Little Island, A Relaxing Place To Visit In NYC (Floating Island NYC)

What is Little Island in NYC?

Little Island (Also known as a floating park) is a 2.5-acre artificial island and a public park pier in Hudson River Park, New York City. It has dazzling architecture, a distinctive landscape, and magnificent views.

Full view of Little Island

Full view of Little Island

Hudson River Park is a 550-acre park that stretches along the Hudson River from Battery Park to 59th Street. It was created in 1998 as part of the Hudson River Park Act, which aimed to clean up and revitalize the riverfront.

Hudson River Park 1

Hudson River Park

Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy hit New York coastlines in 2012, damaging several piers. The following year, Diller-Von Furstenberg Family Foundation and the Hudson River Trust Leadership embarked on repairing the damages.

Diller wanted to build a new public space that would create a sense of escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Construction began in earnest. Finally, the island was opened on May 21, 2021.

The concrete tulips on the island 1 1

The concrete tulips on the island

Designed by British architect Thomas Heatherwick, this floating green oasis is not just a park. It sits on more than 100 concrete pots shaped like tulips. It also has over 35 types of trees and 65 types of shrubs.

The beautiful island has flowers, hiking trails, and a grass area for picnicking. The bathroom has a cave-like environment, giving it an aesthetic appeal.

People at the park

People at the park

Despite its small size, Little Island has a significant impact on the New York City skyline. Additionally, the island’s park and theaters provide much-needed green space and recreation opportunities for residents of Manhattan.

The views from the highest point of the island are also spectacular. You’ll see the skyline of Lower Manhattan and remarkable views of the river, New Jersey, and the One World Trade Center. You can even glimpse the Statue of Liberty.

View from the bathroom

View from the bathroom

Overall, Little Island is a wonderful addition to the New York City waterfront. It’s a beautiful spot to relax, watch performances, or take in the sights.

If you’re looking for a little slice of nature in the middle of the city, this park is worth a visit.

Little Island NYC Cost, Ticket, and Reservations

The island is free to the public, making it an excellent option for budget-minded travelers.

The amphitheater at dusk

The amphitheater at dusk

There are also several free events held throughout the year, so check the calendar before you visit. However, you’ll need to purchase a ticket to watch any performance in the amphitheater.

Till September 19, 2022, Little Island requires a free timed-entry reservation to access the place during peak hours. So book a reservation if you want to get into the park from noon to closing hours on Thursdays to Sundays and holidays.

But you don’t need a reservation if you’re visiting the park before noon or on Monday to Wednesday.

The Glade a smaller theater for free performances

The Glade – a smaller theater for free performances

You also won’t be able to rent space on the island for weddings, private or corporate events since it’s a public park.

Overall, the island is a great value for visitors to New York City. Its rolling hills, winding paths, and lush greenery make it a perfect spot for a day of relaxing. And best of all, its free admission makes it easy on the wallet.

So whether you’re looking for a new place to picnic or just want to rest, Little Island is sure to please.

Little Island NYC map

Little Island is located in the Hudson River, just off the coast of Lower Manhattan.

Little Island NYC map

Little Island NYC Parking


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There is no designated parking lot for Little Island, but there are several garages, private lots, free street parking, and metered spaces in the vicinity.

It’s challenging to find available spots on the street to park as that’s the first option for most people.

The closest public parking is at MPG Manhattan Parking, located at 450 West 17th Street at the city’s southern tip. There are also several private parking garages in the area, though rates can be expensive.

If you’re planning to visit Little Island, it’s best to take public transportation or walk.

Little Island NYC Events

Throughout the year, Little Island hosts various events for the public to enjoy – theater, art programs, dance performances, and outdoor music.

Two children playing

Two children playing

There’s something for everyone, from comedy and poetry to fun nights for kids and family. Other events include circus, fashion shows, magic performances, puppetry, spoken word, and literary arts.

Events occur in the Glade, playground, or the amphitheater. Except for shows at the amph, attending all performances are free.

Little Island Direction and Contact

Location: Pier55 in Hudson River Park West, 13th Street, New York, NY 10014

Official website:




Opening hours: 6 am – 11 pm


When does Little Island NYC open?

Little Island is open year-round, though some of its amenities may be closed in inclement weather. The best time to visit is during the spring and summer months when the island is in full bloom and the weather is perfect for picnicking and exploring.

How do I get to Little Island NYC?

The island is accessible from the South Bridge close to 13th Street and the North Bridge close to 14th Street.

Women walking to the island

Women walking to the island

Thanks to its central location, it’s easy to get to Little Island by public transportation. If you’re coming from elsewhere in the city, take the subway or bus to 14th Street and walk towards the Hudson River.

No matter how you get there, you’re sure to enjoy your time at the park. With its beautiful views and plethora of activities, it’s the perfect spot for a day in the sun.

What activities can I do on Little Island NYC?

There’s plenty to do on Little Island. You can picnic on the grass, hike on one of the winding trails, watch the fantastic views, or simply sit back and relax with a good book.

Little Island NYC


This green oasis is also home to a variety of events throughout the year. It’s a superb spot for a day of relaxation or adventure.

Which restaurants are near Little Island NYC?

Sweet pretzels and drink

Sweet pretzels and drink

If you get hungry, head to one of Union Square Events’ trailers parked on the playground to grab some snacks and beverages. There are various items to choose from – ice cream, croissants, coffee, sandwiches, salads, and sweet treats.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, you’ll find a variety of restaurants nearby serving everything from pizza to sushi.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, you won’t have any trouble finding something to eat near Little Island.

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