlor located in Brooklyn.

You find talented and specialized artists proficient in traditional American and oriental designs; they are also good at coverups and provide fine jewelry.

You can make Inka NYC your next tattoo and piercing destination; check their website and make your bookings in advance.

Address; 594 Rogers Ave Brooklyn, NY 11225

Contact : (347) 627-7801


4. Club Inked Tattoos and Piercing

Club Inked Tattoos and Piercing


They have the best and most professional staff who are knowledgeable and take their time to do their course on you.

The atmosphere is favorable as Kevin takes his time to receive everyone and welcome them with a warm heart. They also have a clean space and good music playing in the background.

You will get very patient piercers and you will leave the premises satisfied with your tattoo.

Address; 1556 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact Call now (347) 979-9656


5. Iris Piercing Studio and Jewelry Gallery

Iris Piercing Studio and Jewelry Gallery


It provides the highest quality body jewelry and clean technique along with excellent care. Iris piercing boosts, giving the best experience in a comfortable and stylish environment.

Here you will find a variety of jewelry imported from worldwide.

Iris team practices a professional, safe, and clean piercing environment and is sure that the equipment used during Piercing or jewelry change is 100% disposable.

They also have a policy for children where they can only be pierced in the company of their guardians, and their parents have to provide a birth certificate, or minors can provide valid ID to prove they are over 18yrs.

Address; 238 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contact : +1 (929) 337-8538


6. Banter Brooklyn

Banter Brooklyn


If you are ahead with the trends or lost to the classics, you will find quality earrings, chains and charms that make you iconic.

In essence, Banter is where they keep it real with ethically sourced stones, sterling,10k and 14k gold and diamond.

Their services include Piercing Consultation (getting help styling your look or planning your pricing), Ear Piercing (getting your earlobes stuck up with the finest jewelry), Kids Piercing, and Cartilage Piercing, Piercing Follow-Up.

You can also shop the jewelry to get it fast online, and if you have questions and comments about your order or Piercing experience, you can always contact them and share your reviews.

Address; 5148 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234

Contact : +1 (718) 252-3468


7. Electric Anvil Tattoo

Electric Anvil Tattoo


At Electric Anvil Tattoo meet Jose Padilla who joined the body modification industry in 2011 and has since been piercing professionally since 2013 after clearing an intensive apprenticeship in Madison WI.

He moved to New York, where he has been working proficiently to showcase his piercing skills and also comes with the best jewelry, exceptional aseptic technique, and precision to every Piercing.

You have to be 18 years and above to get a piercing at Electric Anvil Tattoo & Piercing.

Address; 648 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Contact +1 (718) 636-6360


8. Ahimsa Piercing Studio and BVLA Fine Jewelry

Ahimsa Piercing Studio and BVLA Fine Jewelry


This piercing spot is the place to go if you are in Brooklyn and spoilt for choice since they majorly specialize in piercing services and have been in operation for the last  35 years.

The team is knowledgeable about BVLA fine gold, jewelry, and gemstone that can be found anywhere.

They have the best staff, and from the moment you enter their premises, you will get a welcoming atmosphere; they are easy and will patiently answer all your questions.

They are a private shop hence you have to make the booking early and be sure to be there on the appointment day.

Additionally, they are super clean and well-kept considering these times of the pandemic.

Address; 296 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

Contact: 929.305.3400


9. Live By the Sword Tattoo

Live By the Sword Tattoo 1


At Live By the Sword Tattoo and Piercing, you get what you want when you want it, meaning you can walk in, and they will readily attend to you.

The focus is simple they offer a great tattoo and piercing experience at an affordable price.

Whether it is your first Piercing or seasoned Piercing, the staff are ready to work with you to give you a fun, safe and easy experience.

The piercers utilize the latest freehand techniques, single-use equipment, and various hypoallergenic jewelry options in surgical steel titanium and solid gold.

They also have rich rewards where you earn $10 for every $100  you spend.

Address; THE MINI MALL 218 bed FORD AVE Brooklyn NY 11249

Contacts : 718-355-8543


More About Live By the Sword Tattoo

10. Forever Ever Ink Inc

See the source image

Forever ever ink is a studio shop that operates in Brooklyn. They offer tattoo and piercing services, both of which have incredible staffs who are knowledgeable about their skills.

They relay pretty good reviews from their customer; however, the experiences might not be the same. Thus you have to check their website before booking an appointment.

Address; 1051 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Contact +1 (718) 284-4029

11. Amsterdam Ink Tattoo Gallery

Amsterdam Ink Tattoo

This tattoo and piercing studio is based in Brooklyn and co-founded by Amsterdam, a tattoo artist. it has been in operation for both tattoos and piercing for more than 10 years.

The studio has fabulous customer service. Friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable staff!

The shop is kept professionally clean and sanitized constantly, and they also take precautions to minimize the spread of COVID.

You can visit them on their website. You need to understand that customer care is essential for any business to thrive, and Amsterdam really cares for its customers, which is a great deal for some.

Address; 527 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Contact +1 (347) 365-7386


12. So Gold Studios

So Gold Studios

So Gold Studios are the brainchild of Casi Lopez-March. She has a record of spending the last 18 years piercing throughout New York and Long Island.

She uses an approach that involves working with the client’s anatomy and overall aesthetic to create balance and style.

So Gold Studios uses the highest quality of the jewelry that is made from the best around the world and comes with a lifelong guarantee

The studio works only with appointments and no walk-in services are allowed this enables maximum attention and one on one service. The staff are also a professional team with many years of Piercing and an eye for style.

Address; 387 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contact: +1 (718) 389-4310


13. Blazin Skinz Tattoo

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Blazin Skinz is a tattoo and body piercing shop situated in Brooklyn.

Whether you need to pierce your navel, your nose, or have a septum, the staff are ready to invest in their efforts to make sure you live the place satisfied.

They are also accommodative, particularly Jose: He understands and takes his time to answer questions. and the team also keeps a very safe environment; additionally, the Piercing heals nicely.

Jose also gives detailed instructions on aftercare and has a way to calm your nerves when you feel anxious.

Address; 445 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contacts :+1 (718) 455-8052


14. Claire’s



For more than 40 years, Claire’s has always been the go-to destination for ear piercing. They have highly trained piercing staff who deliver a safe, sterile and easy experience.

They also provide body jewelry from nose to navel if you wish to buy from them, they got the looks for every style.

The best thing about Claire’s is they offer free ear-piercing every day, but you have to make an online booking and purchase the kits for aftercare services.

Amazingly, the aftercare kit is their brand and is dermatologist and pediatric tasted; thus, it’s safe for use.

Address; 476 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Contact : +1 (718) 630-5895


15. Body Art And Soul

Body Art And Soul


Body art offers world-class customer service. In addition, they engage in doing tattoos and piercings. All this is done with carefully selected modern techniques.

The team also involves artists who are ready to commit to providing only the best services for the customers.

All the artists are professionals and creative in their work. Therefore, they provide an enabling environment where the customers can relax as they are being attended to.

You can also check their reviews on their website, and you only find the best ratings and reviews. This is enough to convince you to book an appointment with them.

Address; 95 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact: +1 (347) 227-8667


16. Harlem hype

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Harlem hype is a premier tattoo company that also deals with body piercings. It features great tattoo artists as well as exotic body piercing.

The company strives for perfection, and the body piercing speaks for itself. Therefore, they only provide Piercing that is best suited for their clients.

They operate in a safe and personal environment free from service delivery worries.

You can always check their website for more information about the appointment and consult further on what best suits you.

Address; 51C Willoughby St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact +1 (718) 666-8315



These piercing shops in Brooklyn aim to provide quality items, give the best vital aftercare products that encourage rapid healing, and offer an attractive and accommodative environment.

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