11 Best Gyms Near Williamsburg, Brooklyn Of 2022

In a buzzing city like New York, people’s lifestyles make a gym membership necessary. That’s because working out helps roll back unwanted fat, sculpt your body, or improve general well-being.

Williamsburg, one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, has many fitness centers you can try out without an upfront commitment. But choosing the right gym is as big a deal as the decision to date exclusively.

Checking out all the gyms in Williamsburg is a full-time job. Each fitness center has upsides and downsides. Plus, your specific needs determine your choice. And we all have different preferences, don’t we?

But don’t worry; I’ve done the heavy lifting for you by compiling a list of the top 11 gyms in the neighborhood.

Top 11 Gyms You Should Check Out in Williamsburg, NYC

Here’s a rundown of the best gyms in Williamsburg you need to go try out whether you’re a beginner, an athlete, or just a fitness enthusiast.

  1. Absolute Power Fitness
  2. Blink Fitness
  3. Brooklyn Athletic Club
  4. Chalk Gyms
  5. Crossfit Virtuosity
  6. Crunch Fitness
  7. Orangetheory Fitness
  8. Pure Barre
  9. Equinox, Williamsburg
  10. Green Fitness Studio
  11. True North Training

1. Absolute Power Fitness

750 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 718-387-4711

Visit the Absolute Power Fitness Website

Absolute Power Fitness


Absolute Power Fitness is an excellent gym to work out at if you live around the Brooklyn metro. The equipment is top-notch. The facility has lots of free weights, squat racks, deadlift platforms, and other up-to-date machines and equipment.

Out of Absolute’s many outstanding perks, I recommend its personal training solutions and custom exercise routines. The gym goes beyond being a weightlifting instruction facility by offering tailored health coaching services.

I specifically like how the trainers help people manage their health targets using a robust and suitable nutritional meal plan. They have an in-house protein shake.

The best part of this gym is its friendly atmosphere. The atmosphere is intense but welcoming. It’s clear that everyone is serious about their workout.

The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. They made me feel at home and also give useful exercise tips to members.

Luis Tortoledo, the head trainer, holds a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. He has additional training in sports nutrition from the International Society of Sports Nutrition. So, he knows his onions.

2. Blink Fitness

287 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 718-971-1592

Visit the Blink Fitness Website

Blink Fitness


Blink Fitness Williamsburg is bold enough to cut its teeth among sharks in the area. It has a simple and resilient strategy of making members’ and Mood Lifters’ well-being a top priority. Trust me, only the best gyms care to do this!

This gym maintains a few house rules known as Blink Responsibly. The rules include new ways to approach personal health, cleanliness, social distancing, etc.

Blink Fitness has a spacious gym area and is next to the subway. Commuting to and from the gym is quite easy.

Its membership comes with a positive and low-pressure vibe. The clean and modern facility is replete with plenty of equipment but costs just a fraction of other gym memberships.

The low membership plan allows you to access cardio machines, strength equipment, and some classes. But towel service attracts an extra fee.

3. Brooklyn Athletic Club

8 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: 718-486-6929

Visit the Brooklyn Athletic Club Website

Brooklyn Athletic Club


The Brooklyn Athletic Club sits snugly on the geographical interface between Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

It is one gym where the customer is truly king. Members get the best value training experience and access to top-of-the-range exercise equipment.

Larry Bentz opened the doors to the Brooklyn Athletic Club after a solid 10+ years as a professional. His one goal was to bring the functionality of traditional gyms and the allure of boutique training centers under one roof. The hybrid experiment has been a success so far.

You can check out the numerous workout equipment, awesome pools, and sauna in this massive three-floor facility. 

Brooklyn Athletic offers three tiers of services, including private, semi-private, and group training. There are also group fitness and weightlifting classes. Fitness training options include abs and glutes classes, multiple yoga styles, pilates, and spin classes.

4. Chalk Gyms

193 North 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 718-486-0630

Visit the Chalk Gyms Website

Chalk Gyms


Are you inspired to pump harder when you’ve got some good music playing? Music and exercise are known to make an inseparable recipe.

And Chalk Gyms goes the extra mile to spit the right notes from neat speakers while you get your body in shape. The few times I worked out in this facility, I completed every set with maximum intensity because of the music.

Some of Brooklyn’s finest abs come straight out of Chalk Gym’s body factory. Having been in the game since 2012, Chalk sees members from across the length and breadth of the borough. So don’t be surprised when you bump into a familiar face.

Personal trainer certifications from Chalk Gyms include Active Isolated Stretching, CPR, Holistic Health Coaching, Kettle Bell, Kickboxing, Monkey Bar, Personal Training, Pre/Post Natal, Spin, and Thai Massage Yoga.

Classes cover ab core, barre, boot camp, kettlebell fusion, pilates, spin, swaha cycle, yoga, and plenty more.

5. CrossFit Virtuosity

98 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: 917-720-6551

Visit the CrossFit Virtuosity Website

CrossFit Virtuosity


CrossFit Virtuosity is in the beautiful North Williamsburg, Brooklyn area, only seven minutes away from the L train at Bedford Avenue or Lorimer Street.

The gym’s 5,000-square-foot indoor arena is excellent for building your conditioning fundamentals. If you want a fitness center where the coaches prioritize technique, then Crossfit is for you.

The facility is clean and well maintained. Crossfit offers a variety of classes to suit everyone’s needs. I was able to test out a cross-fitness class, and it was challenging.

I noticed that there are no residential neighbors. So, you’ll be in good company if you feel like getting a few gym minutes under your belt while at work.

6. Crunch Fitness

785 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: 718-483-7800

Visit the Crunch Fitness Website

Crunch Fitness


With 145 locations across the US, high-end gym Crunch Fitness deserves a look-in. Crunch gyms are part of the NYC identity. There’s probably no better gym in Williamsburg that fuses fitness and fun.

While visiting, I met a dedicated army of certified personal trainers who support members in person or organize the perfect group fitness classes for custom needs.

Inclusion is important in the Crunch Fitness fabric. So, expect no one to judge you as you work your way up the slippery slopes of fitness and wellness. There’s even a #NoJudgment hashtag to drive the point home.

Crunch gym provides all the basic equipment you need for a boot camp or circuit training workout. There are no extra frills that other gyms include to make you spend more.

7. Orangetheory Fitness

157 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: 917-201-7014

Visit Orangetheory Website

Orangetheory Fitness


Sitting squarely in Brooklyn Heights is one of the gyms human history would be most proud of. Orangetheory Fitness uses Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, a physiological theory for monitoring members’ training.

I was impressed by the sixty-minute workouts consisting of indoor rowing, weight room or resistance training, and treadmill interval training. You can count on burning between 500 to 1,000 calories per session. That’s why participants rate Orangetheory quite highly.

There are no accidental trainers in this facility. Each fitness coach has emerged from rigorous training to ensure you experience passionate and friendly training laced with ample doses of personal advice.

Your sign-up bonus is a heart-rate monitor. Each session aims for the orange zone – 84-91 percent of your maximum heart rate – increasing the after-burn effect of the workout.

There are really no surprises about how Orangetheory Fitness operates. After all, the founder was a television fitness expert for six years and featured in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and The Miami Herald.

The gym offers a month-long 12-class “quit free” guarantee. You can walk away with your refund in hand if you’re not satisfied after the first 30 days of your membership.

8. Pure Barre

204 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: 718-384-3481

Visit the Pure Barre Williamsburg Website

Pure Barre


Pure Barre Williamsburg has something for everyone, even if you’re the odd gym type. The outfit provides high-intensity, low-impact, endurance, and strength workouts to suit anybody.

The Pure Barre franchise is thriving precisely because of the collection of precise workouts that utilize isometric movements to engage all muscle groups. With these high-impact exercises, I’ve built strength without risking injury.

The fast-paced Pure Empower is the sweatier, more cardio-intensive variant of the classes. It blends ballet-focused moves with interval-training elements such as mountain climbers and speed squats.

If you want to tone your entire body with isometric movements, why not grab a bag and head to this gym in Williamsburg?

9. Equinox Williamsburg

246 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 718-522-5703

Visit the Equinox Williamsburg Website

Equinox Williamsburg


Everyone sees the perfect body, and that’s cool. It’s way cooler, though, when you’re whole without and within. Equinox is a mecca of sorts for fitness and holistic well-being.

When you sign up to be a member, you’ll become part of an elite club where innovative programming, breathtaking amenities, and bleeding-edge instructions are intrinsic to the culture. The outcome? A better body and better you than your friends have ever known.

The equipment is clean, and the classes are good. I enjoyed the fancy ambiance. It helped me relax and focus on my workout.

Pristine towels, Kiehl products in the showers, and the highest-level equipment are available, along with highly trained trainers helping out on the gym floor.

Equinox offers a wide range of fun classes, including yoga, dance, treadmill running, spin class, and kickboxing. The only downside is that it’s a bit pricey, but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it.

10. Green Fitness Studio

232 Varet Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: 347-599-0663

Visit the Green Fitness Studio Website

Green Fitness Studio


Many gyms say they’re going green, but only a few truly focus on protecting the environment while improving your body and mind.

Green Fitness Studio gives you a true green cutting-edge fitness experience, so you can lose weight, build muscle, beat stress, or improve your entire well-being. Workouts here are great due to the top-notch fitness equipment in use.

I’ve attended some of the gym’s exciting group fitness classes and met its quality personal trainers. In addition, you’ll love chilling out in Green Fitness’ saunas or taking a relaxing massage or spa.

I liked the organic shakes and snacks while snacking on the rooftop garden. Not many fitness centers in Williamsburg or elsewhere offer such.

With a renewed body, mind, and spirit, you’ll be happy with your positive contribution to the environment. You’ll also recharge your system enough to give life another shot.

11. True North Training

70 River Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: 631-398-3664

Visit the True North Training Website

When I went to True North Training, I felt a sense of community and not competition from the members. The highly trained staff were supportive, too. Despite the collective drive for progress, I noticed that each individual has unique training and coaching experience.

True North Training stays ahead of the competition by consistently upgrading equipment and improving workout outcomes, client safety, and progress. There’s also a stirring view of NYC from the facility once you’re atop the twenty-foot ropes.

To become a member of True North, you’ll begin by touring the squeaky clean fitness center with one of the coaches. The gym also has a no-sweat intro – a consultation with a trainer to discuss and help you achieve your fitness goals.


You enjoyed reading about each gym’s strong points, didn’t you? I’ve discussed 11 of the best gyms in Williamsburg. When making your choice, consider the points that matter most to you.

This article has one gym that suits your budget, workout style, atmospheric preference, or location. Maybe you’ve even gone to a great fitness center in Williamsburg in the past. I’d like to hear about it in the comment section. And please, share this article if you like it.

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