The 10 Best Bars In Tribeca For A Drink, NYC

Famous for spacious posh lofts, appetizing restaurants, working spans, and architecture, Tribeca is one of the hippest Neighbourhoods of Manhattan in New York.  It earned the title of the industrial hub of Manhattan that lauds the architect of ancient times.

At present, the same architecture of Tribeca gives it a great number of artistic tapestries, making it different and distinctive in look and feel.

Tribeca is filled with lively bars and mouth-watering restaurants that surely slake your thirst and fill your craving.

Here are some of the best bars in Tribeca which I am going to list down below with complete details and features. So do try them on your trip to Tribeca as it has something for everyone.

Best Bars In Tribeca

  1. Weather Up
  2. Anotheroom
  3. Terroir
  4. City Vineyard
  5. Brandy Library
  6. Puffy’s Tavern
  7. Belle Reve
  8. Shigure
  9. Smith & Mills
  10. Tiny & the Bar Upstairs

1. Weather Up

159 Duane Street, TRIBECA New York, New York 10013

Weather Up


Heading towards the number one choice of bars in Tribeca, Weather Up is the expert in crafted cocktails and swirling bourbon.  I would highly recommend this bar for multiple reasons such as happy hours that serves $1 oyster.

Weather Up is also famous for its small plates of delicious burritos, butternut squash crostini, and beef tartar.

Moreover, if you are looking for an excellent spot for your first romantic date, Weather Up accommodates you with something special. Their famous drink named Manhattan comes with chocolate bitters and an upgraded twist of classic wine.

If you love spicy food, tattoos, suspenders, sparklers, and dry martinis, Weather Up is in the next alley. Open in 2008 as a small venture in Tribeca, weather up is regarded as the first high dose crafted cocktail bar in New York.

2. Anotheroom

249 W Broadway, Tribeca, New York, NY 10013

+1 917-388-3720



Anotheroom is a pretty tiny cosy spot for all beer and wine lovers in New York. With its unique choices of wines and fine beer, this place is the most comfortable spot after a hectic day.

The bartenders are very friendly and offer pours to match your taste. Anotheroom has a very intimate and comfy interior especially window seats with dim lights perfect for a date or friends get-together.

Acknowledged as the Darkest Bar of Manhattan, this bar will drink all your sorrows, and grieves, and relax you right after your first drink.

However, if you are into the crafted beer or cocktails, you have to stroll more in the neighbourhood as Anotheroom only serves wine and beer.

The music choice is also very distinctive and soft with long playlists. Amidst impressive choices of beer, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc are my favourite and loved by locals too. But if you don’t like imbibing alcoholic drinks, you must try their hand-made soda options.

3. Terroir

24 Harrison St, New York, NY 10013

+1 212-625-9463


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Terroir is a theme-based bar, opened in 2010 by Paul Grieco as a small space near the community college of Manhattan. The bar resonates history of Tribeca as the first neighbourhood after the post-industrial narration of America by giving it standing tribute through the interior and beverage culture.

The ultimate food and drink choices give Terroir a huge voice and an absolute spot for having a quality time.

You will always find Paul here who loves to chat with guests while explaining the illuminating facts about wine and what it could be in the changing world.

Terroir offers American and European wines simultaneously and the tapsters are capable enough to enlighten you about each glass. Furthermore, the bar has a very competitive price and an extensive menu which is a plus for enjoying the whole night’s festivity.

Terroir cheese polenta can easily substitute the traditional mashed potatoes but their burgers with caramelized onions and bacon are simply heaven. You must try their pigs in a blanket food selection that will seriously elevate your craving.

4. City Vineyard

233 West St, New York, NY 10013

+1 6466778350

City Vineyard


Indulge Your Senses is the popular slogan of City Vineyard, which is not only a fabulous bar but a state-of-the-art restaurant also.

This alluring tapestry is located at Pier 26 of Hudson River in Tribeca which is called the heart of Lower Manhattan. City vineyard is also in proximity to the financial district of commerce which keeps it more engaging and bustling.

Once entered the bar, you would see a metaphoric culture of Italy and Chinatown in this marvellous territory of wine and excellent food.

Whether you are a local or tourist, your visit to the city vineyard will be accompanied by scrumptious choices of brunch, lunch, and dinner with a great glass of wine.

City Vineyard does not offer reservations and operate restaurant and bar on a first-come-first-serve regulation. Bar staff is very professional and elucidates you with a huge selection of wines mixed and match.

Live music is another soulful feature of City Vineyard while rendering unobstructed views of Manhattan riverside, driving you beyond imagination.

City Vineyard is also known for its engrossing events, outdoor concerts, and music shows by famous singers and musicians.

5. Brandy Library

25 N Moore St, Tribeca, New York, NY 10013

+1 212-226-5545

Brandy Library


Established in 2004, Brandy Library is the ultimate establishment of drinking and the final destination for spirit lovers in New York. Located downtown in Tribeca, the bar got the recognition of a library as the liquors are lined up here in the walls all around.

The menu list of Brandy Library has a boozing lexicon of spirits and a hundred choices of the cocktail. Among drink options, Corpse Reviver, gin, lemonade, Pernod, Cointreau, and Jarnac ginger are the best and most famous locally. Spend only $13 for these spiritual drinks and grab a warm cheese puff alongside.

The premium quality spirits and cocktails have a metaphysical amalgamate with Tuna sushi Rolls served with a bunch of ginger pickle and wasabi only at Brandy Library. If you love the spicy version of Tuna Sushi, it will be served too.

In addition to the delectable food menu, Brandy Library also serves burgers with high-quality cheese, sirloin, and bacon that no one can refuse to taste.

Besides cocktails showers, Santa Maria gin, Champagne saffron syrup, and dirty martinis are also most popular on the beverage menu of Brandy Library.

6. Puffy’s Tavern

81 Hudson St, Tribeca, New York, NY 10013

+1 212-227-3912

Puffys Tavern


Straddled in the heart of Tribeca, Puffy’s Tavern is a laidback tavern of the 1940s. The bar is one of the most happiest and friendly establishments in New York.

You can find the bar after a few minutes’ walk from downtown on the corner of Harrison and Hudson Street. The informal ambiance of the Tavern is ideal for socializing and making new friends.

You would be delighted to have a pair of scrumptious Italian sandwiches and your favourite glass of wine at Tavern only.

The best time to enjoy the bar scene is the happy hour, which extends to lunch and dinner timing. Henceforth, I would recommend you book your reservations first to avoid any hassle.

The bar interior is mainly decorated with woods including the panel, chairs, and stools. Puffy Tavern offers 13 selections of drafted and bottled beer.

People love to congregate around the TV in the bar to watch their favoured sports games while enjoying shots of wine. Puffy’s Tavern also presents a large menu to fulfil your gut from a wide range of delicious Italian sandwiches to pizza treats.

The price of food and domestic wine is very economical at lunch and dinner starting from $3 to $5 only. If you are following a vegan diet, Puffy’s Tavern also has artichoke, sundried tomatoes sandwiches, and arugula to relish your taste buds.

The bar also has some special beverages like drafted Newcastle beer, cold Guinness, and some the Belgian beers.

Being close to Washington Market Park, the bar usually remains packed all the time. Altogether, if you want to enjoy the best drink and dine scene or want to have a break after a long working day at a low price, head straight to Puffy’s Tavern.

7. Belle Reve

305 Church St, Tribeca, New York, NY 10013

+1 212-680-0101

Belle Reve


Belle Reve was opened in 2015 in Tribeca and has been very popular among locals because of the vintage road signs on walls that made it forever around. This spot is considered best for Vodka soda among all other beverages.

As the evening starts, people used to come here in flocks, particularly from marketing agencies which are in the proximity of bar.

Belle Reve has maintained a reputation for drawing couples of middle age, taking shots, and carousing till midnight, especially on Wednesday.

Belle Reve is also adjacent to the American Business Centre at 32 Avenue, making it more crammed with a hip culture.

The bar has a vast menu, filled with artisanal drinks but the beer index is very vigorous with plenty of quenchers to enjoy. Belle Reve has quite funny and funky names for their drinks like Macho Chacho, created from orange juice, mescal, chacho, lime, and agave.

Another hit is Disco Billy in this list made with vodka, falernum, ginger ale, and tea. The bar is delivering all the drinks like beer, shots, vodka, and happy hour oysters at a very mare price that would only shake your mind not your pocket.

Moreover, Belle Reve also presents a very delicious food menu to enjoy with each glass. The spicy fish tacos are my favourite as they are made with fresh ingredients and fish while serving artistically.

Belle Reve is also known for its burgers, chicken wings, and Club sandwiches. The vegetarian options are also available for vegans rendering an absolute combination of delicious food and drink to enjoy a great evening.

8. Shigure

277 Church St, Tribeca New York, NY 10013

+1 212-965-0200



Shigure is another exceptional little Japanese bar that attracts a very selective and known crowd. If you are looking for traditional Japanese sake, Shigure is your point to stop. The bar offers a huge range of sake selections originally from Japan.

They have drawn complete maps on walls to give you an insight into Japanese sake and help you know their heritage.

Being close to Ancients Baths and Ghostbusters Headquarters of Tribeca, this place is deemed quite fancy and unique through appearance and service.

Additionally, if you are visiting Manhattan first time and crave something different and delicious, do visit Shigure to enjoy immaculate small plates with Japanese Sake, or crafted cocktails.

Shigure is also specialized in lemon sake served in martinis glass. Their seafood is my favourite because of the fresh components, taste, and creative display.

You would also love their noodles, sushi rolls, pork katsu don, Yellow tail carpaccio, and corn tempura to enjoy over your favourite wine. However, if you love live music in the bar, step outside to the downstairs B Flat jazz bar for a bit of noisy and spirited ambiance.

9. Smith & Mills

71 N Moore St, Tribeca, New York, NY 10013

+1 212-858-1433

Smith Mills


Founded by Akiva Elstein and Matthew Abramcyk, this small cosy taproom has a very cordial and welcoming aura in Tribeca.

The interior and design of the bar such as lights, furniture, covered walls, and fabricated doors are all show the keen interest of the owners in Bauhaus and constructivism.

Smith and Mills fosters a very engaging atmosphere for long conversation due to the inward seating design. You will have small but delicious plates here to share and enjoy with classic cocktails.

The bar is open for 7-days a week for brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night drinks, making it packed all the time.

Once operated as a carriage house, today bar has converted into a tapestry and restaurant, Smith and Mills can be accessed effortlessly near St. John Park. Look above the symbol of 71 North Moore at the door and get entered in a homiest tiny tapestry.

The beverage menu is grand and has some popular nibbles like Frozen Paloma with mescal, fresh lime, Old Mine, and a very refreshing Pimm’s cup.

Smith and Mills has an excellent food menu as well that includes oysters for happy hours, king crab, brioche bread dessert, and mushroom toast to enjoy each gin, shot, or glass of wine.

10. Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs

135 W Broadway, Tribeca, New York, NY 10013

+1 212-374-1135

Tinys The Bar Upstairs


Began as a small venture by 3 siblings Ana, Matt, and jack, Tiny & the Bar Upstairs is located in the townhouse of Tribeca. The bar is stuffed into a three-story building and percolates warmth and a relaxing formation due to brick walls, tin roofs, and customized banquettes.

The bar and dining space is available on the 1st floor, albeit, other floors are also replete with more seating, where people gather around the fireplace on gravels to relish negronis and bourbon.

Being operated as a family-owned business, the bar maintained a very comfortable environment where anyone can come to eat, drink, talk and depart cheerfully.

The History of Tribeca’s Townhouse is dated back to the 1800s, giving it the title of New York Gym due to the ancient culture, edifices, and lifestyle.

Following that bar has also got huge fame because of its location in the heart of Tribeca Townhouse.

The trance and zeal of the bar can also be seen in its interior design, presenting a perfect symmetry of original and reformed makings like copper, marble, bricks, and stone.

Labelled as a Pink Townhouse bar, Tiny and the Bar Upstairs offers great food and drinks to entice a large number of locals and tourists alike.

The bar is not only famous for its old-fashioned architecture but serves modern whisky and cocktails too in chic environs.

Flocks of people visit this tapestry for brunch purposes usually due to their famous Egg Benedict which is incredibly delicious and flavourful. Scrumptious pancakes and chicken sandwiches also have a high vote on the menu list to enjoy with a glass of your favourite drink.

The Final Word:

Finally, we reached the climax with some of the most vibrant tapestries of Tribeca. I would suggest you take some time and check out the attractions of the Big Apple including the cultural backdrop, ancient galleries, and retro structural design of Tribeca. It will take probably a full day to explore the distinctive appeals of Tribeca.

Meanwhile, you can relax by visiting any of the great bars in Tribeca mentioned above. On the whole, each of the bars has a superb assortment of great food and drinks to enjoy a great evening with loved ones.

Whether, you look for excellent choices of cocktails, whiskey, wine, or some artisanal pints, Tribeca offers everything to everyone.

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