The 12 Best Nail Salons in Bay Ridge

You need a good place if you plan to get your nails done. Nails speak a lot about you, and you can’t risk them getting messed around.

That said, there are many nail salons in Bay Ridge. However, some stand out among them.

I fancy my nails looking good, and that’s why I researched the best nail salons in Bay Ridge, offering excellent services, perfect nail shaping, and a great value for you as the customer.

Nail Salons

Below are the 12 must-visit nail salons that I came across. You won’t be disappointed by the services offered.

Instead, you will regret not discovering them earlier on. The nail salons are presented based on their services and customer value. Let’s get started!

1. Nails by Eva

  • 8016 3rd Ave Bay Ridge, NY 11209
  • Phone: 718-833-3312
  • Visit Website

Nails by Eva


Nails by Eva opened in 2018 and has specialized in SNS dipping powder, manicure, light concept gel nails, pedicure, waxing, spa pedicure, shellac mani, and bodywork.

While at it, you will be refreshed with complimentary customer coffee and drinks.

I enjoyed the foot massages. It was amazing, and their pedicures are the best; not forgetting the spa pedicure accompanied with cool gel bath foam giving you a fun moment.

I loved how well the place was organized and clean. You will feel pampered by their massages while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere and free wi-fi.

Nails by Eva is available by appointment, and if you are lucky, you can walk in and still get served by their nail professionals.

2. Mimi’s Nails

  • 9114 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Phone: 347-517-4775
  • Visit Website

Mimis Nails


You will love your nails once you visit Mimi’s Nails. The staff makes it look so easy, they help even in choosing the color, and they will carefully meet your expectations.

I can attest that the pedicure offered here is among the best I have tried. The place is a vibe. It’s clean, polite, and hygienic. I got my nails perfectly done as I hoped, and their work is excellent.

The owner, Mimi, is so lively. She will welcome you in and ensure you get your nails done, and even though the place can get crowded, trust me, the wait is worth it.

Plus, their powder gel manicure is ever on point. There is so much to choose from. Also, try their spa pedicure. You will love it!

3. Sally Beauty Nail Spa

  • 8507 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Phone: 718-864-4989
  • Visit Website

Sally Beauty Nail Spa


I loved the experience at Sally’s nail salon. The staff I met were nice, they welcomed me in, and even though it was my first time visiting, I didn’t regret it.

My nail technician perfectly recreated the nail photo that I showed her beyond my expectation.

Perfection is what Sally Beauty Nail Spa is all about. Each process is carefully done, and the technician takes her time to ensure everything comes out perfect.

Moreover, their prices are affordable. The nail artists will perfect your nails, and you don’t need to break the bank for your nails to look good.

Plus, they offer an extensive nail sticker book to pick a design if you have no idea of what you want.

4. Latoue Nail Spa

  • 8203 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • 92 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Phone: 347-687-8208
  • Visit Website

Latoue Nail Spa

Latoue nail salon is only available by appointment. They specialize in UV filling, permanent French tip sets, powder filling, and new tip sets.

Hygiene is part of their concern, and you will notice how they stress disinfecting each tool before use. I loved that. At least you are assured of safety.

The salon only plays soft spa music. It is a quiet place with minimal distractions to enable their nail artists to be attentive and keen on their work.

They have excellent color selections for the regular polish and the gel, and you can get a manicure after they have done your pedicure. You will leave smiling for the good work done, the excellent nail shape and color of your nails.

The key attraction to the nail salon is its cleanliness and affordability. I mean, who doesn’t love looking good at a lower price?

Moreover, they are up to date with nail trends, and you can expect to find new designs that make you stand out.

5. Lovely Rose Nail Spa

  • 7611 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Phone: 718-745-3846
  • Visit Website

Lovely Rose Nail Spa


The Asian-owned nail salon offers many services, including nail repair, nail art, polish change, manicure, body massages, acrylic fill-in and full set, foot massage, pedicure, full gel set, etc. They offer all the services you need to beautify your nails.

Are you unsure of what design or color you want for your nails? Trust me.

I know the feeling. However, the staff help by giving ideas and recommendations on what they think is best for your nails. Honestly, it’s a lifesaver, and you will be glad about your nails’ final shape and color.

Even if you choose to give them a random design, the nail artist will creatively execute it, and you won’t regret coming to the place.

Their acrylic set is incredible, and they will perfect everything, including the shape and length, to your liking.

Lovely Rose Nail Spa is my new go-to nail salon in Bay Ridge. The staff here are excellent at gel manicures, pedicures, and acrylics. You won’t be disappointed.

6. Jen Reve Nail

  • 7604 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Phone: 718-745-3083
  • Visit Website

Jen Reve Nail


The nail salon welcomes everyone to book an appointment and allows them to pamper you.

At Reve Nail, you will enjoy their services, including pedicures, body waxing, facials, manicures, and eyelash extensions.

They offer various packages, and some, like regular manicures and organic pedicures, go for $40.

If you desire to get your nails and eyelashes done, this is the perfect place. For the eyelashes, they offer different styles and shapes, such as the 3D wispy.

The nail salon guarantees quality work, and they take their time to perfect everything giving you more confidence with your nails and eyelashes. They also offer silk extensions to put the nails in the same shape.

Jenny, the owner, has perfected the art of excellence in her work. She will perfectly do your facials, and she is an outstanding and attentive person to deal with. Plus, the nail salon has an inviting atmosphere.

7. Mini-Master Nail & Spa

  • 6916 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Phone: 718-333-5577
  • Visit Website

Mini Master Nail Spa


Mini Master is now accepting walk-ins and appointments. The place opened in 2021 and they assure quality work to the extent that your nails will speak for you, thanks to their range of nail treatment and services.

How can you attest to this unless you visit? Luckily, I have been to the nail salon, and they are really trying to keep to their word.

You will get the best acrylic full set, facials, gel full set, nail repair, foot massage, nail art, pedicure, manicure, etc.

I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Mini Master. It is among the many nail salons in Bay Ridge that have value and concern for your nails.

The staff is friendly, and you need not worry about your nails getting messed up. They do the work with passion, and you will love the result.

Still, their pedicure and manicure are amazing. Everything will be done attentively and with care.

The nail tech is meticulous with her work, and you will appreciate the efforts she puts into your nails.

8. Pink & White Nails

  • 8705 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Phone: 718-567-8869
  • Visit Website

Pink White Nails


Nails are part of how a woman speaks, and if you are looking for the best nail salon in Bay Ridge to get your nails gorgeously done and last long, this is the perfect nail salon for that.

The nail salon is amazing. It is clean, and its services are nothing less than professional.

The staff takes their time to offer their services, and if it’s that manicure or nail service you are longing for, they will perfectly get it done. The atmosphere is relaxed, and you won’t get bored sitting all that long.

I recommend visiting the nail salon for its affordable prices, yet the quality of their service is unmatched. Appointments are preferred to avoid the long wait as it can easily get busy.

The staff is experts, so no worries about the result. It will exceed your expectation.

If it’s the manicure you want, you better not be in a hurry as it will take time, but the wait and experience are worth it.

Their tools are clean, and I enjoyed how the lady was interactive throughout the process. She ensured everything went near perfection.

9. New Gold Nail Spa

  • 8416 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Phone: 718-836-9045
  • Visit Website

New Gold Nail Spa

A beautiful nail salon will easily make you a regular. New Gold Nail Spa is a clean, attractive, and relaxed nail salon and the fact that it is ever busy indicates that the nail technicians are good at the work. Otherwise, people wouldn’t be returning.

The nail salon has a beautiful selection of nail polish brands and colors. You will feel relaxed while enjoying your services as no music is playing.

Moreover, they have comfy chairs, the pedicure stations are large, and there are spaces for your items, including your phone and purse.

The place is a 5-star establishment, and the quality of its services is unmatched.

Their stations get cleaned after each client is served. Moreover, they accept card payments, but tips must be in cash.

10. Moko Nail & Spa

Moko Nail Spa 2

At Moko Nail & Spa, your vision of the perfect nails will be turned into a reality.

The nail technicians are attentive and understand the assignment, and the result is ever a hit.

Everything about the nail salon is excellent. The interior design of the place is lovely.

They play classical music, the services are exemplary, and cleanliness is their priority.

What more could you ask? Here, you won’t feel rushed, and the staff will take their time to deliver perfection.

The staff here is amazing, and I loved how they take time to listen to what you want and then put a spin on it and perfect your nails.

I love someone who cares for my nails like they were their own, and that person can be found at Moko Nail & Spa.

11. Angel City Nail & Spa

  • 8905 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Phone: 347-517-4880
  • Visit Website

Angel City Nail Spa


Angel City is an awesome and lively nail salon. The staff does their job carefully to avoid any messing of your nails, and the place itself is clean and comfortable. Plus, you will get a quick shoulder rub once your nails are done.

The owner is friendly and what attracts people is the affordable prices offered, matching the quality served.

The service and skill of their nail technicians are incredible, and you will end up returning to get your nails done again after a while.

Still, the place will amaze you with how well arranged it is. The atmosphere is inviting, and you will have a peaceful time while getting your nails done or any other service.

12. Le Charme Nail Spa

  • 8312 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Phone: 718-864-0888
  • Visit Website

Le Charme Nail Spa


You get the true VIP treatment on a budget at this nail salon. The staff knows how best to pamper guests, and you will enjoy the manicure and pedicure.

Moreover, their nail technicians are talented in nail beauty, and perfection is what they give as the final output.

Furthermore, they offer facials and other packages, and once you get your treatment here, there is no going back to your previous spot.

The excellent services provided will retain you, and the interactive staff will go up and beyond to ensure you are satisfied.

Bay Ridge has many nail salons, but only a few match the experience offered here. Visit the nail salon and be the judge. You will be delighted!

Final Thoughts

That’s it! You’ve now known where to go next to get your favorite manicure, pedicure, and nails done.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the list and if you feel there is another nail salon left out, feel free to comment below, and I will check it out.

I look forward to hearing from you about your experience after visiting the nail salons. Plus, share the post with your friends so they don’t get left behind to get their nails done!

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