12 Top- Rated Interior Designers In NYC (Updated 2023)

Spaces where we work, our homes, cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops; all have different yet suitable designs for their respective purposes.

Interior designers call their work pure art, and they can’t be more right.

Finding the right inspiring design for a workspace that increases productivity, the comfort and coziness for a home, the relaxing environment for restaurants, and exciting and industrial touches for business, the art can’t get any more sophisticated. And behind all these are interior designers.

Interior designer decorator choosing material samples in studio

Interior designers in New York have an extra load when it comes to New York, as they have to work in smaller scapes and make them worthwhile.

In New York, there are more than 6000 registered interior designers. And among these findings, the right one that fits our situation can be tricky.

This is where this article will come in handy.

Below we have explored different kinds of Interior designers in New York. From luxury designers to minimalists, from bold and eccentric ones to pastel and refined ones.

Best Interior Designers NYC

1. Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith


Homy and cozy is the motto of Joshua Smith’s Interior Designs. A home should be a place where your body rests and your soul gets nourished, and that’s what Joshua Smith provides for their clients, or as they call it, Blissful living.

The elements they use in the process are all per their client’s day-to-day life to inspire wellness.

The aesthetics of the designs are all intended for that cause home is where you heal before your next adventure.

This approach to interior design was new, and it had a great response.

Many clients have seen the changes in their lives. And Joshua Smith has made a name in the industry for himself and has become a front runner.

2. Shawn Henderson

Shawn Henderson


Shawn Henderson is an interior designer you go to when looking for eye-catching, expressive, statement-making designs. Bright colors, bold textures, and deviant art are what he is known for.

This is not about just one structure or color standing out but creating the perfect balance to make all of them work in harmony.

Every design process begins with a conversation with clients, and then it is all about how they can make their client’s life and living spaces uplifting, beautiful, and clean.

Shawn Henderson is based in New York and has been named one of the best interior designers in New York as a designer who can handle various projects.

3. Betty Wasserman

Betty Wasserman


If you ever find yourself looking to decorate your place in a sophisticated and artistic way, Betty Wasserman is the interior designer you need to go to.

Betty Wasserman started her interior designing carer back in the 1990s. Before that, she used to be an artist manager and an art dealer.

This previous experience has given her an eye for delicacy and an artistic view, which is now how she works with her interior design projects.

She also incorporates some of the artworks from the artists she used to manage in her interior designs.

Besides interior designing, Betty Wasserman also designs furniture and has home decorations for sale.

4. Kati Curtis

Kati Curtis


Kati Curtis Design is one of the first names pop up with eco-friendly designs.  Every project is handled with eco-friendly materials, minimizing waste.

Kati Curtis and her team’s design approach is storytelling. The designs are eccentric and yet very welcoming. The elegant colors and textures bring out modern and very sensible styles in their works.

One of their signature color combinations is black and white. The contrast brings out an edgy cut.

Kati Curtis has won the luxury homes and projects award in New York. They handle residential and commercial projects; The team is now expanding to an international level gaining many clients abroad.

5. Young Huh

Young Huh


Classic designs are the expression of elegance, and modern designs show that you are keeping up with what’s new and not living in the stone age.

Hence, when you manage to blend those two, you will be modern without losing your elegant touch.

Young Huh designs are where modern and classic designs are skillfully mixed and presented. She is all about elegance, mixing up textures, and creativity.

The designs are blended with just the right amount of colors, textures, and techniques to welcome you and catch your eyes.

She has even been named one of the five rising interior designers by Vogue.

6. Dani Arps

Dani Arps


“An inviting workplace, an encouraging atmosphere, designed to help you be inspired and productive” if this is what you want for your business area, then Dani Arps is the interior design place you need to visit.

Dani Arps is an excellent place for tech start-up interior designs as their style accents the industry.

To mention some of the big names she has worked for in the tech industry: Codecademy, SeatGeek, Venmo, and many more.

Dani Arps’s works mainly focus on commercial place designs, but they also work on residential area designs. This aspect of their style shines with an  artistic nature and creativity,

Danielle Arps started with a startup as Dani Arps and has grown magnificently in the New York area.

Dani Arps has now joined Artisian to expand their works and gain more reachability.

7. Nune



Nune was founded by Sheena Murphy in New York and London. Nune started as a small studio space and has expanded to work globally and be involved in different projects.

Nune designs spaces for comfortable living and working. They focus on using pastel colors and blended bright colors, creating a beautiful area.

Clients keep on coming back to them for different projects because their interior designs are contemporary, and they keep up with what is new. It is always a feast for the eyes, as they put it.

Nune started as a small business, and they believe in supporting small companies doing exciting work in the field.

8. Kaitlyn Payne (Basic Space)

Kaitlyn Payne


Sometimes we just want our houses to be a practical place and not just a bunch of decorations. This is what Kaitlyn Payne had in mind when is started Basic Space.

Basic Space bases all the design work on what they get from their clients when doing an interview and observing the unique lifestyle of each of their clients. And make a design that accents the client’s way of living.

Basic Space mainly focuses on residential places, but there are cases where commercial area projects were undertaken. Besides Brooklyn, New York, Basic Space has a branch in Portland.

9. Studio Zung

  • 41 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013
  • Phone: 212-343-8391
  • Email: info@studiozung.com
  • Visit website

Studio Zung


“It’s not about having a lot in place but just the right amount,” that’s what Studio Zung believes to be a luxury.

Studio Zung is known for its minimalistic and stylish designs, where great attention is given to the slightest details.

Studio Zung is a place of Architects and designers come together to create the most luxurious ambiance.

The team has additional members with various specialties, from graphic designers to aestheticians and visual marketers.

And this gives them the upper hand as they can see the project from different angles and make a better and more informed decision.

And there is nothing a client wants more than a confident hand in every aspect possible.

10. Drake | Andersson

Drake Andersson


Drake and Anderson are award-winning interior designers who have worked with many big names and celebrities. So, what attracts all these people?

What attracts all these people is nothing other than their unique and story-telling designs.

They work with modern techniques and luxury, creating contemporary living methods for homes.

They are challenge-takers with bold colors, textures, and arts, making them work in harmony.

And this is what makes Drake | and Andersson stand out.

Drake | Adresson don’t only work on living space designs; they have a long list of commercial projects too. Some of Drake | and Andersson’s most notable works were the manhattan buildings.

They have also taken on many big projects around the States and in different countries worldwide.

11. Glenn Gissler

  • 1123 Broadway Suite 917 New York, NY 10010
  • Phone: 212-228-9880
  • Email: info@gissler.com
  • Visit website

Glenn Gissler


If you are looking for elegance but comfort simultaneously, Glenn Gissler is the name for you.

Glen Glisslet is known for its modern yet livable space design, which is in trend in our era.

He works with his clients as to their needs adding and spicing up their wants with his knowledge of expertise and advice to create the perfect space for living.

Besides the elegant designs, Glenn Gissler is known for his decorative art usage.

These decorative arts are carefully curated and chosen the accent the ambiance of the space.

Glenn Gissler is one of the most published interior designers in the New York area.

12. Brad Ford

  • 200 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1601 New York, NY 10016
  • Phone:212-352-9616
  • Visit website

Brad Ford


One of the oldest interior designing firms in New York, with a long list of big projects and works.

Brad Ford is a place where spaces are designed to complement the client’s taste and living style.

It is all about the balance. The colors, art, and textures all add to the unique designs they show every time.

Space is not just designed to look elegant but be functional and, while they are at it, easy to access.

When a design is practical and refined, it is always worth paying a little extra money.

Brand Ford and his team have won several awards in the New York state Manhattan area where they are located.


We have seen different interior designers in the New York area, ranging from living space designs to industrial designs with different vibes and accents.

It is always important to know what you are looking for choosing an interior designer. As we have seen, there are different interior designers with varying expertise areas.

Just because they do a great job with a living space, it doesn’t guarantee they will be able to do the same with this commercial area design. It’s always right to look into the designers we hire.

The other thing is the vibes of the space; each interior designer has their way of doing things. Some are very eloquent with luxurious vibes, while others do a better job with minimalistic designs.

So figuring out what is suited for your situation and finding complementing interior designers is necessary.

We hope this has helped you know various types of interior designs and the most well-known names in the New York area. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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