22 Best Jamaican Food Brooklyn Of 2023 (Authentic Caribbean Restaurants)

Brooklyn is one of five boroughs of New York City where you can find several global cuisines without wasting your precious time.

Immigrant cuisine in New York is nothing new due to the vast population of different regions worldwide.

Brooklyn is one of the regions that boasts a dense concentration of Caribbean culture and, especially, Crown Heights in particular.

Many of the restaurants in Brooklyn are using Jamaican flavors, while others use flavors from countries such as Trinidad and Cuba to prepare their food.

Spicy Grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Whether you are looking for classic or modern and new Jamaican dishes, here are some of the best restaurants that serve you Jamaican flavor.

Caribbean Restaurants With Best Jamaican Food In Brooklyn

1. The islands

  • Address; 671 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States
  • Contact; +1 718-398-3575

The original location of this restaurant was initially demolished, which brought fears to many people who loved this Jamaican restaurant.

However, it was later reborn in a new location, and they even included a bar in their new restaurant.

The restaurant is slightly tiny with very limited dining. Jerk leg of lamb and goat curry are some of the signature dishes in this restaurant.

Their menu is expansive and gives room for everyone to find something favorite for themselves.

The food is cheap with generous portions with friendly service. It is next to the Brooklyn Museum, which means you can order takeout and eat at the museum.

In addition, the owner has expanded the menu and included vegetarian dishes.

2. Sugarcane restaurant

  • Address; 238 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • Contact; +1 718-230-3954

You wouldn’t think this place is a restaurant from the outside, but the restaurant is huge inside.

This restaurant makes the perfect destination for a night out with friends and family.

The décor in the restaurant is too much compared to the one in Miami (which was their original location).

However, the staff are friendly, and the service is one of a kind. The menu has several Caribbean dishes that are delicious.

Rum braised oxtail, plantain crusted red snapper, shrimp rice with coconut are some of the signature dishes prepared in this restaurant.

Their bar lounge makes a perfect destination if you want to take a break from walking on the streets.

3. Peppa’s jerk kitchen

  • Address; 791 Prospect Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11216, United States
  • Contact; (646) 683-6012

They have recently opened a third restaurant in Brooklyn, and one thing that they retain is the quality and authenticity of their dishes.

If you are looking for authentic Jamaican dishes, this spot should be your first destination.

They have several other dishes on their menus, such as the escovitch fish and oxtail.

However, the locals and regulars of this restaurant flock to this place just to get hold of their signature dish.

It always is very busy throughout the week, and you have to be patient to get served. However, it’s worth the wait.

4. Gloria’s

  • Address; 987 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11225, United States
  • Contact; (718) 773-3476

It is one of the oldest Caribbean cuisine restaurants in Brooklyn.

They prepare perfect versions of almost all dishes prepared in other Caribbean-based dishes.

This makes Gloria’s a go-to spot for any of the cravings you might be having. In addition, the service is amicable.

This restaurant is a perfect destination if you don’t have enough money or trying to save.

It’s almost impossible to spend more than $14 in this restaurant, making it an affordable option. Here you will find all the classics and enjoy them at a low price.

For dinner, go for the stewed oxtails together with rice, usually served with two other appetizers. You can also go for boneless curry or roti.

5. The food sermon

  • Address; 141 Flushing Ave Building 77, Brooklyn, NY 11205,
  • Contact; +1 718-484-7555

This is a family-owned restaurant, and it usually is all about culture and Caribbean flavors.

It is a small spot but serves several west-indies recipes done to perfection. It is equipped with several communal tables.

The best part is that you can build your Caribbean-inspired dish. This is achieved by picking a type of rice (white or brown), sauce, chickpeas or sometimes beans, and protein.

This build-your-own- bowl concept is done at the counter service.

The hours of service in this restaurant are slightly restrictive, close a bit earlier on Fridays, and don’t open until Sundays.

The restaurant owner worships on Saturdays and is a devout Sabbath day Adventist member.

The portion is always generous and affordable. Locals and regulars often storm this place when opened, and you might encounter service delays at times.

6. Miss lily’s 7A café rum and bar

  • Address; 109 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009, United States
  • Contact; +1 646-588-5375

As one of the Best Caribbean Restaurants in New York City, this restaurant will mentally transport you directly from New York to Jamaica with its menu. Miss lily café is one of the Caribbean restaurants that delivers when it comes to food.

They play reggae music. The walls are covered with colorful vinyl with concert posters from Jamaica.

The restaurant is often jam-packed almost every time it’s opened. This is to show how both guests and locals love it.

The best will be to book a reservation to not miss a place in the restaurant.

They have retained some of the dishes they serve at their original location, like the jerk chicken and coconut corn.

7. Negril BK

  • Address; 256 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States
  • Contact; +1 347-721-3801

Negril BK is unique. It has three different rooms within the restaurant, and all of them have been decorated differently.

Each room has some unique decorations that bring an island vibe to the room.

Seafood is the main delicacy in this restaurant.

The restaurant is quite large and perfect for groups and large companies.

Braised oxtail, jumbo jerk shrimp, and curry goat are some of the main dishes served. That said, their menu is quite expansive and includes several other Caribbean dishes.

They also have outdoor dining if you don’t intend on spending your time in a restaurant with dim lights.

The food is a bit pricey, and you might want to carry extra in case the bill goes up.

8. Pearl’s restaurant

  • Address; 178 N 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211-2006
  • Contact; +1 929-276-3528

Pearl’s restaurant is located in a quiet place along Williamsburg street but does serve authentic Jamaican dishes.

The vibe inside the restaurant seems to be mentally transporting you back to the islands in Jamaica. The food is epic and super delicious.

The restaurant is vibrant in color with an extensive menu of several dishes from Caribbean cuisine.

The back patio is spacious enough and perfect for romantic dates and night-outs with friends to enjoy your drinks.

Bake and shark is the signature dish of this restaurant, and it’s one you shouldn’t head out without tasting.

Bake and shark are made using golden bread, usually puffy and stuffed with dogfish.

The other ingredients include garlic, mango, chutney, tamarind, and shado beni. They also have a bar in the restaurant.

9. Likkle Jamaican dumpling house (The spot may be closed)

  • Address; 884 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States
  • Contact; (347) 463-9750

This Jamaican house is more about the dumplings, which are nothing short of delicious.

It is a low-key restaurant that prepares classic Jamaican dishes, and the result is dishes like coconut curry mussels, spicy crab, and smoked duck dumplings.

The menu of this restaurant is updated daily. What makes their dishes unique is the use of Chinese methods of food preparation in their dishes.

It might be a small place with less fancy stuff, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

10. Imani Caribbean kitchen and bar

  • Address; 271 Adelphi St, Brooklyn, NY 11205, United States
  • Contact; +1 718-923-0100

The best part of this restaurant is that its menu list option is broad and includes dishes for vegetarians who want to satisfy their Caribbean dish cravings.

Imani restaurant is usually packed with people, especially during summertime.

People always come to this place and the reggae music blasting from the restaurant is one reason why people have the time of their lives in this place.

They serve Jamaican dishes such as jerk chicken wings, curry goat, and ackee and saltfish spring roll.

The outdoor patio was recently expanded, creating extra room for guests. In addition, there are several high tables on the outside which are usually served with different alcoholic beverages.

Imani kitchen bar does serve specific dishes that aren’t on their menu on particular days.

That said, jerk Rasta pasta is often served on Wednesdays if that is what you are craving to eat.

11. Little miss muffin “N” her stuffin.”

  • Address; 768 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States
  • Contact; +1 718-857-4963

It is a tiny spot along Washington avenue and one of the restaurants that prepare Jamaican dishes and other Caribbean delicacies.

They mainly focus much of their attention on preparing homemade ground meat, usually heavily seasoned with many flavors.

This is the spot when looking for delicious and authentic Jamaican meat patties. The crust is usually flaky and golden, perfectly done for meat patties.

The portion of the food is generous at a fair price. You will also find daily specials from the roster.

This place is a bakery too, and they also serve delightful and delicious cookies that you should try.

The dining might be limited, but the fast and friendly service from the staff has always kept guests returning to this restaurant.

12. Footprints café express

  • Address; 1377 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, United States
  • Contact; (718) 462-0120

They have stood the test of time and become one of the most authentic Jamaican restaurants in New York.

They have several multiple locations within the city. Their authenticity and service bring the success of their restaurant business.

The restaurant is often jam-packed with locals, which makes the service delivery slower at times.

Rasta pasta and oxtail are some of the signature dishes you will find in this restaurant.

13. Suede restaurant


  • Address; 5610 Clarendon Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11203, United States
  • Contact; +1 347-474-7328

Suede is a two-floor restaurant that almost looks like a nightclub from the interior. The outdoor patio is super huge, making it the best location when hanging out with friends.

Their menu is expansive and has several Caribbean dishes that are often perfectly done. However, vegetarian dishes are pretty limited.

Roti, pizza, and pasta are some dishes you can indulge in to eat healthily.

Indoor dining is available with a variety of seating arrangements. The service is excellent and the food portions quite generous.

The reggae music played in the restaurant keeps it lively, especially when there are not many people.

Traditional Caribbean dishes are the order of the day but with slight twists on some specific dishes.

For example, the oxtail is frequently served on pizza when in this restaurant, and it does taste good.

14. Triple D’s place

  • Address; 1377 E New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212, United States
  • Contact; (347) 425-7129

Triple D’s place is smaller than many other restaurants in Brooklyn, but the charm that keeps bringing people to this place is the Jamaican dishes.

Frequently, you will find long lines on this spot which is reason enough to tell you how irresistible their dishes are.

Their menu is wide with traditional Jamaican dishes such as the ackee and saltfish, oxtails, cabbages, and plantains.

The portion of the food is always generous with reasonable prices. You can also order takeout from this spot.

Almost all their dishes are perfectly done, but what keeps the regulars coming back to this place is the fried chicken.

It always is served hot and comes in different pieces, and you get to decide which part you want.

The wings, breasts, and legs are all available.

15. Tropical house baking

  • Address; 267 Schenectady Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213, United States
  • Contact; +1 718-773-9523

This establishment has been running since 1982, and the brothers have been creating the best meat patties in the city.

Jamaican dishes have been their specialty for a long time, but due to completion from other restaurants, they began making Asian dishes too.

Their menu is also expansive, with a variety of dishes that you can choose from.

Beef, chicken, and vegan are some of the most common patties available in this tiny restaurant.

The food is cheap and well done. The service might be slower because of the long lines you find at times.

It’s essential you call to confirm if they are opened because the location of this spot is quite squeezed, and finding a parking area might be tricky.

16. MangoSeed restaurant

  • Address; 755 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226, United States
  • Contact; +1 718- 513-6084

MangoSeed restaurant does have happy hour twice daily, which is why you will find it jam-packed with people often.

The menu is extensive with both traditional Jamaican dishes and other non-Caribbean dishes that are just as good.

Unfortunately, the space is limited, and you might want to call ahead for a reservation. They have outdoor dining that is also limited with space.

The music played in the restaurant gives life to this place. In terms of ambiance, there is almost nothing when it comes to décor, but the food is delicious. Go for the braised oxtail, jerk fish, and mac and cheese. Loveable.

17. Ital. kitchen

  • Address; 1032 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11225, United States
  • Contact; +1 347-405-9727

Ital. diet is one of the most adhered to diets in Jamaica by Rastafarians. They believe that to stay healthy, strong, and spiritually connected to everything on earth, one has to eat natural diets.

Ital. kitchen in Brooklyn, owned by le Cordon Bleu, is one of the few restaurants in the city that does adhere to the strict rules of preparing chemical-free and additive-free dishes.

As a result, the menu includes several Jamaican dishes with no meat dish. Instead, the famous jerk dishes are made using vegetables.

The restaurant is made to look like the restaurants found in Jamaica. You will find plants hanging on this spot, with the chairs having several colors that match.

Some of the dishes on their menu include baked sweet plantains, roasted corn, and grilled asparagus.

18. Irie Caribbean kitchen and bakery

  • Address; 126 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213, United States
  • Contact; +1 347-295-3628

This family-owned was established in 2015 and served classic Jamaican savory dishes to the locals and guests. It might not be as popular as other Jamaican restaurants, but it has found its footing.

The menu list is quite loaded with several dishes and other non-Caribbean dishes that are worth a try.

The jerk chicken, a popular dish in Jamaican restaurants, is one of the signature dishes here but prepared with a twist. Instead of grilling, the chicken is baked, and it still is delicious.

The service is exemplary and fast. The food portions are generous with reasonable prices—worth stopping by and grabbing a bite of their dishes.

19. Royal bakery and roti house

  • Address; 618 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11216, United States
  • Contact; (718) 604-0200

There is no better place than this bakery when you are craving coconut rolls, cakes, and pastry rolls.

It is a Trinidadian bakery but prepares some of the Caribbean’s best specialties. The jerk chicken is authentic and well-seasoned at reasonable prices.

20. Grandchamp’s kitchen and market

  • Address; 197 Patchen Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233, United States
  • Contact; +1 347-599-2261

It is a hidden gem within the neighborhood with authentic Caribbean dishes. The service is amicable, and the prices of the food are not overly priced.

They have a live band, and you can listen to some of the traditional music played as you enjoy your lunch or dinner.

21. Exquisite delight restaurant


  • Address; 2847 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226, United States
  • Contact; +1 718-693-4643

On normal days, this place will get flocked with many people. However, the food prepared makes the locals and regulars keep coming back for more of their dishes.

The lines are sometimes very long, but the wait is worth it.

The menu, like many other restaurants, is broad with several Jamaican dishes. Curry goat, mac and cheese, rice and peas, and jerk kitchen are some of the main dishes you would find in this restaurant.

The jerk chicken dish is the most ordered by the locals. Compared to other restaurants, jerk chicken from this restaurant is often spicier and extra charred.

Before you give this place a shot, understand that it is only a takeout spot, and there is no dining in the restaurant.

22. D’Savannah bar and lounge (The spot may be closed)

  • Address; 1460 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, United States
  • Contact; +1 646-401-5250

This restaurant was established in 2013, and it is the best spot if you are looking for a Caribbean dish, whether you are from the Caribbean or not.

They have both outdoor and indoor dining with a live DJ to keep you entertained.

They serve a variety of dishes from the Caribbean with other non-Caribbean dishes.

It always is packed with young millennials, especially over the weekends, because of how fun it gets.

The drinks are also worth it. They have a wide menu list of beers and wines. It makes a perfect destination to hang out with friends and family.

If you are looking for other Restaurants, please check the guides below.

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