Green Point Neighborhood Guide + Things To Do In Green Point

Green Point is one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn that has been on the rise for the past few decades.

The place that once used to be heavy farmland and an industrial town has evolved into becoming one of the wanted residential neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

In the 20th century, with the increase of residential places in the area, Green Point was somehow becoming a dormant industrial city after having the shiniest heyday in the 19th century.

Once the residents’ numbers started to grow, people began complaining about the bad smell, the waste, and the noises coming from these industries and huge farmlands, which led to the closing down of several sectors, and some were just left unkept.

But with the Socioeconomic boom of Williamsburg and Bushwick, Green Point could get back on its feet again.

This renaissance took the area by a wave, and now Green Point is the electric start of  Northern Brooklyn.

There is so much to learn, visit and unfold in Green Point. Even if you think you know Green Point, you might be surprised with some of the things we have got for you, so without due, let us explore Green Point, Brooklyn.

Some other neighborhoods you may want to check out. It is better to overview the complete neighborhoods of Brooklyn with the map before you continue.

Where is Green Point?

Green Point is one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs in New York City. It is the Northern part of the borough.

Williamsburg boards Green Point from the southwest, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and East Williamsburg from the southeast.

From the north, it is bounded by Newton Creek and East River, facing Manhattan, from the west.

How to get to Green Point?

Getting to Green Point is possible in different ways. You can take the bus, train, or subway.

  • Using the bus: B24, B43, B62, and Q32 are the buses passing by Green Point from different parts of New York City. The Manhattan Ave/GreenPoint Ave is the nearest bus station; that is a 1-minute walk. The Franklin St/GreenPoint Ave is also a 4-minute walk.
  • Using the train: The train line that goes to and from Green Point are the MONTAUK BRANCH and the OYSTER BAY BRANCH. The Long Island City station is the closest to Green Point, which is a 20-minute walk.
  • Using the Subway: The subway line near Green Point is G. Nassau Ave subway station is a 5-minute walk, and Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av station is a 9-minute walk.

Is Green Point, Brooklyn safe?

We can say Green Point is a safe neighborhood compared to other areas in Brooklyn, even though it is not on our list as one of the Safest Neighborhoods in NYC: With a crime rate of 19.8 felonies per 1000 residents, Green Point is rated among the top communities in safety.

The crime rates are decreasing even more now, with a strong sense of community built among the residents.

Living in Green Point, Brooklyn

The city lifestyle is on its point here in Green Point, Brooklyn. With the urban-style home and apartments filling the residency area, Green point is a home for the middle-class workers who rent their homes.

Housing prices are higher compared to any places that are not in New York. But if you are a New Yorker and know the prices range of a rental apartment in the city, you would end up calling Green Point an affordable place to live. But purchasing a place here is considerably expensive.

The community here at Green Point is a tight-knit community that will make you feel welcomed immediately, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Things to do in Green Point

Green Point is a place where you would never get bored, or run out of activities to do, places to visit, or restaurants to try.

Let us see some of the things you can do in Green Point:

  • Visit different  restaurants

You can spend an entire day going through Green Points’ different eateries. Polish Cuisine is one of the cuisines that can be found abundantly in this area, as there are several Polish restaurants.

Let us see some of the restaurants in Green Point:

  • 21 Greenpoint

21 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222.

Phone:  718-383-8833

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21 Greenpoint

Saying 21 Greenpoint is the best artisanal restaurant in New York wouldn’t be an over-praise.

21 Greenpoint is one of the must-visit places in Green Point if you want to have good food! They have a full American Fare menu. They also serve seasonal bowls with different seasonal vegetables and products.

The insides of this place almost feel like a hideout, with a quiet space. It is a great place for solo dining or a date.

  • Di An Di

68 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222



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Di An Di 1


Another one of the best Restaurants in Greenpoint, Di An Di is a place for soulful Vietnamese food. This place has a variety of dishes, from the most traditional dishes to their creative menus. They have different specials every time, so asking is recommended.

Di An Di is a warm and cozy place which makes it a great place to hang out with a group of friends and get loud. If you are visiting alone, they have an excellent cocktail bar, where you can enjoy your drinks and food.

  • Frankels Delicatessen

631 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222.



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Frankels Delicatessen


This fantastic restaurant is found between Green Point and Williamsburg. Frankel’s Delicatessen is a Jewish restaurant with a bright feel and light ambiance inside.

The one dish that is not Jewish but is loved at this restaurant is the bacon, eggs, and cheese. It is one of the must-try menus.

Besides the meal, you will also be served the best homemade coffee to get you going for the rest of your day.

  • Karczma

136 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: 718-349-1744


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Karczma is an authentic Polish food place. One thing that stands out when you visit this place is the two menus, the English and the Polish Menu. They serve different lunch and dinner specials as well as dessert.

The atmosphere at Karczma is very welcoming and warm as well.

  • Christina’s

853 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222.

Phone: 718-383-4382

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Christina’s is another Polish place in Green Point. They serve both Polish and Eastern European dishes. Many love to come to this place to get that homemade food and feel the nostalgia, and Christina’s never disappointed.

  • Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop

727 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: 718-389-3676


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Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop


Peter Pan Donut and Pastry shop are one of the most well-known and must-visit pastry shops in Green Point and New York, specifically for their donuts. From chocolate glazed donuts to various frosted donuts, they have it all.

It is also a perfect place to grab a morning coffee. But if you are looking for donuts, going early is recommended.

  • Visit Breweries and Beer Spots

Green Point is heaven on earth for beer lovers. This neighborhood has several breweries and different great beer spots:

  • Three Brewing: this is one of the best Brooklyn Breweries. If you are a beer lover, this is the place for you, with a freshly brewed, cold beer to help with the heat.

And if you have non-beer drinker friends, it is also okay, and three brewing offers a full bar with different drinks, from hard liquor to cocktails.

  • Keg and Lantern: Another excellent place for a cold, refreshing brew. Keg and Lantern is one of the most well-known sports bars in the area with a brew. It is also known for its bar foods.

Keg and Lantern’s Sunday special is one of the must-try things as well, a big glass of house-made beer with shared nachos!

  • Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co: Another best place in Green Point for a beer lover. This Brewpub is a place to go for central European and German beers.

They also serve bar treats such as sausages, burgers, and pretzels.

  • Sunshine Laundromat: Sunshine Laundromat is a very peculiar place. This place has a bar, a game area, and a place to do your laundry. Yes, a laundry place where you can wash your clothes, but having fun while doing some chores can’t be a bad idea.

At Sunshine Laundromat, you can enjoy different draft beer choices, simple beer games, and hang out. As one of the best arcade places in Brooklyn. they have more than 20 pinball arcade machines and other games you can play.

This is a cool hang-out place for young people.

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  • Go thrifting:

Green Point is like the home for second-hand shopping and thrifting. From clothes to plants, antiques, and other vintage items, they can be found here at Green Point.

There are several well-known thrift shops in Green Point. So if you ever make your way through Green Point, these are some of the thrift stores worth checking out:

  • Beacons Closet: This place is full of pre-loved clothes and shoes. So if you are looking for clothes and shoes thrifting, Beacon’s Closet is for you.

Beacon’s closet is also one of the top-rated Places you can donate Clothing In Brooklyn.

  • Mirth Vintage: A place to get vintage bags, accessories, clothes, and many more.
  • Feng Sway: This place is a gift shop and one of the best Plant Shops in NYC. They carry various vintage apparel and accessories.
  • Green Point Terminal Market

The Green Point Terminal Market is a street market located on the East River, with stunning views of the water and the tall manhattan buildings. It is one of the best places to enjoy during the summertime.

You can find everything at this market, from fresh fashion to art and designs to different kinds of food to kid’s zones. The Green Point terminal market is excellent for discovering various local vendors.

The market has over 100 local vendors. It is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm.

  • Film Noir Cinema

In Brooklyn, there are a lot of great cinemas, and Film Noir Cinema in Green Point can be mentioned in that list. The quaint neighborhood already sets the vibe for the cinema. It is a little shop that is half theater, half video store.

The Cinema has old movies we never knew existed and classic movies we’ve missed. If you’re a movie fanatic and love some classics, you should check it out.

  • WNYC Transmitter Park

Before the WNYC transmitter park was a park, it was a transmitter spot for the local public radio station WNYC. The site was chosen because there weren’t many tall buildings that would interfere with the signal. The location was used for broadcasting for Five decades.

In 1990, the WNYC radio station moved its center to New Jersey, leaving the area open for 20 years. In 2010, the construction of the park started at the vacant location.

The reconstruction included a pier, outlook, esplanades, seating, and more. It cost around $12 million. The park officially opened in September 2012.

The park is one of the Best Parks In Brooklyn, it is open from 6 AM to 10 PM every day. It has a playground, fishing area, open lawn, and the transmitter of the WNYC radio station.

  • Art Galleries
    • Green Point Gallery: The Green Point Gallery was formed in 2005 by musician Shawn James. The non-profit gallery was created so that performers and artists can have an affordable place for performances, exhibitions, and rehearsals. The spacious galleries also have studios that artists can use as temporary residency. The Green Point Gallery is open to rent for sponsored events to sustain itself.
    • Green Point Terminal Gallery: The Green Point Terminal Gallery is a gallery owned by artists. It features works from different modern artists all over the genres. It is located in the former historic American manufacturing district at the East River waterfront.
  • Get Vinyl

If you’re the kind of person that collects Vinyl and is constantly looking for more, then Green Point has some great classic record stores you can check out. Let us look at some of them:

  • Academy Records Annex: This place is one of the oldest record stores in the city; it has been in Green Point since 2013. The store sells various vinyl records from different genres, including rock, jazz, soul, and so much more. Not only do they sell the vinyl, but they also buy used records from their customers.
  • The Thing: This place is a dream place for record lovers. It has a basement full of classic vinyl. The Thing also has other pop culture stuff like books, CDs, etc.

Two stores are among the best Record Stores In Brooklyn.

  • Word Book Store

 The Word Book store is one of the best bookstores in Brooklyn, New York. You should check this bookstore if you’re a bookworm that enjoys a cozy reading place with various books.

The store also hosts different events like read along and discussions. If you’re interested in readings and multiple workshops, keep an eye out for those.

This has been your guide to Green Point. We hope you have got to know something new about Green Point. Please let us know in the comments if you have enjoyed reading this article.

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