Best Thrift Stores In Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Explore 26 Antique And Vintage Stores

Are you looking for the best vintage shops in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

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Shopping for vintage clothes in the streets of New York is adventurous because you get to move from one store to another, rummaging through racks to find your favorite designs of clothing.

If you are a vintage clothing lover, then New York City is the place to be, especially since you can find second-hand treasures in the very best conditions, and the best part is that most of them are one of a kind.

The stores in the city are well stacked up and with current trends clothing that you will love. The owners of these stores also help you find authentic and unique clothes to match your style with some of the best pieces.

Shopping for vintage clothing is one way to bulk up your closet without going deep into your wallet.

With many vintage store options in Brooklyn, here are some of the best thrift shops in Williamsburg; you should walk through and find something classy for yourself.

Vintage stores in Williamsburg

1. L train vintage 

L train vintage


1377 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn

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This store has some of Williamsburg’s best vintage clothing designs with reasonably priced pre-owned shoes and clothing. There are multiple locations of these stores, and this one in Brooklyn is the smallest.

The low prices of their garments and accessories make it a go-to option when you don’t want to spend more.

Nevertheless, it isn’t easy finding brand names like Ralph Lauren or Polo in this store, but it’s worth your time.

Though it looks small, rummaging through the racks and getting the perfect outfit for you isn’t a simple task.

The only advantage is that everything is perfectly organized, from denim to sneakers and jackets.

More about L Train Vintage

2. Beacon’s closet 

Beacons closet


74 Guernsey St, Brooklyn


This is your store if all you want is a blend of vintage and trendy garments and accessories. It is one of the most famous stores in Williamsburg because it has an unparalleled and massive selection of both men’s and women’s clothing and shoes.

Here, you will find vintage stuff and designer pieces on the racks. The prices of everything in the store vary depending on the conditions, trends, and brand, but they are not overpriced.

They have an exchange program which means you can swap anything you don’t want and pick whatever suits your taste.

So, if you are out on a thrifting adventure, you need to make a stop in one of their multiple locations.

3. Awoke vintage 

Awoke vintage


This store was originally from Australia, but opened a location in Brooklyn in 2012 (11 years ago).

They now have 3 locations across Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

You can also shop their Instagram Stories, they post over 70+ items a day and offer free shipping.

The vintage Levis collection is what makes this store popular.

In addition, there are many classic and contemporary designs such as shoulder bags, denim jackets, Brooklyn-made products and front tie crop tops in this store.

Everything is reasonably priced, they have baskets of $5 and $10 items all the way to high end designer pieces.

The average price of any item being around $45.

  • Visit all three of their locations:
  • 132 North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249
  • 16 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • 688 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Visit website 
  • 718-387-3130

4. Malin landaeus 

Malin landaeus


157 N 6th St, Brooklyn

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Its location along Brentford Avenue on the L train is perfect for many people alighting from the train to come and shop. The storefront window has leather boots and designed dresses that will entice you.

The store has several beauty products, jewelry, and clothing pieces, both trendy and old-school, which means you can never miss something good for yourself.

Every article of clothing in this store has its unique design, which might tempt you to shop more. However, most products in this shop don’t come at a low price.

Their handmade leather boots are classy and trendy and exactly why they have many clients.

5. Buffalo exchange

Buffalo exchange


504 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn

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If thrift shopping is one of the things you love most, you probably must have heard of this store. This store is famous for its wide range of clothing selection pieces, garments, and accessories.

Regardless of the day, this shop is often jam-packed with trendy people. The prices of their goodies are reasonable but may sometime vary based on the condition and brand of the pieces you are getting.

The store is neat and well organized to make it easier to find whatever item you want.

Cartoon lovers, themed t-shirts, and denim jackets are some of the clothing pieces in this thrift store.

Their shoe selection is also vast and goes up to size 11, which means you can never walk away without something grabbing your attention.

The best part is that they have trade options. So, in that case, you can either buy or sell whatever you have at all their locations.

6. Friends 



56 Bogart St, Brooklyn

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Besides some of the best clothing pieces in town, this vintage store has excellent accessories, beauty products, housewares, and jewelry.

This shop focuses much on vintage pieces, unlike other stores with modern consignment like the buffalo exchange or crossroads.

The prices of the products here are a little higher than in other shops, especially when it comes to designer pieces and handmade products.

The prices are influenced by the brand, trend, and whether the item is modern or vintage.

You don’t have to go there rummaging through the racks. They have an online platform from which you get to select what you want if you don’t want to be there in person.

7. Monk vintage 

Monk vintage


500 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn

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This store is the immediate neighbor of buffalo vintage and has everything ranging from dress shirts to classic fannels and statement pieces.

Everything in the store is unique, and the prices range from moderate to costly depending on whatever you are purchasing.

The employees are friendly and help you select the products or clothing pieces you desire.

The owners of this thrift store accept donations and will offer you discounts should you donate something to the shop.

8. Crossroads trading 

Crossroads trading


135 N 7th St, Brooklyn

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Here you will find clothing pieces from brand names like Levis, Adidas, and Nike. Again like many other thrift stores, the prices vary based on the product you are purchasing. Otherwise, the prices are reasonable.

They accept and buy stuff from locals, so you might find customized items by previous owners in the shop.

Everything in the store is well organized based on size, color, and seasons, making it easier to navigate the shop and get whatever your heart desires.

The best part is that they have something for plus-sized beauties.

9. Antoinette 



119 Grand St, Brooklyn

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The shop is named after the owner’s mother because she used to work in the fashion industry. Here you will find modern and vintage clothing pieces and other excellent items.

The better percentage of everything being sold is vintage {about 70%} the remaining quarter is composed of items made by local designers such as Nina Z.

The prices might be higher, so you need to check the price tag before picking that attractive item.

10. The attic 

The attic


231 Grand St, Brooklyn

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The attic is another of the best thrift shops in Williamsburg you can visit. Everything in this shop averages about $20.

You will find everything you desire here, including leather jackets, Levi denim, accessories, and shoes.

The best part is the inclusivity of their items. You will find plus-size outfits in this store and customized classic items that mix and match the old and the new trends code of dressing.

They focus primarily on producing not only beautiful clothes but also sustainable practices that result in high-quality items.

If you don’t have the time to visit this place in person, you can get everything from online platforms.

11. Mother of junk 

Mother of junk


567 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn


The items in this store are pretty moderately priced, considering most pieces are not high-end. Here, you will find glassware, clothes, books, furniture, and other stuff.

The store’s exterior may look worn and dark, but it’s worth visiting. Unfortunately, most of their items are hanging from the ceiling, so you must watch your head.

12. Wonders of Walter 

Wonders of Walter


135 Berry St, Brooklyn

This streetside vintage clothing shop is one you should visit. It is packed with jewelry and accessories, jackets, retro coats, and customized t-shirts.

It feels more like you are in an open-air street market when you visit this place, but on the brighter side, it is perfectly arranged and organized more like a boutique. The prices of clothing pieces and items range from scarcity to brand.

The fact that it’s located on the streetside makes it a convenient spot to stop and shop. However, remember not to stop by on Tuesdays because the doors are locked on this particular day.

13. Fantasy explosion 

Fantasy explosion


49 Bogart St, Brooklyn

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This spot is popular with locals streaming in trying to find something unique and one-of-a-kind for themselves. The shop is relatively small than other locations but what matters is what lies in the store.

The owner specializes in providing old-school merchandise, T-shirts with portrays of the city’s tourist spots, and other garments.

If you are a New Yorker, you need to visit this shop and get something to add a sense of pride. Also, get something different from the standard Yankee-fitted outfits.

14. About glamour 

About glamour


310 Grand St, Brooklyn

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It is one of Williamsburg’s oldest vintage shopping stores and focuses primarily on art, fashion, and music. The ‘about’ in the about glamour is interpreted either as ‘rough or easy.’

The diverse selection of clothing pieces in this store makes it a go-to option for many clients. Japan has strong management ties with the owners of this store, so most brands and clothing from this store either originate from Europe or Japan.

You will find vintage denim jeans, random t-shirts, and designer items here. They have recreated vintage clothes with trendy brands finding the unique and perfect balance.

15. Arbor vitae vintage clothing store

Arbor vitae vintage clothing store


231 Smith Street Storefront, Brooklyn

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It is a family-owned small business, and the idea is to make trendy and affordable clothing for everyone.

Both men and women will get something from this spot. Some of the pieces they have date back to the early 1940s.

The quality and brand of the piece or item influence their prices.

16. Vaux vintage 

Vaux vintage


421 Graham Ave, Brooklyn

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This store has several other garments and items they sell besides their beautiful clothing pieces.

They have successfully blended new and old-school designed clothing in a unique and livable way. Shopping for vintage items is the best sustainable way to mix and match your wardrobe without spending inappropriately.

The headstock vintage clothing pieces are what distinguishes this store from the others. These items have never been worn, and their prices might be slightly higher.

17. Brooklyn Brickhouse vintage 

Brooklyn Brickhouse vintage


521 Grand St, Brooklyn

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The clothing selection from this spot is excellent, with so many vintage options to choose from. Like many other vintage stores, the prices vary based on the trendiness and rarity of the items.

The store is well stocked with both men’s and women’s clothing. It is well curated and has ample space.

18. Le grand strip vintage fashion 

Le grand strip vintage fashion


197 Grand St, Brooklyn

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It is a French-inspired store and has been there since 2006. The interior decor of the shop mimics a gentleman’s club in the early 80s. It features extraordinary clothing pieces such as lingerie and pinup items on its racks.

Jewelry and accessories are other kinds of stuff you will find in this French-inspired shop. The luxurious pieces often go for higher prices, especially when the demand is high.

If a timeless and classic piece is all you need, Le grand has got you covered. The items are perfectly grouped and arranged, making it easier to breeze through and select what you want.

19. Grand street local 

Grand street local


154 Grand St, Brooklyn,

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You can never leave empty-handed when you visit this store. The clothing piece collection is vast, and the best part is that all are unique.

It is a family-owned business, and the owners and workers select all the items and pieces in the shop to ensure that everything is unprecedented and remarkable.

For instance, t-shirts are uncountable in this store, with different patterns, logos, or bands.

Like many other vintage stores, the price varies from one item to another depending on the brand, age, and rarity.

The pieces are well-curated, and the best part is that you can sell your stuff at the store.

20. 10 Ft singles and Stella Dallas living 

10 Ft singles and Stella Dallas living


285 N 6th St, Brooklyn


The clothing collection in this store is pretty comprehensive, and the prices begin at $20 {10 ft shop}. These shops sit next to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and are often jam-packed with people.

Their displays through the windows are usually next level that you might want to stop and check the items out. At 10 Ft singles, you will find different reasonably priced, quintessential designs pieces.

On the other hand, Stella Dallas living specializes in textiles and jewelry. They also have expansive clothing pieces that are high-end. It means the prices are relatively high.

21. Amarcord vintage fashion 

Amarcord vintage fashion


223 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

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“Nothing haunts us like the vintage we didn’t buy.” This cheeky sign outside this well-curated high-end vintage shop with luxurious stuff from Europe will make you want to check it out.

They have some of the best jewelry collections in Brooklyn, so most of their products are expensive.

Most pieces in this store are high-end, and you would expect them to be pricier than in other vintage stores.

However, if reaching this shop is challenging because of busy and tight schedules, you can order online and get your item in no time.

22. Known to man 

Known to man


320 Graham Ave, Brooklyn


This store is small but has some of the best vintage clothing pieces on Graham avenue. It is well curated and has a vast collection of women’s accessories, jewelry, and clothing pieces.

High-end clothes are what you will find here but at a reasonable price. So visit this store, pick up your favorite vintage item and bulk up your wardrobe.

23. Rabbits vintage fashion 

Rabbits vintage fashion


120 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn

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The unique cloth piece here is the kimonos. This is because the owner travels to japan to get these antiques which are also pieces used in world war 2.

The good news is that the accessories, jewelry, shoes, and clothing pieces are moderately priced.

You need to practice a little patience and rummage through the pieces. But, then, you never know; you might walk out with a unique designer piece.

24. Chickee’s vintage 

Chickees vintage


135 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

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This store will serve you well if you are looking for cool and random T-shirts with unique patterns.

Everything is well organized in this store, and the pieces are genuine and legal, reflecting the high prices of the items in the shop.

They have a spectacular selection that even casual vintage collectors will come out with something.

25. Super real much 

Super real much


129 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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This spot has a wide selection of women’s clothing, accessories, and furniture. It sits a few blocks away from McCarren park and has many unique and cool stuff that may become challenging when selecting which to take home.

It is open throughout the week, and besides clothes and accessories, they also have gifts, candles, and jewelry.

The store is well-curated, and every item is organized according to size, brand, and design. The best part is the items are reasonably-priced but may vary depending on the brand and rarity.

26. Urban jungle 

Urban jungle


118 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

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This store is given the name urban vintage for a good reason. It is vast with a broad selection of shoes, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. In addition, it is one of the biggest thrift stores in the city.

Their items are unique and in good condition. The best part is that their finds are affordable.

It is the spot you visit when you are on a budget and want to bulk up your closet. The secret is to take your time while rummaging through the racks. You might just find something unique.


The easiest and the best possible way of stacking up your closet is going in the vintage direction. Vintage clothing, garments, and accessories are relatively cheaper but with some of the best designs.

Rummaging through racks and stores to find the best outfits for yourself can sometimes be tiresome. So, if you are tired of looking for second-hand treasures, here are other things to do in Brooklyn.

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