The Complete New York City Zip Code List and Map

Manhattan Zip Map

New York City, also known as the Big Apple, is home to some of the most popular and expensive zip codes in the United States. Moreover, it ranks first as the city with the most number of residents in both the state and country, with a total population of 8,804,190. In fact, the most populated … Read more

Top 12 Best Colleges In Brooklyn, NY

group of happy graduate students in gowns on graduation ceremony

Advancing your education doesn’t have to be boring, stressful, or an event to trudge through; at least, not if you choose to study at one of the many colleges in Brooklyn. This populous borough of New York flaunts a vibrant culture and uniqueness. It offers a perfect blend of fun and education with worldwide cultures … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To NYC Parking Tickets (Price, Look Up, Pay And Dispute)

Frustrated Female Motorist Looking At Parking Ticket 1

Parking in NYC is not easy. Parking tickets may prove unavoidable if you live, work, or visit New York unless you don’t drive. Factors like parking meters, indistinguishable parking signs, and unnoticed fire hydrants can interfere with the proper parking of your vehicle, even if you try to abide by the rules. It’s almost impossible not to get … Read more

Upper East Side VS Upper West Side of Manhattan 2022

Upper East Side

The battle between the Upper East Side and Upper West Side for the best neighborhood in Manhattan has been going on for years. Both neighborhoods are regarded as some of New York’s best neighborhoods in Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of NYC. With just Central Park between them, the parks are geographically close, but their vibes could … Read more

25 Best Brooklyn Music Venues Nearby

Magic city

After a prolonged period of stillness in the music industry regarding the pandemic, bands have finally started touring. As a result, the music arenas around the city are now open and fully functioning. New York is the epicenter for all the best music, while Brooklyn has become a home to performing artists around the globe. … Read more

9 Amazing Pottery Classes You Should Attend in Brooklyn

Vertical shot of a happy mom and son making ceramic cup at pottery school

Brooklyn is the borough of NYC for art lovers, it is a place filled with people who love arts and are creative. The city is packed with lots of international art galleries and most of their streets are decorated with exciting art scenes created by its residents. The Brooklyn Museum, situated in Brooklyn is New … Read more

A Complete Guide To Smoking In New York City (Laws, Where To Smoke)

Smoking in New York City

In recent years smoking has become an activity that has been prohibited in many parts of the world. Different countries have different laws in regard to tobacco, and New York state and New York City are no different. New York City has various laws for different circumstances for smoking. Source But the underlying question under … Read more

Facts About Brooklyn – 10 Questions Answered That You May Not Know

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For many decades, Brooklyn, one of the boroughs of NYC, has changed from its humble beginnings, to now the trendiest and one of the most attractive boroughs to live in. Films, poems, and music – we’ve seen Brooklyn featured in every piece. You may be familiar with Brooklyn’s busy streets, a burst of nightlife, and … Read more