A Complete Guide To Smoking In New York City (Laws, Where To Smoke)

In recent years smoking has become an activity that has been prohibited in many parts of the world.

Different countries have different laws in regard to tobacco, and New York state and New York City are no different.

New York City has various laws for different circumstances for smoking.

Smoking in New York City


But the underlying question under these is, can you at all smoke in New York City? Despite the strict laws and policies, the answer is, yes, you can smoke in New York City.

But there are several restrictions when it comes to where you smoke.

Being aware of the regulations is very necessary, as not following the rules could result in being fined and further punishments.

Below we will see the Smoking prohibiting acts that are passed in New York City and other laws in regard to smoking in different places and situations.

Smoking Laws in New York City

Like many parts of the world, New York state has a Clean Indoor Air Act that protects people from secondhand smoke and its consequences.

Since 2003, New York State Clean Indoor Air Act has been active; this act bans smoking in any workplace, public, and shared areas in New York City.

The act has a long list of places like parks, public transport, hospitals, cinemas, hotels, and so on where smoking is prohibited, and this includes cigarettes and any other smokable items that have tobacco in them.

In 2017, a further act was passed prohibiting e-cigarettes and vaping. This relatively newer act bans vaping (smoking e-cigarettes) in any place where smoking is forbidden.

Where can you smoke in New York City?

Following the Clean Indoor Air Act and its advancement in 2017, there are several places where smoking has been banned for good. But there are other places where you can smoke while still following some regulations.

The places where the New York Clean Indoor Air Act bans smoking are:

  • Any locations of work: You are not allowed to smoke in any workplace in New York. Also, smoking while working, even if the places allow smoking, is also not allowed.
  • Hotels, restaurants, and bars: Restaurants and bars in New York City, in general, do not allow smoking. But there are some exceptions which we will see later.
  • Any public transport: This includes airports, trains, buses, subways, and taxis. This also contains terminals where you get tickets,
  • Education centers: Smoking is prohibited in private and public elementary and high schools, colleges, and universities. This also includes youth centers.
  • Child care service-giving places: This includes pre-school programs, daycares, and so on.
  • Indoor spaces: Museums, cinemas, theaters, malls, and hospitals are also places where smoking is not allowed.
  • Outdoor spaces: You are not allowed to smoke in any New York City parks, beaches, kids’ playgrounds, and swimming pools.

Some of the places where smoking and vaping are allowed are:

  • Personal residence: You can smoke or vape in your own private home. No law bans this activity as long as you are in your own space, by yourself. But if you are living in a condo or building with more than 3 or 4 residents, there should be a signed document that either permits smoking or bans smoking in that residential building.
  • Personal cars: You are allowed to smoke cigarettes in your private vehicle as long as you don’t have any passengers that are underage kids that are below the age of 14. Also, smoking cigars, cigarettes, and e-cigarettes while driving is not illegal.
  • Hotels and restaurants: There are some restaurants and hotels where smoking is permitted
  • Tobacco stores and Cigar bars: These are some of the places where you can buy cigars, cigarettes, and e-cigarettes, and you can also smoke there.

Places that allow or ban smoking should hang a “smoking” or “No smoking” sign to let their customers know.

Hotels that allow smoking in New York City

Just as there are many hotels that do not allow smoking, there are also several hotels that provide smoking-friendly spaces and rooms. Below are some of the hotels where you can smoke during your stay in their vicinity in New York City:

  • Super 8 Hotel Bronx

1145 Southern Blvd, The Bronx, NY 10459, United States

Phone: 718-304-0582

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Super 8 Hotel Bronx


Super 8 has many hotels around the country, and many of them offer different outstanding services. Super 8 Hotel Bronx is no different. Though Super 8 Hotel Bronx doesn’t allow smoking in all its rooms, they provide several rooms where smoking is permitted.

  • Heritage Hotel New York

18 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010, United States

Phone:  212-645-3990


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Heritage Hotel New York


Heritage Hotel is one of the biggest and most luxurious hotels in Midtown Manhattan, New York. This hotel offers terrific services, including a 24-hour health center, complimentary breakfast with the room, and many more. Most importantly, Heritage Hotel offers several rooms where smoking is allowed.

  • Mercer Hotel New York

147 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012, United States

Phone: +212-966-6060

Email: reservations@mercerhotel.com

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Mercer Hotel New York


The Mercer Hotel New York is another well-known hotel in Lower Manhattan, New York, that offers rooms that allow smoking. But make sure you have asked for those specific rooms where they allow smoking.

  • Hard Rock Hotel New York

159 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036, United States

Phone: 212-970-1200


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Hard Rock Hotel New York


Hard Rock Hotel is one of the hotels whose rooms allow smoking.  This hotel also has specific places designated for smoking besides their rooms.

  • Ramada Hotel Bronx

​​1000 Baychester Avenue, Bronx, New York 10475, United States

Phone: +1-718-862-2000

Ramada Hotel in the Bronx has several rooms you can book if you want to smoke during your stay there. They offer different spaces, from a suite to a standard single bedroom, which allows smoking.

Restaurants and bars that allow smoking in New York City

Though smoking in many public places, restaurants, and bars is prohibited, there are still many restaurants, bars, and cigar bars where you can go to smoke.

There are lots of Cigar bars in New York City, which are also restaurants and bars. Below are a few of these places:

  • Club Macanudo

26 E 63rd St, New York, NY 10065, United States

Phone: +1 212-752-8200


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Club Macanudo


Club Macanudo is known to have an excellent selection of cigars from different parts of the world. They offer more than 130 various flavors and types of cigars.

Besides Cigars, they also have a very eloquent restaurant which is known for its fine dining experiences with a full bar right in front of your eyes. They serve a full-course meal and dessert.

To maintain the house’s elegance, Club Macanudo has a dress code. Men should be dressed in collared shirts; athletic wear, shorts, and flip-flops are not allowed in the place.

  • SoHo Cigar Bar

32 Watts St, New York, NY 10013, United States

Phone: 212-941-1781

​​Email: sohocigarbar@gmail.com

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SoHo Cigar Bar


Foods, drinks, and cigars all in one place. SoHo Cigar bar is an ideal place in New York City if you want to have a go-to smoking place where you can also dine. In addition to that, you can also watch sports on the big screen.

The place is ventilated well and has a perfect distance among the tables.

  • Merchants Cigar Bar

1125 1st Ave., New York, NY 10065, United States


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Merchants Cigar Bar


Merchants Cigar Bar is one of a kind restaurant, bar, and cigar bar. Besides the great food, cocktails, and cigar collections, they are known for their “experience” packages.

These different packages offer different combinations of cigars, drinks, and food.  This service is their customers’ favorite.

  • Rudy’s Bar & Grill

627 9th Ave, Manhattan, NY 10036, United States

Phone: 646-707-0890


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Rudys Bar Grill


Rudy’s Bar and Drinks is one of the few places where you will find inexpensive beer in New York City. Besides the drinks, they also serve free hot dogs, with a great deal of mustard and ketchup.

But most importantly, Rudy’s Bar & Grill has an outside garden where you can smoke cigarettes. But you are not allowed to go inside the bar while smoking.

  • Cigar Inn

334 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021, United States

Phone:  212-717-7403

Cigar Inn is the place for you if you want to meet people who know the real deal when it comes to cigars.

The place’s vibe is the other reason why many of their regulars have become regulars. This place has a very cozy vibe, and you can even bring your laptop to get some work done.

Since many of their customers reserve their spots beforehand, if you go without reserving a table, you might not get a table, so make sure to call ahead.

Smoking in an apartment in New York City

The Indoor Clean Air act 2002 has banned smoking in the common areas of residential buildings. Meaning hallways, stairways, storage rooms, elevators, laundry rooms, and gyms.

But secondhand smoke that might come in from your neighbor was not a topic covered in this law, as everyone was entitled to smoking in their own living space. But now, when we talk about smoking laws in apartments, the first thing that comes up is Local Law 147.

Local law 147 was first passed in August 2018. This law states residential complexes with more than three or four residents are expected to formulate their own rules and policy on smoking.

This policy doesn’t necessarily have to ban smoking in the building but instead develops ways to handle any situations which might arise in regards to smoking.

This law first came about in order to protect people from second-hand smoke in apartment and condo complexes.

Can you smoke in New York City parks?

Each park in New York City has its own rule when it comes to smoking.

But the short answer to the question, “Can you smoke in New York City parks?”  No, you cannot smoke in parks in New York City. In addition to the parks, smoking on the city’s beaches and boardwalks is not allowed.

Naturally, the next question would be, “where can you smoke outdoors in New York City”? Smoking is not illegal on the city’s sidewalks; you can also smoke right outside the city’s parks.

If you get caught smoking in any park in New York City, you will be given a ticket by a park enforcement officer and be fined up to 50 USD.

Is it illegal to smoke with a child in a car in New York City?

With the Clean Indoor Air Act fully effective since 2003, smoking a cigarette in a private car where a minor is present is illegal. But up until 2017, the usage of electronic cigarettes (vaping) with a minor in the vehicle was not prohibited by the law.

But with the new law in 2017, both smoking a regular cigarette and vaping with a minor under the age of 14 present in the car is a now illegal act. And can be fined up to 100 USD.

There are several strict laws and policies when it comes to smoking in New York City. From where you live to the places you might visit, hotel stays, restaurants, parks, and many more, have their various regulations.

So, if you are ever planning to visit or move, make sure to make yourself familiar with the laws in the city.

This has been about “Smoking In New York City.” We have tried to cover laws concerning smoking, places where smoking is allowed and banned in the city, and where you enjoy smoking safely without affecting others with secondhand smoke.

If you have found this article helpful, give it a thumbs up and let us know in the comments.

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