H Mart – Asian Grocery Store Provides Frozen Korean Corn Dogs

Although HMart is not a restaurant, it has a line of Korean corn dogs in its refrigerators. As a chain of supermarkets in America, the store has a vast selection of Asian foods. In fact, it is among the pioneers of Asian food in America.


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Without having to stand for several minutes in the line, you’ll walk to their cold space, pick your favorite corn dog brand and fry them in oil or an air fryer and there you have your crispy and chewy snack just like the ones from restaurants.

Look out for brands such as kikeni crispy mozzarella corn dog and Lotte’s mozzarella cheese & potato Hotdog at the supermarket.

The store has various locations in NYC. You can visit their website to identify the closest spot to you.


Phone: +1 212-695-3283





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