14 Top-Rated Jewelry Stores In Brooklyn, NYC

Looking for the best jewelry stores in Brooklyn? You are in the right place.

Brooklyn combines a mix of luxury and handmade jewelry that caters to the needs of its richly diverse population.

Female jeweller or designer presenting jewellery in her store

Best Jewelry Stores in Brooklyn

Handcrafted, vintage, luxury jewels, Brooklyn has a wealth of thriving stores filled with treasures.

Here is the Top 14 jewelry stores in Brooklyn.

  • Pandora Jewelry
  • Malsons Jewelers
  • Norbu Bijoux
  • Adina’s Jewels
  • Fitzgerald Jewelry
  • The End is Near
  • Mociun Jewelry
  • Catbird Jewelry
  • Molly’s Jewelers
  • Facets Fine Jewelry
  • Scott Jewelers
  • Seaview Jewelers
  • Gem Pawnbrokers
  • Scosha

1. Pandora

  • 139 Flatbush Avenue
  • Brooklyn, New York 11217
  • Phone: (929) 209-1012
  • Website


Pandora 1


Brooklyn is home to three Pandora stores; Flatbush Avenue, 5100 Avenue, and 407 86th Street Brooklyn. 

Their sales representatives are friendly and helpful. This Danish-owned renowned jewelry maker boasts beautiful handcrafted rings, charms, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

If your taste is high quality and contemporary pieces, Pandora is the top choice.

Pandora bracelets can typically fit 17 to 22 charms depending on the length of your choice.

Most Pandora’s jewels have “ALE”, stamped on them. Ale (Algot Enevoldsen) is the name of the father of Per Enevoldsen, the founder of Pandora.

Pandora makes use of sustainable lab-created diamonds. And if you are worried about how much of a dent this will dip in your pockets, don’t stress. They offer both pricey and affordable jewelry pieces.

So, shall we open Pandora’s box?

2. Malsons Jewelers

  • 464 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • Phone: (718) 253-6236
  • Website

Malsons Jewelers


Located at Bay Ridge and Kings Plaza, Malsons jewelers is home to some of the best gemstone and antique bridal jewelry in New York.

They bring the luxury of Manhattan right to your doorstep, with their onsite experienced jewelers ever ready to create customer bridal sets based on demand. 

Their collections include Swarovski, Movado, Gabriel & Co, and many others.

If you want to shop, their stores offer a relaxed environment for customers and their customer service is top-notch.

While their prices are on the high side, you can be sure to get good quality, modern jeweler pieces from them.

Their incredible “Jewelry Upgrade” return policy makes them a hot cake in the Brooklyn district!

3. Norbu Bijoux

  • 232A Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States
  • Phone: (718)- 388- 7733
  • Website


Norbu Bijoux


This tranquil store is located in the heart of Williamsburg, close to the subway.

Norbu Bijoux is your best bet if you are on the lookout for works from established and upcoming designers.

It houses a vibrant collection of designers including Rebel Designs, Alana Bess, and Tracy Matthews.

They are one of the best jewelry stores in Brooklyn. Norbu Bijoux is ranked 20th top-rated jewelry in Brooklyn.

They offer a wide variety of jewels in different styles and price ranges.

Did l mention they have a gift section? Yes, candles, canvas bags, and gift cards are some of their fun gift accessories. 

4. Adina’s Jewelry

  • 2170a E 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223, United States
  • Phone: (888) 373-9691
  • Website

Adinas Jewelry


Adina’s Jewels is the crème la crème of Jewelry store in Brooklyn.

Celebrities like Cardi B and daughter, Kulture, Kylie Jenner, and Arianna Grande have adorned this exquisite jewelry much loved by Celebs.

It has been featured in Vogue, Who What Wear, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. Call it the “Bling of the Famous” and you won’t be wrong.

These timeless pieces are made of sterling silver & plated in 14K Gold. What makes them unique?

An extra layer of tarnish resistance is added to Adina’s jewels to avoid discoloration or rusting of any sort.

The Founder, Adina Kamkhatchi set out to create jewels she could easily wear no matter the occasion!

Their pieces are simply amazing. A visit to Adina’s Jewelry should be top on your places to shop list!

5. Fitzgerald Jewelry

  • 243 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211.
  • Phone: (718) 387-6200
  • Website

Fitzgerald Jewelry


Planning a wedding? Word on the street has it, Fitzgerald Jewelry is the 1st choice for luxurious wedding jewelry.

This coupled owned business is not just a jewelry store, it combines a gallery and school.

They were endorsed by New York Magazine as the best wedding and engagement ring jewelry for any budget.

Situated at Grand street between Driggs & Roebling Avenue, they offer an impressive collection from top designers like Akiko, Casual Séance, and Rigby Leigh. You can book wedding and engagement ring consultations.

Fitzgerald Jewelry offers private workshops for couples where they can come into the studio and make their wedding bands! How cool is that!

6. The End is Near Jewelry

  • 429 7th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Phone: (347) 335-0846
  • Website

The End is Near Jewelry


You can find the End is Near Jewelry store at Seventh Avenue, Park Slope, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York City.

Now, this jewelry store is unique. And it isn’t just the name predicting the end of God knows what! This store offers piercing services as well as fine jewelry.

Do you want a tattoo to go with the Piercing? The tattoo artists here are simply out of this world.

It’s no wonder they boast of clients from all the Boroughs of New York.

7. Mociun Fine Jewelry and Home Goods

  • 683 Driggs Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Phone: (347) 227-8966
  • Website

Mociun Fine Jewelry and Home Goods


Let’s take a sneak peek at the fun experience you will surely have at Mociun.

Here you find rare gems that are crafted into vintage jewelry. Not only that, they can transform your family keepsake into modern heirlooms.

This jewelry store has a home goods section offering items such as pillows, wine glasses, vases, knot candles, serving dishes, bookends, and many others.

Are you searching for where to get fragrances, skincare, and Bath items? Mociun is a treasure trove.

While at Mociun, l recommend checking out the one-of-a-kind jewelry section. There, you will find pieces that ensure you stand out in the crowd.

8. Catbird Jewelry

  • 108 N 7th St, NY 11249, United States.
  • Phone: 718-599-2340
  • Website

Catbird Jewelry


Catbird has an office and studio located in Brooklyn yard, where over 40+ employees design and make the catbird jewels.

This minimalistic jewelry favorite uses 95% recycled 14 cart gold with ethically sourced stones.

Catbird has varieties of popular sellers, like the Threadbare ring and bangle, forever Bracelets, and the swan.

Their home and beauty gift guides offer items including candlestick, pouch, and tote. cards, spoons, face butter, Pocket mirror, and ring holders.

Catbird jewels are exquisite and affordable. If you do happen to pass by Manhattan, you can drop in and shop at Catbird’s latest store in Soho.

9. Molly’s Jewelers

  • 1436 47th Street Brooklyn, NY 11219
  • Phone: (718) 871-4295
  • Website

Mollys Jewelers


Molly’s Jewelry has stores in Brooklyn, Lakewood, and Cedarhurst.

They have a fantastic collection of precious stoned cufflinks, gold and diamond pendants, and necklaces.

At Molly’s, you can buy watches by Maurice Lacroix AIKON and other collections of high-quality colored stone and diamond Bracelets and rings.

For online shoppers, the Jewelry Education Center is available to provide more information to help you choose the right precious stones. In addition to this, they offer a check jewelry repair status.

10. Facets Fine Jewelry

  • 99 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  • Phone: 7186383898
  • Website

Facets Fine Jewelry 1


Facets specialize in fine estate jewels.  The rings are made of diamonds, gold, emerald, and Sapphire stones. 

Here, their designers make use of silver and gold materials to make their necklaces.

At Facets, Items you can easily purchase include Engagement Rings and wedding bands.

Ear piercing and Jewelry restoration services are available here.

Facets Park Slope provides impeccable customer service guaranteed to leave you happy and satisfied with your purchase. 

11. Scott Jewelers

  • 1220 Kings HWY, Brooklyn NY
  • Phone: 718-645-2194
  • Website

Scott Jewelers


Scott Jewelers offers an extensive collection of diamond rings, earrings, rackets, necklaces, wedding band, and men’s jewelry.

This family-owned business has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years. So yes, they do know the ins and outs of designing pieces.

They have a watch and jewelry repair service that is speedy. 

12. Seaview Jewelry

  • 5902 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY 11234, United States.
  • Phone: 718-257-1775
  • Website

Seaview Jewelry


Some of their designers are Posh Mummy, Religious Jewelry, Hardy Roma, Overnight Mountings, and Shey Couture. They do watch and jewelry repair on site which is quite convenient.

13. Gem Pawnbrokers Jewelry

  • 230 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Phone: (718) 596 – 5626
  • Website

Gem Pawnbrokers Jewelry


Do you want to sell your jewelry, gold, or electronics? Gem Pawnbrokers will take care of that and more.

They are not just a jewelry store but also the largest pawnbroker in New York city.

Some of their services include authenticating luxury goods, testing gold purity, classifying diamonds, and finalizing loans.

Founded by Martin Kaminsky, 73 years ago, Gem Pawnbrokers has provided Brooklyn with an easy avenue to buy and sell jewelry pieces. Their state-of-the-art alarm and security system keeps your valuables safe.

Their collection of items is vast; pendants, brooches, scarves, jewelry, wallets, rings, charms, and earrings. outerwear, necklaces, hats, footwear, and clothing. 

In case, you are an entrepreneur looking for a loan? Look no further. Gem Pawnbrokers provides collateral business loans to SMEs.

They boast of capable customer service, integrity, and transparency in the pawnbroking industry.

14. Scosha

  • 64, Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
  • Phone: 929 888 6549
  • Website



Welcome to the home of irresistible handcrafted jewelry pieces for the dreamer and adventurous shopper.  

Vintage and rare collections, cigar brands embedded with gold and diamonds, and bracelets are among the items offered at Scosha.

Here, their team of experts is available to upcycle your jewelry items.

You can book in-person or virtual consultations with Scosha, the founder and a designer with 20 years of experience in the jewelry world.

Final Thoughts

Hey, New Yorkers. If you are planning to shop for jewelry and accessories, don’t overlook Brooklyn!

So, wondering what to do for your lunch break? The best Jewelry stores in Brooklyn await you.

The options are endless and exciting, from Adina’s Jewels, Pandora to Fitzgerald Jewelry.

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