7 Best Hibachi Restaurants Near Brooklyn NY

Are you visiting Brooklyn or do you live in Brooklyn but having difficulty in deciding the best spot for hibachi, this article is for you.

If I earned a dollar anytime someone has asked me where they can find a good Hibachi spot, I would be a millionaire by now.

So, if you are also wondering where you can get yummy hibachi steaks, I’ve decided to make a simple list of my Top 7 Hibachi Restaurants in Brooklyn.

This thoughtfully selected pick will not only end your quest for good and fresh hibachi, but it will also expose you to the beautiful Asian culture right in the borough of Brooklyn.

You know what, my friends that I’ve recommended these restaurants too, have been giving me really good reviews about them. So, do not read it halfway, I have compiled the best Hibachi spots for you. Enjoy the read.




Conveniently sitting in the heart of Brooklyn, this Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse is top on our list of best hibachi restaurants in Brooklyn. Well, if you have had a taste of their signature sushi and sashimi, you will share my sentiments.

At the Arirang Hibachi steakhouse, customers are treated to a memorable lifetime experience of having your dish prepared right before you at your table.

The thrilling excitement of watching their expert chef make the magic in your presence is priceless, sending that part of your brain that connects to your palates on a journey to ecstasy.

In addition to this amazing experience they offer at their exclusive sushi bars, Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse boasts the best steak in Brooklyn.

Most evenings, there are native dancers and performers at the restaurant providing premium, soul-lifting entertainment to customers while they are treating themselves to an exquisitely made delicacy.

I strongly recommend this restaurant as a destination choice for family hangouts, love birds, or business launches in the ever-busy city of Brooklyn.

And yes, you can place your order on their website and have your meal delivered right to your doorstep. You can contact them at the address below.

8814 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11209

Phone: 718-751-0398

Visit website


Next on my list of best hibachi restaurants in Brooklyn is the Hayashi. Famous for its wide range of healthy Japanese cuisine, the Hayashi menu will turn every conservative into a foodie.

Are you looking for a place where you can experience Japanese dining and culture at its finest, I will recommend the Hayashi.

Whether as a solo foodie or thinking of having a group hangout in Brooklyn, this is the best place to have some tasty hibachi amidst the best customer service you can get anywhere.

Hayashi customer service is second to none with strict covid-19 regulatory compliance and an outlet that made adequate provisions for customers on wheelchairs at the entrance and car park.

For some of us that love grabbing some late-night bites, there is something on the Hayashi menu you can dine on without feeling guilty about it.

When I said they are famous for a variety of healthy snacks, I meant it. You can try them out today. Just check them out at their address below:

2901 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, Sheepshead Bay

Phone:  718-368-3668

View website



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If you find yourself around the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, you will be doing your palate and your pocket a great disservice if you don’t check out the hibachi, finger foods, and the Japanese stir-fries available at Natto Hibachi and Sushi.

This place is one of my favorite Hibachi restaurants in Brooklyn for some reasons best known to me. Anyways, I will tell you. The Natto Hibachi has one of the best pocket-friendly sushi and meals you can find elsewhere.

This is where you can experience a glimpse of Japan without breaking the bank. With 10 dollars, you can be living your dream life over some huge portions of fried rice, shrimp, steak, calamari, or hibachi. Every meal comes with a show.

Just in case you are not around this neighborhood and you are feeling shortchanged already, you can contact the Natto Hibachi and sushi via Uber eats and every other local directory and their meal will be delivered to you anywhere in Brooklyn.  Better still I will leave their contact below. I am nice like that.

296 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY,11215, Park Slope

Phone:  718-369-1021



If you are a lover of hibachi and desire to satisfy your cravings without getting frustrated and exhausted waiting for your food to be ready, Sakura Tokyo is the best Hibachi restaurant in Brooklyn that got you covered.

They make healthy and quick meals and can deliver to your doorstep in record time.

If you are a fast food junky like me, this place is a hidden gem for Japanese delicacies at affordable prices, and to top it all, every order is made fresh.

It doesn’t boast of a great space for a walk-in dining experience, but they are sure your best bet for takeout sushi.

You can contact them with the details below. Their telephone lines get lots of traffic in the evening, so you either call earlier or keep dialing until your call goes through.

You are not the only one in Brooklyn that has discovered this secret spot. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You can contact them at the address below:

604 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY,11216, Crown Heights.

Phone: 718-756-8787

Visit website




Momo hibachi steak house makes the best hibachi on the go in Brooklyn. Their top-notch service and their signature sushi Rolls that are worth dying for earned them a spot on my list of best hibachi restaurants in Brooklyn.

Make sure you have a taste of it when you visit. They offer a dine-in experience as well as a delivery package that is relatively affordable to some of the hibachi spots you know.

I strongly recommend this spot for executives with busy schedules in New York City. Just grab a roll and you are good to go about the business of the day.

You can hit them up on the phone line or check out their menu for your delight.

1901 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11235, Sheepshead Bay

Phone: 718 769-8010

Visit website


Have you heard of the famous “Sushi Bombs”? I know you possibly think it’s a myth. But the good news is that the “Sushi bombs” are real. This Bozu restaurant is responsible for making the legendary sushi bombs.

The amazing thing about these specially made bombs is that it saves lives. It has been saving lives in Brooklyn since God knows when. My list of best Hibachi restaurants in Brooklyn won’t be complete without mentioning the Bozu.

The Sushi bombs are very tasty and filling, meaning you will spend less to get more satisfaction. And you know what, they come in different varieties and flavors.

My favorite is the Salmon Toro Aburi Bomb made from the seared salmon belly, lemon, and scallion.  It offers a new perspective on the hibachi experience.

Check them out at their website or dial their number below and delight yourself with a wide range of sushi and steak dishes.

296 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY, 11211, Williamsburg-South Side

Phone: 718-384-7770

Visit website



As the name implies, the Hibachi Master is one of the masters in the hibachi business. They are notable for the quality and large portions they offer customers.

I love my portions big. So you can understand why the Hibachi Master made it to my all-time favorite best Hibachi restaurants in Brooklyn.

I love their specially made spicy honey chicken and never missed grabbing it whenever I find myself in the area. Now, I have told you one of the secrets to winning my heart.

A pack of Hibachi masters sushi will get the job done and their delivery is very swift if you want to order takeout.

The prices of their food are worth the value that you get. Please find their contact details below and go grab some bites for yourself. I will be waiting to get your feedback.

8512 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11209, Bay Ridge

Phone: 347-662-6118


Final Thought

There you have the list of my Top 7 best Hibachi Restaurants in Brooklyn. Did you find it interesting? I hope you did not miss any number. What do you think about them and which one will you be checking out first?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Also, come back with your reviews here once you have tried out any of the listed restaurants. I will be happy to read from you.

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