25 Best Brooklyn Music Venues Nearby

After a prolonged period of stillness in the music industry regarding the pandemic, bands have finally started touring.

As a result, the music arenas around the city are now open and fully functioning.

New York is the epicenter for all the best music, while Brooklyn has become a home to performing artists around the globe.

From the intimate venue to live music to a large arena to the unique sound system, Brooklyn music venues are here to cater to your needs.

If you are into music and looking for venues to enjoy your favorite playlists , or you are here to explore new venues in Brooklyn, these destinations will blow your mind.

1. Wild Birds

Wild Birds


Wild birds were formed in 2019 by Julian  Klepper, and Luke Bonner Klepper adopted the idea after a series of hosting house parties and booking live bands.

It is a bar and lives music venue that features groove-based music from around the world like afro beats, soul, rocksteady, jazz, and cumbia.

It gained its popularity in April 2021 from artists and patrons living in New York. It is well known for producing high-quality and diverse performances and a fun, exciting atmosphere.

Wild bird hosts 207 capacity in their music venue with full sound, light, and live streaming production.

They have created a strong brand and loyal customer base for a young company.

Address: 951 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Contact : +1 (347) 896-5056


2. Brooklyn steel

Brooklyn steel


Brooklyn steel was named one of the best music venues by the rolling stone magazine.

This Brooklyn venue has the main floor, three bars, a VIP room on the balcony level, and a capacity of 1800.

The famous concert hall also boasts great architectural details from its industrial New York history.

Moreover, since Brooklyn steel is a large-scale music venue, it works exceedingly well for concerts, award shows, conferences, reception, and experiential events.

Also, note that all your security needs and liquor requests are provided by the venue, while the production labor can bring in their security as long as they comply with the platform’s requirements.

Address: 319 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Contact :+1 (718) 387-4716


3. Elsewhere



Elsewhere is a multi-room music venue, a nightclub, and an art space that focuses on underground and unbound music presented with love.

Thus elsewhere is a place where the next generation of artists is uplifted.

The music features rockstars and rappers, vinyl nerds and punks, metalheads and ravers, hyper pop producers, and old school.

The staff at elsewhere put tons of effort into making sure that the venue is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

The team spearheading the venue have deep root in the Brooklyn music community, stretching back from the first venue grassland in Williamsburg.

Since opening in 2017, elsewhere has hosted thousands of artists, presented over 20000 hrs. of live music, and staged Over 600 events.

Address 599 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact +1 (718) 821-1024


4. Friends and Lovers

Friends and Lovers 1


It is a bar, a club performance space, and a community music venue located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, founded in 2013.

Friends and Lovers Music venue is all about funky music, stiff drinks, and friendly people.

Friends and Lovers operate to provide a safe place for all kinds of people to let loose be themselves and find love, party their hearts out, and dance.

It is also the stage for NYC’s best and most talented musicians, DJs, and artists. Even the onset of covid did not stop their operation.

Instead, friends and lovers dedicated time to supporting members of the NYC nightlife united through advocacy and action groups and raising funds to support their members.

Address: 641 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Contact : +1 (347) 955-4107


5. Public records

Public records


It is a multifaceted, music-driven, and social space allocated within the former ASPCA(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) headquarters in Brooklyn.

It is also a cultural spot with a thoughtfully conceived food and beverage menu, including housing an all-day vegan café.

Public records also have a Sound room capable of holding 200 people featuring its Isonoe mixer and OJAS system.

Programming is headed up by a co-owner, artist, and producer Francis Harris, alongside Shane Davis and Erik Vanderwel; all ensure that each season’s public record collaborates with a selection of residents, artists, and curators from different musical backgrounds to hold special events.

Address: 233 Butler Street Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contacts:  [347] 529-4869


6. Music hall of Williamsburg

Music hall of Williamsburg


The music hall of  Williamsburg is iconic for its unique space and chic look. It has a capacity of 650 and is located in Brooklyn.

The venue contains bar areas on each floor with an available lounge setting with cocktail tables throughout.

It is a perfect versatile venue to hold your corporate events, weddings, holiday parties, meetings, or product launches.

Address: 66 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Contact: +1 (718) 486-5400


7. LunÀtico

LunAtico 1


It was founded in 2014 by trio musicians Richard Julian Arthur Kell & Rosita Késs.

Who has experience performing in music venues and bars and shared a passion for food, wine, and spirits around the globe?

With the vision to combine the sophisticated elements of a cocktail bar with the funkiness of their music, the trio opened lunatico.

As a result, they have a superb venue that offers one of the best live and diverse music.At lunAtico, you will eat, drink, and have fun listening to your favorite music.

Address: 486 Halsey St, Brooklyn, NY 11233

Contact : +1 (718) 513-0339


8. Sultan room

Sultan room


Sultan’s room was founded on the values of hospitality and beauty. It has an impeccable style venue that is made for live music, nightclub programming, multimedia use, and memorable event.

The sultan room holds a capacity of  201 standing, with 115 seated.

Additionally, it boasts a  stage built for intimacy with its luxurious state of art light and sound and an incredible full bar with an excellent greenroom facility.

The sultan room is a sanctuary for the community of artists and revelers; hence peaceful behavior is mandatory.

The sultan room is one of a kind space to create a singular experience.

Address: 234 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact : +1 (718) 215-0025


9.  99 Scott

99 Scott


It is a mixed-use venue located in a historic warehouse at East Williamsburg and Bushwick. It has the perfect space for cultural and creative events. It features indoor and outdoor settings.

The indoor setting has 4600square feet with a 20ft high ceiling and large casement windows that illuminate light from outside.

It has a 7000sq foot of thoughtfully designed outdoor therefore it can accommodate up to 2500 people.

The venue is ideally suited for creative events, private gatherings, and photo and film shoots.

Address: 99 Scott Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact: +1 (718) 366-0232


10.  The Owl Music Parlour

The Owl Music Parlour


The owl music parlor opened in the fall of 2015, and it’s owned by the co-founder Oren Bloedow who also is the co-founder of the experimental rock band.

The owl is Brooklyn’s new music concert venue that showcases innovative modern music and groundbreaking musicians.

In addition, it is the host for an intriguing array of unique experimental, .instrumental, and singer/songwriter projects.

The two-room venue features a seated performance base, including a professional-grade speaker and a grand piano.

Moreover, it has a bar that serves beer, wine, and hot and cold beverages.

The owl hopes to bring Brooklyn an engaging, genuine concert experience for both the audience and artists.

Address: 497 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Contact: +1 (718) 774-0042


11. Magic cityMagic city


It is a dynamic space for product realization and public display of work across multiple declines.

When it comes to music, the magic city is acoustically sublime. Theatre curtains surround the space dampening errant echoes.

Magic City uses featured speakers from Klipschorn and MacIntosh amplifiers that supply a  warm, clear, and luxurious wash of sound.

In the spirit of culinary art, the magic city is a certified 20C kitchen startup shared by local food-based startups with a community that is ready to share ideas.

Address: 37 Box St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Contact: +1 (718) 395-7261


12. Brooklyn made

Brooklyn made


Brooklyn made was started by two industry insiders coming from the opposite side of the spectrum in the summer of 2020.

Anthony makes, the former vice president of live nations New York office, and Kelly Winrich, a long-term member of group delta spirit.

Brooklyn made is an entirely new music venue that has opened its doors in NYC after quite some time. Brooklyn venue holds a capacity of 500.

It has a tone of amenities, including four separate green rooms, an apartment filled with a vintage jukebox and record, several private hangout spaces, and a private pool.

In addition, the venue has two connecting food/drink establishments.

Address: 428 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact: media@brooklynmadepresents.com


13.  Freddy’s BarFreddys Bar


It’s a quirky Brooklyn bar with over nine decades of experience serving its customer.

Freddy is iconic for divey vibes, crazy video mashups, electric décor, and live performance in the background. This Brooklyn space feature carries a  history that stretches back to prohibition.

They feature live music, art exhibits, cult videos, Great prices, late-night food, multiple cozy rooms, and comfy outdoor space.

The bar also features a wide range of tasty food and a draft beer selection.

So if you want a real authentic bar experience away from the cliches and offer you a real deal of Brooklyn, then Freddy’s bar is the place to be.

Address: 627 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States

Contact: +1 (718) 768-0131


14.  Market hotel

Market hotel


Market hotel is an all-ages concert hall and neighborhood meeting place that overlooks the subway on the second floor of a 140-year-old building at Myrta Broadway in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

In January 2008, the market hotel was born and came into existence as a home for several artists, an art space, and an ages concert venue.

The market hotel has hosted hundreds of concerts installation and dance parties, and community meetings over the year, making it gain popularity.

The mission is to find common ground between nightlife culture and community service and host artistic and community events that don’t discriminate by age, background, or race.

Address: 1140 Myrtle Ave Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Contact: +1 (914) 893-2843


15. Drummers’ grove

Photo of Drummers Grove - Brooklyn, NY, United States

Drummer’s grove arose due to the Congo square drummers who would meet at the park to play in 1968.

The locals’ musicians, artists, dancers, artisans, and vendors then started going there to perform in the years following.

The park’s popularity became numerous; hence the place was added with some seats for fans who wanted to watch the jamming.

The drummer’s grove is established in a park that has become a non-profit organization that supports Brooklyn’s backyard by working in partnership with NYC.

The drumming has been in operation for the last  30yrs and operates from Friday to Sunday.

Address: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY


16. C’mon Everybody

Cmon Everybody


The C’mon everybody is a music venue established in 2015 to amplify the undeserved creative voices of the LGBTIQ /QTPOC and serves as a safe place for the queer.

C’mon everybody is a queer-owned and operated bar music venue and live arts space located in Bed Stuy.

The bar is always open six days a  week, and for the drinks, you can grab queers and allies and cozy up in the booth while sipping the cocktails.

Address: 325 Franklin Ave Ste 1, Brooklyn, NY 11238


17. Baby’s all right

Babys all right 1


Baby’s alright is a 280-capacity music venue with one bar in the live room, one in the restaurant side, and a service bar.

The platform has a motorized wall between the front bar and living room bar that is sunken to allow the show to be evident from the front room.

You get live music in baby’s all right, seven days a week.

Restrictions are placed to counter the required age; 21+ is the most preferred for the shows; however, 18+ can be allowed depending on the nature of the arrangements.

Address: 146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contacts: +1 (718) 599-5800


18. Shape shifter lab

Shape shifter lab


It was opened in 2011 by bass player Mathew Garrison and his business partner fortune sung. Shape shifter lab has a 4200sq feet performance venue.

They host the worlds most innovative artists looking for a  flexible platform to represent their work.

Having garnered many years of successful touring in the music industry, Matt and his team designed the space with versatility in sound lighting and layout, and each is tailored to each artist.

Address: 18 Whitwell Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215

contact: +1 (646) 820-9452


19. Sisters



It is a bar/restaurant and music venue at night, and during the day, it is a café.

It is a perfect venue for a date, casual drink, or hangout that serves simple new American fare emphasizing sustainable sourcing and uniquely fresh combinations.

Sisters also provide classic cocktails, and craft beers and well-chosen wine have been carefully selected to complement the provided dishes.

In addition, the venue has a book room complete with a stage and  DJ booth dedicated to music.

Live music is hosted in the backroom throughout the week except for Saturday, solely left out for the DJ.

Address: 900 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11238

Contact: (347) 763-2537


20. Celebrate Brooklyn -pier 1

Celebrate Brooklyn


For over 40 years, celebrate Brooklyn has been in operation. It has shaped Brooklyn’s cultural and media landscape by presenting and incubating media makers, artists,  students, and creators.

This makes it the leading arts and media institution that mainly operates under civic action, performing arts, media, and contemporary visual.

Celebrate Brooklyn is programming under BRIC, a renowned contemporary art exhibition series and two different media initiatives.

Its also dedicated to providing support to artists and media makers in their efforts to reach a new audience and develop their careers.

Address:647 Fulton St Ste 1, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: +1 (718) 683-5600


21.  Battalion studios

Battalion studios


The facility is built, equipped, and run to provide the best possible rehearsal space at an affordable price for musicians in and around the city.

Here spaces are clean, and they ensure that the studios are kept clean, and the environment also suits the venue.

There are currently nine rooms at the battalion available by the hour.

They now accommodate 18-22 sessions during the evening hour and have tons of space to extend, the rooms are readily available, but you are advised to make your bookings earlier.

Address 175 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact +1 (347) 762-5328


22. Union hallUnion hall


Union hall is a brand-new music venue in Brooklyn. It is a 6000 square feet venue with a downstairs capacity of 100.

It shares an owner with Floyd and is also connected loosely to the people responsible for music at magnetic.

Union hall has already hosted a few private events and a siren festival after-party. In addition, they already have impressive shows lining up for the venue, like Eugene Mirman, that take place every Sunday.

Adress:702 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: +1 (718) 638-4400


23. Output



It opened its doors in 2013 and became the best music venue with the best sound system. This has made it the hottest place in Brooklyn to see DJs, artists, and producers.

It is also known to be the best dance-friendly spot because of the speakers.

The venue includes a large main room, side stage, the more intimate panther room, and a  roof area open for dancing.

Address: 74 Wythe Ave • Brooklyn, NY • 11249


24.  TBA Brooklyn

TBA Brooklyn


Tba is two blocks away from the world-famous peter luger’s steakhouse in the southside neighborhood of Williamsburg.

Tba is a converted garage space with a 20-foot ceiling and exposed brick and concrete.

It also has a 23 ft natural white oak hand-crafted bar and matching 10ft communal tables.

In addition, it features a top notch acoustic sound system, projection mapping, and a custom-designed lighting system.

It features top-flight electronic music from  DJs and promoters with the occasional international artists, all in an intimately relaxed atmosphere.

Address: 395 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Contact : +1 (347) 770-4760


25.  Barclays Center

Barclays center


It was opened in September 2012, when JAY-Z did the first eight consecutive shows.

It has hosted renowned performing artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, the rolling stone, Barbara Streisand, and Paul McCartney.

Because of the success of the events, Barclays Center has become one of the most famous arenas in the world.

Barclays has also set the standards for the world’s most thrilling entertainment and sports venue, boasting one of the intimate seating configurations ever made for a modern multi-purpose arena.

Address: 620 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, New York City, NY 11217

Contact : +1 917-618-6100



Brooklyn is a  diverse area with people of different cultures coming together.

This has made it strategic in producing awesome music, performers, and artists who have taken the world by storm.

Brooklyn arenas are where music is made alive, and if you want to experience real music, choose any of these arenas to get tuned in.

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