24 Best Sandwiches In Brooklyn Places Of 2022 (Gourmet Shop)

Sandwiches are America’s finest meals, and we use them for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. When you’re thinking about the sandwiches, though, New York makes some of the best sandwiches ever.

While New York is the best place to go for sandwiches, you ought to know where to go since there are hundreds.

In this article, we seek to find the best sandwiches in Brooklyn.

Whether you are going to look for the egg and cheese, bacon, pulled pork, roast meat, rye, and more, we have a list of places to visit.

Even better, when you are looking for a picnic event, there are subways or places you can pull off to pick the sandwich and then go—no need to cook when you still get the best meals.

Best sandwich places in Brooklyn

1. Roll n Roaster

Here is one of the famous sandwich restaurants. They do like and enjoy the beef sandwich more than others. So, you will love the roast sandwich meals, among others.

Notice, they have the thin slices of beef that they also set in the middle of the bread slices.

If you like having the pink center, you will enjoy it a lot more because they make the meat still pink at the center. They even sometimes add the onions that were already grilled.

So then notice that you can wash this down with the tart. Also, choose their lemonade for a full meal or enjoy the cottage fries.

For over five years now, they have retained their price points. What’s more, the people just taste their sandwiches and get hooked.

Check the ones you like, but you can eat and enjoy everything on the menu with ease.

For over 50 years, they have served only the best sandwiches. You will enjoy the roast beef sandwiches that they use in sheepshead bay.

Notice that they roast it through the day.

Address: 2901 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Phone: (718) 769-6000


2. John’s deli

Today we have this restaurant being the most famous in Brooklyn for the sandwiches. They further have the secret ingredients to add to the sauce, thus making it the most unique and delicious meal to use.

But, as they say, you shouldn’t go there at the last minute because it can get crowded.

So then notice that they will give you the tomatoes and the richly flavored sandwich. You’ll even have other meals to try and eat here then.

So, you can use the salads, chicken, ribs veal, eggplant perm, sausage peppers, and more. This is to say that you can have all the different kinds of food.

In most cases, then they will make the freshest meal with these fresh ingredients.

The good thing then is whether you are looking for breakfast or a main meal you can have it in this restaurant.

They then have the roast beef sandwich too for you to devour.

(718) 447-1144


3. Ciao Gloria

Here you then have a daytime neighborhood cafe. The restaurant is at Vanderbilt Avenue and another one in prospect heights.

You will like the savory ones as well, and you can also find the seasonal dishes to enjoy when you need to. It will serve you best if you like Italian cuisine.

Here, therefore, you have the Italian-inspired bakery, yet it’s also a coffee spot. These days they also put together the perfect lunch you can use on any day.

People enjoy their focaccia; you will enjoy the one they make with the butter they top with flakes and sea salt.

If you’re going to enjoy the best sandwich, you should know it’s going to be sweet and then savory.

Address: 550 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (716) 666-2426


4. Lioni’s Italian heroes Brooklyn

The fact that it has two locations in Brooklyn shows you that they’re the best place to go for the unique sandwiches. They do serve about 150 different styles of sandwiches.

Sometimes it’s even better just to go and try the sandwich they have to offer. This makes it easy for you to find your best choice.

When you are looking for the best sandwich, you should go to lion’s as they will offer only the best ones for you to use or try.

The Italian American heroes make the sandwich you buy here. This means it’s nothing short of the best.

You will need the fresh mozzarella salamis and the different seasonings as well. There will be an extensive list of items you can eat here, so take the time to choose.

They will mostly have Italian names, so if you don’t understand the name, you need to ask for help.

Address: 7803 15th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11228

Phone: (718) 232-1411


5. Court street grocers

Notice that this grocer is available for the sole reason of selling some of the best sandwiches. They have the best creative and delectable sandwiches at home. This shop is at four different locations in NYC.

Whether you are looking for breakfast or lunch meals, then you will find them in this store. Notice that you can find any style of sandwich, from the vegan types to the meaty types.

The essence is to have it with all the different flavors of your choice. Of course, you can use the cheese sauce with it too if you like.

So, if say you are going to take the roast beef sandwich, you will like it because it has the BBQ sauce added into the mix.

Now you should know that they have about 12 seats, so if you find they are complete, you can take the takeaway instead.

This space will even close at about 6 pm, remember. I like to go to the one in Williamsburg.

Address: 378 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: (929) 295-0583


6. Devonte

When you’re looking for another outstanding restaurant where you can have your best sandwich, you can go to this Italian restaurant.

You will like them because they will have a vast selection of sandwiches you can choose from.

I like to go here for my lunches, too—notice that they are strategically set at prospect heights.

So then take the turkey avocado sandwich classic that usually has the mozz, sweet-savory tomato compote, and more.

Choose the one you like as it will serve your palate needs. Even if you want the cold cuts, you can choose them.

People choose the bruschetta for the perfect ideas on the best sandwich you can go with. So then, if you want, you can choose the perfect veggie load for the best sandwich.

Here you will have the different styles of sandwiches, not only this kind.


Phone: 718-285-4310


7. Mekelburgs

I don’t know about you, but I would go with critic Pete Will’s statement that this is the best space for a sandwich.

When it comes to sandwiches, you haven’t tried the best of the best if you’re yet to taste their porchetta sandwich.

I like to go to this restaurant every once in a while, for a treat and you can never go wrong here, you know.

You’ll like the delicate crunch of the crisped porchetta and the one they will also pair with the sharp flavor of the parmesan cheese and the broccoli rabe.

Notice that it’s a sandwich shop in Brooklyn that will serve all the sandwiches of your choice.

They sell even the best pork sandwich, but sometimes they do sell the meatballs sandwich as well.

Most people just like it because they feel like it will deliver their fresh lasagna. Notice, though, that this is another one of the most popular choices.

This sandwich shop is directly across the domino park, making it the best and easiest to reach. Of course, if you want to go for a picnic in the park.

Address: 293 Grand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (718) 399-2337


8. Ba Xuyen

If you didn’t know, the Vietnamese also have some of the best sandwiches that you can use. So then if you are around sunset park, you can go to this restaurant for the sandwiches.

Notice that they will offer about 11 different kinds of sandwiches you can use.

This is the best place if you enjoy the Asian style of meals and the domestic pig from the south. We enjoy the crispy bread choice that also has several veggies as an addition.

Besides, Vietnamese like and enjoy pork, so most of the time, you will find that they have the addition of the pork to the mix.

The second favorite choice of sandwich for most people is the sardine variety. Do you want to make it even better?

Try it with the durian shake. Notice though that this will be the best place you will go to for your Vietnamese style of sandwich.

I recently tried their crisp baguette with sauce mayo, fatty pork, but also the velvety pate. I can say it’s all luscious and delicious.

Just know that you can also use the other veggies to make the perfect addition of the jalapeno makes it even better. You could even just spend $6.

Address: 4222 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Phone: (718) 633-6601


9. Winner

This is literary a winner too, just as the name suggests. Here is the perfect humble and yet ambient park slope bakery and sandwich space.

So whether you are looking for the choice to get the meaty sandwich or the veggies sandwich, you will find it here.

This is one of the few shops that just opened, and they were selling some of the best sandwiches the world has to offer.

It’s a shop where they make their fresh bread, and then the bread sells out within an hour. You don’t have to guess because if you’re a customer here, you’ll know when bread is ready.

The shop has a set schedule to tell you when the bread will be ready. If you want to try their sandwich, I suggest you try their sesame sourdough bread is everything, try it.

You see, if they have the perfect bread, then they most likely have the best sandwiches. Going to the winner means you will have different styles of sandwich bread.

So whether you are vegetarian or omnivore, you will find the best sandwich choices.

So, then the veggies will deliver the best and soft bread or mozzarella cheese style of bread. So here you have the whole braised pork with the Swiss style of bread.

And still, this is going to give you the best tasting sandwiches since it has the salted cream and the Cubano sandwich.

Address: 367 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11215, United States


10. Mile-end delicatessen

Here is a small spot, but it always attracts a large crowd of people. So what are you looking for here?

You will have the different kinds of sandwich-like, the smoked meat sandwich, and they do have the Montreal style deli sandwich staples, too, among others.

This restaurant is at the Boerum hill, and it’s more than ten years old. The best thing about this, then, is that they also offer the best comfort food.

So, of course, you are sure you will go into this restaurant to get some of the best comfort Jewish sandwiches.

They also offer some of the best Canadian-style sandwiches and meals. I like the smoked sandwich, just like many other people coming here.

If you have heard about the 70-layer blini towers, this is where you’ll find it. To most people, it’s an outrageous option.

Address: 97 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: (718) 852-7510


11. Bread and spread

Do you want to get an upgrade of the sandwiches you are going to use? Choose the bread and spread sandwich place, and you will never be disappointed.

You will have this space in dumbo, you know. To most people, this is the best sandwich place.

In most cases, you will have the classic egg and cheese sandwich that most people enjoy. I don’t know what you will like, but I know that it will be fun to eat it.

Notice that it’s perfect for anyone looking for a mealtime spot. So, before you see the Brooklyn bridge, you should pass by the restaurant to eat the bread and spread.

In most cases, you will have the porchetta sandwich to enjoy, and yet they will often accent it with the jam. They also have the beef short rib sandwich. So when you are out in dumbo, take a walk to bread and spread.

Address: 151 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 625-2220


12. Sanpanino

Here are another one of the Italian sandwich restaurants in Brooklyn. This is a sure way to enjoy the Italian style of sandwiches.

They serve the west village and the Brooklyn heights place. I must say there’s no single day their sandwich has disappointed me.

Go in and try their different sandwiches before you settle on the one that works for you. I like the prosciutto sandwich and their yummy toasted bread.

I would say there’s so much praise for the restaurant that it could not be empty praise.

One thing you are sure about is that they will deliver the perfect freshness of the ingredients. When you try it once, you can be sure you will enjoy it a lot more.

I like their focaccia bread. You want to try any other, go to the restaurant to find your best.

So don’t be mistaken they have only five seats in the restaurant, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy their sandwich because you will like it.

Their sandwich is packed with flavors, so you are bound to enjoy the taste of the bread.

Address: 187 State St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 576-3803


13. Charlies sandwich shop

There’s a variety of options you are supposed to try in this restaurant. If you like to go to this restaurant, then you will already know their different options. People like them because they sell the sandwiches mostly at less than $10.

The surprising thing then is that they didn’t have a fully functional kitchen when it was starting.

However, you will notice that it has the overstuffed sandwiches already together with the homemade salads.

So today, when you’re looking for a flavorful choice of sandwiches, you will find it in this restaurant.

They will sell to you some of the best ciabatta sandwiches at the lowest price to try them. Notice though that the bread they sell is primarily satisfying and even nicely chewy.

Address: 9216 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Phone: (718) 833-3099


14. Anthony & Son Panini Shoppe

Here is a family-owned option of restaurant that will serve you perfectly. For ages, this shop has been making some of the best sandwiches.

You will find it nicely situated in the gentrified Williamsburg area. This is a household name when you are looking for the best sandwiches you would like to eat.

It doesn’t matter the kind of sandwich you like because you will constantly have it in here. It will always leave that desire for the following best or even better sandwich so keep checking for a new option.

This isn’t a big fancy restaurant, but you can be sure it works best as an American/Italian eatery.

They sell stuffed peppers, octopus, fried cauliflower, and many other different types of meat inside. If you’re primarily into the health wing, then this isn’t your spot.

They still have different options for other unhealthy cuts. But after you take it, you can remember just to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Address: 433 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: (718) 383-7395


15. Hancox

This is a local sandwich place that has been alive since 2005. They will mainly sell Vietnamese meals.

My all-time favorite, though, is the Vietnamese sandwiches, and people have fun making them.

Have you tried their Bahn mi? It will surprise you that this restaurant brings only the best Vietnamese style of meals, which is literary everything they serve.

They often like to serve the Bahn mi over the baguette.

They do also add Vietnamese pork to your bread, and this makes it the best. If you like, they will sometimes even top the sandwiches with the carrots, making it a healthier choice.

Thanks to the sibling and aunt who made the functioning of this restaurant a possibility.

Address: 134 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 858-6818


16. David’s Brisket House & Deli

Of course, this is another one of the best Jewish deli options that have always served the different markets of NY. For 70 years, this shop has continued to evolve and serve the new market.

But when you’re looking for the perfect flavors, you should go into this restaurant for the same.

When you are looking for the perfect restaurant with tender and delicately seasoned meats, you will have it here. This is your restaurant place to go to if you like meat sandwiches.

Most people like to choose the pastrami Reuben when they are in Brooklyn, though. Regardless this restaurant will always make the perfect brisket for you.

They make the best brisket sandwich. They further have the melted cheese, and they will deliver the simple spice of the delicious goodness.

This will serve you best if you like just to buy a Jewish-style meal.

Address: 533 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: (718) 789-1155


17. Paneantico

Here they are always making the best Italian style of family recipes that make the different pieces of bread but also the sandwiches.

They offer you different pieces of bread, coffee, sandwiches, and even dinner.

This is one of those restaurants that will offer you an expansive assortment of different meals that are also savory. It’s ideal for you if you have a savory tooth.

This café is consistently delivering the best flavors and diverse choices of Italy.

You are always going to receive hearty sandwich meals here. Expect only the flavorful choices of varying toppings and meals.

This is a foodie’s favorite place, and, in most cases, they serve the thin-sliced warm pastrami and mozzarella, among others.

If you like the balsamic vinaigrette, you should go into this restaurant to offer you the choice.

You will like the many layers of meat. Here you have the perfect choice at the bay ridge.

Address: 9124 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Phone: (718) 680-2347


18. Fedoroff’s Roast Pork

This is a more cheesesteak restaurant, but it will always serve you well.  Here the secret then is to make sure your intention is never to cook any bland food.

You should always want to make the perfect meals at all times. So well, if you like the roast pork, this shows you that you don’t always have to go to Philly for the porks.

So, then you have the cheesesteaks made for you, but they make other perfect sandwiches as well.

If you like the cheesy taste of the perfectly cooked meats, then this will serve you greatly. If you enjoy the caramelized onions, then you’ll like everything here.

If you even enjoy the Italian hoagies, you will like the one they offer here too. Just make sure, though, you enjoy the roast pork sandwich.

They like to make them using the broccoli rabe too, but they will primarily use the provolone cheese.

Address: 178 N 10th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: (347) 384-2222


19. Molto streeto

As long as you are in Brooklyn, you must have already seen this area as it delivers some of the best yet tasty sandwiches.

This shop hails from LA, and you know this space is a much more precious space. Well, today, we have so many people from LA also enjoying it.

The one thing making us mention it is that they only sell some of the perfect sandwiches. They deliver the largest sandwiches too, and you know they will deliver the best meal for when you are starving.

You see, their bread will be fresh textured but also delicious. You will like the crunchy crust. People like presto sandwiches here.

But if you like, then you can also check out their spicy sandwich. You will also have spicy, savory meats if you like.

Address: 42 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11201


20. Farmer in the Deli

For those who like to go out for breakfast, this is the place to go to. Here you will source some of the best breakfast meals but with the perfect sandwich as well.

You see, they will offer different snacks and drinks you may need. Only go here when you are starving, as it will always be all worth the effort.

On a day-to-day basis, this deli place continues to serve some of the best sandwiches over a long time. In addition, they will deliver the overflow of the sandwiches.

So, notice that it doesn’t matter where you are going to because they will consistently deliver the perfect meals you may need.

So, when you’re at fort green, then you are sure to enjoy the sandwich meal before you go to other spots.

Address: 357 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Phone: (718) 875-9067


21. BKLYN Larder

So, when you’re looking for good food, then you should go to this place.

For as long as they are cooking here, their essence is to create the perfect food for everyone and anyone wanting it. If you grew up in Brooklyn, then you may have seen this restaurant.

It just doesn’t matter for this restaurant you can go for takeout or just sit and enjoy the meals. So, then you will have the unique food items here, and you will even enjoy it.

When you eat here, it will look like you are eating at home because they make the best homestyle different meals.

It may be a little pricey, but it’s all worth it to eat their sandwiches as they are great.

Address: 228 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: (718) 783-1250


22. Wheelhouse

Cheesy Bacon Tartar Tots

Are you looking for live music, tasty sandwiches, and cocktails, here you will have the most impressive combos to fill you up as you have fun in the process?

Most Brooklynites like to visit this restaurant for different sandwiches. This goes to show you that they sell only the best ones.

For me, the best type is a grilled cheese sandwich. Regardless some people swear by their different meat sandwiches.

So whichever you would like, take the time to visit this Bushwick restaurant for the best option of meals.

Address: 165 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237


23. Dépanneur

And when you wish to go to a rustic shop that will sell some of the sandwiches, coffee and other pastries you know.

Whether you are looking for the perfect pleasure, then this is it you are going to love. This is your place to even go to when looking for a go-to coffee shop.

This is more of a French restaurant offering the best meals for those who enjoy the French cuisine.

They offer the different and weirder combo of the sandwich meals, but you can never go wrong trying their different meals.

They sell the best sandwich, but if you are in a hurry, you want to go elsewhere or maintain some patience.

Address: 242 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: (347) 227-8424


24. Ends meat

Whenever you are at sunset park, you can go into this restaurant and try their favorite meal choices. They often offer new and perfect meat packages as part of the sandwiches.

When you’re one of those who like to explore the different meats, you should go to ends meat. The difference is that you will be eating them in the sandwich.

You will mostly enjoy the Brooklyn style of meat in no time because they tend to offer classic meat and delicious options of meals.

They have several choices that I always say go out and just try all of them, then find the one that works for you.

Address: 254 36th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Phone: (718) 801-8895


Specific best sandwiches

Wheelhouse – grilled cheese

For the most amazing grilled sandwich, you should go to this wheelhouse as it will deliver the perfect addition to the sandwich.

They will often serve you the grilled cheese that they serve with sourdough. Most people like to add even more cheese, which means you are building it as you would like.

Of course, you can blend other cheese in the mix if you like for a few more dollars. But, if you want, then you should add the veggies or the meats as well.

So, when looking for the best meals, you should go to the wheelhouse in Bushwick for a unique and unforgettable sandwich.

Brooklyn star- meatloaf sandwich

Here then, you have one of the most preferred sandwiches by the New Yorkers. Well, this is not your space if you are vegan.

If you like meats, though, you will enjoy the meatloaf sandwich; they make especially on the Pullman’s bread.

Here then, you have the comfort food kind; therefore, you come here if you are not so interested in counting your calories.

This meatloaf we are talking about is set on mashed potatoes and covered in bacon.

But, of course, this also happens to be the American’s finest dinner. And they will often serve it Pullman’s bread.

Torta – Chavela’s

For those who enjoy Mexican foods, then this is the place to go for the perfect torta. If you thought you had to wait until the time you went to Mexico for it, then we are here to say no.

You see, Chavela’s is a perfect Mexican restaurant that is further as vibrant as the Mexican culture. This one is easy to access, too, because it’s in crown heights.

This sandwich goes for a tiny $9, and they often have the enchilada pork as well. And of course, then they will even have the cabbages and the cilantro as well.

For those who enjoy brunch, this is the space to go to for the oversized torta. The good thing is that you can easily find a place to rest and enjoy yourself with your family.

Pulled pork sandwich – hometown BBQ

When you’re talking about the sandwiches, you only have it serve you when you choose to use the pulled pork with the bread pieces. This meal then is usually only $13, but it’s always so worth it.

It’s an American style of dinner that will fill you up perfectly, you know. Notice that you will further have the perfect drinks to use alongside the sandwich always.

I know some people complain about the wait time, but you will know why it’s all worth it anyway when you get a bite of the meal.

Roast beef sandwich – roll N roaster

This roast beef sandwich we are talking of here will cost you a little $5, which makes it one of the best spaces to go to when you don’t want to spend a lot.

Ask anyone around, and they will take you here if you are only looking for the roast beef sandwich. Notice that this one is at sheepshead bay.

Well, if this sandwich isn’t your thing, then just go out and try their pizza or just dine on any foodstuff of your choice. Born in the 70s, roll, and roaster has served Brooklyn’s community for ages.

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