11 Relaxing and Refreshing Bathhouses In NYC

Many facilities and structures suit the exotic and elegant lifestyle that New York portrays.

A thing like a bathhouse is not something you will find commonly in most cities, but you can’t miss this in New York.

Apart from the health value of bathhouses, they have come to be associated with a high-class way of living.

New York houses some of the best bathhouses that you can find around the world, and these places are getting more popular.

If you are looking for a vacation activity, a place to let go of stress and rejuvenate, or a place to hang out and bond with your friends or partner, then you should think about going to a bathhouse.

Most bathhouses offer amazing services like massages, spa services, scrubbing, facials, saunas, etc.

Take a ride with me as we explore some of the best bathhouses in New York City.

  • 1. Body By Brooklyn
  • 2. Bathhouse NYC
  • 3. Spa Castle
  • 4. CityWell Brooklyn
  • 5. The Well New York
  • 6. Great Jones Spa
  • 7. Shibui Spa
  • 8. Juvenex
  • 9. Aire Ancient Baths
  • 10. Wall Street Bath & Spa
  • 11. Russian and Turkish Baths

1. Body By Brooklyn

Location: 275 Park Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Contact: 718-923-9400

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body by Brooklyn


A good bathhouse should grant you a great time of relaxation, comfort, tranquillity, and luxury if possible; these are all the things that you will get at Body By Brooklyn.

This lovely place is the perfect spot for you to escape from your daily busy schedule as you unwind, heal, and rejuvenate.

The facilities here include an aroma steam room, a VIP suite, a thermal hot tub, an arctic cold plunge pool, a Swedish sauna, a Russian sauna, and a cold shower.

You can also get other treatments like body treatments, massage, and facial treatments all of which help you to relax and recover.

Services begin from as low as 129$ for treatments, but the best way to enjoy the services here is by being a registered member.

With membership, you can get both individual and couples packages, and you can register yearly, quarterly, or daily.

2. Bathhouse NYC

Location: 103 N 10th Street Brooklyn, NY 11249

Contact: +1 (929) 489-2284

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The Bathhouse is a home for all those who strive to feel and look better and perform everyday tasks at their best.

This beautiful place with a sleek and modern design provides you with the perfect atmosphere to engage in recovery practices that make life better.

This place ensures you of elite treatments like massages, facials, and scrubs. The facilities here include a starlight steam room, tropical and dry saunas, heated marble hammas, and three thermal pools.

One amazing feature of this place is the on-site restaurant and bar where you can enjoy breakfast, dinner, and cocktails.

It is a lovely place to relax and enjoy a meal before or after your treatment.

3. Spa Castle

Location: 131-10 11 Avenue, College Point, NY 11356

Contact: (+1) 718-939-6300

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Spa Castle


Spa Castle is a perfect place to retreat from life’s bustle and hassle and enjoy a serene and luxurious experience.

This amazing place combines services like state-of-the-art aqua therapy, blissful spa treatments and services, traditional health offerings, and saunas.

This luxurious treatment centre is situated in a five-storey building with over 100,000 square feet of space for a luxurious experience.

Spa Castle is a beautiful space and it is well maintained, plus, you will love their indoor pool and the heated pool.

4. CityWell Brooklyn

Location: 496 President St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: +1 (347) 294-0100

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CityWell is an urban oasis that resurrects and promotes the ancient healing art of the Romans and Greeks.

Wellness is encouraged and seen as part of everyday life, and they have made it very accessible and affordable to all those who are interested.

The services offered here include massage therapy, body treatments, luxurious rain showers, aromatherapy steam rooms, two cedar saunas, a heated soaking tub, a relaxation area with refreshments, yoga platforms, a fire pit, and sun benches.

This bathhouse is a perfect place for you to practice and experience private and personal self-care.

You will find a team of well-trained and experienced personnel who help you attain your fitness and wellness goals.

5. The Well New York

Location: 2 East 15th Street New York, NY 10003

Contact: 646.560.8080

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the well


The Well New York is a wellness centre with a lot of integrated activities that help you improve your well-being and encourage healthy habits.

The activities here will help you relax, detox, manage weight, increase longevity, relieve pain, balance your hormones, support your gut, and alleviate stress.

This facility contains two saunas and steam rooms, well-equipped spa, locker rooms, a meditation dome, a movement studio, and a mini fitness centre.

The amenities here are elegant and luxurious and give you the perfect atmosphere to escape from the commonness of everyday life.

6. Great Jones Spa

Location: 29 Great Jones St, New York, NY 10012

Contact: +1 (212) 505-3185

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great jones


Greta Jones Spa is a lovely spot for New Yorkers to unwind, relax, and relieve stress either alone or in the company of friends and family.

It is a unique and vibrant spot, especially with its water lounge and the indoor towering three-story waterfall which is exciting and refreshing.

The waterfall overlooks a cold plunge pool and a jacuzzi, and you can also enjoy the River Rock sauna and the Chakra-Light steam room.

Other services here include facial treatments, massage therapies, body treatments, waxing, hydrafacial MD, and manicure and pedicure.

You might find yourself lingering at this spa because of the first-class experience you get here.

7. Shibui Spa

Location: 377 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

Contact: +1 (212) 941-8900

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Shibui Spa is located within the Greenwich Hotel in  New York, and it is one place where you will get a balance between the traditional and modern approaches to wellness. Also, the atmosphere is calm and charming and you will get a balance between city life and nature.

The facilities here include a heated swimming pool, steam and rain showers, traditional Japanese soaking tubs, a relaxation lounge, treatment rooms, and personalized spa concierge services.

This spa uses only natural products for their treatment services and you are assured of the best experience.

8. Juvenex

Location: 25 west 32nd St, 5th Floor New York NY 10001

Contact: 646-733-1330

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Juvenex is a lovely full-service spa that offers services like a wet spa, facials, massages, body scrub, body treatment, and romantic spa getaway packages.

The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic date especially if you and your partner love going to the spa.

There are packages for basic romantic couples getaway which costs $435 per couple, or an enhanced romantic couples getaway which goes for $635 per couple.

You will get special services like private soaking tub, complimentary beverages and seasonal fruits, a Korean-style scrub, and massages.

This lovely place is open 24 hours a day, and you can walk in here whenever you want. You will experience the ancient exotic secrets of rejuvenation, relaxation, and meditation.

9. Aire Ancient Baths

Location: 88 Franklin St, New York NY 10013

Contact: 16465031910

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Aire Ancient Baths has proven over the years to be a place of tranquility in the midst of the busy and hectic city.

You will experience delightful sensations as you witness the different water temperatures of of the various baths.

The atmosphere and experience at this bathhouse will transport you back to the ancient times of the Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans.

The different baths here will give you a unique experience which will be different from most bathhouses.

The dim lighting, gentle music, clean environment and the candles placed at every corner of the bathhouse makes the atmosphere calm, relaxing, and peaceful.

You can ask for the massage packages if you want an extra experience. Visit their website for more info.

10. Wall Street Bath & Spa

Location: 88 FULTON STREET NY 10038

Contact: (212) 766 8600

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wall street bathhouse


The Wall Street Bath and Spa is a unique ultra-modern facility that affords you all the comfort and relaxation that you need. It is a toxic-free and stress-free environment where you can escape from everyday life.

The bathhouse contains facilities like a swimming pool,  saunas, an eucalyptus steam room, a jacuzzi, a cold room, and a cold plunge pool.

There is also a comprehensive spa menu with services like massage therapy, body scrubs and wraps, platza, and other special offers.

They have a restaurant and a juice area where you can enjoy some food before or after your session at the bathhouse.

You can walk in during the day and get this experience or you can make reservations especially at night.

11. Russian and Turkish Baths

Location: 268 EAST 10TH ST 1ST AVE & AVE A, NEW YORK,NY 10009

Contact: (212) 674-9250

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Russian Baths


Russian and Turkish Baths is one of the oldest bathhouse institutions that have been serving New Yorkers since 1892.

The facilities in this bathhouse include a cold plunge pool, the steam room, the redwood sauna, the Russian Sauna, the Turkish room, the aromatherapy room, and massage booths.

This bathhouse is a stress-free zone and you can get extra treatments like massages, platza, mud and salt treatments.

The place is open on all days during the year, and you can purchase single or multiple passes from the managers.

One interesting thing you should know about this place is that it is owned by two people, and they operate it turns according to alternate weeks.

This week might be David’s week, and next will be Boris’ week. It is important to know that you can only use your admission ticket during the shift of the manager you bought it from.


This is the list of some of the best and most active bathhouses in New York City where you can go and detox and let go of the stress of everyday demands.

Some of these places use contemporary and modern approaches to wellness, while others maintain the ancient traditions of cultures like Roman and Greek.

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