20 Best Braiding Salon Shops In NYC (Updated 2023)

Braids never go out of style. You can rock this hairdo during any season. There are many techniques of braiding that you can choose from. Because of the diversity of braiding, you can rock them all year round.

Examples of the most popular braiding techniques are Classic 3-Strand Braid, French/Dutch Braids, Fishtail Braid, Plait Braids, Rope Braid, Lace Braid, Ladder Braid, Lattice Braid, Crochet Braids, Single Braids, Multiple Braids, Partial Braids, and Accent Braids.

However, the braiding techniques are dependent on your hair texture, volume, length, and strength.

Braids are flexible, and you can style them as you desire despite your braiding technique of choice. In addition, you can style it according to the occasion without removing your hairdo.

Braids are so convenient and affordable. If done by a good hair braider, then they should last between a fortnight to a  month.

When choosing a braider, you should consider your hair type and the braiding technique you are going for.

Braiding is a protective style, and therefore you do not want it done too tightly either.

Some hairdressers are not good at braiding; therefore, I have made this list of the best braiding salons in Brooklyn.

Best African hair braiding salons near Brooklyn

1. Hair by Susy

Location: 1019 Hegeman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208


Phone: 929-208-6390

Ask anyone in Brooklyn about the best braiding shops in Brooklyn, and Hair by Suzy will probably come up first.

The owner of this shop is Suzy Oludele. She does hair for celebrities like Beyonce, Zoe Kravits, Solange, etc.

She is the hair artist responsible for the lemonade cornrows that are now recognized worldwide.

Hair by Susy opened officially in 2014. Before that, Susy had braided at home for three years. The shop is classy, colorful, cozy, and warm.

The staff are professional and expect to receive world-class service. It has been named the top braiding salon in New York by Refinery 29.

Whatever style you have in mind, how crazy and unattainable it seems, Susy can create it.

Whether multicolored, bounty bob, beaded hairstyles, etc. Hair by Susy (HBS) also produces quality hair products and extensions that work perfectly for braids. Contact her when looking for a hair braider.

2. Aminata African Hair Braiding

Location: 289 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10027, United States


Phone:+1 212-932-0433

Aminata African Hair is a hair salon that has created its name for almost a decade. It is a family-owned salon that started in 1989. It was amongst the first African hair braiding salons in Brooklyn.

Aminata African Hair Braiding is located in Harlem, which consists primarily of people of African American heritage.

Black people have a more curly and kinkier hair texture., this is the 4C hair. This braiding shop has concentrated on this hair type mostly. For that reason, you are guaranteed perfect braids despite your hair type.

They focus on African hairstyles like cornrows, faux locks, hair weaving, box braids, twists, etc. Aminata African Hair Braiding has the best Senegalese twists in the whole of NYC.

The prices are also pocket friendly and therefore perfect if you are on a budget. Aminata hasn’t changed the prices for more than a decade.

3. Stasha’s Tempted 2 Touch Salon.

Location:153 Euclid Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208


I hate it when I get new braids, they look so cute and neat, but they are so tight I cannot sleep well. Unfortunately, most braiders tend to hold hair too tight, but not Stasha’s Tempted 2 Touch salon.

This high-end braiding shop will pamper your hair as you deserve. Every coin you spend here will count.

They offer hair treatments that will vary depending on your hair type before braiding it.

You will leave this salon feeling more confident than you felt coming in. Their braids are neat and affordable.

To get their services, you have to make an appointment. This helps ensure you do not waste a lot of time waiting for your turn at the salon.

They open every day from 9 am to 6 pm except for the weekends where they open an hour earlier.

4. Khamit Kinks

Location: M2P7+PW Brooklyn, New York, United States



This salon has existed for years. The old customers swear by it and have been faithful for all these years. What I love most about this braiding shop is the atmosphere. The customer service is excellent, and the music played is soothing and warm.

Khamit Kinks concentrates on protective styles for kinky hair. Kinky hair tends to have tight curls; hence it will keep breaking and not grow long if not handled with care.

For this reason, Khamit Kinks concentrates on the vitality and growth of hair.

Call to make an appointment or reach them via Instagram.

5. Ancestral Strands Braid Studio

Location: 81 Willoughby St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States



Ancestral Strands Braid STudio specializes in braiding and creating hair products that are suitable for tightly curled African American hair.

The service here is perfect. Your hair will be treated with the topmost care and love.

They have focused on the cultural experience of the African Americans and the owner, Tamara Albertini, often creates complicated beaded styles inspired by African traditions.

She also does modern looks if the traditional beaded look is not your thing.

If you want a hairdo to rock this summer, you can try their cornrow braids. They are bold, elegant, and neatly patterned.

In addition, they are perfect for the hot weather, meaning you will not suffer the beat because of wigs.

Apart from operating at the shop, the stylists at Ancestral strands can make home visits for Brooklyn and New York residents as a whole.

You can check them on Instagram and book an appointment.

6. NappStar Loc Speciality Salon

Location:822 6th Ave #3rd Floor, New York, NY 10001, United States



I bet you have heard of NappStar Loc and its kick-ass colorful locs. What you probably haven’t heard is about their braids.

This is a creative center that can create every style, however outrageous it might sound. They have one of the best cornrows in Brooklyn. They can do this on natural hair as well as with extensions.

This shop was started by Annette and Mellisase, who are Congolese Americans, in 2010. Their mission is to revolutionize the perceptions of locs and braids by creating a  standard.

They are also swift, and their braids are painless. They open from 10 pm to 8 am on weekdays and from 8 am to 6 pm on Saturdays.

They have a no-cash policy. They do credit or debit cards only.

7. Yeluchi By Hair Unruled

Location: Mobile hairstylists

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weareyeluchi/

Contacts: (212) 461-0928

Life can be hectic, with tight schedules here and there, and there are times when we do not have enough time to visit the hairdresser.

That is when Yeluchi By Hair Unruled comes in. This is a braiding app service that allows you to have braids done at the comfort of your home.

Yeluchi specializes in all protective styles, including braiding, braided locs, crotchets, and weave installations.

You can choose a professional on their website who can provide all your braiding needs anywhere in Brooklyn. You can choose the style you are looking for and then book an appointment.

If your hairstyle involves extensions, then you should purchase the braid extensions on your own to ensure you get what you want in terms of length and color.

8. Knotty NYC

Location: 260 Richardson St Suite A12, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/knottynyc/

Contact: 212-804-7458

This is another at-home braiding service in New York City. Knotty specialized in braiding black hair.

They can make braids, Senegalese twists, Marley twists, cornrows, solo braids, name it. They also do Nails and Makeup.

Knotty was established in 2018 and ever since has dedicated itself to transforming black people’s beauty experience.

They put the beauty needs of women of color first in their business.

Unlike other at-home braiding services, you do not have to purchase the braids. Instead, they will bring everything necessary with them. They are accessible every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

9. Inna Nene Tall

Location: Bedstuy, Brooklyn (she travels too)



Inna is one of the best braiders in Brooklyn. She has more than 30 years of braiding experience. Inna is neat, painless, and swift.

She has worked on Beyonce, which means she comes in highly recommended.

She does the braiding at home but can come to the place of your convenience all over New York City.

Her speed makes her stand out. She is super fast, which is uncommon. She is friendly and accommodating.

You can make an appointment via swivel or call her.

10. For us By U.S. Beauty

Location: Bedstuy, Brooklyn (she travels too)



This is another home-based stylist called Ulyssa. She lives in Brooklyn and desires to provide affordable hairdressing services and the satisfaction of her clients.

She works at home in a dedicated space but can travel to your place of convenience.

She does more than braiding. She does locs, sew-ins, etc. Do not be shy. Ask her to create the hairstyle you desire and watch her creative juices flow to make you as stunning and elegant as possible.

11. Sculpted Beauty

Location: Crown Heights, Brooklyn


Contact: 929-430-7078

Lasia owns sculpted Beauty. Sculpted Beauty provides services for women and men.

They have categories in their booking space for whatever service you want, and one is specifically for men’s braids.

They also have unbelievable low prices, but that does not compromise the quality of her work. Her braids are top-notch, neat, and stunning.

You can make appointments via their website, Instagram, or through texts. She also accepts walk-ins if you were not able to make an appointment.

Many clients have raved about how intact their edges are after braiding. Some have also claimed how pain-free their braids are and praised the professionalism, customer service, and speed of the sculpted beauty stylists.

12. Just Because Hair Therapy

Location:141 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205



This salon focuses on damaged hair with the promise of restoring it to its healthy glory and maintaining it.

The owners’ name is Carol. Together with her team, they provide world-class braiding services at an affordable price. The team is friendly, warm, and hospitable.

They are gentle too. The braids are not too tight, yet they are neat.

Call to book an appointment.

13. N.V. Stylez Salon

Location: 687 Broadway (1st Fl, Suite 10), Brooklyn, NY


Contact: 917-970-242

The Head Stylist of N.V. Stylez Beuty Salon, Kenya, is a graduate of the legendary Paul Mitchell. She is a cosmetologist too.

Her focus is ensuring her customers feel loved, appreciated, and good about themselves.

This salon is professional with a professional setting. As Kenya does her service, she makes it a point to educate her clients on the importance of healthy hair and how to go about it.

You can have everything done here: short braids, bob braids, long braids, colored, weaving, crocheting, etc.

To get your service here, book an appointment. Kenya is strict on time, so you have to notify her if you will be late.

If you get late for more than 20 minutes, your appointment will most likely be canceled with charges.

If you want your hair done at the comfort of your home, you can let Kenya know for an extra charge.

14. Courtney Foster Beauty

Location:222 E 34th St, New York, NY 10016

Instagram: Not Available


Courtney provides different services, with her best being braiding. She is a certified Hair Loss practitioner, a cosmetologist, and a cosmetology educator. She focuses on scalp health as well as hair strength.

Before she styles you or braids you, she will ensure your hair’s health first. Then, she won’t let you put on damaging hairstyles.

After all, the hair is our natural crown. So it has to remain beautiful and healthy.

15. Magic Fingers Studio

Location:5319 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY


Contact:+1 (718) 484-9092

Like many recent salons in Brooklyn, this is a natural hair salon standing since 2009. The owner Stasha Harries is talented and can braid anything you can think of. However, they have focused on geometric looks and stitch braids.

The service is superb. The environment is warm and friendly. Magic Fingers has adhered to the Covid 19 rules, and your safety comes first.

You will be provided with a sanitizer and mask when you get there. Their room is also spacious, and social distancing is a must here.

They offer various services like conditioning, shampooing, locs, and twists, but the braids stand out for most.

If you have short hair, worry not. You can have your hair braided from as short as 3 inches. They have all types of clients despite age and sex.

Magic fingers also offer braiding classes where they teach everything about the braiding business; this is from the braiding techniques and skills to build your business.

If you want a hairstyle that will leave everyone in awe, book an appointment with Magic fingers by calling them or via social media.

16. HandsHheartss

Location:154 Howard Avenue Brooklyn, NY11233



Stacee Flood owns this salon. She is known for her super neat super-thin braids. She is passionate about work, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

She is detail-oriented, fast, neat, and with a fantastic personality.

She does all forms of braids, including box braids, knotless box braids, stitch braids, cornrows, Fulani, lemonade, braided up So’s, twists, crotchets, and cornrows.

She works on hair at least 4 inches, but you have to do a consultation first before booking if yours is shorter.

Her other requirements before you go for your appointment is that your hair should be washed, blowdried, and detangled, as well as not oiled. The exact requirements work for kids too.

The pricing is the same for kids, too, and she only accepts kids who can sit still during the service.

She has impressive reviews with a perfect rating of 5 on many platforms.

To book an appointment, use her website. However, she is always on demand; therefore, you should make the appointment way in advance.

17. Tasha Miles

Location:157 Crescent Street Brooklyn, NY11208



She has many loyal clients. They love her and keep stop raving about her. However, the two main things that stand out the most about a braider are the perfect result and her excellent personality. Tasha Miles has both of them.

Her braids are so neat, polished, and painless despite your hair type, and she will handle your hair with the utmost gentleness. She is friendly, pleasant, and down-to-earth.

Her braided ponytails, knotless box braids, box braids, and passion twists are perfect. After her service, you are guaranteed to be stopped for compliments. She also has a perfect five review score which is rare, not to mention her crazy affordable prices.

You can request an appointment on Instagram or via her site.

18. VixenStylez

Location:782 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11216



Krissie Ann Rupert owns this popular salon. She is known for her mastery in faux locs, cornrows, and creating goddess braids.

She is professional, affordable, friendly with good hair advice with a guarantee of a stunning outcome.

She has a perfect review rating on many platforms. She offers not only braiding services but also wigs and weave services.

Book an appointment on this website or give her a call.

19. Yeye by Nature

Location:977 East New York Ave Brooklyn, NY11213



Yeye is a Nigerian girl who brings talented braiding African hands to Brooklyn. She is fast too and painless.

Her specialty includes layered box braids, which are not done by many. She also does plain box braids, crotchets, feed-in cornrows, and cornrows.

Her pricing is affordable with perfect results. Many find her hospitable, friendly, and professional.

She accepts appointments via text, email, or her site.

20. 1755 Braids

Location:1755 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn, NY11226



Mariam owns this establishment.

Clients adore Mariam since she is so sweet and lovely. Fortunately, she is crazy fast too.

She has perfected many braids, including feed-in braids, stitch braids, goddess braids, cornrows, and passion twists. Her pricing is reasonable, too, despite the stunning outcome.

She is entirely painless, and you will surely get compliments even days after you have left the salon.

Make an appointment via the website or D.M. her on Instagram. Her response time is fast too. Perfect!


There are many braiders in NYC and many who will claim they are good at the art. However, it is not always guaranteed that what you were promised is what you will receive.

Choosing one of the braiders above, you are guaranteed to get the best service in NYC. Whether you prefer at-home service or going to the salon, or you prefer appointments or walk-ins, the above salons have got you covered.

You will also get great advice on how to take care of your hair and how to make it healthier. In case the stylists do not offer it, just ask. They will all be willing to give you their informed advice.

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