17 Best Bars In Bushwick Brooklyn For Cocktail

Bushwick bars give an amazing nightlife in the city. If you are in New York and looking for the best bars in the place, this guide is for you!

No doubt, Bushwick bars are the ultimate place to enjoy night parties or simply stop by for a drink.

young bartender pouring beer while standing at the bar counter

On our first trip to New York, we spent a lot of time searching for the bars where we could enjoy the best time of life.

And here we’re with our 17 best Bushwick bar picks where you can find classic cocktails, beer, coffee, snacks, and much more. Have a look!

1. Yours Sincerely

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Contact: info@yoursincerely.com

Address: 41 Wilson Avenue Brooklyn NY 11237

Yours Sincerely


This bar has a plethora of the most creative cocktails. From classics, featured cocktails, cocktail shorts, carbonated drinks, house-made sodas, and wine, it offers them all.

Each of these categories further includes various drinks. Just like the featured cocktail includes transmitting the box, one of those, is the sunrise curfew.

Similarly, if you select to have carbonated cocktails, you can get “the speed of light” and “ruby slippers”. For more options, you can go through their featured lists on the website.

The bar is the perfect place for a date with its beautiful and classic look. With exposed bricks, murals on the wall, and chandeliers hanging around, it’s just amazing to be at.

 2. The Rookery

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Contact: 718-483-6048

Address: 425 TroutMan Street Brooklyn NY 11237

The Rookery


The Rookery stands out for its beer served in 20-ounce glasses. Here you can enjoy your favorite drink either in the front yard beer ground or 16 ft long horseshoe bar in the backyard.

It displays a wine list and cocktails apart from beers. So if you are not in the mood for beer, you can opt for other drinks.

Plus, to satisfy your cravings, you can order bar bites, salad & soup, sandwiches, fries, etc. Overall it’s a great place to visit to enjoy your friends or family. We can’t recommend this place enough!

3. The Cobra Club

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Contact: cobraclubbk@gmail.com

Address: 6 Wyckoff Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11237

The Cobra Club 1


At The Cobra Club, you can find coffee shops, yoga studios, and bars. The club is a coffee shop during the day and a bar at night. They also bring ballet and heavy metal yoga. It offers a specialty in cocktails.

Apart from that, you can take a mystery meal at $1 or Frito pie- fun size for $3. So if you are in search of a place where you can have full-pack entertainment with nice drinks and food to satisfy, then this one is for you!

4. Boobie Trap

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Contact:  347-240-9105

Address: 308 Bleecker St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

Boobie Trap


You are going to fall into the vibrant environment of Boobie Trap, for sure! It offers simple, cheap, flavorful cocktails and beer/shot deals. When you reach there, its front yard surrounding fake plastic flamingos and skeletons will welcome you.

Upon entrance, a huge pink neon sign of expletive phrase will draw your attention. Some of the drinks you should get your hands on are Grape Crush, with grape soda and Tito’s vodka, or a Root Beer float spiked with Baileys.

5. Happyfun Hideaway


Contact:  917-999-8282

Address: 1211 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221, United States

Happyfun Hideaway


Happyfun Hideaway as the name stands will make you experience true fun. A great place where you can enjoy arty snacks and beers with a cocktail bar is unmatched in its ambiance.

The antique light fixtures, Christmas lights, and a huge chalkboard listing the menu add value to the club.

Here you can also enjoy margaritas, snack bar nachos, pina colada’s along with beers on top. For a little chit-chat session, you can sit in the spacious backyard. It leaves no entertainment unleft so gear up to have a party-packed day there.

6. SunriseSunset

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Contact: +1 (347) 442-5880

Address: 351 Evergreen Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221, United States



If you are looking for an affordable bar, then you should go for this one. Here you can enjoy a glass of wine for under $10.

The place also caters to brunch on the weekends and acts as a café during the day. Some drinks you can find here are Vida Vaga with mezcal, chili honey, and lemon.

Also, it is quite famous for its sunset burger. The menu also features breakfast and lunch items.

Imagine going there having French toast with fresh barriers with a cappuccino and then enjoying your evening with a bottle of wine what’s more soothing than this!

7. Heavy Woods

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Contact: (929) 234-3500

Address: 50 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

Heavy Woods


Heavy woods by far has the largest varieties of beers over 14 and a range of seasonal cocktails. This place deals with coffee during the day and is a bar by night.

Further, the menu also features bar snacks, small plates, and sandwiches “n” to pack your mouth with loaded flavors.

The place gives a cozy vibe with large tables having wooden seats on both sides. Overall, a fine place to visit, especially for those who are the pickiest drinkers.

8. Lot 45

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Contact: (347) 505-9155

Address: 411 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

Lot 45


Lot 45 is a lot more than what you think of a traditional bar. Inside the bar lies the giant living room-style lounge with local pieces hanging around the wall. The main bar room contains a stage and lounge seating.

A custom-made bar is also made from old bowling alley wood planks. So if you are looking to enjoy parties, then this place is a must to go for.

The menu also displays a slew of fruity cocktails and tropical flairs like coconut rum, passion fruit juice, and club soda. You can find bacon-wrapped hot dogs and truffle Mac and cheese for eating.

9. Jupiter Disco

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Address: 1237 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

Jupiter Disco


Jupiter Disco, as the name stands, is a spaced theme bar probably made by someone who likes sci-fi.

The menu lists the collection of cocktails, beer, non-alcoholic and snacks. This place is for someone who’s trying to dance along with drinking strong cocktails.

Introduction to orbit, when the king string pops, generation ship are among the famous cocktails it offers. So enjoy your nights with these cocktails and your day with amazing snacks.

10. Pearl’s Social & Billy Club

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Contact: (347)-627-9985

Address40 St Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

Pearls Social Billy Club


This bar is best for a slightly older and laid-back crowd who want to spend time quietly. The nice cozy environment makes you chit-chat with your friends.

In winters, it offers the famous hot toddy, while in summers, it serves delicious tiki cocktails.

The small room having some tables, a bar, and window seats welcomes the home environment where the bartender calls you your name and serves you what you want.

11. The Johnson’s

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Contact: 718-417-7100

Address: 369 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

The Johnsons


Johnson’s is a place with a friendly atmosphere, a great soundtrack, and funky outdoor. The chairs, furry rugs, and a pool table create a party environment every time.

The place offers deals on draft beers and cocktails and some tasty bar food. You can avail yourself of these during Happy hours till 9 pm.

The menu brings innovative mixed drinks and well-rounded beer selected with imported flavors from all around the world. The alcoholic slushes are available for only $2.

12. Mad Tropical

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Contact: MadTropicalNYC@gmail.com

Address: 236 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

Mad Tropical


Mad tropical is a breezy bar that looks like a tropical oasis making it a perfect haven for sunny and sunset sips any day of the week.

The old wooden bar with stained glass, windows decorated with lush tropical plants, and light fixtures make it a perfect place to escape from the rushy outdoors.

The menu catalog lists the cocktails like ‘Skerve’ made with rum, ginger beer, and lime. Similarly, the ‘Creampie Orange Colada’ contains frozen rum, fresh orange, and coconut cream.

It also has some creative dishes to satisfy your appetite with ‘lemongrass chili garlic caramel popcorn’ and ‘Crispy Pork Belly Sliders’.

13. Kings County Brewers Collective 

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Contact:  929-409-5040

Address: 381 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

Kings County Brewers Collective


Kings country brewers are the only local brewery that manufactures dozens of beer varieties. The place also offers bottled and canned brews.

Each beer contains all the descriptions and ingredients to know what you are taking in. You can also enjoy some snacks like aged-dried beef and fresh chips and salsa.

The place is perfect for children, dogs, and fully grown adults during the week and weekend afternoons. However, the weekend nights are jam-packed.

14. DuckDuck

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Contact: 347-799-1449

Address: 153 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206, United States



If you are looking for cheap drinks, a place where you can dance freely and make some new friends, then this one is for you. The exposed brick walls, old school cloth, leather couches, and beam ceilings give a nice serene feel.

There are live DJ sets on the weekends and the happy hour specials are somewhat difficult to match.

Here you can find 10 artisanal beers that include domestic and imported brews. It offers a special discounted price for a monthly special cocktail.

It also has plenty of eatables like pulled pork sandwich pop-up, chicken souvlaki pita, and drip jones BBQ.

15. Starr Bar

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Contact: 718-821-1100

Address: 214 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

Starr Bar


This bar is more than a just regular bar. You can use it for parties, concerts, mixers, film screenings, and karaoke nights. It offers a full cocktail menu with signature concoctions, classic cocktails with a modern twist, beer, wine, and mocktails.

Apart from that, the place also serves a variety of BBQs. The food served comes from Monks Vegan Smokehouse, which truly stands in terms of its quality.

The huge space covers the kitchen, a huge projection screen, various seating areas, a dance floor, and a full bar. Located half a block from the Jefferson L stop, this place is a mix of modern and vintage themes.

16. Narrows


Contact Number: (281) 827-1800

Address: 1037 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States



Narrow, as the name represents, is truly a narrow bar with bare-bones décor of a few old mirrors, wax candles and a coating of shiny black paint.

The interiors open and welcome an outdoor patio where you can have a beautiful time drinking beer and craft cocktails.

We love their float-like cocktail called Caulfield’s dream. There is a huge variety of rotating beers from local Brooklyn Breweries, along with an interesting menu of cocktails.

17. Birdy’s

Contact Number:  347-365-2677

Address: 1215 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221, United States



If you are searching for a retro-style Bush wick bar, this one is for you. Here you can find cheap cocktails, snacks, and numerous indoor bar games. It’s where you can play football with friends and take silly photos in the retro photo booth.

The Raspberry daiquiris, beer, whisky shots, and margaritas are available for only $6. Bar food includes Nathan’s beef franks with onions and sauerkraut, beef patties, potato chips and dip, and my personal favorite, cheese arepas.

The Verdict

Bushwick gives you a matchless nightlife experience. The above-mentioned Bushwick bars feature all-in-one- cocktail lounges, yogas, coffee shops, studio bars, gyms, and much more. You can also enjoy live music, concerts, or throw-off dance parties.

Whether you want to sip around coffee, beers, carbonated drinks, cocktails, house-made sodas, or wine, these bars have it all. This list will help you reach the best Bushwick bars without wasting any time.

It will give you what to expect when you get there, what the environment feels like, what the decors are, and their drinks.

If you are on the hunt for the coolest and most amazing nightlife bar experience, you will find it in Bushwick.

We hope this article has helped you find the best Bushwick bars. Please let us know if you have any queries and share this article within your circle.

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