10 Best Sports Shops in Brooklyn For Sporting Goods, NYC

Want to buy sporting goods in Brooklyn? Look no further. 

Most sports shops in Brooklyn will advise what will best suit your project.

So, whether you want to run, play soccer, swim, cycle, ride or even skate, you will find the best that Brooklyn has in sportswear.

Let me help you identify the best sports shops to visit and get your costumes at the best prices.

So, which sports shops will you find the best sportswear deals in Brooklyn?

1. Brooklyn Running Company

  • 480 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (347) 916-1173
  • Visit Website


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Do you want to find the best running outfit in Brooklyn? Brooklyn running company offers the best at amazing prices.

In addition, they have the best running shoes that will hold your feet comfortably and prove lightweight.

Of course, it would be best if you were as light as possible when running, and this sports shop understands exactly that.

You will also get original men’s and female apparel for sports. So if you need it light or slightly heavy for jogging in the early cold morning hours, you will find them all here.

The socks come with the best material, and you will not worry about developing blisters or soreness while running or doing whatever you need to keep fit.

The company also produces injury protection guards to secure you from injury if you fall. Depending on your sport, you will get the best helmets and other injury guards.

They operate every day, starting from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

2. Legends Sporting Goods

  • 8224 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11209
  • Phone: (718) 680- 8957
  • Visit Website

Legends Sporting Goods

Legends sporting goods will be the ultimate sporting shop in Brooklyn. I love this shop since the staff will help you achieve whatever you need.

They provide a wide range of sporting attire, including running, swimming, cycling, boarding, and boxing costumes.

In addition, you will get the best original balling sportswear to attend your favorite ball games.

Whether you come as a professional athlete or looking to find a sporting hobby, this sports shop will provide what you need. This sports shop offers the best sports medicine to energize you during your fitness training.

Sometimes you will require sporting medication to help you achieve your desired outcome.

If you work in the weights department, you will also get the best training accessories. They provide the best firm lifting belts for different sizes.

The sporting jerseys in this shop will attract you. The material proves authentic, and they sell at amazing prices.

You will also find amazing offers where you get to buy one and get one free on various sporting goods. 

3. Paragon Sports

  • 867 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, 10003
  • Phone: +1 800 961-3030
  • Visit Website

Paragon Sports


If you love a wide variety in the selection of sportswear, you will love Paragon Sports. This short boasts of a wide variety of various sportswear for an everyday sporting person.

It brings legit designs from reputable sportswear companies so that you won’t worry about the brand.

Do you specialize in running, hiking, baseball, hockey, or even swimming? Don’t worry because you will find your sportswear right here in this sports shop in Brooklyn.

Their new footwear will keep you wanting to come again and again. I love how the sports shoes come lightweight and full of sporting fashion.

They also carry amazing sportswear company logos so that you might get one from your favorite company.

If you love sports as a family, you will find something for everyone. They provide men, women, and kids apparel categories to get the whole family covered.

The sports accessories like headphones, sunglasses, watches, winter hats, and backpacks come with the best quality material.

You will enjoy using these products for a long time before they wear out.

In addition, you will find classic jackets, shirts, shorts, swimwear, and outerwear in the apparel category.

Feel free to order online or visit this classic sports shop in the heart of Brooklyn.

If you visit the shop on Sundays till Friday, they open from 11 am to 7 pm.

On Saturday, they open a bit earlier, at 10:45 am. So come and get your best sportswear from the best sports shop in Brooklyn.

4. Panda Ski and Sport

  • 9213 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11209
  • Phone: +1 718-238-4919
  • Visit Website

Panda Ski and Sport


Do you love skiing, snowboarding, skating, and other outdoor sports? Then, Panda sports will get you sorted.

This sports shop has the most legitimate male, female, and children’s apparel to make your sports day memorable.

They also provide car racks, and if you wish to sport and hike, you will have everything covered.

This amazing sports shop has something unique, unlike other shops in Brooklyn.

They also provide sporting services like golfing, rental programs, and golf outings.

So, if you need sporting services like those mentioned here, go ahead and make plans with them.

They provide the best boots for men, females, and kids for snowboarding. The snowboard bindings guarantee an excellent snowboarding experience too.

Outdoor tennis sports like tennis will help you stay fit and gain more tennis playing skills.

You may purchase the apparel and tennis accessories here while playing with them.

If you want a sports shop that cares about your sporting experience and works towards providing you with the best, Panda ski will be that place for you.

5. Wilson Flagship Store

  • 494 Broadway Brooklyn NY, 10012
  • Phone: (332) 699-6914
  • Visit Website


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Have you found the perfect place to get your balls in Brooklyn? If not, I will recommend the Wilson Flagship store without hesitation.

This sports shop started in 2021, and I love its progress by providing quality sporting goods.

The customers so far seem very satisfied, which makes the store rank in our list of the best sports shops in New York City.

The world-class basketballs, tennis balls, footballs, baseball, golf, and volleyballs have made me love the store the more.

The sportswear will not disappoint you too. The sporting goods come new and highly fashionable for any sportsperson liking. Good sportswear will help you achieve success and still look new.

That means the brand was authentic. This sports shop goes out of its way to bring its customers unique and legitimate sports goods.

The onsite advisors will advise you and ensure you get the best in the store. They accept online orders and also walk-ins. So go ahead and visit them today and make a difference in your sporting goods.

6. Mr. Sports

  • 1428 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11226
  • Phone: 718 287-4340
  • Visit Website


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Sports shoes play an integral part in the sports arena. If you want to make it big in sporting, your shoewear must be on point. Mr. Sports specializes in delivering quality sports shoes for people of all age sets.

If you need the best sneakers and other streetwear for your jogging, or skating, this sports shop will amaze you.

All their products have an attractive display that will attract you into the store.

I must uphold this shop for its hygienic standards that put them ahead of other sports stores in the area.

You will also meet attentive staff with an eye for detail, and you will walk out with the best of what you need.

If you need a place to window shop, fit, and buy your sporting apparel from the most welcoming and helpful people, visit this shop, and you will come back for more.

7. Leonardos Sport Shop

  • 6011 5th Ave Brooklyn NY 11220
  • Phone: (718) 492-8482
  • Visit Website

Leonardos Sport Shop


Are you a soccer fan? Or do you play soccer and need the best soccer apparel in Brooklyn? Don’t look further because Leonardos sport shot has all that you need.

This store has all soccer accessories if you need any soccer equipment ranging from soccer balls, gloves, shoes, shin guards, and jerseys.

The goods come from the authentic manufacturers in the USA, and you don’t have to worry about the quality.

Most soccer brands supply to this sports shop in Brooklyn for you to get an amazing soccer experience.

The soccer shoes here have the best material, and they will last and serve you longer. The wide variety of soccer shoes and jerseys will shock you.

8. Champs Sports

  • 480-882 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (+718) 852-4808
  • Visit Website


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Champs sports always has something for the newcomers and regulars alike.

Go with the champs store located on Fulton Street in Brooklyn if you want to get the hot shoes for sporting right now.

You will not find apparel as quality and hot as in champs sports.

The sporting accessories at this place prove quality and are the best in the sporting sector. Their headphones will serve you the longest.

If you have heard about the latest Adidas launch, find it at Champs sports. Other leading brands that the shop sales from include Jordan, Armour, and New Balance.

If you buy from this sports shop in Brooklyn, you get the guarantee to be on top of your town’s sporting fashion and the eyebrow-raiser.

People will want to know your shopping joint so don’t hesitate to share their contacts. A happy client makes a joyful society.

9. Sports Fever

  • 176 Ave U, Brooklyn, NY 11223
  • Phone: +1 718 449-2933
  • Visit Website

Sports Fever


Do you get a sports fever wherever you see someone looking good in a jersey and sneaker outfit?

Then, you may be wondering where to get one for yourself at amazing prices.

At Sports Fever in Brooklyn, you will get the chance to recreate your best sports star outlook in a blink of an eye.

This shop deals with professional sporting apparel for your daily sporting needs.

The jerseys, sports jackets, sneakers, and sports hats will leave you looking fashionable.

In addition, you will get a chance to get matching apparel for both ladies and gents.

So if your child wants some legit sportswear, don’t sweat it. Visit Sports Fever, and all your fever will vanish.

I got my Warriors and Baron Davis jersey here for my soccer games. I will advise you to get a look and buy from the most legitimate sports shop in Brooklyn.

10. SA Sports

  • 227 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • Phone: (718) 743-9764
  • Visit Website

SA Sports 1

Sometimes it gets tough going from one sports shop to another searching for sportswear. You will find that every sports shop finds a particular sport good to specialize in.

This makes it very challenging to get all your sporting goods from one shop. But with one visit to SA Sports, you will sort all your sporting needs.

They have a 100 percent guarantee for customer satisfaction. Therefore, you will shop without fear since the guarantee provides excellent sportswear for various sporting games.

This shop offers amazing sporting apparel, balls, sneakers, and sporting accessories.

Don’t wallow in disappointments around Brooklyn looking for a sports shop if you can visit the SA sports shop at the heart of Brooklyn.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get the best of the sporting goods in Brooklyn, these ten sports shops will be the best places you may want to visit. They provide the best sportswear for everyone.

If you enjoyed discovering these amazing places, let us know in the comment section. Also, please share it with your friends and let them get genuine and quality gear for their sporting spree.

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