Best Adult Stores In Brooklyn – 7 Local Sexual Stores Near By

Gone are the days when we needed to hide when ordering adult toys. And while you can still hide behind the computer, most of us are confident to walk into a store and pick anything.

When you are in Brooklyn, do you know the right adult store to visit, especially when you want to get everything you need?

In this article, we will show you some of the best sex shops in Brooklyn to visit.

1. Romantic Depot Brooklyn Sex Store, Sex Shop, Lingerie Store with Adult Toys

Nominated as one of the best retail sex shop chains in America for three consecutive years, it shows you that you will get almost anything you want on that topic here.

It’s one of the newest stores, and it has just had a large enough stock for you to enjoy shopping for a long time.

What is it you want? They have it from lingerie, couple games, body massagers, lubricants, vibrators, and more.

This shop is strategically set about 5 minutes away from the Barclay Center.

Most people like this store, for one thing, it will deliver the perfect customer service, and they’re also friendly to help you when you need help.

Phone: (347) 223-4500

Address: 906 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238

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2. Babeland

Here is another store you can access online, too, but you don’t have to in Brooklyn.

You can find them in this store whenever you look for top-quality products for both women and men.

Again, if you want to explore your sexuality, find suitable toys for this store. Besides, it’s perfect since it’s not only about selling sex toys but rather also an educational site.

With this site then, you’ll encourage people to explore themselves.

Phone: (718) 638-3820

Address: 462 Bergen St. Brooklyn, New York 11217

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3. Please

And for those times you are looking for a pleasure shop at the south slope of Brooklyn, visit Please.

This is one of the best shops that aims to make sex a comfortable topic. So when you come here, you will have an open conversation without necessarily feeling judged.

So aside from other shops here, you will notice that here you are coming for the goods as you also learn a thing or two in this regard.

So if you want a place where you will be comfortable asking questions and understanding the whole concept, try this store.

Phone: 718.788.6969

Address: 557 5TH AVE. BROOKLYN, NY 11215

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4. London boutique

We call it a sex-positive boutique when you don’t have people judging you just because of your preference.

When you are looking for a shop to buy experiential retail products, this is it.

This boutique’s sole aim is to enhance sexual health by allowing you to be comfortable speaking on the same topic.

I like that you can find most of what you are looking for.

Phone: (718) 388-5230

Address: 167 Bedford Ave #1r (Rear of building on 8 street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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5. 757 Paradise

When looking for an adult store as a couple, you are better off going to this one. The best thing is that you will get the best lingerie sizes; adult entertainment stores are also available. If you are looking for massage lubes, you will like this place.

Take a walk to this store whenever you’re looking for massage oils or even lubes. It has some of the best options you could ever find or want to find.

You will find adult toys for both guys and women, including the different sizes and styles of vibrators.

Phone: (718) 768-4166

Address: 761 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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6. 365 Sex toy shop

If you like to go to a place where you will acquire some knowledge, then this is the place you want to go to.

Here you have one of the best-hidden gems for your sex toys that you may need.

It makes a great gift shop, and it features an excellent adult boutique, too, where you can have the best lingerie.

So this one is what we refer to as the adult store, where they will go out and buy some of the best toys to use for the different functions.

Phone: (917) 622-4036

Address: 5704 8th Ave, Ste 205, Brooklyn, NY 11220

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7. Romantic Depot Queens Megastore with Sex Shop – Sex Toys & Vibrators

Stop by this store first when you’re looking for dildos and vibes, as it will always get you the right items.

Even for those who aren’t bold enough to buy the toys offline, you will find it easy here.

Even when you’re looking for the best lingerie, you will have the best choices.

You will also find romantic gifts and a couple of games in these stores. So what are you looking for high heel shoes, adult novelties, and more?

You will find even the virtual videos if you like to play around with them. There’s literary everything from vibrators, lubes, lingerie, and more.

Notice that this is one of the best stores you can go to, and it has been rated as a five-star store.

Phone: (347) 808-0220

Address: 4702 Queens Boulevard, Queens, NY 11104

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You will have it all; what is it you’re looking for because we have it here already. This is a shop for anything sexy you are looking for.

So whether you want the dildos, vibrators, straps on, I mean you name it, and you will find it here.

Most people have positive reviews for the shop, and you can be sure to find the best options here.

Moreover, they make some of the best communications on this topic, which means it’s a friendly place for you.

When you’re looking for a place free of judgment and where you can buy anything without thinking about your reputation, you should think SHAG.

Notice too that it will support the different messages on sexual awareness.

Address: 108 Roebling St. Brooklyn, NY 11211


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9. Lady konfidential

Here you have the best pleasure boutique that is also discreet. The selection they offer is excellent, and the shop looks so fantastic it will be amazing.

So what is it you are looking for in the store because you will have it all and with ease?

It will amaze you that you will have an elegant boutique that gives you the time to explore all the tools you find here.

So if you want to enjoy sexual awareness, you should come to this store.

You will have a variety of products that will make you enjoy everything.

Phone: (212) 757-8651

Address: 119 W 57th St Suite #1201, New York, NY 10019

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